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18 year old Julianne was a tease, and she knew it. When she had been created, luck had gone in her favor, giving her perfect features, a narrow waist, and an ass to die for. Practice had given her the walk to show it all off.

When she was 12, her mom had shown her how to use makeup, allowing one more tool to drive the men crazy, as she made her gorgeous blue eyes bigger and plumped her already luscious red mouth.

In high school, once the dress code relaxed, her necklines crept down and her hems crept up. Today she was wearing her favorite outfit: a purple mini-skirt that barely covered her ass and a blue wrap shirt that circled her waist, leaving a two inch strip bare…and making her boobs look bigger. She’d added a long necklace that dipped down into her cleavage—enhanced by the tight shirt—and 3 ½ inch black spike heels with thin straps circling her perfect ankles.

She could tell in every class the effect her outfit was having, as male students and teachers alike adjusted their suddenly too tight pants and tried to hide their growing bulges under and behind desks. Even some of the females admired her body openly. One, a girl in her shop class named Tya, who happened to be her partner that day, waited until the teacher had turned around and slipped one hand between Julianne’s legs, sliding it quickly across her clit before the teacher looked back over.

Unfortunately for Julianne, one of her teachers was sick that day and the substitute she’d left was, for lack of a better word, a square. Within 2 minutes of walking in, her well-practiced sway giving brief, teasing glimpses of her bare ass, just a black thong riding down the center, she was walking back out, on her way to the principal’s office.

Here her luck got no better, as the head principal was out for the day, leaving just the secretary and attendance officer. They called her stepfather.

“What the hell were you thinking?” his voice thundered through the room as he strode into the office waiting area.

Julianne stood up slowly, crossing her arms under her breasts, making them nearly threaten to spill out of their confines. She pouted out her bottom lip.

“It’s not what you think, Daddy,” she said, putting extra sweetness into her voice, and calling him by the pet name she’d adopted as a early teen whenever she needed him to go easy on her. It didn’t seem to work this time, as her stepfather grabbed her upper arm and marched her out the door. Julianne nearly stumbled, as he could walk much faster than her, and she was already trying to balance on her spike heels.

He shoved her into the passenger’s seat of his black Lexus SUV and walked around to the driver’s side. He didn’t start the car right away, putting one hand on each side of the wheel and giving a long sigh.

“I’ll ask again. What the hell were you thinking, Juli?” He asked, his voice strained as he turned his head to face her.

Julianne had crossed her arms again and was still pouting. “Mom doesn’t care what I wear, and its fun to drive the guys crazy. Besides, I’m 18. I can dress any way I want to.” She uncrossed her arms and turned to him, lowering her eyelashes coyly. “That teacher was a square, Sean. He just didn’t like that I turned him on in front of the class.”

A muscle ticked in her stepfather’s jaw. He shoved the car into gear and drove, saying nothing more.

Julianne turned back straight in her seat, arms across her chest.

Sean kartal escort bayan pulled the car roughly into the driveway and jumped out, making it to Julianne’s door before she had time to open it. He grabbed her arm again and propelled her into the house.

Julianne tried to jerk away as they came through the door, starting to get angry at the way he was treating her. The second time she jerked; he turned and slammed her back against the hallway wall. Julianne stared at her stepfather in shock at his sudden move. He pinned her to the wall with his body, one hand holding her right arm immobile.

“You think you can run all over people and treat them any way you want, don’t you Juli?” he hissed out through a clenched jaw. “But you’re nothing more than a common whore.”

Juli’s mouth dropped open in shock. She used her free left hand and slapped Sean clean across the face, the smack echoing in the hallway. Sean grabbed her wrist and pinned both hands above her head as he stared at her…and then suddenly kissed her, crushing her mouth with bruising force. When she didn’t respond, he dropped her hands to behind her back, holding them in place, and grabbed her hair, tipping her head back.

“Kiss me, whore.”

Juli had always had a secret fantasy about her stepfather, every since her mom had married him just before her 11th birthday. This wasn’t part of it, though. A tear formed and slowly slid down her cheek.

“Please, Daddy,” She whispered. “Don’t hurt me.”

Sean was shocked back to his senses by her tears. He stepped back and released her arms. “I…I’m sorry, Juli. I don’t know what I was thinking.” He brushed her tear away with his fingertips. “You just have no idea what you do to me.” He brought her hand up and laid it against his crotch, letting his member throb against her fingers. Juli looked up at him as it throbbed again.

“Yes, I do,” She said softly.

Sean stared back at her in shock for the second time that day. “What?” He responded. He pulled her hips tight to him and ground his cock into her stomach. “You’ve been begging for this, haven’t you? You wear all those skimpy, tight, barely there clothes for me, and you’ve just been waiting for me to take you.” He kissed her again, this time with lust instead of anger, letting his tongue slip into her mouth and slide over her tongue.

“What can I say?” Juli answered when he pulled away for air. She tilted her head and looked up with fake shyness. “I’m Daddy’s naughty little girl.”

Sean groaned at that and Juli felt his cock surge against her. He picked her up and carried her into her bedroom, setting her on her feet next to her queen size four poster bed. Hands on either side of her face, he kissed her again and again, his tongue thrusting between her lips. Finally he pulled away.

“Take your shirt off for your daddy,” he said; his voice husky.

Juli took her shirt off slowly, watching his eyes darken with need as she revealed her breasts, barely contained in her black lace bra.

“Oh, Baby,” He moaned, pulling her towards him and burying his face in her cleavage, one hand cupping her left breast, thumb finding and stroking over the nipple.

Juli let her head fall back as streaks of pleasure wound their way to her now dripping pussy.

Sean stepped back to strip off his own shirt, and started to unbutton his jeans. Juli’s soft hands stopped him. He looked at her questioningly.

“Let escort maltepe me do it, Daddy,” she said, her honey-sweet voice causing another throb to threaten the buttons on his pants.

Her nimble fingers found and released each button slowly, then pealed the denim down his legs, leaving her at eye level with an impressive bulge in his tight black boxers. When she went to stand up, Sean stopped her with a hand on top of her head. His eyes had darkened impossibly more as he saw for the first time her lips inches from his cock, separated only by a thin garment. He had to clear his throat in order to speak.

“Boxers too, baby girl.”

Juli ran her hands up his legs to the elastic waistband, sliding her fingers slowly underneath, her nature being to tease, and living up to the name. Sean had finally had enough. Stepping back, he stripped the underwear off, freeing his raging 8″ cock before stepping back in front of her, his cock bouncing slightly and bumping against her cheek. He put one hand on the back of her head and positioned his hard-on at her lips.

“Suck it, tease.”

Juli let her tongue slip out and run across the tip of the mushroom shaped head, tasting a salty drop of pre-cum. Sean let out a small sigh at the first touch of her wet mouth. He increased the pressure to the back of her head, pushing her forward onto his eager flesh. Juli let his cock slip inside slowly, her moistened lips caressing him as he pushed deeper, her tongue sliding back and forth underneath along a pulsing vein as he sank into her throat until every inch was engulfed. Juli was amazed she’d gotten it all into her mouth without choking. Suddenly, he throbbed, cock enlarging, and she gagged a little, bringing a chuckle from her stepfather.

“That’s right, slut. Gag on my cock.”

Juli pulled away a couple inches, and then sank back, sucking as she bobbed her head up and down on him. She brought her right hand up and wrapped it around the base, stroking up and down his now wet penis with her slim fingers.

Sean threaded his fingers through her hair, guiding her speed as she went up and down. His cock throbbed again and he pulled out of her mouth.

“Stop before I explode,” he gasped.

Juli looked up at him with a smile, a drop of pre-cum at the corner of her wet lips. She licked it off, eliciting a groan from Sean before he pulled her to her feet and pushed her onto her back on the bed, grabbing her knees and thrusting her legs apart. Julie squealed in protest of the rough treatment, but a shock of pleasure spread through her at his dominance. Before she could take another breath, his tongue was darting through her juices, flicking at her clit and dipping inside to taste more of her cream. Juli arched back on the bed at the feeling. She’d never gone this far with any of the boys from school. There had been no more than heavy petting in their inexperienced hands, along with the occasional blow-job in the backseat, usually lasting only seconds before they exploded in her mouth and then decided it was time to go home. Her secret fantasy of her stepfather taking her virginity stopped her every time they wanted to go further.

Her hips came up for a second and her stepfather grabbed them, forcing her to remain still as his tongue plundered her pussy, licking and sucking at her clit until she was ready to scream. Just as she felt the pleasure was too much, he stood up, a cocky pendik escort smile on his face as he stroked his heavy cock, running one finger back and forth across the pre-cum soaked tip.

“Are you ready for me, slut?” he asked, stepping between her legs. Juli moved her hand to clutch at his ass, trying to pull him closer, and he grabbed her wrists, holding her arms above her head as he used his other hand to run the tip of his cock through her wet lips, dipping just the head inside, and pulling out. Juli was panting, her body hot and cold at the same time.

“Please…” she started, head thrashing back and forth.

“Please, what, slut?” Sean asked. “Beg me for it, tease. How do you like it to be denied what you want so bad?”

Juli tried to arch her pussy up to his cock, desperate to have him deep inside her, but all her efforts resulted in was a smack on the ass.

“You’ll get this cock when you beg for it, cunt,’ her stepfather snapped, tightening his grip on her wrists. The combination of the different dominations sent another surge of wetness to her core.

“Please, Sean. Please, Daddy. I need it.”

“Need what, slut?”

“I need your cock. I need your hot, throbbing, thick, juicy cock buried in me now, Daddy! Please!”

Sean dropped her wrists, raised her ass up, and slammed to the hilt into her pussy, burying his cock in her slick heat. He let out a groan as she yelped. He stopped, not moving, letting his cock get used to how tight she was wrapped around him.

“Are you a virgin?” he asked in disbelief. While he had never suspected her dates had fucked her in the house, he’d still been sure that someone would have gotten as frustrated as him with her and made her fuck him. To deliver on what she kept promising with her skimpy clothes and sexy walk.

There was a tiny tear in the corner of Juli’s eye from the sharp pain as his cock had broken through. She shook her head. “Not anymore.”

Sean leaned down and kissed her deeply, tongue swirling and dipping into her mouth. Julie lifted her hips up, causing a swift gasp as she wrapped his cock tighter and drew it deeper.

He pulled almost completely out, and then thrust back in. Now she was gasping. Gasping, moaning, her back arching off the bed as he started to fuck her, slow and steady, but his strokes getting faster, harder, deeper, making wet slapping sounds as he sank back in, his balls slapping against her ass. Suddenly, he pulled out and flipped her over, pulling her ass up, and sinking back into her again from behind. Juli let out a sharp cry as he hit square onto her g-spot. And then she was cumming, over and over again as he kept going, refusing to let up as her legs gave way and she almost passed out at the pleasure. Finally he stiffened, his cock growing impossibly bigger.

“I’m going to cum in you, baby girl,” he gasped, and then exploded. The sensation of his cock spurting his release inside her bare pussy made her cum again, the hardest yet, and she screamed, his hand quickly covering her mouth to muffle the sound.

She collapsed fully on the bed, Sean still behind her, but both on their sides. He wrapped an arm around her and pulled her back into him, spooning her as she fell asleep, exhausted, his softening cock still inside her. His hand slipped down to caress her hip as he schemed. He didn’t intend on letting things go back to the way they had been. Not after tasting her, fucking her. He tightened his grip and leaned over to her ear.

“You’re mine now, my little sugar slut. You belong to me. Got it? No one else will ever fuck you without my say-so…and trust me, that will come.” He grinned and let his head fall to the pillow, where he too slept.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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