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A Womans

Mark found avoiding Karen was far easier than he thought it would have been. After about four days he started to wonder if Karen was, in fact, avoiding him too. The idea of that made him a little disappointed, he was not expecting to find Karen waiting round every corner trying to rip his clothes from his body but he had expected and truthfully, fantasised about standing in her kitchen or living room dirty hints being dropped, or lingering looks and smouldering smiles passing between them he knew the truth of the matter was what had happened between them was a one off and clearly something that Karen was quite keen not to be reminded of.

So it came as a surprise one afternoon when Mark came home from the library two weeks before he finally left for university to find Karen going through the fridge in his parents’ house. Mark had opened the front door, called out to his mother who gave a reply from somewhere upstairs, he was in high spirits and a little nervous still as university loomed nearer and nearer. He threw his satchel without looking close to the coat hook and walked into the kitchen looking for a cool drink.

The fridge door was open so that all Mark could see was the tacky fridge magnets and a pair of dark blue jeans that clung to an ample backside that stuck out as Karen leaned into the fridge. “Hi!” was all Mark could say the dry click in his throat sounding louder than his salutation.

Karen stood upright quickly, her cheeks blushing, a small dollop of whipped cream on the corner of her mouth. Her blush deepened when she saw Mark, “I thought you were you Joan,” Karen said her tongue poking out and retrieving the cream at the side of her mouth, “she makes a mean trifle.” They both stood looking at one another for what felt like hours a silence between them that seemed to be thicker than the summer air about them, Karen bit her full lower lip and closed the fridge door, “How have you been keeping?” She asked.

Mark nodded dumbly then realising how stupid he must look said, “Yeah not too bad, just cramming in some study so I am at least ahead when they start piling it on at University.” The words trembled as he spoke almost going high pitched at the end. He sighed and laughed and the pressure on him lifted when Karen laughed as well her own shoulders sagging as the tension lifted a little, “Sorry, I must sound like an idiot, I must come across as a bigger idiot I don’t know why I have been avoiding you.”

Karen’s eyebrows lifted, “You’ve been avoiding me and I’ve been avoiding you.” They laughed again, Karen motioned over to the kitchen table, she sat down in front of a half empty cup of coffee while Mark grabbed a glass off the draining board and filled it with water from the tap. “We should talk you know.” It was only five words but it was enough to make Mark stop smiling, he sat down solemnly next to Karen.

“Look, the other night I guess it got out of hand a little,” As he spoke Karen nodded, “I understand that it was just one of those things that got out of hand, I didn’t mean to…”

Karen cut him off with a hearty chuckle, “well you might not have meant it but I certainly did,” The look on Marks face was one of shock and incomprehension. “I’ve never done anything like that in my life you know, it was just knowing someone was there watching me,” she placed an unsteady hand onto Marks own hand, “perhaps wanting me? I don’t get the looks the young girls do it’s nice to be noticed once in a while.”

“You are worth noticing.” Mark said the words leaving his mouth before he could stop them.

Karen smiled at him, “You know when I first realised you had a crush on me I was surprised,” Now it was Marks turn to blush, “I think you were fourteen or so, I went out with your mom on a friends hen night, I think you almost broke your neck the way you were stretching it to see me.” Mark remembered that night well, they had all dressed as school girls, short plaid skirts, stockings and too tight blouses. Marks cock had ached the following morning from the amount of wanking he had done. “I thought it was sweet, if a little misguided, but you have never stopped. I notice it every now and then a little look here and there,” she leaned in all conspiratorial “A hasty photograph on the beach once in a while.” Mark gasped, and Karen smiled reassuringly “I know I was screaming Mark but I could still hear the camera going off, was it a good picture?” Mark nodded slowly waiting for the trap to be sprung.

Karen’s smile spread even wider and she sat back in her chair, her hand going from Marks to her coffee cup, picking it up and taking a sip. Mark’s mind was a whirl of confusion he had kept his secret hidden for so long unaware that Karen had known all this time, for so many years yet said nothing, “Why? Why didn’t you say anything?” he asked.

“At first I thought it was sweet, just a phase. But you never stopped and to be honest I liked the attention,” They both lifted their eyes to the ceiling kozyatağı escort as they heard the upstairs toilet flush. “If I had said anything when you were younger you probably would have died of embarrassment. But now being older and clearly still infatuated with me, well…” she smiled at Mark, “Peter is working nights this week, why don’t you pop over at about eight.”

Mark could feel his mouth hanging open, his heart was beating too fast to count the beats, “James will be there.”

Karen laid her hand on Marks thigh, her fingers only inches from his stiff cock, “That’s not what I have in mind. I have a present for you.”

Karen moved her hand just as Mark’s mother Jean walked into the kitchen, “So sorry, my stomach has been terrible since that takeaway the other night.”

Karen shrugged and started to stand up, “That’s okay, I should be heading back anyway, Peter and James won’t feed themselves, more the pity.” She placed a firm, warm hand onto Marks shoulder, “See you later Mark.” She said and followed Jean to the front door.

Mark sat in a state of shock, a present Karen had said but what could she possibly have for him? He tried to think but was still too out of it to fully comprehend what had happened and what possibly could happen. His legs still worked and he found himself almost floating as he headed to his room, his Mother asked him a question and whatever Mark had replied with seemed to be enough for her to let him go on his merry, floaty way.

Mark did not really need an excuse to go over to James’ house, they had been friends since they were five years old and now at eighteen they were firmer friends. Peter had left only an hour before. James answered the door and let Mark in “I got a few episodes of Star Trek on if you want to watch them?” James said walking back to the living room he flung himself over the top of the settee landing with a dull thud on the soft cushions. “Pull up a chair but the settee is mine.”

Mark sat down, he wiped at his forehead absently his fingers coming away slick with sweat his body felt clammy all over as if he needed a good shower to freshen up. He found he could not sit still for long, his eyes would focus on the television for a minute or so before they wandered to the door and to the stairs. “Where’s your mom?” Mark asked and instantly regretted such a stupid question.

James turned to look at Mark, “Why you ask?”

Mark put one hand to his stomach, “I’m feeling a little sick I need to use your toilet.” The truth was he was feeling sick and nervous and excited all at once.

“She’s in her room learning Spanish so squirt away she won’t hear you. just make sure you open the window okay? Last time you took a shit here I got blamed for it.” James watched his friend practically leap to his feet and dash to the stairs, he shook his head “never eat takeaway” he mumbled under his breath and returned to the television screen and his small fantasy of councillor Troi.

Mark stopped two steps from the hallway, doubt filling his mind and his stomach felt like it really was going to explode, he felt the least bit turned on right then but his cock told him otherwise. He walked the few steps to Karen’s room, he pushed the door open a mix of relief and disappointment left him in a long sigh, the room was empty. “You have been a bad boy,” the whisper so close to his ear made him jump he half spun before two hands planted themselves on him and pushed him into the bedroom.

Karen had popped into the small office she used for work to grab a pen, when she stepped out she noticed Mark at her bedroom door, she could see how pale he was and how jittery his body was and could not help herself. She tiptoed over to him, though she thought she could have stamped her feet and he would not have noticed. She had stood right behind him amazed at his totally lack of awareness, her whispered words made him jump a mile and had she not pushed him into the room he would have no doubt screamed the house down.

The first thing Mark noticed was that Karen was dressed, a pair of grey sweat pants and an old white t-shirt that was closer to grey than it should be. She closed the door behind her leaning against it slightly a wicked smile on her full lips, her black hair hung in loose curls around her shoulders. “Naughty boy,” she whispered to Mark. He cocked his head to one side unsure if there was a reply to the statement or an act. “I wondered where they had gotten too, then they suddenly re-appeared I should have known really, at least it wasn’t James.” Mark shook his head again the conversation had gone over his head. “Do these look familiar?” Karen took hold of her sweat pants and pulled them down her thighs letting them bunch at her feet.

Mark’s cock gave a jerk at the sight of the blue knickers, Karen’s dark bush just visible behind the see-thru pattern on the front. He had to admit they looked good küçükyalı escort on her, but then again anything would look good on Karen in Mark’s humble opinion. Karen stepped out of the sweat pants and stepped over to the bed where she lifted one foot and stood facing Mark. Mark’s eyes lingered across the whole scene one pale leg stretched and open, the blue knickers taunt against pubic hair and thick labia. “What did you do to them?” Karen asked her voice shaky with excitement.

Marks reply was a simple “I used them.”

Karen ran one hand along her lifted leg stroking her pale, thick inner thigh, “How?” she asked, she moved her hand closer to knickers “Did you wank off into them?” she asked and Mark replied with a nod of the head. “Where did you cum?” Karen’s hand moved to the gusset of the knickers, her touch sending a lightning bolt of expectation through her crotch, “Here?” she asked and Marks head nodded more firmly. Karen rubbed at the spot, feeling the material dampen quickly her labia parting as one finger rubbed between them. “Did you wear them?” To this Mark shook his head. Karen stopped playing, her hand returning reluctantly to her thigh. She lowered her leg and walked over to Mark.

Mark staggered back a step wincing when he felt one corner of the dressing table dig into one buttock. Karen rested her hands on his chest feeling his heart thundering away her hands shaking with the magnitude of the beats, she lifted the hand that had only moments ago been on her crotch and placed a finger on Mark’s lips, his mouth opened willingly and she slipped her finger in. Karen wanted him so badly, she had never thought of other men since Peter but now she had an admirer one that wanted her badly she had found herself willing to the thought of having him in her, but she wanted to play too. “Take them off me.” She said sliding her finger from his mouth.

Mark was on his knees in a flash, yes he was still scared to hell and back but also he was a teenage boy with a rampant cock and a woman willing to let him use it on and in her. Karen parted her legs slightly as Mark placed his hands on both thighs he ran his hands up the smooth skin finding the elasticated waist of his old friend. He could smell Karen, a deep scent that emanated from behind the knickers he swallowed hard and pulled the knickers down. Mark’s face was mere inches from her full bush and with the way her legs were parted he could see her engorged labia hanging and slightly parted.

Karen put one hand on his head, her body shook with anticipation and nerves, her son was downstairs and his best friend was knelt before her. She parted her legs further letting Mark see how wet and excited she already was “Lick me!” she said in a husky whisper.

Mark leaned forward, tongue sticking out then stopped he looked up pitifully, “I don’t know how to.” He said, fear gripping him suddenly, would Karen laugh and toss him aside so close to his dream only to be cast aside.

Karen smiled she almost wanted to cry at such an admission, “Trust me I’ll let you know if you are going wrong.” Mark lowered his head and leaned in. Karen bit her lip as he breathed onto her labia then bit one finger as she felt his tongue push between her labia and slip into her. He had not been joking she realised as his tongue darted in and out as if she were an ice cream sandwich, “careful now,” she said softly. “Nice and slow, don’t rush” He learned quickly she was pleased to note his wild thrashing had stopped immediately, with a bit more guidance she had managed to coax his tongue to wear she wanted it onto her hard nub of a clitoris. “Use a finger, put it in me.” Mark was eager to please and Karen could not help but whimper as his tongue pushed against her clitoris as one finger slipped into her wet hole.

Mark was in the zone, or at least hoped he was, his nose, mouth and chin felt sticky with Karen’s juices, her taste was something out of this world a mix of sweet and salty and he had decided if it was possible he would stay there for the rest of the night. When his fingers came into play he felt Karen’s entire body alter above him. The hand on his head tightened her legs shook and she pushed down a little firmer onto him, looking up he could see that she had lifted her t-shirt, the soft pale curve of her belly now visible along with her large tits just above, her free hand pulling at one nipple. “There, there, there,” Karen exclaimed over and over like a mantra, Mark was tempted to speed up but he was a good student she had got him this far he was not about to change the rules for his own selfish needs.

Karen wanted to scream out as her orgasm exploded, her clitoris buzzed with electricity that spread quickly over her body, her nipples stood on end the one she pulled adding more fuel to the fire. Her body shook and she bit her lower lip but still she could not hold back the low moan as she came on Marks mutlukent escort tongue and finger. As she came down Mark was still eagerly licking away, she pulled him away and staggered back her clitoris and in fact her entire lower half now super sensitive. “First time my arse!” Karen exclaimed and Mark beamed a sticky smile at her. “Now take those jeans and pants off.”

Mark moved quickly, he forced the jeans down without undoing the buttons he pants going down in the same motion his cock bouncing free as he straightened up. “Oh my!” Karen exclaimed seeing it in all its rigid glory. Mark moved from foot to foot the anticipation was unbearable. Karen stretched one foot out in front of her, her big toe hooking her knickers and with a fluid motion kicked them into the air hitting mark just above the stomach before falling to the ground. “Put them on.” She said through a wicked smile. Mark stared dumbly down at the knickers then up at Karen, “Put. Them. On!” each word sharp and to the point. Mark knelt down and picked the knickers up he swallowed hard then put his feet into them and lifted them up. The knickers sat snuggly on his waist, the front of them bulging outwards and his slick cockhead pressed firmly between the elasticated waist and his belly.

Karen stepped over one hand resting on his chest the other curled into a fist index finger extended as she ran it down his chest, over his stomach and sat on the tip of his cock, Karen leaned in the kiss soft then firm on Marks own lips then she stood back. “They look better on you than they do on me.” She said appraising the odd sight before her. She could see the despair in his eyes and she wanted nothing more than to go over to him and take hold of his cock and let him have his wicked way with her…but…a part of her felt more naughty doing this, toying with him the thrill was in the chance after all. “I want you to keep them on until tomorrow,” a wicked plan had formed in Karen’s head, she felt excited just thinking about it, “Don’t play with your cock either, not until you’ve seen me,” Mark’s jaw dropped to the floor but he nodded never the less, “go downstairs, spend all night here if you like or go home. But keep them on.” Karen lowered her top and grabbed the sweat pants off the floor and putting them on, “Meet me in the library at one o’clock,” she pulled her bedroom door open and ushered him out, his jeans and pants bundled in his arms. “You might want to put those on before going downstairs.” She said then closed the door in his gobsmacked face.

James was not happy when Mark had refused to spend the afternoon with him he had told James that he needed to get some stuff for University which was only a half lie. He did need bits and pieces he was only not going to get them today. James had turned up at his house early that morning a four pack of beer in one hand and a rolled up brown paper bag under the arm, his mom was out shopping he had said and his dad was sleeping off a wicked night shift, so he had come over so that Mark could help him drink and wank off to an all new set of magazines. Marks refusal did not go down well and James had stormed off muttering under his breath.

Mark took the bus to the library he had gotten all worked up over James’ visit he was annoyed that his friend was acting like some young teenager instead of someone who was about to embark to university, he felt that perhaps this was the end of the line for their friendship but deep down he had known that the moment they had been accepted at different universities their friendship was going to fizzle out, it was only happening sooner instead of later. Getting off the bus Mark fidgeted with the knickers, they had a tendency to slip into his arse crack which was usually made worse when he got an erection and he had had a lot of erections over the last few hours.

He got to the library a little before one o’clock and found an empty table, close to the counter but then moved further away when he realised it was near the children’s section. Further on in he passed the old settee and tables that seemed to be the gathering point for the elderly people that visited the library. Mark sat down near the rows of text books it was the height of summer so apart from him this section was empty, he sat down and grabbed a book on applied physics and pretended to read.

The grandfather clock that sat near the librarians counter rang out at one o’clock the dull drone echoing in the cool confines. By half one Mark was seriously considering leaving, close to two o’clock he closed the book a little harder than he should have the noise booming. A figure loomed over him and Mark had an apology on his lips when Karen pulled out a chair and sat next to him. “Been waiting long?” She asked.

“Not really,” Mark replied nonchalantly.

“Liar, I have been sat over there watching you for the last hour, I was wondering if you were going to last this long or chicken out.” Karen looked about, but apart from one old man that had gravitated to an empty table a few feet away they were alone. “Do you still have them on?” she asked, Mark nodded, “Show me,” Karen said with glee. Mark pushed his chair back and leaned pulling his shirt up slightly and his jeans down just enough so that Karen could see the blue waist of the knickers. “And have you taken them off?”

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