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*WARNING* Features straight sex between a gay man and a straight woman. Any of my stories may contain coarse language, slurs, and possibly what some consider homophobia. All characters are considered adults for all intents and purposes despite what may be stated here for fantasy. If this isn’t what you’re into, please leave now to save your own time and spare the comment section. Thank you.


Naoto stood there, head half in the clouds, as he watched the two men talk. He’d been glad when his father had finally taken a step back from the restaurant, but his insistence at coming with him every so often to select fish for that day’s delivery was an inconvenience. Whenever his father came with him, it seemed to take twice as long due to his penchant for storytelling. Thankfully today was only a half day, so it wasn’t quite as important, but an irritation nonetheless.

The fishmonger had finally noted Naoto’s listlessness and feigned a call to work to cut the conversation short. They’d been working with him for almost two decades, so the man knew how his father could be. He was thankful for his tactfulness. With this they hurriedly said their goodbyes and finally made their way out of the shopping street towards the restaurant.

Naoto was appreciative of the silence between himself and his father after the noise of the shopping street as they made their way out of the busier part of Asakusa towards the outskirts where their family restaurant had lied for over 30 years. At least he was until his father’s mouth opened with the question that had seemed to become their weekly ritual.

“So…when are you going to find a wife and settle down, Naoto?” inquired his father.

What his father had come to refer to as “the look” spread across Naoto’s face. “I’ve told you before, there isn’t anyone I’m interested in right now,” he replied.

It was the truth. Technically. There wasn’t anyone he was interested in since he hadn’t had the time, but it wasn’t the real reason. The fact that Naoto was gay had somehow eluded his parents and he seemed content to leave them blissfully unaware, but the older he got, the more his parents annoyed him wondering when he would marry and make an heir for the restaurant.

He was still young enough, though, at 28 and preferred spending his time in Shinjuku’s Nichome district drinking away his free time with the occasional partner. He couldn’t ever find the right time to tell them and before he knew it, he’d already been in charge of the restaurant for two years.

“There must be someone who’s caught your eye… Maybe that new waitress you hired recently…”

“Haruka-san? No, she’s pretty, but our relationship is strictly professional, besides, she has a boyfriend.”

“Well, you know that’s how your mother and I met…” he started to remember fondly.


“Alright, alright. You know I have to keep asking though. Your mother seems even more worried about it than I am. She’s been talking about a matchmaker.”

“No! I mean, no, I don’t need a matchmaker. Tell Mom not to bother with that. I’m too busy with the restaurant right now to worry about it anyway.”

“Haha, fine, I’ll tell her, but I can only keep her at bay for so long. Well, we’re here. I’ll leave you to it. I’ve got my Tai Chi group at the park in a couple of hours,” he said, almost already out of earshot.

“All right, have fun.”

He sighed. His precious morning walk had been ruined by all that sort of talk. He had such little time to himself since taking the restaurant over and he treasured every minute of it, so when something like this happened, it had the tendency to ruin his day.

He slid open the door to Hanafuya and stepped inside. He was always the first one in since selecting the fish tended to happen in the wee hours of the morning. The other employees wouldn’t be in for a couple of hours. He removed his coat and unfolded his apron, placing it over his work kimono, ready for the day to begin.


Around 2pm the last lunch customer had been gone for a while and he’d already dismissed the sous chef and the day waitress. He was closing up early to prepare for a special event.

It was almost the anniversary of him taking over three years ago. Someone taking over the family restaurant at his age was unheard of, but with his mother’s failing health, he’d finally convinced his father to stop working full time and focus on both of their health while they could. It was hard work and he still had a lot to learn, but he was managing.

Sadly, over the past few years, business had declined with the advent of more tourist friendly food stalls in the center of Asakusa, so as part of the anniversary celebration, Naoto had taken his savings and renovated the restaurant to a more hip vibe in hopes of drawing in more customers with a blend of modern and traditional. He’d planned to reveal the new style at a grand opening tomorrow night and he’d invited every critic, magazine editor, and restaurant blogger he could find.

The response had seemed positive and he’d decided avcılar escort to create a special menu for the night with more rare and expensive ingredients than usual, so he’d closed early the past week to work on it.

He’d no sooner put his knife down after he’d filed a fish when he heard the door slide open.

“Hey, boss!”

In walked Haruka, his hostess. She’d taken to calling him “boss” when it was only the two of them instead of respectfully using his last name, but he didn’t mind this familiarity.

She was a college girl, 20 years old, with long black hair and a slender, yet curvy, body. Still young enough to pull off the school girl style that was popular right now, but she could look just as good in a cocktail dress for the evening shift she usually worked.

It seemed she’d just come from class and Naoto was lucky that she could come in and take care of confirming seats for the grand opening as well as some other clerical duties that she’d stepped up and proved herself capable of doing. He really was lucky to have hired her.

“Afternoon, Haruka,” he responded neutrally.

“What’s got your tongue? Lemme guess, it’s Tuesday so… Ah, your Dad was here today.”


She’d taken to using casual speech which Naoto didn’t mind. Even though they were boss and employee, they were close enough in age to get along well and became friendly quite easily.

“Well, don’t take him too seriously. He’s just concerned for you. I’m sure it must be annoying, though, considering the circumstances… You should just tell him.”

Being the young, modern woman she was, she’d sussed out his secret relatively easily when an ex had come in for dinner and lingered a bit too long at the counter.

“Easier said than done. It’s one thing telling them that, it’s another telling them there won’t be any grandchildren to succeed me.”

“Ouch, yeah, that’s going to be tough. Well you always have my support,” she said smiling, “Ah, I need to get changed, though. Work isn’t going to get done by itself.”

He smiled to himself. It was nice to know he had someone he could count on and the thought comforted him as he went back to cutting fish and rinsing rice.


He’d looked up from time to time to see how she had been doing. She’d taken to tying her hair up in a ponytail and it made her look quite mature while she made calls to confirm the reservations and double check delivery time with wholesalers. Everything needed to go off without a hitch and she’d proven quite capable. It had made his day much easier and he was thankful for the help while he perfected the menu.

Hours had gone by and it was already 8pm by the time they’d both finished.

“I think that’s the last of it…” she said, double checking her list.

“I’m sure you did great,” he said, meaning every word.

“Hopefully. I’ve never done this before so if there’s something I haven’t done right, let me know.”

“I told you, you did great.”

She beamed, “So what’s for dinner tonight?” Employees always got staff meals every shift and that was a huge draw for a student like herself.

“Well I was going to have a drink and taste the new menu. You’re welcome to join me if you’d like,” he offered. He always valued her input when it came to food. She seemed to have a natural palette. Besides, he was just going to end up going home and drinking away the night, so he might as well have a friend to do it with.

“Really? I get to try it first? Count me in!”

He’d pulled out a couple bottles of nice sake that paired with the fish well and brought out a tray with all the new items on it.

“What’s first?” she inquired, knowing full well he intended to serve courses for the grand opening.

“We’ve got Ise Lobster, Conger Eel, Uni from Hokkaido and Matsutake mushroom…” He prattled off the whole menu, the regional ingredients all special ordered for the opening.

“…and then there’s something extra special for the last course.”

“Wow, it all sounds so fancy. I never dreamed I’d get to try some of these.”

“I kind of went overboard, but I’m really trying to get our name out there to boost business.”

“You’ve got me impressed either way, boss.”

“Thanks. Now try the lobster, tell me what you think,” he said pushing her a plate.


They ate and drank into the night, talking about food, life, and eventually landing on more personal topics they didn’t normally share with each other.

“So you broke up with your boyfriend?” Naoto questioned.

“Ugh, yes, the bastard cheated on me!” she almost shouted, sake cup in hand.

“Damn, I’m sorry. Haven’t you two been together a while?”

“Over a year, but I guess that doesn’t mean much for him to go back to his ex.”

“Been there. You’ll find the right guy eventually.”

“Maybe, it feels like all the good guys are taken, or gay, like you.”

“Like me? Haha, I’m not that great.”

“Of course you are, you have ataköy escort a good job, you’re kind, and I’ve always thought you were handsome since I first met you,” she overshared, not realizing what she’d said, instead filling her cup again.

Naoto chuckled a little. He appreciated the compliment, even if it was from a woman. He’d tried to keep himself in very good shape, and he’d always had a nice, masculine face with a strong jawline coated in stubble that complimented his longer hair.

“Well maybe the last course will cheer you up some.”

He got up to fetch the plate, bringing back the chilled fish. On the plate was two pieces of what amounted to the culmination of his hard work the past few years.

Her eyes went wide, “Is that what I think it is? You made it?”

“Yes. I didn’t know if I’d be ready in time, but I am.”

“It looks amazing! Is it safe?”

She of course referred to the Fugu on the plate. The deadly puffer fish took the utmost skill to break down properly without killing a person, and it really was a showstopper of a dish. Fugu was popular, not just because of the skill it took, but because it was considered an aphrodisiac by many. He’d hope this would win crown over the critics he’d invited and win him a few favorable reviews.

“Haha, of course. Don’t you trust me?”

“Of course! It’s just so…I’ll shut up and just try it.”

They both took a piece, making sure to savor it and give it the respect the ingredient deserved.

“So good! You’ll be sure to win them over with this!”

“You think? I really hope so.”

“Definitely! I’ve always thought you were capable and this proves it.”

He blushed, “Thanks, that means a lot.” He hadn’t had anyone support him like this, or at least be this open and upfront. It felt really nice for once.

They chatted a little more as the drank, when suddenly he started to feel flush. It was strange. He’d always tolerated alcohol really well and he hadn’t drank to his limit yet. The flushing built in his cheeks at first, coloring them a rosy hue, steadily creeping down his arms and torso, when finally it reached his groin.

It was an odd feeling he hadn’t felt before. Physically warm, but somewhat tingly. Not uncomfortable, actually kind of enjoyable, especially around his genitals. He looked down and he could feel his dick plumping a bit from the tingle.

“Are you ok?” she asked.

He suddenly felt embarrassed, realizing he was feeling this way in front of a woman that was his employee. He raised his head to meet her, seeing her cheeks flushed as well, clearly suffering in a similar manner.

“Y-yeah, I’m ok,” he stammered.

“That’s good. Listen, I really wanted to thank you for talking with me. It’s been tough and talking to you always helps. I know it can be a bother.”

“No, it’s no trouble at all. You’ve listened to me before, so if there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to ask,” he said, adjusting in his seat.

“Do you mean that?”

“Yeah, of course I do,” he said, his eyes starting to drift to her cleavage.

“Then…let me ask you..if you were straight, would you date me?” The question wasn’t completely out of left field considering what she’d said earlier, but it was enough to take him off guard.

“What? Yeah, of course, you’re a kind…a beautiful woman, and any guy would be lucky to date you. Haha, it’s kind of funny actually, my dad was pressuring me to ask you out this morning. Could you imagine that ever happening?” he said, taking another drink to take his mind off the question.

“Really? Why would that be weird?”

“Well for one, you’re my employee…and then I’m gay…”

“So what? Lots of coworkers date, and hadn’t you gone out with a girl before?”

“Y-yeah, but that was high school… And besides, we never did more than hold hands and kiss some…”

“You mean you never…?”

“Of course not!” he said sharply.

“Then how do you know you don’t like it?”

He wasn’t sure. He’d just never explored the issue after discovering his attraction to men.

“I-I don’t know…I just knew.”

“Well…prove it then.”


“Yeah! A bet! If you can make out with me and not get hard, I’ll believe you. If you do, then maybe you should take your Dad’s advice.”

His dick twitched, “N-no way!! That’d be really weird, wouldn’t it?”

“No. We’re friends, besides, you know I’ve been attracted to you since I started working here, and after today, it may make me feel better, too.”

Could he really do that? He was a confident gay man and was sure he couldn’t get hard, plus if it’d make one of his friends feel better about themselves, wouldn’t it be worth it?

He mulled it over in his mind, perhaps giving it less thought than he should because of the alcohol, before saying, “…Alright. But if I win the bet, you work for free all of Golden Week.” Golden Week was a week long holiday and it brought so many tourists from China that it made work hell. He figured that might dissuade her, bahçelievler escort and if it didn’t, it’d be more than worth winning a little bet.

“Really? All of Golden Week?…. You know what? You’re on.”

“Alright, how should we star-” he’d attempted to say before she’d planted her lips full on his, wrapping her arms around his neck. He froze at first from the surprise, but then started to kiss back tentatively. Kissing a woman didn’t seem that different from a man, except for the softer lips and no stubble, but that was a pleasant change.

Their lips barely danced against each other, but slowly they became more comfortable, touching longer and opening parting slightly as they went. She seemed to enjoy sucking lightly on his bottom lip which he allowed, actually enjoying it compared to when men would bite it.

He’d reached up and placed his arm on her shoulder, feeling more comfortable as they huffed, starting to run out of breath after minutes. She licked his lips one last time, savoring the taste, before pulling back to look him in the eyes.

“Wow…that was…” she whispered.


One hand left his neck, trailing it’s way down his check to rest at his crotch. She touched lightly, feeling his girth below the fabric.

“I guess I win, huh?”

He looked down. She was right. He hadn’t even noticed himself become hard, it just happened so effortlessly. He’d been flushed and half hard all night, though, and now that he was at full length, it felt painful and hot. He was sure she could feel the same heat through the fabric, as well.

She opened her mouth to say something else, but before she could, he’d thrust his lips back on hers. He hadn’t thought about what he was doing, his body seemingly on autopilot, a need there that hadn’t been before.

They kissed hungrily and hands that were once still began to roam, grasping for purchase. He was much more aggressive than he normally was, feeling his way down her sides to grasp her ass. Meanwhile, she’d slipped her hand into his kimono, feeling the warm flush on his bare chest and grazing his nipples. Unsatisfied with just this though, she unwound the obi holding his work kimono tight, leaving it to hang open, his cock jutting beyond the opening, straining against the thin fabric of boxer briefs.

Realizing he should help her do the same, he reached behind her, gingerly pulling down the zipper of her black dress. Upon reaching her middle back, she sidled out of the top half of her dress, unsnapping her black lace bra that kept her breasts captured.

Being exposed to the cool air made her nipples harden and it fascinated him. He’d never been this close to breasts in real life and he marveled at their roundness, touching them gently for the first time. Once he realized he wouldn’t harm her, he squeezed them tighter, eliciting a small moan from Haruka. Driven further by her sounds, he took a nipple in his mouth, sucking lightly while pinching the other slightly harder. He’d seen straight porn once in his high school years and now he secretly thanked his friends for making him watch it, grateful for the information.

It seemed to be working, the flush in her cheeks becoming rosier. He continued for a while, playing with these new toys before she finally pushed him away. Forcing his arms to his sides, she brushed his kimono from his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor and leaving him only in his underwear and straw sandals.

She kicked off her heels and leaned close, kissing her way down his chest, leaving it to tingle with every touch of her lips, her hands trailing behind her. She reached his waist eventually, hands tracing the outline of his abs painfully slow before grasping his cloth-covered junk. He let out a moan between pursed lips as she nuzzled her face gently around it, hooking her thumbs on his waistband. A lot of precum had already leaked through the fabric and she licked a drop up swiftly before it had a chance to drop to the floor.

Hooked on the taste, she yanked down his underwear and almost purred when it popped back up, free of it’s confines. For a Japanese man, Naoto had been blessed, being not only lengthy at 8 inches, but width-wise as well, his dick rivaling her wrist in thickness. After her ex’s pitiful endowment, Haruka was eager to play with his manhood and she urged him impatiently to step out from his underwear.

Taking the base of his girth in her hand, she kissed the tip lightly, looking up at him for permission. Looking down, he visibly swallowed. He hadn’t planned on ever letting a woman suck his dick, but for some reason right now, he didn’t care whose mouth it was in. He nodded his head almost imperceptibly, giving his assent. Opening her lips wide, she took the head into her mouth, her tongue pushing back his foreskin as she did. He groaned openly this time, not feeling lips around his tool in ages, let alone a pair as soft or plump as this.

He thrust forward involuntarily into the warmth of her mouth, but she managed to keep him steady with her hand. She’d waited months for this and wasn’t about to let it be over too quickly. She started to lick up and down his length, taking time periodically to suck on his head when a glob of precum forced itself out of his tip. When she was ready, she bobbed up and down on his piece, stroking what she couldn’t fit in her mouth with one hand and admiring the size of his hefty balls with the other.

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