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Big Tits

Leslie was in the wake of her recent divorce in which she was left with three young children and no man of the house to fulfil her sexual needs which were at times insatiable; she had been invited to a social drink up at her neighbours the Jones house. Ms Jones had invited mostly close friends and relatives and had plans for Leslie to be introduced to Paul her brother who was also single with two teenage kids.

The intention of the introduction was obvious however Leslie had cast her eye over the party goers and a young man had caught her attention, he made her think of sex immediately and she could picture sucking his cock among other horny thoughts and she found herself getting very turned on.

Leslie asked after him, wanting to find out more about this hot young man hoping that she could somehow get him in a position where he could smell or taste her pussy, knowing full well that once he had he would be intoxicated by her scent setting in motion the events that would lead them to discovering the full extent of their lust for each other, however she was knocked back when she was informed that he was in-fact the son of the man she had been set up with.

This was a setback in Leslie’s mind but by no means the end of her attraction to the young man. She found out that his name was DJ and that he was only 18 at the time. Leslie decided she needed to act now to keep DJ in her life if she was ever to experience the unbridled lust and passion of the young man’s cock.

And so her plan was set in motion, she flirted with Paul and before long she had him wrapped around her little finger, he was to move in and live with her at the house she was left in the divorce. This of course meant that his son DJ, who hadn’t moved out of home yet (unlike his older sister), would also be living in her house.

After a settling in period Leslie began to feel empowered by the fact that she owned the house and that despite Paul working long hours to pay the bills, she was the one who could call the shots. DJ was like a border in her house and so would have to obey her rules and requests of him which were to be spelt out for him shortly.

DJ was just out of school and had been working part time on the weekends and so was home all day long most of the time having no real money to speak of, he would laze around and sleep in as long as he could. This meant that Leslie and DJ would be home together most of the time after she had dropped her kids off at school. One day after returning home she decided it was a good time to lay down the ground rules to DJ.

Little did she know that DJ had been up since early that morning, he had woken with an erection and when he realised Leslie had left to take the kids to school he got an idea, why not check the washing to see if Leslie had put some of her used panties out to be washed? And sure enough he found the pair she had just minutes before peeled off her shaven mound, DJ immediately placed the crotch over his nose and inhaled deeply savouring the fresh heavy scent of Leslie’s pussy. So with panties in hand he went back to bed to try and satisfy his cocks need for release, by the point he had cum for the second time his cock was still hard and horny, he knew what it was that it was wrong for Leslie’s pussy to turn him on so much and the thought of being alone with Leslie all day was igniting the lust in his groin yet again.

DJ was in the throes of passion as he masturbated for the third time longing for release while thinking of Leslie’s pussy and just as he was on the brink of boiling over and cumming hard yet again, he heard her knock at his bedroom door, with very little time to cover up he quickly sat up on the edge of the bed, hid her panties and pulled a sheet over his crotch just as Leslie entered the room, his cock still throbbing so close to release.

Now with Leslie in his room DJ was never going to get his erection to subside as she was the object of his lust. She stood just feet from him and now Leslie herself was feeling horny but knew she must remain composed to assert her control over him and lay down her ground rules.

“DJ,” began Leslie bahis firmaları ” you understand that this is my home and I get to say what goes here and so I feel its time I set some ground rules OK?” she said with hands on hips, this was obviously a rhetorical question.

DJ just nods and waits to be further informed. “I maintain the right to amend the rules as I see fit but here are just a few to start with” continued Leslie “I am the lady of the house and so I expect that when I ask something of you that you will do it promptly and without complaint is that clear?”

“Yes Leslie, of course anything you say goes without question” DJ replies still rock hard and nervous that she might see it.

“Good, that’s a start” Leslie says with a smile on her face “now I’m going to be doing a room check every morning from now on so I expect you will keep it tidy” DJ nods in agreement.

“Right now I am about to put on a load of washing so can you pass me that towel over there?” Leslie gestures towards a towel he had hung over the wardrobe door.

“Sure” says DJ not feeling like he has the right to say otherwise, but immediately thinks of his raging hard on and how he can conceal it so that it’s not obvious to Leslie as he reaches for the towel. As he stands however Leslie does catch a glimpse of what she thinks might be an erection, this immediately turns her on as she realises she may have interrupted him while masturbating.

DJ hands Leslie the towel as he sits back down clutching the sheet to his groin “Thank you” Leslie says “is there anything else that needs to be washed?” she asks.

DJ thinks for a second then hesitates because the only thing else to wash is the two pairs of boxer shorts he had used to mop up his seed and Leslie’s used panties that he had been enjoying”…ah nope I don’t think so” he replies.

But just as Leslie turns and is about to walk out the door she spots a pair of boxers sticking out from under the bed “What about those DJ?” she says gesturing towards them.

“Oh yeah those” DJ says after swallowing hard “um here ya go” as he nervously passes Leslie the used boxer shorts hoping she doesn’t notice how damp they are, which of course is the first thing Leslie did notice and then she had a thought ‘what about the ones he’s wearing?’

“And how about the ones you have on don’t they need a wash too?” Leslie enquires.

“Oh yea I guess so” says DJ and pauses a second for Leslie to leave the room but instead she just stands there with an expectant look on her face “It’s ok just whip them off and I’ll put them in with the rest” she adds.

This whole time his cock has remained at full mast and so he sits back in bad and tries to remove them without being exposed, which is exactly what Leslie is hoping will happen, as DJ tries to pull the boxers down his cock gets caught in the fly causing it to stand up straight and tent his sheet, he quickly manipulates his cock and resumes taking off the boxers hoping Leslie hadn’t noticed but she had and it gave her a real thrill to know that he was still erect which meant that it wasn’t just hard from his masturbation but it was staying hard with her in the room.

As DJ lent forward to finally remove the boxers from his feet he thought he was covered completely however from Leslie’s view point as he leant she caught a glimpse of his engorged helmet and it looked so big, so hard and was leaking pre-cum. Leslie’s mouth watered at the sight and unconsciously she licked her lips.

DJ sat up and handed Leslie his boxers and she noted his warmth still in them as she departed the room, she couldn’t believe what she had just seen, it was so hot looking at this young man’s fully aroused cock. As she got to the washing machine she put the boxers to her face and inhaled deeply savouring the scent fresh from DJ’s cock, then she noticed the wet patch from the pre cum she had seen and she quickly flicked her tongue over it then sucked it into her mouth this time savouring the salty flavour of her soon to be lovers pre cum.

Leslie couldn’t help it for the rest of the day she was pre occupied with the thought of sucking kaçak iddaa on DJs hard cock, engulfing the big purplish helmet in her mouth as she used her tongue to coax out more and more of his pre cum, imagining what the experience will be like to have him shoot jet after jet of his sweet sperm into her mouth and onto her tongue so she could enjoy the full flavour of it.

Leslie was certain of one thing, she had to assert more control over DJ and his cum, and the best way to do that was to talk to DJ privately and introduce more rules and her expectations of him while living under her roof. So before she had to leave and pick up her kids from school she approached DJ again.

“DJ I think we need to talk” Leslie began “there’s some more house rules I need you to be aware of”

“Okay Leslie” DJ says unsure of where this is heading.

“I need to be frank with you DJ, this regards masturbation and porn, both of which I will not tolerate in my house is that understood?”

“Um yes Leslie but I’m sorry I am a male and I have certain needs…” DJ trails off a bit embarrassed to be discussing this with Leslie.

“Yes and I understand that DJ, as I noticed this morning that you had an erection, that is why I decided I need to bring up this rule with you now, I am not unreasonable as I said I realise you have needs as a young man, but I am firm on this rule and will not tolerate it being broken.”

“Now take me to your room and show me what porn you have” Leslie states firmly.

Once in his room DJ is very embarrassed and unsure but goes to his bottom draw and removes several porno magazines and hands them to Leslie, “Are you sure that’s all of them?” she enquires.

‘Yes I’m sure Leslie” comes the sheepish reply from DJ.

“Good, now I will be doing the room check in the morning and will be looking for any porn or signs of masturbation, is that clear?” DJ nods.

“Oh wait there is one more under my pillow, sorry I almost forgot about it” as he is about to reach over and get it Leslie flips the pillow off to the side exposing the magazine which is open to the centre fold displaying a wet pussy being held open wide and sitting on the page Leslie instantly recognises her panties from this morning that she thought were in the wash basket.

DJ goes a shade of red in embarrassment as Leslie picks up the panties and looks at him “DJ I don’t mind you being aroused by the smell of my pussy but I don’t condone the use of dirty pictures like that!” she glances at the centre fold.

“Each morning before you get dressed I will check you room, I want you to remain in your boxer shorts and I want to have you standing by your bed with hands at your sides ready for the inspection, if you have an erection I will expect that you do not try to hide it from me in fact you are to remove it from your fly and allow me to inspect your cock too. That is the way it will be every morning from now on” again all he can do is nod.

“Any questions?” Leslie is really enjoying the way this has played out.

Almost scared to bring it up DJ replies “Without porn or masturbation, how will I… obtain release?”

“I have taken that into consideration and from now on if you need to cum you will have to ask my permission, now how often do you normally masturbate?”

“Well it depends sometimes it’s more often than others but since I have been living here I have been extra horny. For example I would normally cum about three times a day but living here with you I have already cum three times just this morning” DJ says coyly.

“I see and this is because of me?” Leslie asks bluntly.

“Yes Leslie, I’m sorry I know I shouldn’t think about sex with you but I can’t help it, the smell of your pussy in those panties made me cum so much and being alone with just us two in the house all day I find myself thinking of your pussy all the time and it makes my cock so hard. I just wish I could smell and taste your pussy all day long”

“That’s ok DJ I understand that, you don’t need to apologise but from now on I want you to be honest with me and show me your cock whenever it gets hard and kaçak bahis tell me what made it that way, ok?”

“Yes Leslie, of course” DJ can barely believe his ears.

“Good, from now on whenever you need to cum I will see to it, either by sucking your cock or fucking you, every time you cum will have to be in me in some form, if not in my mouth then you must cum inside my pussy is that clear?”

“Yes Leslie”

“If you get turned on when we do not have the house to ourselves then I expect you to be very discrete about it ok? And we will have to find a way for me to service your cock without anybody catching us, this arrangement is just between the two of us and I wish to keep it that way!” DJ nods.

“Your father works hard to pay the mortgage and I intend on marring him, however once I am you’re stepmother I will still expect us to keep our arrangement” at this point Leslie glances down and notices the bulge in DJs pants, she gets and angry look on her face “DJ! What did I just tell you about erections?”

“Umm…?” DJ is a bit shocked at the sudden change in temperament.

“I can see your cock bulge in your pants young man! I said when you get aroused you were to show me you cock and explain what turned you on!” Hands on her hips Leslie waits for DJ you react.

“Oh right I’m sorry Leslie” DJ manages to get out as he’s fumbling with his belt to remove his pants.

Finally he pulls out his engorged cock from his boxers and it bobs as throbs there in the presence of Leslie, she marvels at her ability to bring the young stud under her control so completely. Leslie sits on the edge of his bed and motions for him to come closer, her eyes glued to his impressive manhood now only inches from her face.

“DJ I need you to describe what you were thinking when you became aroused, while I begin to familiarise myself with your cock” She licks her lips “I’m obviously going to be seeing a lot of this sexy cock from now on and I want to learn what it likes and how best for me to bring it to orgasm in order for me to drink your tasty cum” as she finishes saying that she laps up the bead of pre cum oozing from the slit and lets out a sultry groan as she envelopes the whole silky helmet in her mouth, at the same time cups his balls and places a hand at the base of his shaft.

“Oh my god,” DJ is in heaven at this point “Leslie… I was just thinking about you being my stepmom and still wanting my cum… that’s what made me hard this time… aw yea so good… but this morning I came three times thinking about and smelling your pussy, wishing I could taste it…”

Upon hearing this Leslie pulled off DJ’s cock just long enough to plant a loving kiss on the head of it, then looking up into his eyes she dives down lustfully engulfing his entire length and there she stayed just bobbing up and down slightly while massaging his balls.

This was too much for DJ sending him over the edge he quickly informs Leslie “I’m gona CUM!” almost yelling it out. Leslie pulls back till she’s suckling just on the helmet again and pumps her fist up and down on his cock eager to feel him erupting in her mouth and on her tongue.

With a jerking thrust of his pelvis DJ unloads copious amounts of spunk into Leslie’s hungry mouth which she gratefully receives and as much as she wants to savour it she urgently gulps the first waves down so as not to overflow her mouth. As his orgasm subsides Leslie catches the last few jets of cum in her mouth and rolls it around with her tongue loving every second of it, inside she is deeply satisfied knowing that she can have as much of that as she likes from now on.

Regaining some composure Leslie looks up at DJ passed his spent cock and licks the dribble of cum leaking out, with a satisfied moan she looks into DJ’s eyes and says “Well that’s a good start DJ but from now on don’t hesitate to tell me when you are sexually aroused alright?”

“You got it Leslie from now on I promise I will give you every drop of cum I can produce”

“Good boy, now I understand that you wish to smell and taste my pussy is that right?” DJ nods “great then I will expect you to do so as often as possible throughout the day time when we have the house to ourselves, now it’s time for you to learn what it takes to make my pussy orgasm with your mouth and tongue…”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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