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The overriding theme of all my stories is exhibitionism and voyeurism. Please be aware though, that I will touch a lot of other bases as well, as this story runs its course. If you are offended by explicit, overt sex, sex between family members, bi or lesbian sex, then maybe it’s best you move on. Lastly, there are no characters under the age of 18 in this story. I say this to avoid having each character declare his or her age in the dialogue. I have a number of chapters already written that I am currently revising, so you won’t have to wait too long for new installments. I really had fun writing this story because it incorporates so many of my favourite reading topics and I really hope you enjoy it.


I got down to the kitchen and Jan was already at the table eating breakfast. She still had her nightshirt on and Mom was also wearing a little nightie as she stood in front of the stove working. I walked up behind and hugged her. I could feel the warmth of her skin through the thin material of her garment.

“Oh Rick, I didn’t hear you come in. Have a seat, your breakfast will be ready in a minute.”

I took a seat across from Jan. “Good morning hon. Sleep well?”

“Mm yes, my pussy is still tingling from your tongue last night. I dreamt that I masturbated as I watched Mom and Dad having sex on a deserted beach. Dad was doing Mom like and animal with his big juicy cock. I woke up all wet again,” she laughed.

“Oh my heavens, what has this house come to?” Mom yelled as she dropped a pan on the stove. “Jan, that is the most inappropriate thing a child could say around her mother. I know things have changed a lot around here but that’s no reason to act like we live in the gutter.”

Jan moved over to Mom and wrapped her arms around her. Then she nestled her head on her shoulder and gave her a loving squeeze.

“I’m so sorry Mom, I was only teasing. What I said was in very bad taste and I apologize. I wasn’t trying to upset you and I won’t do it again, I promise.”

“Just let me say this before I head upstairs,” she continued. “I love you and Dad now more than ever. We’ve all become so much more open and close and I feel I can really be myself around you and tell you anything now. I’ll really try not to not joke around like that again, you have my word.”

Then she kissed Mom on the cheek and when Mom turned her head to look at her she kissed her again on the lips. She said her goodbyes and then gamboled to the stairs and ran all the way up.

“Don’t be too hard on her,” I said, “she doesn’t have a nasty bone in her body.”

“Says the son whose having sex with his mother, sister, adult neighbour and God knows who else,” she said. “This is all happening too quickly and you my boy are at the very center of all of it.”

“You’re right,” I said, “and I don’t know why that is. I love nudity and I love sex even more, if that’s possible. People just seem to get turned on around me and I can’t explain why but I hope it never changes. I don’t think I’m a bad person but are you beginning to think so Mom?”

“Oh dear God no baby,” she almost cried, “I could never think that about you.

It’s just that I’m so confused right now, especially after last night. First your dad does his little naked dance in the den and the next thing we’re all naked and watching TV. Then later when we went up to our room, Alan made love to me like an absolute savage. I can’t even remember that last time he did that to me. Frankly, I don’t care if you had something to do with that, I want him to stay that way now.

But I guess what’s got me really upset is how much I still want you to make love to me as well. Regardless of how much the sex with Alan has improved, I still want your tender wonderful ways to thrill me. But then, I also want your father to take me like a randy field hand every night too. Oh gosh, I guess I just want a lot more sex now.”

“Wow Mom, well you know you can count on me for my end.” I smiled like the Cheshire cat.

“Oh you little bugger,” she laughed, “I’m over-thinking the whole thing, I know. I guess I should let it go for now and enjoy the gifts we’ve all discovered.”

“I agree,” I said as I walked over and gave her a kiss. “Well I’m off to Magda’s. It’s my first day back at work today and off the treatments.”

“Oh really, that’s wonderful news but how come she never told me?”

“Well, at the risk of upsetting you all over again, she did come over to tell you yesterday. She stopped herself at the door, because she didn’t want to disturb our lovemaking on the kitchen table.”


“No I’m afraid not Mom, she even stayed and watched us for a while. She got so hot watching us, we made love the whole afternoon to cool her down.”

“Oh I don’t know if I can deal with any more of this,” Mom whined, “every day it’s something new and even more unsettling.”

I hugged her from behind and slipped my hands under her nightie.

“Can I do something izmir escort to calm YOU down before I leave then?” I asked, as I slid my hands down in between her legs. Her body became limp and relaxed as my fingers probed deeper into the folds of her nether region. I steered her to the table and eased her forward resting her torso on the tabletop.

“Oh Rick, I want you to but maybe this isn’t such a good idea right now,” she whimpered.

I lifted her nightie then knelt down and spread her ass cheeks. I tried out some of my new tricks on her and she loved the attention as she squirmed and swayed a little. Mom’s sighs and moans sounded like pure relaxed pleasure as she basked in the sensations.

I sat on the floor with my legs outstretched as she spread her feet to let me in between. I loved this new position. It provided a whole new level of access to her wonderful pussy. This was something new for both of us. I made the most of exploring every way I could think of to increase her pleasure. Mom wriggled and twisted as tasted her.

I began to masturbate as I licked Mom’s love box and slurped up all her juices. Then I noticed Mom didn’t taste the same this morning, not a bad taste, just different. As I dug my tongue in deeper for a better taste it occurred to me, it was Dad. I was tasting Dad’s cum from last night. He didn’t taste like me either and I wondered how many different tastes there were.

Her hips were moving and swaying more as her orgasm drew near. She was making pleasant little contented sounds as she lay on the table with her arms now folded under her head. Just at that point, Jan came skipping down the stairs and into the kitchen. She stood still to take in the picture as Mom rolled her eyes in disbelief. Mom didn’t move through. Instead, she remained prone on the tabletop with a dreamy smirk on her face.

“Oh God that looks so fantastic Mom. Geeze I wish I could join you two but they’ll fire me if I’m late again.” She leaned in and kissed Mom on the forehead and then moved down to where I was still hard at work licking and slurping away. She grabbed hold my hair and pulled my head back away from Mom cunt and planted a big wet sloppy kiss on my lips.

“Mm, nice, save some for me later,” she giggled as she ran out the kitchen door.

“Where has my life gone to?” Mom whimpered. “I want my old boring life back.”

I stopped what I was doing and answered her. “Really and what about this?” I dove back into her crotch and attacked her clit.

“Oh God, I’ll turn back tomorrow. Just don’t stop what you’re doing, I’m almost there.”

Very shortly after, Mom had a lovely orgasm that seemed to make everything right again. She raised herself from the table and helped me up. I kissed her tenderly then whispered in her ear as I hugged her tightly.

“Things WILL never be the same again Mom but how was BEFORE so much better?”

“That’s right, confuse me some more,” she said. “I’ll see you later at lunch then.”

I washed my face then kissed her again before heading off to Magda’s. When I arrived next door, Magda’s driveway was empty. Down in the basement I formulated a plan, as I took my time to look around. This time, I wanted smarter approach. I had no intention of causing myself so much pain again.

I gathered up all the smaller empty boxes and I broke down the bigger heavier ones that I should never have attempted carrying. After a fair bit of effort I had amassed a manageable number of cartons that would be easy to bring to the garage. On one of my moving trips I heard banging at the front door and I went to investigate. I saw it was Mona and I opened the door to let her in.

“Oh Rick, thank god you’re here, where’s Magda?

“I have no idea,” I responded, “she was gone when I arrived.”

“She didn’t leave you a note or anything?”

“To tell you the truth I never looked, I just went down to the basement and got to work. I’ll go have a look.”

We went into Magda’s office and sure enough, there was a note addressed to me in the middle of her desk. I began to read it:

‘Rick, I’ll be away most of today on a call. I’m sorry I’ll be missing your first day back at work. Maybe we can celebrate together later and do a little something special. I think Mona might be dropping by later to work out, please let her in but only her. I’ll see you later this afternoon or maybe tomorrow. Love, Magda’

“Love Magda eh?” Mona said, “and just how do you ‘do a little something special’?”

Suddenly I realized Mona had been reading over my shoulder.

“I knew there was more to you two,” she laughed. “Now I’m thinking there’s a lot more to you than meet’s the eye as well.”

“Maybe but right now I need to get back to work. Magda obviously has a lot of trust in you if you’re the only one she will allow in here alone.” I turned away and headed back down to continue working.

All through the morning I could hear Mona moving around overhead as I sorted and arranged items in keçiören escort the basement. Pretty soon it was noon and I cleaned up to head for home.

“I’ll see you after lunch,” I called out to Mona as I left through the back door.

When I got home, I looked around for Mom but she wasn’t there. I noticed a note on the counter and it said she had gone out on an errand for Dad. Apparently, he had called and asked her to bring him some important papers he had forgotten. My lunch was in the fridge and she would make it up to me tomorrow. She also thanked me for the wonderful morning.

I wolfed down my sandwich and headed back to Magda’s, a little frustrated. I had really been looking forward to trying out my new stuff on Mom. I entered and went to the therapy room to see Mona. She was still there and working on a trainer. She smiled as I approached.

“Back from lunch so soon?” she asked.

“Yup, nobody over there so I might as well get some more work done.” I walked back towards the basement stairs.

I quickly resumed my work sorting, breaking down and stacking when Mona came walking down the stairs naked.

“I felt something was missing and I realized we didn’t give each other our special peek this morning. Come on, off with ’em Rick!” She ordered.

She had greedy eyes as she watched me disrobe and then she approached me. “So tell me, how do you ‘do a little something special’ again?”

She traced the tip of my cock with her finger then ran it down the length of my shaft to my balls. She cradled one of my balls in her fingers and rubbed it delicately with her thumb as she looked into my eyes. My frustration from before quickly turned into lust as I reached to fondle one of her small firm breasts. I could feel my heartbeat in my temples now as I traced the lines of her lovely face.

“How old are you Rick?”

“Eighteen,” I answered, “and you?”

“Oh I’m twenty,” she answered. “Eighteen eh? You must really be something special to turn a woman like Magda into your sex slave.”

“Who said that?” I said. “And just how well do you really know her anyway.”

“Oh I think I know her pretty well, we’ve been partners in the sack for almost a year. We’re not lovers, as you two obviously are but trust me, we’re pretty close. That is until you came on to the scene of course.”

“So you’re jealous?”

“No, not at all, like I said we were just sex partners,” she explained. “We scratch each others’ itch when we needed it. We’re both damn good in the sack you know.”

“I’m a little confused,” I admitted, “so you two are lesbians?”

“No silly, we’re not lesbians. If anything, we’re bisexual. We have sex with both men and women.”

“I’ve only read about that,” I admitted, “but it sounds really cool though.”

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s like having the best of both worlds,” she replied.

“You know Rick, all this talk while I’m holding your nice hard cock; well, it’s getting me a little wet and horny. Would you mind showing me some of the things that put Magda under your spell?”

She moved over to an old desk and lay on top with her ass at the edge.

I pretended to twirl a mustache. “So you want me to eat your little pussy eh?”

“You bet I do,” she said, “I know just how much Magda loves it. You’ve got to be damn good to get her on your team fella.”

I approached and knelt between her legs as I held a thigh in each hand. I took a long close look at her pussy then came in close before I inhaled deeply and took my first taste. Mona stiffened as I did then she propped herself up on her elbows.

“I love to watch men eat me,” she confessed, “it’s an added turn on.”

“Well I have to tell you hon, you have the most beautiful pussy I’ve ever seen. It’s so delicate and pretty I almost hate to mess it up but the lady wants a nice big ‘O’.”

I began by kissing my way up both inner thighs and then circling her pussy with kisses and licks until I ended up on her mound. Her legs and her body were in pure symmetry and her skin was flawless and smooth. I felt so privileged to be making love to such an incredible beauty. I massaged the walls of her vagina as I continued kissing and licking all around her mound.

She became more excited as she groaned and contracted her abdomen. I moved onto her clit hood and concentrated my efforts there. She began to give me stronger and stronger feedback, thrashing and begging me to keep going, so I started to do the hard massage that Magda had just taught me and increased the clit action at the same time.

Before long she reached for the back of my head and began to rock her hips and grind her pussy into my mouth. In another moment she came as she bucked on the desktop. I slowed things down and resumed the vaginal massage as she collected herself, panting and out of breath.

“Get up and stick that cock in me,” she commanded.

I wasn’t about to argue, since I really wanted to cum myself. I stood and demetevler escort entered her easily as I held a calf in each hand and I pounded her pussy. I only lasted ten or fifteen minutes before I was shooting a massive load into her that spilled back out as I pumped.

“God, I’m glad that wasn’t in my mouth,” she laughed. “You really cum a lot.”

“Well this is my first time today and I usually come at least four to six times.”

“Four to six times?” she laughed. “And do you always have help?”

“Yeah, pretty much these days,” I admitted.

“And how many women are you having sex with, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“No I don’t mind at all, four including you,” I answered.


“I’m afraid so,” I laughed, “almost every day. This really is the best summer of my life.”

“I guess it is,” she giggled. “But no guys though?”

“Shit no! I’m not into THAT!”

“Oh don’t be so sure,” she countered, “until you’ve at least flirted with it, your experience won’t be truly complete. I love doing both equally. Frankly, you seem like you’d be into anything, as long as it turned you on. You know, one day I’m sure you’ll suck on a big juicy cock and you’ll thank me, you’ll see.”

Maybe I was a little curious as she thought but I was still a long way from sucking a guy’s cock, in my mind. All during our conversation I kept up with her vaginal massage as she purred and lay back relaxed. I decided to go back in for seconds as I leaned in and began to kiss, lick and suck on her clitoral hood. Occasionally I probed a tiny bit deeper with my tongue and gave her some extra stimulation.

“Oh you little shit you, not done yet I see. Well if you don’t mind cleaning up your own cum, who am I to argue?”

I sucked and teased her clit for a long while then kissed all around her mound and down to suck her lips in my mouth. Finally, as I found my way back to her clit I inserted two fingers into her and softly rubbed her G-spot and waited for her response. It didn’t take long before her hips were hypnotically following the movement of my fingers.

I synchronized my rubbing with the pace I was sucking and pressing against her clit with my tongue. She was now responding to the slightest change in touch and I kept this up until I sensed she was getting very close. Very slowly, I increased the pressure and speed as long as she kept responding.

“Oh shit! What the fuck are you doing to me?” She called out. “What the hell has Magda been teaching you?”

“OH SHIT, I’M COMING! OH shit, shit, SHIT!

She reached forward, grabbing clumps of my hair with her fists as she pulled me into her, wildly heaving her hips up and down. This was really starting to hurt both my scalp and face and I was relieved when she finally came. She let out a shriek that was more air than sound as her whole body quaked. Finally, she let go of my head. I continued to calm her down, kissing and fondling her pretty privates as she purred contentedly.

“Oh boy,” Mona gasped as she lay on her back, “If you’re like this with all your women, no wonder you’re getting regular sex. Were you actually trying to do what you just did to me?”

“Yeah, for sure,” I answered. “I guess I got it right then?”

“OH yeah, you sure as hell did. Magda couldn’t have done it any better.”

“Well, I’d better get cleaned up and back to work,” I said.

“That’s OK with me,” Mona said, “I don’t think I could handle any more anyway. But I’m afraid your little harem has just increased to four from three my friend.”

“I’m happy to please,” I said as we climbed up the stairs and headed to the showers.

As the hot steamy water flowed over our bodies, I hugged her from behind as she laid her head back against my chest. Although we had just had sex minutes earlier, this felt so much more intimate and special to me. Up to this point, heavy flirtation was as far as we had gone. Now I could feel there was so much more. After we cleaned up I went back to continue working for the next few hours until I heard Magda arrive upstairs. I wiped off the sweat and went up to see her.

“How was your day?” I asked as I walked up and kissed her.

“Not the best,” she answered. “But it’s improving by the minute now,” she smiled at me.

“Oh hey Magda,” Mona chimed as she sauntered in smiling at the two of us. “You two make such a lovely couple,” she added. “I’m serious.”

“But we’re not a couple and for obvious reasons,” Magda said abruptly. “And that’s not likely to change either.”

“Well you are what you are and anyone with half a brain can see your good for each other. Even if your lover has a whole harem to maintain,” she laughed.

“And how the hell did you find that out?” Magda asked looking deep into my eyes.

With a confused half-smile I answered her. “I guess she found out when I learned about the two of you and the past year?”

Now Magda was becoming clearly upset. “Oh boy, now let me guess. And you both made these momentous discoveries, while your cock was planted right in her little pussy, RIGHT?”

“OK you’re right but please don’t be angry with us hon,” I said

“Don’t ‘hon’ me you little Casanova, first I share you with all the women in your household…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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