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Spies, the Secret, the Alias: Under Surveillance

One of my favorite genres is the spy story. I grew up on James Bond, Jason Bourne and Alias. The idea of going under cover and pretending to be someone else. Your life depending on keeping your cover. The unpleasant things a spy might have to do in order to keep their cover and survive. As always my interest is what might cause people to violate societal norms and cross the line. This is a naughty little fantasy of mine.

My wife Anna and I were sitting in our bedroom relaxing when my beeper went off. I looked at the number and smiled.

“Something’s up. Charlie is coming over to brief us.”

My wife was sitting on the bed in a pair of black panties and near see through silk top. My wife’s nipples poking out against the fabric. I looked out the window. My daughter was swimming laps in her one piece navy blue, Baywatch lifeguard type, swim suit.

“The signal was for Alison too.” My wife came up behind me. She placed her hands over my chest and pressed herself up against my body.

Anna whispered in my ear, “I know you hate her joining the Agency but she’ll be with us. We can take care of her. She’s a good agent. She only needs some seasoning. The deal is she only goes on a mission if at least one of us goes with her. Charlie knows that. She’s done a great job so far. Three missions, no problems.”

My wife, Anna, is a Carrie Ann Moss from the Matrix clone.

She kissed my ear.

My wife is 5″8′, thin, nicest, tightest, small butt with c cup breast. Anna is 37 years old but could easily and often did pass for a woman in her late twenties. She didn’t look a day older than thirty on her worst day. My wife had short, dark hair.

I replied, “She’s only 19.”

My daughter pulled herself out of the pool. Her 5’9 frame with longer, dark hair, a younger version of Jennifer Garner. I watched my daughter move over to her towel as she started to towel off. Her thin, lithe frame and b almost c cup breast. The one piece swim suit ideal for swimming but still showing her thin figure as the fabric snuggled against her skin, her breast, her hips, stomach and crotch.

My wife answered, “Look at her. She’s beautiful, smart and dedicated. Patriotic. Brave. How couldn’t she be? You and I made her together. She’s a combination of both of our best traits. Half your DNA, half mine. She’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish the mission and survive. And you’ll be there to protect her if she doesn’t.”

My daughter wrapped the towel around her waist. My wife put her tongue in my ear and then kissed my neck.

My wife asked, “Do you remember how we created her?”

My wife ran her hand down from my bare chest over top of my boxers. Anna started rubbing my cock through the fabric.

My wife stated, “Your cock in my pussy. Your cock shooting cum inside of my pussy. End result that beautiful, gorgeous, agent outside, our daughter, Alison.”

My wife reached inside of my boxers taking my now hard penis in her hand.

“I remember,” I said.

“Remember when I was pregnant with her, our daughter. How you used to make love to me? My big fat baby belly?”

I answered, “You were gorgeous. Not fat, pregnant. Never sexier. And you’re always sexy.”

My wife, ” I hated being like that. I was 18 years old. I gained 25 pounds during the pregnancy. You and I were constantly horny for each other. I was pregnant and horny. You were inside me constantly.”

“I remember. You lost the all weight in weeks afterward. If I didn’t know you had a baby…you’ve still got the same gorgeous figure, hips and ass.” I answered.

“But not the same pussy. Not as tight. My pussy was so tight back then before I had her. You never wanted me more than when I was pregnant with her. It was like you wanted us to all be together. Inside me. Or you knew my pussy was never going to be as tight again. My pussy fit your cock like a glove. How long until Charlie gets here?” my wife asked.

“An hour.”

“Good. We might not see each other for a while. Or be able to be together,” My wife said knowingly.

“Your pussy is perfect. Still plenty tight. And I always want you, honey. To be inside you. To make love to you.”

My wife always got horny when the excitement of a mission loomed. Then again, she was pretty much always randi. When you might die at any moment you try to live every moment to its fullest. For my wife and I that meant we’d fuck each other on average of at least once a day. Not bad after over 19 years of marriage.

My wife took her hand off my cock and pulled down my boxers with both of her hands. I stepped out my boxers as my wife moved to the bed. My wife sat down on the edge of the bed and slid her panties off. My wife’s pussy was completely shaved. Just like I like it. Bald and beautiful. I wanted to get down on my knees and eat her out but I knew we didn’t have time. I walked over to the bed as wife moved herself further into the middle of the mattress.

“Take off your top. I want to see those gorgeous escort buca peaches,” I told my wife. Peaches my word for my wife’s gorgeous breast.

Immediately, my wife complied pulling off her silk top. I reached the bed as my wife threw her top on the floor. I reached down and cupped one of my wife’s c cup tits in my hand and then lowered my mouth to her stiff nipple. God she had big nipples.

“Mmm,” my wife moaned.

Anna moved her legs around my hips and placed her hands on my ass cheeks. Pulling my groin towards her.

“Fuck me baby. I’m so wet. I need to feel you inside of me.”

For a second I moved my mouth to her other nipple. Then I brought my face up to my wife’s.

“I love you, honey, I love every part of you. Those taste peaches and your tight pussy.” I said to my stunning bride.

We kissed passionately. My tongue entering her mouth as I took my cock in my hand. I placed my cock at her lips and then pushed inside of her. Feeling her wet walls wrap around me. This was how we made our daughter. Joined as one.

My wife grunted, “Ahh, I love you too, so good.”

I started to fuck my wife hard and fast as I had done countless times before.

“Ohh baby that’s how I like it. Oooh, This is how, this is how, ahhh, you became, ahh, daddy. Your cock, ahh, in my pussy. Ahhh. “

I kept pounding into my wife. The slapping of our bodies coming together. Our room sound proof. Not worrying about our daughter over hearing her parents making love.

Stroke after stroke I pounded into wife’s pussy. “Ahh baby, don’t stop, fuck me, fuckk me, fuck my pussy.

Then intercom came on.

My daughter over the household intercom. She had to been in the kitchen. I could hear the refrigerator in the background.

My daughter, “Mom, dad.”

I continued to pump my cock into my wife. I was getting close to cumming. I was not about to stop in the middle of fucking Anna. My wife gave me a look as if she wasn’t certain if we should answer it. I continued fucking her.

I simply said breathing heavily, “Ahh, ignore it.”

My wife constantly moaning with each stroke of my cock inside her pussy. Her breathing ragged, “Ahh, ahh, ooh, ah.”

My daughter over the intercom again, “Mom, dad, are you goes okay.”

I barely could understand the English language at this moment. My only thoughts were of pussy and cock. Of making myself cum and then slightly, making my wife cum too. Her pussy felt way too good. Warm and wet and yes, still tight. I didn’t want to pull out of my wife’s pussy to answer the fucking intercom for my daughter. I already knew what she was going to say.

My wife, “Ahhh, she ahh knows we’re ahh up here. Answer, answer, we have to ahhh, oohhh” I pounded into my wife harder and faster as she tried to talk, “ahh she’ ahh, ll come ahh up here.”

My daughter starting to sound worried, “Dad is everything alright.”

I slowed my hips and then stopped after one last powerful thrust into my wife.

“Fuck” I ranted. I hate when this happens. I hate not finishing or interruptions. When I’m fucking my hot wife the rest of the world should stop.

I pushed my cock as deep into my wife’s pussy as I could get it. My balls pressed against her pussy lips. Our genitals mashed together. “Ahh honey ahh, get ahh it,” my wife groaned.

Holding my cock as deep into my wife as I could. I reached out in front of me and to the left to the night stand. I was reaching for the intercom speaker button. I could almost reach it. I pushed my groin harder into my wife and stretched my arm.

My wife moaned, “Ahh.”

I barely flicked the down the button. Holding the button as I also held my cock deep inside my wife’s pussy.

Intercom on I could only say my daughter’s name, “Alison,” as I enjoyed her mom’s pussy wrapped around my cock.

My wife moaned again underneath me as her pussy held my cock as I talked, “Ahh.” The sound of my wife’s moan escaping over the intercom down to my daughter in the kitchen.

My daughter excitedly, “Oh dad, where were you guys. Did you hear me?”

My wife’s pussy gripping my cock. It felt so good. It was all I could do to not yell at my daughter. Shut up.

“No, water, ahh,” I grunted out to my daughter.

“Oh, I wanted to let you know Charlie texted us. He’s coming in an hour.”

“Okay,” I moaned to our daughter. I let go of the speaker button.

I moved my arm and the rest of my upper body back away from the night stand. I was now back balanced in between my wife’s legs. I started to move my cock gently. Pulling it almost out of her pussy, to her lips, almost out of her vagina and then I pushed back inside of her. Nowhere near as hard as before.

My daughter yet again. I thought to myself shut up I’m fucking your mother. She needs to cum. I need to cum before we have to leave on this stupid mission.

My daughter, “Did you guys get the message too.”

I ignored the intercom and started to slowly move my cock in and out of my wife’s buca escort bayan pussy. My wife gave me the look like aren’t you going to get that.

“Fuck her,” I said to my wife, the intercom on our side mute so my daughter couldn’t hear us.

My daughter, “Dad, are you there?”

My wife looked at me again and I simply shook my head no.

My wife turned just her upper body and reached out for the intercom button. My wife looked at me a second before she hit the button, “Ah, stop ah, stop, ah, a second.”

I stopped once I was not about to stop a second time. I was slowly, gently thrusting my cock into my wife but when she said for me to stop. I pulled my cock almost out of her pussy and then slammed back into her just as she hit the intercom button. The sound of her father fucking her mother going live over the intercom to my daughter.

My wife moaned, “Ahhhh,” She let go of the intercom button again and looked at me and knew it was no use. I was in fuck mode. I was now pounding into her pussy as hard and as fast as I could.

“Mom, is that you?” my daughter asked

My wife said to me, “Ahh, quietly,” then she hit the button to talk to our daughter down stairs as she got fucked.

“Honey, we ahh, got it, ah too. Ahh it’s fine. Ahh we got an hour.” Slap, slap, cock and pussy coming together, our genitals slamming together. I continued fucking my wife as hard and as fast as I possibly could. I was a fucking machine.

My daughter uncertain, “What’s that noise?” I couldn’t believe my daughter wasn’t smart enough to realize it was the sound of her parents fucking. The sound of flesh hitting flesh. Cock and pussy. Groin against crotch.

My wife still holding down the intercom button the whole time. My wife trying to control herself. I could tell she was getting close to cumming.

“Ah, ahh, you’re ahhh, dad, ahh issss, ahh, exercising, ahhh,” my wife’s breathing was more like gasping.

Her voice deeper, sexual. My wife talking to our daughter in her getting fucked voice. The sound of slap, slap, cock hitting pussy. Squishing sounds. Over and over and over…down to our daughter in the kitchen.

My wife’s face was a mask of agonizing pain… of ecstasy, of pleasure. As she fought to control herself. To stop from calling out. To control her moaning and grunting. My wife was a screamer and moaner and dirty talker during sex. Like now, when she was getting fucked. When I was inside her. I knew it was killing her not to scream out with pleasure. I knew she was torturing herself to control her gasping and moaning and her groans and her urge to yell out sexy obscenities to me.

My wife looked back at me as I continued to push into her pussy. Hate, anger in her face for me putting her in this position. For not stop fucking her while she talked to our daughter. Her face a continuous mask of anger and barely controlled pleasure. Her eyes opening and squeezing tightly shut as she tried to maintain control of her body, her voice and urges. My wife looked so sexual, so beautiful as she tried to fight back the wave, after wave of pleasure that swept through her body and her natural instinct to groan out and call out her ecstasy.

I was fucking my wife so hard and getting so deep inside her that I thought I might see my cock come out of her mouth. So fast that my wife didn’t get a nano second to catch her breath. To breath without gasping or letting out a groan. A soft moan escaped my wife’s lips, “ahh,” then a few seconds later yet another one, “ahh,” and again and again, “ahh, ahh,” throughout my wife’s conversation.

My daughter suddenly sounded as if she might have a clue to the fact her mother was getting fucked by her father. How couldn’t she I thought? She’s a fucking spy. Slap, slap, slam, slam of flesh hitting flesh. The sound of fucking echoing off the walls and floors and ceiling back towards the bed and the intercom.

My daughter, “Okay, mom. I’m going to take a shower and get ready. For the meeting.”

“Fuck, fuck, ahh,” my wife said softly. My wife was cumming.

My daughter confused, “What mom?”

I could feel my wife’s pussy grab my cock and then spasm. My wife was cumming. My wife was cumming as she talked to our daughter. “Okay,” my wife sounding winded and breathless as she squeezed her eyes shut as tight as possible and gripped the intercom unit.

I thought her fingers were going to push through the plastic. She was holding it so tight. My wife’s other hand balled into a fist. Clutching tightly as she possibly could. Trying to control herself. I couldn’t hold back. Her pussy grabbing onto my cock. Trying to milk my cock for my sperm, my cum. I rammed my cock as deep as I could into my wife’s pussy. The constant sound of fucking finally stopping. I held myself there as I shot my hot load of cum into my wife’s pussy. My wife’s pussy muscles clutching my cock again then again.

My wife, “Okay, ahh, later, ahh honey, down, ahh, later.”

My wife hit the intercom button to mute the device buca escort again and then she growled out. Shouting out. Letting her agonizing pleasure finally out.

“AHHH, AHHH, I’M CUMMING, OHHH MY FUCKING GOD. YOU FUCKING BASTARD. Ahh, ahh,” Then my wife was as winded as if she had run a marathon. Gasping for breath, breathing so hard I thought she might pass out

I lowered my head and my wife and I kissed for a second. She moved her hands behind my head and forced her tongue into my mouth. My tongue running against hers. So sexual, so passionate. Animal attraction. Animalistic. My cock still hard inside her. Her pussy still grabbing my cock. The kiss slowed and then we cuddled. My wife’s orgasm slowly fading.

My wife wrapping her toned, gorgeous legs around my hips. Her hands pushing my butt towards her. Digging my cock into her pussy even deeper.

My wife breathless, exhausted, “You jerk, she could hear us, our daughter could hear you fucking me. Her daddy fucking her mother. You are so fucking bad, that’s too naughty.”

I was so tired I could barely speak, “She, ahh, had no idea. Who cares?”

My wife still annoyed but holding me inside her. Her legs tight around me and hands on my ass. “After about five minutes of the sound of you pumping your cock into me, into my pussy. Bodies slapping together, believe me she knows you were fucking me, that her dad was fucking her mom’s pussy while her mom talked to her.”

“I fucking came while I was on the intercom with her, with my daughter. I fucking came. That’s so wrong. You came in my pussy, jerk off, while she was listening to us. It’s kind a embarrassing. My daughter heard me cum, you cum, us fucking. “

My wife bit my lower lip and then kissed me.

“I almost screamed out to her, your daddy is fucking me, your daddy is fucking me. I could barely control myself when I came. I almost said to her I’m cumming. I’m cumming you bitch, Your daddy is making me cum, you daddy is cumming in mommy’s pussy. Cum watch your mommy and daddy fuck and cum, you bitch, our bitch daughter.”

I replied, “You should have, our daughter is big girl. She’s 19. Alison’s been fucked. Our daughter shouldn’t interrupt us when we’re alone. Fucking. Once I start, I can’t pull out of that pussy of yours. It’s like a magnet for my cock. Or my kryptonite. I don’t stop until I cum inside you. It’s my mission to make a deposit inside my wife’s pussy.”

My wife kissed me, “You dumb ass, I think I broke the fucking intercom I was holding it so tight to stop myself from screaming when I came. I had to remember my interrogation training to hold myself back from yelling out loud when I came. So our daughter wouldn’t completely know I was cumming and getting fucked.”

My wife continued, “You’re almost always quiet when you cum. But you know me I’m screamer. And a talker. I might say any sick thing when I’m getting fucked. Especially when I cum. That’s why I made you sound proof our room. So our fucking daughter wouldn’t hear me scream while I was cumming or getting fucked by you. Now she hears me over the intercom. You have no idea how close I came to screaming to our daughter, I’m cumming, get up here bitch and watch your daddy fuck my pussy and make me cum.”

My wife paused and then said, “At least I know one thing for certain.”

My wife used her pussy muscles to squeeze my cock as she kissed me with her other lips.

“Ahh, what’s that,” I asked slowly catching my breath.

“You still like my pussy.”

An hour later Charlie was in the study. I turned on the scrambler that destroyed or made ineffective any bugs in the vicinity, microphones outside the house or on any bugs on our clothes. My wife sat down next to me on the couch. Charlie was seated on a chair across the room. Alison was the last one to enter the room. My daughter sat down on the edge of the couch next to me.

Charlie started, “I’m sorry to spring this on you but an opportunity has a risen rather suddenly. One of our prime targets, Robert Hazeltine, code name Hazel, has contacted our bank program. He is interested in our handling the investments for the funds he’s laundering for various terrorist organizations. We want Grant to go in undercover as the investment consultant. Just a meet and greet at a restaurant in Geneva.

As part of our cover we lived at an estate just outside of Paris.

“What’s my history?” I asked.

“You’re an unknown. Play it that way. The origin of the cover is a investment planner we nabbed years ago that was handling Serbian and African dictator accounts. The guy is incredible. We tried to use other people to run the accounts but they couldn’t touch this guy. So we released him from jail. He runs the accounts from a tropical island under Agency guard. Incredible returns for these low lifes. So he gets more people referred to us. We track the money. No one meets him. We call him the Wizard.

“But Hazel wants to meet with him?” my wife asked.

“He won’t do the deal otherwise. He has access to information we want. We don’t want to extract him. It might take to long to get the info from him. Rendering it useless. We want him to give us the accounts he’s working on. Keep him in play with us in control of the money, to track it. Hazel wants the cream off the top of the cake. It’s too tempting.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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