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Further adventures with Judy as she continues her education of me and learns more about herself.

Driving back to Judy’s apartment she had laid down on the seat with her head resting in my lap. I could tell she was tired and she dozed off on the way back. We got back about 10pm and she woke up as I parked the car. Grabbing my travel bag from the trunk we walked to her apartment.

Opening the door, Judy peeked in to make sure Sharon was not there.

“She’s not home yet. Let’s take a quick shower and get in bed, I’m exhausted.

“Both of those sound fun,” I said as we headed to the bedroom.

We both shed our clothes and were naked by the time we got to the shower. She turned the water on and after it warmed up we stepped in. Judy grabbed a washcloth, lathered it up and began to wash me off, first my back and legs, then my front, thoroughly scrubbing my cock and balls. I rinsed off and she handed me the washcloth. I repeated what she had done, washing her back and ass then moving to her front. Made sure I washed her cum covered tits completely and moved to clean her sticky pussy and thighs. Judy rinsed off and we stepped out of the shower to dry off. We moved into the bedroom.

“Do you want a drink? I could use one.” I asked.

“No, I am pretty wiped out, all day drinking in the sun at the pool and then you wearing me out. I am ready for bed, but help yourself.”

“I think I will get a little one,” I said as I walked to the kitchen. I poured a couple of shots of scotch into a glass, added an ice cube and headed back to the bedroom.

“Leave the light on over the stove and close the door when you come back,” she called out to me.

“Okay,’ I said returning to turn the light on and then closing the door to the bedroom as I returned. Judy was already in bed. As I got in bed I peeked under the sheets to make sure she was naked under the sheets, she was.

I sat up in the bed sipping my drink. Judy was laying on her stomach, her head on the pillow facing me. I looked down at her and thought about the day. My cock slowly began to stir as I went through the events.

Judy looked up at me, “Thanks for a great day. Being with you is so naughty and dangerous. It was so exciting being exposed with Sharon and at Kellers. I’ve never done anything like that, it made me so horny. I want to do more of it but need to be careful.”

“It was incredibly exciting fro me too. I really want to explore and learn more with you,” I said sipping my drink. Thinking of her naked next to me and what might be caused my cock to begin getting hard again. It began to tent up in the sheets.

Judy reached out with her hand and patted my cock through the sheet, “We can play with this later, I am going to sleep.”

I nodded, downed the rest of my drink, turned the light off and laid down. We were both soon asleep.

Excited female voices woke me from my sleep. It took me a few seconds to figure out where I was, naked in the bed of my high school teacher. Looking around, I could see light coming from under the door and I could hear female voices talking and laughing. Deciding it was not a good idea to go into the room (where were my clothes?) I moved to the door and listened. Catching parts of the conversations I could tell they were talking about Sharon.

After a few minutes I heard Judy say she would take care of Sharon, the others said their byes and the front door opened and closed. I stepped back from the door just as Judy came through it. She had put a robe on, but it barely covered her ass.

“Oh good, your’e up. Glad you did not walk out there.”

“I did not think it was a good idea. What happened?”

“A couple of our friends brought ataşehir escort bayan Sharon home. She is basically passed out drunk, puked outside the club and when they got her back here. Her clothes are a mess, we need to get her cleaned up and into bed.”

“What do you need me to do?”

“Let’s get her out of her clothes and into the shower.”

“Okay, let me find my shorts.”

“This is no time to be modest, we are getting into the shower with her and she won’t know or remember it was with us,” she said as she slipped her robe off.

We moved to the living room, Sharon was slumped in the corner of the couch passed out. She had vomit on her dress, legs and in her hair.

“Sit her up and we will get her out of that dress.” Judy said.

I pulled her into a sitting position and Judy reached behind her to unzip her dress. Judy pulled the dress off her shoulders and down the front of Sharon, her wonderful tits that I saw down the front of her dress earlier popping into view.

“Stand her up,” Judy said.

I pulled her up, holding her to my body as Judy peeled the dress the rest of the way off of her. As the dress fell away I could see the ass she had flashed at me with no panties covering it.

“She isn’t wearing panties,” I said.

“Probably lost them somewhere along the way. It would not be the first time. Can you get her to the shower in my bathroom?”

Judy rolled the dress up, went through her bedroom and opened the patio door, tossing the dress outside. I picked Sharon up and carried her to the shower. She started to stir a bit from being jostled around and moved her head to my shoulder and put her arms around my neck.

Stepping into the bathroom I let Sharon’s legs down. She stood very unsteadily with me holding her up. She turned to me, putting her arms back around my neck and hung onto me trying to maintain her balance, her naked body rubbing against me.

Judy stepped by us and turned the shower on adjusting the temperature.

“You okay holding her for a minute? This is a lot easier with two people,” she said as she stood next to us.

“Yeah, no problem. She has puke in her hair,” I said.

Judy looked closer at Sharon and touched the glob of stuff on top of her hair.

Sniffing it she said, “And cum too. I bet it is all over her or at least running down her legs and its on her face. We will need to wash her hair too.”

I had not really noticed, but holding her naked body was starting to have an effect on me. It was starting to poke against Sharon as she swayed and rubbed as she tried to stay standing.

Judy stuck her hand in the water and turned and looked at me, “Ready? It will be a little cold, trying to wake her up a bit.”

I maneuvered Sharon to the edge of the tub and helped her step in. Holding her arms I joined her in the tub, turning her to face the water standing behind her. She tensed as the cold water hit her and shivered a bit. I was still standing behind her as she tried to back out of the cold stream of water, my now hard cock sliding into the crack of her ass. Judy adjusted the water and it got a little warmer.

Looking at Sharon she said,” Put your head in the water, I want to wash your hair out.”

Sharon leaned forward, placing her hands on the wall and put her head under the stream, water soaking her hair and running down her body. Keeping her hands on the wall she pulled her head back from the stream. Judy took some shampoo and began washing her hair as I held her up by her hips from behind. She quickly got her hair lathered and washed. Moving her head back under the stream Judy rinsed the soap from her hair. With the shower curtain escort kadıöy partially open, we were getting water everywhere. Even Judy was pretty soaked and she wasn’t in the tub.

Judy then grabbed the washcloth and leaning in began to wash Sharon’s front. It was very hot standing behind Sharon watching Judy wash her body. As her hand slid up Sharon’s thigh and across her pussy I felt Sharon shiver a bit and a light moan escaped her lips. Judy looked down at Sharon’s bald pussy as she rinsed her off.

She looked at me chuckling,”I think she still has cum leaking out of her.”

Judy handed me the washcloth and reached in to hold Sharon by her arms. I washed her back, across her ass and down her legs, paying particular attention to her inner thighs and the crack of her ass. I turned Sharon around to rinse her back off and Judy saw my hard cock standing up.

“Enjoying yourself back there?”, she smiled.

“Well I am in the shower with two hot naked women,” I said chuckling.

Sharon was starting to fade on us, her legs getting wobbly. Judy turned the water off and as I helped Sharon step out, she grabbed a couple of towels. Judy was as wet as we were. She toweled Sharon’s hair and began to dry her front off. Was she playing with her a little? Certainly looked like she was lingering on Sharon’s tits and pussy. I was behind her with my arm around her waist in case she fell.

I could not see everything that was happening but felt Sharon open her legs as Judy moved the towel up her legs. She pushed back against me a bit, my hard cock nestled in her ass crack. It took all of my self-control to not start humping her ass.

“Turn her around,” Judy said.

I turned her to face me, my hands resting on her hips. Sharon looked at me with glassy eyes and smiled. Judy dried her back and down her legs. Sharon wobbled forward, pressing up against my, my cock pressing in the area just below her belly. She felt so warm and soft. Sharon put her arms around my neck and just hung there.

“Okay, let’s get her in bed. I want her in here with us in case she gets sick again.”

Judy grabbed a small towel and the trash can and moved into the bedroom. I lingered a second, enjoying holding Sharon’s naked body against mine. As I turned to walk her to the bedroom her knees gave out and I just picked her up and took her to the bed. I laid her on the bed as Judy finished setting up the trash can and towel.

“Let’s go dry off too,” she said moving to the bathroom.

Tossing me a towel we both dried off. My cock was still standing up and Judy pinched it as she walked out through the bedroom and into the living room. I followed her and went into the kitchen to get a drink. Pouring a scotch I asked, “Want anything?”

“No, I don’t need anything.”

I came back into the living room and we sat on the couch.

“What happened to her?”, I asked?

“She evidently went dick crazy at the club. The girls said she got there and was talking about how horny she was and that she could not wait to find a cock. A guy she knew from work was there with some friends. She got him to go outside with her and he fucked her in her car. It apparently went downhill from there.”

“What else happened?”, I asked, my cock still hard from being naked and wet with both of them.

“She started taking the guys from her coworkers table outside. It sounded like five or six more guys, a couple of them twice. She finally came in with cum on her face, hair and chest. That’s when the girls decided she had better go home.”

I had absently minded started stroking my cock as she told me what had happened.

“That get you excited?”

“Yes, sounds crazy maltepe escort but hot. She ever do anything like that before?”

Yeah, once she brought three guys home. I got home and walked in on them all fucking her in her bed. They tried to get me to join, but I just went in my room and stayed away from it. Could hear them fucking – it was so hot to listen. Wound up masturbating in bed listening to it.”

Judy stared at my cock as I slowly stroked it. She began to massage one of her tits and one hand slid down to her pussy. She slid her fingers over her pussy lips pulling them apart and beginning to rub her finger up and down herself.

“Will you jack off for me? I have never watched a guy jack off before.”

“I have never had anyone watch me. Where do you want me to cum?”

“I do not know yet, I will tell you.”

Judy was sitting facing me on the couch, her fingers playing with her pussy and tits. I was stretched out with her beside me while I stroked my cock.

She leaned forward, her head moving over my cock, ” Let me get that wet for you.” Her mouth slid over my cock and she bobbed up and down a few times getting my cock slick.

Sitting back she continued to finger her pussy and work her clit. I turned towards her and continued to stroke my cock watching her play with herself. Watching her masturbate was turning me on more and precum started leaking from my cock. I spread it around on my cock using it as more lube to keep jacking off.

Judy was watching me stroke my cock. Sensing I was getting close, she said, “Get up here and straddle me.”

I turned and got on my knees as she stretched out on the couch, her legs between mine. As I started to move up her body she reached out and stopped me.

“I want you to cum on my pussy and fingers.”

My cock was right over her pussy. I nodded that I understood and began stroking my cock faster. She was working her fingers faster and her breathing was becoming faster, as was mine.

Just as I started to cum I pointed my cock to the top of her pussy. The first shot landed on her stomach, when the rest of the shots splashing over her hand and pussy. She scooped the cum up on her fingers and shoving it into her pussy she began to finger herself faster. In just a few seconds her body tensed and the orgasm rolled over her as she shoved her fingers are far as she could into her pussy.

I was sitting over her, looking at her pussy and holding my now softening and dripping cock. Watching her cum like that was so exciting and I enjoy watching a woman cum like that to this day.

Her breathing slowly returned to normal and she pulled her fingers from her pussy. Bringing them to her mouth, she proceeded to lick them clean, “Yum it tastes like us. That was so hot watching you cum like that the cum shooting out of the tip.”

“It was very fucking hot watching you too. I love to watch you finger yourself.”

I fell back on the couch, wiped out. Judy smiled at me.

“We should probably get some sleep,” she said.

“Where we going to sleep?”

“In my bed, we will all fit. Besides being horny from watching you in the shower with Sharon, I wanted you to cum again so you would not have a hardon trying to sleep all night.”

My head was reeling, I was going to be sleeping with two women tonight. I know no sex, but we were already naked and Sharon was in the bed naked. Even with nothing happening, it was another new adventure for me.

“Go ahead and get in bed. I will be there in a minute.”

I went into the bedroom and crawled into bed opposite from Sharon. Judy cleaned up and came out of the bathroom, turning the light off.

She came to my side of the bed, “Move over in the middle, you are sleeping between us.”

Judy could not see it, but I was smiling as big a grin as I could. I slid over and Judy got under the covers. I could feel the heat from both of them as I fell asleep between them.

What would tomorrow bring?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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