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Cassie Devlin sat across from her mom and stepdad at the large wooden dining room table of their Seattle waterfront home. In the background and out the numerous sliding glass doors, you could see a late-night patrol ship passing by out on Lake Washington. The home, like all the other gorgeous entries neighboring to it, was well appointed. The back yard emptied out onto an in-ground jacuzzi and small gated flower garden, which led out to the family’s boathouse and dock.

Cassie was very excited because today was her 18th birthday and she was fresh off of her recent high school graduation. Her mom had promised her that if she had gotten in to any of her loftier college goals, the family would be there to support her all the way through it.

And Cassie had done just that. She’d be heading off to Stanford in the fall and she knew that meant that her mom would probably be helping her out quite a bit.

Cassie couldn’t wait to find out what her present or presents were. The family was definitely well off. Cassie had never had to worry about where money would be coming from or how she’d be getting through her early adulthood.

It hadn’t always been this way. When Cassie was very young her father had passed away quite suddenly, leaving her very young mother to raise a single child and work all the jobs and yadda, yadda, yadda. You’ve all seen the movie before.

But it worked out in the end. Cassie’s mom, Emily, was still a strikingly beautiful women in her twenties when she met Cassie’s stepdad, a good looking guy in his early 30’s that was quickly rising up the Seattle architecture power charts. Emily too had found success in her dress design company and the family story was quickly propelled into a higher tax bracket and a much more comfortable way of life. They were lucky.

The two social climbers quickly fell in love, and after dating for a few years they decided to remarry. It just made sense.

Cassie was ten when they made it official, and being that she had never really known her original father due to how young she was when he passed, the family decided as one that everyone would be changing their last name to ‘Devlin.’ Cassie didn’t mind. She loved her mom and was happy to see her so happy.

She also liked her stepdad quite a bit. They had always gotten along and while the relationship never quite developed in exactly the same way as it had with her own mother, she was glad for their modern family and the way they all made it work. Her stepdad sort of became like a cool best friend around the house while her mom tended to handle anything involving punishment or discipline. She liked James for this. He didn’t try to play some character from a Lifetime original movie; he just allowed their relationship to play out in a way that was easiest for everyone. She loved them both and she occasionally called her stepfather “dad” rather than just “James.”

When it came time for discipline though, this was where Cassie had found so many of her loopholes.

Because James was only her stepdad, Cassie played the system and often found herself getting into trouble just because she could. Most of her punishment came from her mother, who currently was in the process of finding success in her own very busy career, which made it pretty easy for Cassie to do just about whatever she wanted.

This led to a dramatic swing midway through high school for the rambunctiously independent girl. She found boys, she found parties, and she found all of the wonders therein. As a career good girl, she relished the feeling of finally getting to be bad. Because of this sudden downswing in her sparkling grade school resume, she ended up having to retake a class or two and batten down the hatches in order to save her collegiate dreams.

She hated to admit it but, if she was being honest with herself, she had become too spoiled under the magnificent roof of her stepdad’s skyrocketing career. His design firm had won a number of city contracts in the previews years and the family suddenly started to see more zero’s filling up their various banks accounts.

As an only child Cassie wildly benefited from the familial trickle down economics of her parent’s combined successes.

Cassie knew she had them as an anchor and in knowing this, she almost ruined her chances with one of her dream schools as her high school partying and general lack of caring became more prominent in her older teen years.

Luckily, she hadn’t gone completely overboard. Her parents had finally clamped down with some ultimatums and she’d stuck with the program her mom and stepdad had set in place for the last six months of her time in high school. Somehow, against all odds, she’d pulled her academic standing back into place just in time for applications.

And now here she was, sitting down at the table with her parents as they sat in front of her and smiled at their little girl all grown up. She could hardly contain her excitement.

“Happy 18th Birthday my wildly adventurous bahis firmaları daughter!” Her mother said as she placed a funfetti cupcake with a single candle in front of her (well maybe not TOO grownup). Cassie quickly blew it out as she made a gigantic wish with her eyes squeezed shut, and then as she opened them back up her stepdad handed her a single, square box with fancy, black wrapping-paper and white bow that he’d been hiding under the table.

Cassie could hardly contain herself. She quickly opened up the card, read the sweet message inside, and then ripped open the package to reveal a beautiful, dark-wooded box with four drawers featuring polished brass leaf-handles. It was a hand-carved jewelry box that she had made eyes at while window-shopping in the city some months prior with her mom.

She pulled the first drawer out because she knew this wasn’t all. Not with how much money her step-dad made, this was definitely only the beginning. She knew she’d upheld her end of the bargain. They would too. They couldn’t help but spoil her.

In the first drawer of the jewelry box was a set of keys with a fob featuring the JEEP logo. She squealed with joy as she ran over to the window and looked out to see a black Jeep Wrangler with a giant yellow bow draped across it sitting in their front drive.

She came back to the table where her parents hadn’t moved and hugged them both profusely as she thanked them and kissed them on the cheeks.

She sat back down and opened the next drawer and found another set of keys. She knew right away they were the keys to her apartment in the city. She squealed again as she clutched them to her chest.

For months Cassie had been begging her mom to get her an apartment for the summer in Seattle. She reasoned that it would be the best gift ever. She didn’t need some fancy European vacation or some random cruise to the Bahamas like some of her friends were doing to celebrate their 18th’s, just an apartment for the summer so she could experience being out on her own. Her parents had held firm though, telling her that there was no way that was going to happen unless she focused fully on school and turned her grades and college apps around. And so she did. Cassie was bursting with joy. She was gobsmacked at the birthday haul so far.

She opened the third drawer and found an American Express card.

“Are you kidding me?” She said as she smiled at them both across the table.

“It has a limit on it!” her Mom said as she explained that the card should only be used for regular city expenses and an appropriate amount of fun, nothing too crazy, “And we’re taking it back at the end of the summer young lady so don’t get too attached to having an unlimited stream of credit!”

And then when she thought things couldn’t get any better, she opened the fourth drawer…and she was right, they couldn’t actually.

“What is this?” She asked, as she took out a name-badge lanyard with ‘Cassandra Devlin’ written across it in bold font. Above her name sat the Devlin A&D logo of her stepfather’s company in downtown Seattle.

“That, my dear, is your summer job,” her stepfather finally spoke up.

Cassie slumped a little back into her chair. There was always a catch in life, wasn’t there?

Cassie had hoped to spend the summer doing absolutely nothing. She wanted to go out dancing and meet boys and have lots of fun with her friends before going off to school, and now it seemed like that was all fading away.

“Look,” her mother started, “We love you a lot, but these last six months have not been fun for any of us and James and I just thought that maybe it’d be good for you to work a summer job before school so you can get some work experience…see how the real world operates before attempting to conquer it yourself.” Her mother explained.

“Mommmmm,” Cassie groveled, “I reallllly didn’t want to work this summer I thought I’d have the summer off to, ya know relax and meditate so my brain is, umm, FULLY ready to expand it’s learning at Stanford!” She batted her eyelashes across the table, though she knew she wasn’t going to get out of this one. She knew if she actually complained she might lose the car, the apartment, the credit card—and okay, so whatever, so she’d be working some dumb job for her stepdad. She’d still be in the city at night and she could go out and party all she wanted, she figured.

“Okay, well, thank you guys so much for all of this…this is amazing…so, two questions: When do I move in?” She held up the apartment keys. “And when do I start?” She held up the name badge.

“We’re moving you in next weekend hun,” her mom said.

“And you start the job that next Monday!” Her stepdad said right after.

“Uhm, okay, I can do that. I can do this. This is cool. You guys are awesome. Thank you both so much!” She said, determined that everything would work out just fine as she smiled at her stepfather.

“So what type of work am I going to be doing?” She said as she kaçak iddaa figured it’d be something easy like organizing letters in a mailroom somewhere on the ground floor.

“Well Cas, you’re going to be my secretary for the summer,” her stepdad said, “my regular secretary is out on maternity leave for the next three months and it’s a very high-paced and important job and if your mother and I are going to be supporting you throughout school, we want to see you that you’ve got some moxy in you for this kind of stuff—to make sure you’re ready. ”

“A secretary?” Cassie asked, looking a little worried. “Don’t they have like, a million things to do?”

“Ah yes, and who better to do those things than the lovely daughter we just gave a car, apartment and credit card to for the summer of her 18th birthday.” Her mom responded matter-of-factly as she smirked at her daughter with suggestively raised eyebrows.

“Yes, of course mom! You guys really ARE the best, have I mentioned that lately? How great you both are??” Cassie batted her eyelashes. “And who knows, maybe I’ll end up being James’s best employee and he’ll have to like, fire a bunch of people cuz I’m doing all their jobs myself,” Cassie joked as she bit into her cupcake.

“Sure goofball, if you come into work at my office and find a way to somehow save me numerous employee’s salaries’ worth of money, your mother and I will up the monthly limit on the credit card.”

The family laughed and shared a nice moment before heading out to take a look at Cassie’s new Jeep. She spent the rest of night thanking them over and over again. She was about to have her own place in the city and she was only 18. Life was pretty amazing sometimes.

Later that night, Cassie had fallen asleep on the couch of the family room as the TV flashed in the background. She slept soundly as James came down to check on her and he saw his stepdaughter with her legs lightly spread as she slept. She was only wearing a t-shirt, which had ridden up to show her light-blue Victoria’s Secret booty shorts. James couldn’t help but find his eyes drifting over her developing body as she slept there. She was definitely her mother’s daughter. Her dark hair fell around her shoulders. And her breasts were only a b-cup but they seemed like they were constantly firm in whatever she was wearing. Her legs were toned like her mom’s, and her butt had benefited greatly from the family genes and the mother/daughter Yoga classes that Cassie and her mom had been doing for years. It was round and stuck out from the rest of her body in ways that seemed almost unfair for a girl her age. James shook his head as he admired her for a moment longer than usual. Her skin was surprisingly light considering her other features. She was half-Irish and half Spanish on her father’s side, so the combination was something wildly exotic in it’s own right. Dark, curved inviting physicality but with a soft creamy skin dotted all over with freckles.

He pulled her shirt down over her panties to cover her, picked her up like he had done so many times over the years, and then carried her up the stairs to tuck her into bed.

“Goodnight Dad,” she said with a yawn as he kissed her forehead and left the room. She liked the way his stubble felt as he kissed her and she drifted off to sleep with visions of summer city partying dancing along in her head. What a great night it had been.


Soon the following weekend had come along and Cassie and her mom and her stepdad were moving her in to her city apartment in downtown Seattle. The downtown area was where Devlin A&D kept their high-rise headquarters and Cassie was only a couple of blocks away from where should would be working, so her parents had clearly set her up for success.

They spent the weekend sharing memories about pieces of furniture and keepsakes as they packed and unpacked boxes at each location. They finally finished early that Sunday evening and Cassie’s apartment was officially all moved in.

James had ordered a large pizza from a delivery spot downstairs and the three of them sat around the breakfast nook table in Cassie’s loft devouring the sausage and pepperoni pie while James cracked open a few beers. He gave one to Cassie, too. He wasn’t an idiot. He’d been her age once too.

“Thanks pops!” Cassie cheered as she clinked bottles with him and took a swig of the amber ale. Emily clicked at her husband but she too knew that Cassie was already drinking.

“If I can’t have a drink with my daughter then what is the point?” He joked as Emily simply shook her head at the two of them, thick as thieves, and poured herself a glass of wine from the white she had brought over.

After saying their final mother/daughter emotional goodbyes, Cassie hugged her parents and saw them off. James had reminded Cassie of the email he had sent her explaining the next day’s instructions for her first day of work.

She came back inside her loft and flopped down on her bed, stretching her body out kaçak bahis of all the various aches and pains that inevitably came with moving. She stared out at all of the unpacked boxes scattering the apartment. There would be lots to do over the course of the week-decorating and reestablishing a home.

It was a cute little corner loft in a set of industrially chic apartments that had sprung up over the last decade near the downtown area. She had a good amount of space in her kitchen and dining area and living/sleeping area. The room itself sort of doubled as the living area, as it stepped down into the corner of the space with large-wrap around windows to filter in large amounts of sunshine when there was sunshine to be had. She loved it. It was a sexy apartment, and she planned on having a lot of very sexy fun in this apartment now that she didn’t have to worry about her parents hearing any noises coming from her room.

In fact, she suddenly remembered a guy having given her his number recently at a club she had snuck into a few months prior. What was his name again? Ahh yes, Blake. She had so much to get down. She had work the next day. But…she also had her own apartment…and no one was there to tell her what to do next.

On a whim, she pulled up his number and texted him to ask if he still lived in downtown Seattle.

Blake: Uhh, who’s this?

Cassie: This is Cassie, we met at Spark a couple months back. I was the girl with the tiny white skirt that you followed around all night until finally giving me your number, remember?”

Blake: Oh yeah! Hey! Never thought I’d actually hear from you. How have you been?

Cassie: Pretty great as of late. Do you still live in downtown Seattle? I remember you telling me that you lived right downtown.

As she texted this, her hand drifted down between her legs and lightly touched herself. She inwardly debated how brave she was feeling.

Blake: Yeah, I do, why are you out and about? Want to meet up and go dancing tonight?

Cassie: Yeah, that sounds nice I guess.

There was a pause in the texting as the text-in-progress dots blinked on Blake’s phone as she worked on another message.

Cassie: I was actually wondering if maybe you’d just want to come over to my new apartment and let me ride your cock for the next few hours?

Blake: . . .

Cassie: I take it that’s a yes?

Blake: Fuck yes! Where do you live? I can come right now.

Cassie texted her address and told him to bring alcohol. He showed up 10 minutes later with a bottle of tequila and a lime and Cassie spent the next few hours breaking in her new apartment with this stupidly lucky boy. They got drunker as the night went along, body shots and heavy fucking. This is what Cassie had been craving for so long. She was finally on her own and if she wanted to bring a boy over to fuck she could do so whenever she felt like it. They fucked on every surface that wasn’t covered in boxes. Then they fucked on the boxes. She felt amazing. Everything was incredible. She closed her eyes as her head swam with the buzz of the cheap tequila. Then there was more buzzing. Suddenly the buzzing was louder and not so wonderful.

Ugh, that buzzing. What was that? It was like needles to her brain.

FUCCCK!! She sat up suddenly in bed and looked over at her last backup alarm that she had set from the night before.

It was already 10:00 AM which meant she was already an hour late for her first day of work. Blake had clearly let himself out sometime during the night and she looked around the apartment to see the various pieces of clothing and empty shot glasses that dotted her furniture.

She checked her phone and saw that she had a couple of text messages messages.

Blake: Thanks for that completely amazing surprise last night. Had to head to work. Text me if you want to have some more fun you sexy little thing.

And then there was also a text from her stepdad.

James: First day of work and you’re already late. Are you fucking kidding me Cas?

She felt terrible, she popped up from bed and downed a couple of migraine pills and a bottle of water. She threw an outfit together thought it definitely needed to be ironed and she didn’t have the time. She quickly put up her hair in what might pass for okay and then hastily did her makeup.

After brushing her teeth and grabbing the rest of her things she was out the door and running towards her job.

She got there by 10:30 and walked into her dad’s wing of office trying her best not to make eye contact with anyone as she went. She was still a little buzzed from the tequila marathon the night before and definitely a little bruised.

Her Dad saw her walking in from a windowed conference room and excused himself. He walked over to her with his arms folded and a stern expression.

“Okay look, before you say anything, I’m very sorry. I fucked up. I will not be late again!” Cassie pleaded with her stepdad.

“Okay, you get one free pass,” he said, “but if this happens again there’s going to be trouble.” He led her over to his own corner office area where her desk would sit just outside and face the double doors of his roomy perch.

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