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Scarlett is a gorgeous, voluptuous 18 year old girl who loves sex. Until meeting Viktor she had experienced only guys of her own age, but now finds herself deeply attracted to this rich older man. She desperately wants to become his kept Sugar Baby.

Viktor is a 69 year old Russian billionaire. He has had countless women in his lifetime and still enjoys the younger female, and consequently is very attracted to Scarlett when they meet. He has a number of fetishes and fantasies which stem from his younger adolescent days and which he likes to perform on his ladies.

If you wish to know more about him, his exploits and his background, then please read my series “Viktor’s Fantasies”!


I wasn’t sure whether to place this second part of my series in ‘Fetish’ or ‘Mature’, but opted for the latter. The story is really a mix of both, so I hope you enjoy it – and please vote if you do!!

My following story is purely a work of sexual fantasy and is complete fiction. The names of my characters are all fictitious and do not represent anyone living or deceased.


I was eager to read my ‘contract’ with Viktor. It seemed he was prepared to pay me a salary and my luxury accommodation, and would also buy my clothes and jewellery. Anything I wanted really, with his approval. Wow, what a life I could have! Naturally he wanted quite a bit from me in return.

Sex went without saying of course, but the contract stipulated oral sex, giving and taking, vaginal penetration, anal penetration, toy play, tit bondage and torture, clit torture and regular bondage. I was also to allow him to shave my pussy and anus whenever required. He would choose clothing for me (normally pvc or latex) which he would expect me to wear and which he could remove from me any way he liked at any time.

He would visit me for sex whenever he wanted, or I would visit him in his sex dungeon if he required. He would always take priority over any other visitors I may have, unless he gave prior permission for me to see them.

I was not to have sex with anyone else without his prior permission and I must be willing to have sex with others (male or female) if he required. Interestingly it didn’t mention anything about him no longer having sex with others.

I was never to get piercings, tattoos or body alterations without his permission, and I was strictly never to have my breasts reduced in size.

Wow it was one hell of an undertaking, but my pussy was tingling and creaming as I read it. Viktor really was quite a kinky old man, but I felt I would enjoy his kinks providing it didn’t involve a lot of pain. I needed to check out ‘tit and clit torture’ with him. Other than that I was happy to sign the contract and the non-disclosure agreement.

I was looking forward to becoming his little sex baby, and if I didn’t enjoy it, I could simply walk away at any time. All possessions and jewellery would remain mine.


“So what would you do?” I asked my best friend, Naomi.

“Well personally I wouldn’t want some old guy telling me what I could and couldn’t do or what he was expecting to do to me. Are you sure you want to get involved with someone who’s nearly seventy? You’re only nineteen babes, with your whole life ahead of you. He sounds like a controlling dirty old man Scarlett, and fucking kinky by all accounts.”

“I know, but the sex I’ve had with him so far has been really good. I know he hasn’t fucked me yet, but he’s bloody good with his mouth and tongue. He turns me on in a strange, perverted sort of way. Weirdly I find him kind of repulsively attractive, yet sexy, if you can kind of understand that. He’s certainly very attentive, and I know he will be generous to me.”

“Yeah, but nipple and clit torture, shaving your pussy and dressing you in pvc and latex. What’s that all about? And how about having to fuck who he tells you to?”

“Just his kinks I guess. And actually I find it quite exciting and a turn on to be honest.”

“Well it’s your choice. If that kind of lifestyle appeals, then why not? It does look like you’ll come out of it with loads of money if you play your cards right.”

So that was it, I was decided and I was looking forward to Viktor fucking me when I signed.


I had gone into his study to check out the torture bit of the contract.

“You see kruschka I love large tits. I love to play with breasts, the larger the better for me, and yours are just perfect! Your huge creamy puppies are exactly what I dream of, and the feel of your pretty pink nipples in my mouth. I want to quite literally eat them up. And I will sometimes want to tie them up with rope until they are hard and swollen, then I will take your gorgeous areolas deep into my mouth and lick and kiss them lasciviously, then suck and chew on your deliciously erect nipples until you come. And sometimes I almanbahis will suck your creamy tits all over to show everyone that I have been giving them lots of my love and attention, marking them with my little purple bruises so that every time you look in the mirror you will remember the beautiful hot sex we had together.”

Oh God, my pussy was dripping at just the mere thought of him playing with my tits.

“And then I may decide I want to make your nipples even larger and so I will fix screws to them to draw your nipples out so that they become hard and swollen and extra sensitive when I suckle on you. And sometimes I will fix clamps to them so that you can feel some delicious pain as I suckle on you, your clit swelling with desire and need for my tongue. And perhaps I will clamp your little pearl too, so that you scream from your intense orgasm when I make you come with my tongue.

What do you think? Is that clear enough for you? Does that answer your questions? Would you like me to do that to you?”

“Oh God yes Viktor.” I was ready to strip my top off now for him to torture me. I was so turned on by his description I immediately took the contract and agreement in my hands and signed them, and then I saw him looking at my erect nipples through my top. He reached over and pulled on them, then lifting my top up he started to suck on them. I gasped and groaned as he suckled on me.

“You and I will have such good sex together baby now suck my cock for me little one, I desperately need to come in your mouth.” He said as he unzipped his fly. He held my head down in his lap as I sucked him off until his semen exploded into my mouth, pumping down my throat. Oh God I was so ready for him to fuck me now.


By the end of the following week Viktor had done the deal on an apartment. It was within easy walking distance of his Notting Hill villa. Three bedrooms, modern and gorgeous with a roof terrace and jacuzzi. I had visions of Viktor and me having hot sex in it, annoying and shocking the neighbours! I couldn’t wait to move in, but there were a couple of things I needed to do first.

Dump Dean then tell mum. I knew she wouldn’t be happy.

“Viktor Gregori? My boss?” She asked.

I nodded.

“What the hell Scarlett? He’s nearly 70 and you’re only 19, he’s old enough to be your grandfather. I warned you what he was like. Have you been having sex with him? I can’t bear the thought of it.” She said.

“I haven’t actually slept with him yet.” I told her.

“Then don’t.”

“But I want to. We have all but had penetrative sex. We both find each other very attractive and sexy. He’s very kind and attentive to me mum. You know he will look after me and treat me well.”

“Yes, until he tires of you. He has countless young women and I’m sure he won’t stop that for you.” She hesitated. “And do you know about his sex dungeon?”

“Actually I’ve been in it with him. And yes he promised me he would not fuck his regular whores.”

“Oh God Scarlett. Don’t tell me more. He’s a pervert. I don’t want to know what you did with him in there.”

“Nothing bad mum. He’s really gentle with me.” I lied. “He loves me and wants me to be with him.”

“It makes me feel quite sick to think about it, but I can’t stop you. Just promise me you will tell me if he does anything to hurt you.”

“I will mum, but I know he won’t.”


Dean was shocked when I finished with him. I realised I felt nothing for him but clearly he had liked me more than I thought. I was now ready to move into my new ‘pad’ and I was more than excited.

Viktor’s man appeared in the limo ready to take my possessions and me to the apartment. I saw mum talking to Vladimir shaking her head. She was not happy.

“So mum, that’s everything. I’ll be around regularly to see you and when I’m settled I want you to come over.”

She quietly cuddled me. I knew she was upset. “If you have any problems let me know.” She said, then waved goodbye as I was driven off in the large black car.

Viktor left me to settle in that evening. I loved my new home. It was so luxurious, so beautiful. But I knew payment would be required very shortly.


I woke late the following morning to find a message on my phone from Viktor. He hoped I had enjoyed my first night and told me he would be collecting me late afternoon to take me shopping for clothes, followed by dinner at his club then back to his place where he intended to shave me first before fucking me.

Christ he didn’t mince his words. But his directness made me feel incredibly horny. My pussy was already dripping at the prospect.

I spent the morning in the hair salon. My reddish brown hair was turned more golden with blonde highlights as Viktor had requested. I knew he loved blondes. Luxurious hair extensions, and my hair now reached far down my back. I loved it. They had also given me a pedicure and gel manicure. My finger nails were ridiculously long like pointed talons and all nails almanbahis yeni giriş were painted bright crimson, again as requested by Viktor.

When I returned, I decided to have a little go in the jacuzzi which was very relaxing, my hair firmly fixed up before I got in. I had gone in naked, so my tits were bouncing and jiggling around in the jets and bubbles, making me feel extremely horny. I was nervous about how it would go with Viktor. Would I find it creepy when he shaved my pussy or would it make me feel even hornier? And I wondered what kind of clothes shopping we were going to do together. Things he found sexy and fuckable no doubt,

Eventually I left the jacuzzi and showered before applying make up and choosing a nice dress. I heard the buzzer at the door and knew it was time to go. I nervously got into the limo where Viktor was seated in the back. I slipped in next to him.

“Kroschka you look beautiful.” He said as he leant over to snog me with his sloppy tongue. I returned his kisses. “And now we will go to my favourite boutique to buy you some suitable outfits. You will look very sexy by the time we have finished with you.”

We drove for around thirty minutes before stopping outside a shop called “La Baise Chaud.” I immediately noticed the type of outfits on models in the window. Silky satins, pvc and latex. All very tight, shiny and sexy stuff that Viktor clearly wanted me to wear for him. My pussy started to tingle.

“Aaah Monsieur Gregori. How lovely to see you.” The woman said as he kissed her cheeks, then looking at me “And who is this beautiful young lady you have with you?” The sexy woman asked. She was dressed in a shiny red, tight latex dress and wore skyscraper heels which must have made her feet ache by the end of the day.

“Meet my new little sugar baby, Scarlett. Scarlett this is Yvette.” He told me. “I want you to dress her the way you know I like. Please gather some suitable outfits for her for me to select.” He instructed. “Sexy and shiny of course.”

We waited in a huge changing room surrounded by mirrors as Yvette carried in numerous outfits all made from pvc and latex. She hung them at the end ready for me to try. Viktor said something to her in French before she left. “Ahh yes of course. I will bring them.” She said.

“Let me help you remove your clothes. Take everything off.”

He unzipped my dress then slowly unclasped my bra. My huge tits spilling out. “Remove your panties too kroschka.” He instructed. His hands ran over my body as he sensuously kissed my neck.

I felt embarrassed standing in front of him completely naked, but he soon passed me a dress to try on. It was made from the softest black shiny pvc and clung to my body. The neckline plunged to my waist and two strips of fabric covered my nipples leaving vast amounts of my white creamy tits exposed. The skirt clung tightly to my rounded ass, the hemline just about covering it. I looked in the mirrors surrounding me. Fuck I felt sexy.

“Oh kroschka, you look stunning. Shall uncle buy you this one?”

“Oh yes please, it makes your little girl feel very sexy for you.” I said, walking towards him. He was sat on the sofa and put his hands on my hips, stroking the soft material until he reached the hem, then lifting it slightly he pushed my legs apart and sank his tongue into my pussy. He grabbed hold of my buttocks and pushed me towards him so that my clit was hard against his lips. I groaned as his slippery, sloppy tongue lapped at my wet cunt. And then he was pulling open the strips of vinyl covering my tits and sucking on my swollen erect nipples.

“Oh God Viktor, I’m gonna come!” I said as I spasmed hard against him, my juices dripping onto the wood floor. Then Yvette was knocking at the door. I quickly pulled down my dress and covered my tits, then stood on the wet patch before she walked in.

“I can see you like that beautiful wet look dress. You look very sexy in it, doesn’t she Viktor?” She smiled knowingly as she saw Viktor’s glistening wet red face. She put down a basket of accessories she was carrying and hung up three shiny catsuits. “I will leave you to it now. Enjoy!” She said as she closed the door behind her.

“Oh God that was embarrassing.” I exclaimed.

“Don’t worry she’s used to it. People like to ‘sample’ the outfits before buying them.” Said Viktor.

I had a lot to try on, which took near on a couple of hours. We decided to take most of them, including the basket of accessories. A mix of crotchless panties, open bras, garter belts, stockings and lots of toys. You name it, Yvette had supplied every item needed for hot sex!

The only things I hadn’t yet tried were the catsuits. There was a red one that had silver clip fastenings all the way down the sides, another with open tits and crotch area and finally a black pvc one that tied with lacing at the front and zipped down the back.

“We’ll take these two, but this one I want you to wear tonight kroschka. I want to almanbahis giriş fuck you in this one.” He said, handing me the black one with lacing. “Let me help you put it on.”

I slipped my legs into it as Viktor pulled it up slowly and carefully to my crotch, stroking my legs. He pulled it tight from behind, straining the stretchy plastic over my huge tits as he fastened the zip up my back. I fastened the lacing as tightly as possible over my two monster girls. It creaked and groaned deliciously as the tight shiny vinyl enveloped my body. He took hold of it at the tops of my thighs, pulling it tightly up my legs, then fastened the zips on my ankles. It rustled and creaked as I walked, clinging deliciously to my crotch.

“Sit down” He instructed “and give me your feet.” I carefully sat on the sofa, the tight pvc sexily hugging my crotch. I stretched my legs out for him to fasten the straps of the extraordinarily high shiny black sandals. He licked and sucked my beautifully manicured toes.

“How does that feel kroschka? Do you like it. Does it feel deliciously tight and warm around your pussy? Do you want me to fuck you in it?” He said as he circled my clit with his fingers, then tweaking my hard nipples through the soft vinyl.

“Oh yes uncle. It feels so good, so gorgeously tight and sexy. I can’t wait to be fucked by you.”

He kissed me erotically and clamped his hand over my pussy, squeezing and stroking me as I groaned. I couldn’t wait to be shaved then fucked.

“Deliver everything to this address tomorrow and charge to my account.” Viktor instructed Yvette as he took my hand and led me to the door.

“Of course Monsieur Gregori. You look very, very sexy Scarlett. Enjoy your evening together.” She said, smiling and winking at me.

“Take us to The Blue Beluga.” Viktor instructed Vladimir, who couldn’t remove his eyes from my huge black shiny tits jutting out at him.


The paparazzi cameras flashed at us as we entered.

“Mr Gregori who’s your sexy new girl friend?” They all asked. Clamouring to get photos of Viktor the billionaire with his new bit of young, sexy fluff. I posed cuddled up to him giving one of my pouty smiles for the cameras. Naomi was not gonna believe this when she saw these photos.

It seemed the staff at his club had been briefed as to whom he was bringing. “Welcome Miss Scarlett.” The hostess said. “Mr Gregori your table is ready for you, champagne chilling.”

I swayed my ass and stuck out my tits as I held Viktor’s hand as we followed her to the table. At least they knew I wasn’t just one of his paid whores. I could tell she was clearly jealous of me though. Probably wondering how such a young woman had snared her billionaire boss.

We sat on the blue sofa next to each other and I could see people watching as Viktor started to snog me. His hand squeezing and clenching the squeaky pvc, rubbing over my breasts. His tongue was soft and sloppy in my mouth I pulled away a bit so that people could see me sucking his tongue. Their faces were a picture as they watched the seventy year old snog his nineteen year old girlfriend. Clearly thinking I was only after his money. Which in a way they were right, after all we did have a contract and ‘business arrangement’, but there was more to it. I enjoyed his company, the feeling of power he exuded was sexy and he turned me on. I just couldn’t wait for him to fuck me. I actually really liked him.

“Mmm that was delicious kroschka. I look forward to so much more later.” He started to pour the Cristal.

“Oh me too Viktor. My pussy is so wet for you. I can’t wait for you to eat me and fuck me.”

“Oh little one you are making my cock so hard for you. It’s begging me to rip off that sexy catsuit you’re wearing and ram it all the way inside you.”

Oh fuck this was all getting too much. I climbed on to his lap and started to grind myself on his hard prick, my arms around his neck snogging him hard. He groaned, clearly turned on by the squeaky soft pvc, squeezing my ass, oblivious to everyone watching us. My shiny nipples were level with his mouth as he started to lick them.

“I think we’d better stop. Everyone’s watching.”

“Fuck them kroschka! This is my club, they can leave if they don’t like it.” And then he called over the hostess. He got up and took me by my hand and led me to a private room.

He sat on the sofa and unfastened his fly. His hard cock sprang out. He lay back and told me to straddle his face. He licked and kissed the shiny vinyl as I sat on him

“Now sit on my cock baby. Rub that delicious catsuit all over my prick.” I climbed on to him again and continued to gyrate against his hard cock.

And then he was unfastening the lacing of the catsuit that held my tits in place, before pulling it down so that my huge swollen rippling tits exploded into his face.

“Oh fuck yes. Put those beautiful tits in my mouth.” He said as he sucked on them hungrily and frantically. I gasped as he sucked harder and harder knowing I was about to come.

But then the door opened and the hostess walked in with the champagne. Viktor wouldn’t let me move and I saw her looking at me as if I were a whore as she watched the old man sucking on my nipples.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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