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While home from my freshman year of college, my mom told me to go visit her friend’s house to help with the yard work. Being 19 years old, its much easier for me to work in the hot and humid southern air.

My mom’s friend is Lisa and she a 49 year old lady with a great sense of humor. Lisa has been single for a number of years due to a nasty divorce. Ever since I was in high school, I’ve been helping her with the upkeep of her place. It’s a modest ranch home on 3 acres of land with plenty of trees, which I’ve hated because of all the trimming after I mowed the yard. While driving over, I could help but think about her. It was winter break the last time I ran into Lisa at the grocery store and she still is one of the most beautiful women I know. She’s not what most call hot, but rather, she’s slim while not having to work out all the time. Basically, She still has plenty of curves. Lisa is about 5′-5″ and I’d guess to be about 150 lbs with slightly larger than average breasts. Her hair is curly and usually past her shoulders in length with amazing hazel eyes.

The reason I can explain her so well is that, in my belief, Lisa the reason for my secret fetish. While I appreciate a great ass, nice tits, pretty eyes just as much as the next guy, I have a weakness for armpits. It’s something that I keep to myself. I don’t care for hairy pits and if a girl has bad BO, that’s a major turn off. Nice, shaved (stubble is ok), clean armpits are a major weakness to me. The reason I blame Lisa goes back to when I had my graduation party. My parents hosted and everyone stayed late listening to music and sitting around the fire. Lisa was there, wearing her tank top, and dancing to the music. She had put her hands behind her head while moving her hips in the most erotic fashion a recent high school graduate could imagine. She looked at me and winked… I was in love. Every time I saw a girl pose like that, I’d think back to that moment. I still keep my fetish to myself because I find it weird and embarrassing. I haven’t found a serious enough girlfriend I trust enough telling, which is probably also why I’m still a virgin.

As I pulled into Lisa’s drive, I noticed the grass was already mowed but the trimming still needed done. Damn. I parked my car next to the house and she came out carrying two bottles of water.

“Here, it’s hot today and you’ll need this.” Lisa said, as she tossed me a water bottle.

“Thanks. What do you need done and where do you want me to start?” I asked.

Lisa replied, “Well, the trimming still needs done. I also need help replacing a fan on the back porch. That should be plenty for today. What would you like to do first?”

“Well, I should probably work on the fan and then trim. I don’t want to have the grass and weeds all over me while I’m hanging a fan incase I get into poison ivy while weed eating.” I reasoned.

“Ok, the ladder is in the shed.” She stated.

I walked to the shed to get the ladder but I couldn’t help think that I was a bit disappointed because she did have a tank top on. Just a normal T-shirt but she still looked amazing. Once I got the ladder and made it back to the rear of the house, Lisa had already gotten the new fan out of the box. I assembled the fan enough to make it easier hang and install, but left the blades and light fixture off. Once I got up the ladder, I had Lisa hand me the main housing. She was adamant that she held the ladder while I was on it. Even though it was only a 6′ ladder, I think it was more about simply having company.

“How’s your classes going?” She asked.

“Good. Calculus sucks but everything else is good”. I had just finished with the wiring and was trying to tighten the mounts. “I didn’t think engineering would be as tough as it has been. Could you flip the switches to see if the motor works?” I asked.

Lisa flipped the switch and all was fine. I was kind of in a hurry to finish the install because it’s was getting humid with not much for a breeze. The fan would surely be nice.

“If you don’t mind handing me the blades of the fan, that would help speed things up a bit” I said.

“Sure, but I don’t want you to fall.” Lisa said with concern.

“I’ll be fine, hand me one of them please.” As she handed me one, I attempted to get a glance down her sleeve. I couldn’t see anything but I still had 4 more tries. After I got the screws started, I asked for the next blade. Again, no luck with her sleeve. I eventually got all the blades on and screws started and not once was I able to catch a glimpse of her armpits. This turned into a bit of a disappointment. I then asked her to reach me up the screwdriver so I anadolu yakası escort can tighten down the fan blades. When she handed it to me, I swear I felt her graze my shorts as if she were trying to cop a feel. I looked down inconspicuously and Lisa didn’t show any sign of having noticed what she did.

Lastly I needed the lighting attachment. “Lisa, can you hand me the lights? Be careful with it, it’s a bit heavier than the fan blades.” I said.

“Sure thing sweetie” she replied. A name she used for anyone who was younger and helped out around the house.

As she handed me the lights, I finally caught the glimpse I was after! Beautifully shaved and taken care of armpits. I could feel my dick instantly stir. I was hoping it wouldn’t be too much and show through my shorts. Then it happened. I felt that graze again. There was no mistaking it, Lisa definitely grazed my semi hard cock. I glanced down. Lisa must not have noticed. Her body language and expression showed that she had no idea what she had done. Yet, I was about to explode.

I finished the lighting portion of the fan and climbed down the ladder.

“Lisa, all is good with the fan and I need to get the trimming done now.” I told her. What I really needed to do was get to work and let myself settle down. My dick was starting to get hard and I could stop looking at Lisa.

“That’s fine. Thanks so much! The trimmer is in the shed next to where you got the ladder from.” She mentioned.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I returned the ladder to the shed immediately so she wouldn’t see my growing hard on. My only wish right now is that she knew how much I wanted her. Once I returned the ladder, the trimmer was right there. I had a few moments so I pulled out my cock and started stroking. After a few seconds of thinking about Lisa’s armpits, I stopped. The realization of needing to trim the grass and having a rock solid dick didn’t coincide well. So, I checked the gas and oil, really buying time to let my cock soften a bit, so that I could get to work. The faster I got done, the sooner I got home to jerk off. I was craving being able to cum while this image was fresh in my mind.

As I brought out the trimmer, Lisa stopped me.

“It’s really hot today, please take it slow and don’t over work yourself. I’m going to change and start hanging some lights for my party this weekend,” Lisa told me.

She was soaked in sweat. She didn’t smell of B.O. in fact, she still smelled of lavender. Damn, I wish I could find a girl like her.

About 20 minutes into trimming the edges, I glanced up to see her hanging her decorations. She had put on a tank top and I had the perfect view of her pits! To bad I was so far away. This was just another reason I needed to quickly finish and get home. I am planning on jerking off at least twice.

As I finished and started to replace the trimmer, Lisa ran over and asked if I trimmed next to the old oak in the back yard.

“You didn’t trim over by the old tree did you?!” Lisa asked.

“I did. I even made sure to keep clean lines for you” I replied.

“Oh no!! That was covered in poison!! I meant to tell you. You need to clean up. Your mother will be infuriated if I allowed you to get poison. Go take a shower in the guest bathroom and I’ll wash your clothes while you do” she insisted.

Being really sensitive to poison, I agreed and hurried off to shower.

As I undressed, I passed out my clothes as I was told by Lisa and showered. After the shower, I wrapped a towel around myself and sat down on the bed in the guest room. I’ve not felt as awkward as I do now in a long time. Lisa knocked on the door and said that my clothes are clean and sitting by the door. I opened the door and everything was there, folded, clean, and ready. I dresses and headed to the kitchen.

“Let’s drink a glass of lemonade before you go and enjoy the new fan you installed for me!” Lisa exclaimed.

I walked out and she sat down next to me. Lisa was still wearing her tank top and was glistening from her sweat due to the heat. She handed me a lemonade as she turned on the fan with her new remote.

“Thanks again for helping me today!” She said.

“No worries, let me know if you need help again this summer.” I replied.

Lisa pulled her hair back, exposing her armpits, and said, ‘I’m sure I will, it’s going to be a hot summer. But I do have a question.” She asked.

I was, again, getting a semi hard cock from her body, and started finding it hard to not show it.

“What’s that?” I asked.

Lisa reached atalar escort over and grabbed my cock through my shorts, “I know you noticed my touching of you earlier. Would you let an older woman enjoy your body for a little bit? Would you let me play with you?” She asked as she began slowly stroking me through my shorts.

I had no idea what to do so I just nodded.

“I’ll take that as a yes. It’s been so long since I’ve been with a man. Please don’t tell your mother. Now, take off your shorts and let me see you!” Lisa demanded.

I stood up and, nervously, started to take down my shorts.

Lisa started, “I’ve noticed you looking at me. Would you like me to take off my shirt? Would that turn you on? Do you want to see my tits? I’ll show you if you promise to gently lick my nipples.”

This was it.. the moment I’ve wanted all my teenage life. I could only muster one word, “yeah”

Yeah… what the hell kind of reply is that?! All I knew was that this is the closest I’ve ever been to seeing boobs in real life and having a woman touch me.

“You cock is so hard!” She told me. She still hadn’t touched it directly yet. “Lay down. I’m going to let you lick my nipples while I make you feel better than any woman ever has” she promised.

I laid down. I was more than excited. Lisa was about to do something to me while I got to suck on her nipples. It’s not her armpits but, at my age, anything was good! She sat next to me. Under the new fan I installed on the back porch, she positioned herself so that she was sitting next to me. Her hips next to mine as she faced me. She used her right hand to touch my throbbing cock while showing me her tits. If she leaned over, her tits would be in my face. I could almost cum now thinking about it. She started by dragging her finger tips up my thigh, across my cock, and on too my stomach. She did this a few times, watching me squirm.

Lisa then said, “now, I’ll show you mine” as she started to take off her tank top.

I couldn’t help but watch her armpits as she took off her top. Her armpits were smooth, freshly shaven. They were not as tanned as the rest of her body and were so amazing that I could turn away and nearly came.

She started to rub my cock while I stared at her amazing tits. Lisa took my dick in her right hand and started to rub her nipples with her left. She was putting on a show for me. She then leaned over and put her left tit up to my lips.

“Lick my nipple gently,” Lisa demanded.

I did as I was told. I started by licking her nipple and then circling it with my tongue. Lisa wrapped her fingers around my throbbing cock and started to stroke me slowly. I was in heaven! The saltiness from her sweat was also tasty. I started to attempt to get more by licking underneath her breast.

“Ahh. You’re a salty snack person. Keep going, I’ll have you lick my other tit clean as well. You’re making this old lady feel good.” Lisa stated as she kept stroking my cock.

Precum was flowing at this point and she started to slow down even more. As Lisa tried to give me her other nipple, her hair got into my face. She pulled it back and out of the way but all I could see was her armpit. I felt my dick get harder and twitch. Her armpit was nearly on my face. This was my dream since a kid. She stopped stroking.

“Ohh. You like armpits?” She asked.

I was caught. She’d be the first to know. I had nothing to lose to I replied, “yes. But I’m embarrassed about it. I think it’s weird.”

Lisa replied, “don’t be. I have an idea.”

She then raised her arm and placed her hand behind her head. She looked at her pit and looked at me. She had a smirk. Lisa grabbed my cock and started stroking with force. I wanted to cum right then.

“Is this what you want? I can do better” Lisa stated.

At that moment, she leaned in and put her armpit in my face. I was about to cum when she stopped and started to play with my precum that had soaked my entire cock and her hand. She brought her armpit closer and said, “lick the salt from my pit! Be gentle.”

I started licking her armpit. She still smelled of lavender but she was salty. I’m glad she stopped jacking me because I’d have cum right now. As I finished licking her pit, she sat up. And licked some of my precum off her fingers.

“If you’re into my armpits, I’ll let you cum to them if you let me cum the way I need.” She offered. I couldn’t decline this opportunity.

“Anything!” Is all I could say.

Lisa stood up and took offer her shorts exposing her skimpy panties. Her ass was in great ataşehir escort shape considering she is nearly 50.

“I’m sure I’m not as hot as the girls you’ve been with in college.” Lisa said.

“I haven’t been with a girl yet.” Is all I could reply.

Lisa stopped. She got a very devilish look on her face. “Well, I’ll make this experience a good one.” She turned and slowly took down her panties. Bending over to get them off, she gave me an amazing and up close view of her ass. I wanted to bury my face in it.

She then turned around and looked at me. She took the crotch of her panties and held it to my nose, “here’s a tease. I want you to smell me. My pussy made these panties wet when you licked my nipples. I’m going to own you today.”

Lisa then took her panties and put them in my shorts pocket. “You can have these as a souvenir from today.” She told me.

Lisa then climbed on top of me and sat down on my hard dick, pressing it between her wetness and my groin. She started to grind herself agains my dick, combining our juices. Her tits were hanging down toward me, giving me a view of a lifetime. Lisa started moaning and biting her lower lip. “It’s time we fixed your virginity issue.” She said as she slid a bit further forward. She rocked her hips a little more than she had been and I felt warmth surround my cock as she slowly sat backwards. “Oohhh” she moaned. Lisa sat upright and smiled. Lisa pulled her nipples a bit and then held her hair up on top of her head as she began rocking her hips. “Go ahead and take a look. Do you prefer my tits or my armpits?” She asked.

All I could muster was a “both. Lisa, I think I’m going to cum soon. Ohhh. Ohh.”

Lisa smirked, “come on baby. Cum in my pussy while you stare at my pits. Cum for me.”

She rocked a few times more and I started to cum harder than I ever have. “Oh fuck!” My dick was pulsing. Lisa kept rocking slowly. She then laid back down on top of me without letting me slip out of her. She gave me a gentle kiss and started fucking me again. After a few minutes I was getting turned on again.

“I can feel you getting harder again inside of me… perfect” Lisa exclaimed.

I could still feel all my cum in her pussy. Lisa smiled a devilish grin and said, “it’s my turn to cum now and your going to learn how to please a woman.”

Lisa then stood up, quickly turned around and stood over my face. I could see my cum oozing out of her pussy. She started to squat down onto my face and my heart was racing. I didn’t know what to do, I wanted her ass on my face just a few moments ago but now she was full of my cum. Before I could think, she had sat right down on my face and I could feel her hand on my cock.

“Start licking. Enjoy the taste. You like salty snacks, here’s one for you.” She started to rock as my tongue darted into her pussy. I could feel her hand massaging her clit at the same time. Lisa then moved back a few inches. “Lick here” she said. I could feel her guide my tongue to her clit. She sat upright on my face which caused my nose to rub her vaginal opening. As she started grinding, I could feel my cum all over her. She moved forward a bit again and said, “lick all of your cum off of me. Do it now.” I did as she said. It was salty but also mixed with her juices. I felt her jerking me off as I was licking up my own cum from her pussy. She then started grinding on my face as she moved back so I could lick her clit again. I could hear her start to moan again and felt her thighs tighten against my head.

“Oh damn! I’m cumming! Clean my dirty pussy. Fucking lick it! Oh! Oh!” Lisa screamed.

Once she finally stopped, she got off of me and sat next to me.

“Well, that’s a side of me you haven’t seen before. I hope it wasn’t too much for you.”

“Wow!” I had no words. I was in heaven.

Lisa raised up one arm and put her armpit in my face. “Well, take one last look and kiss it. I’m going to go get cleaned up. You should also. Meet me in the kitchen in 5.”

I did as I was told. I gathered my clothes and stumbled to get my shorts on. My legs were weak. I eventually made it to the kitchen and washed my face. Lisa came in, back in a t-shirt and smiled at me.

“Lisa, I don’t know what to say other than thank you.” I told her.

“That’s ok. You’ll know what to say from now on. It was your first time. Just savor it.” Lisa then walked over and gave me a hug.

“Will you be available in a couple of weeks to help with some more chores?” Lisa asked.

“Sure thing! Let me know when.” I said with a smile.

“I’ll let you know. Drive home safe.” She said as she walked me to the door.

As I got into my car to leave, my phone alerted me to a text from Lisa. It was a picture of her left armpit and tit. Of course, I couldn’t prove it because her face wasn’t in it but I knew it was hers. The text read, ‘for you to use when you remember that you still have my soiled panties in your pocket. xoxo.’

This was going to be an amazing summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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