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Big Tits

My friend Dave was having his 18th birthday tonight and I was determined to introduce him to the luster of the nightclub scene in spectacular fashion. Being 21 years old I’d had several years experience in pub crawling on Dave and was looking forward to stuffing as many types of alcohol down his throat as was humanly possible.

We met the rest of our crowd at the first stop of the night, a quiet suburban pub 15 minutes walk from the nightclub hub of the city. I was pleasantly surprised to find our party was to be composed of about 7 or 8 females, Dave, myself and another friend Steve, who couldn’t drink due to some antibiotics he was taking. I had known most of the girls with us for years but a couple of them I had never met. One of these girls had caught my eye as soon as we walked through the door.

“Hi, I’m Jen” She introduced herself in a gloriously musical voice.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you Jen” I replied, transfixed on her sparkling green eyes “I’m Steve”

“Jen’s in my ethics class” Dave said, bumping my shoulder as he joined our conversation.

“Ethics hey?” I mumbled, unaware of Dave trying to break my obvious attention from Jen’s incredible body.

“So will Kate be along soon, Steve?” Dave mentioning my girlfriend’s name abruptly brought me back to reality and I turned to look at the smirk on his face. Subtle I thought to myself.

“Yeah, I’m expecting her here in an hour” I responded dimly.

“Just as bloody well” Dave mumbled as he turned to walk away.

Just as I returned my attention back to Jen someone bumped into her back, sending her drink flying toward my brand new stark white shirt. After Jen had regained her balance she looked down at my now amber-stained shirt.

“Oh Shit! I’m sooo sorry Steve!” Jen pleaded as she made a vain attempt at moping me up.

“It’s cool, don’t worry about it, it wasn’t your fault anyway” I reassured her as I noticed the drunken idiot responsible stumbling out the door. “I’ve got another shirt in the car, anyway” I added as I turned for the exit.

“I’ll come with” She called after me.

We battled our way through the crowd to the rear entrance and I held the door open for her as she stepped out into the car park. I quickly noticed her exceptionally tight skirt as she bent her tall 6′ frame to avoid a low branch – I couldn’t help but admire her perfectly shaped arse. Being 6′ also, I too had to duck for the branch as I turned the corner toward where my car was parked.

“So do you always carry your wardrobe with you when you go out?” Jen chided me.

“Of course, You never know when some clumsy drunk’ll spill beer on you!” I mocked her back, getting a glare in return.

As we walked the 75 meters or so to my car Jen and I made small talk about our uni courses and our similar taste in music. I noticed that Jen was walking with a definite sway in her step that often sent her bumping into my shoulders, which I didn’t particularly mind but it told me that she had been drinking for some time before we had shown up.

“So how long have you been with your girlfriend?” Jen asked curiously.

“About 4 years” I responded

“No shit? That’s a really long time!”

I didn’t think so but I wasn’t about to spoil her fun.

“I suppose.” I said

I was getting more and more attracted to Jen by the second and I began to feel that I really didn’t want to be talking about my girlfriend with her. Her dark brown hair and tanned skin made it impossible üsküdar escort for me to keep my eyes off her gorgeous features and it was nearly irresistible for me not to flirt with her. We reached my car and I opened the back door to get a new shirt out.

“So it must get hard, being with one person for so long?” She asked with a smirk on her face.

“How do you mean?” I said as I stripped off my shirt and threw it onto the backseat.

“I mean have you ever wanted to cheat on her?” Her tone dropped a notch and Jen’s body drifted a little closer to where I was standing.

At this point I was beginning to feel that strange sensation in my stomach that was telling me to play along with her while my brain told me to put my shirt on. I bent over and reached into the car for my shirt. I felt Jen’s soft touch on my forearm and I stood up to find her face inches from my own. Being the same height as me she was staring straight into my eyes and I could sense the sexy grin spreading across her face. With Jen’s hand still clutching my arm I immediately thought about the consequences of this predicament and had a vision of Kate walking out and catching us together. I could never get away with it I thought.

“They’ll be wondering what’s happened to us…” I said as I tried to move around her.

Jen just moved closer to me and put her other hand on my waist, looping her thumb inside my belt. A jolt was sent up my spine as she trailed her long fingernails up my arm and down my naked chest.

“You have to answer my question first” She replied coyly in a voice that made me want to grab her and fuck her right there.

“OK” I conceded “yes, I do feel like cheating on her…sometimes.”

“Mmmm, really?” She said seductively “might this be one of those times?”

I pondered that question for a moment and finally grinned at her, “It might”

Jen moved her head forward and whispered lustily in my ear. “So what’s stopping you?” I could feel her long hair drifting lightly across my chest and I found my hands were unconsciously holding onto her waist.

“Not much” I barely managed before our lips met and I wrapped my arms tight around her thin waist.

Pressing our hips tightly together we explored each other’s mouths with our tongues, our hands roaming all over each other’s bodies. I drifted my hands across her tight arse, gently squeezing her curved thighs before sliding them up the sides of her body. She ran her fingers though my dark brown hair, forcing my lips tighter onto hers and my tongue deeper into her mouth. I felt her thigh slide in between my legs and my hard cock press firmly against it. Jen slowly moved her body against me in a rhythm that caused my cock to throb at being rubbed and pressed into her. I felt her push into me and grind her clit onto my thigh, I broke our kiss and moaned as she lightly ran her long nails down my bare back. I buried my kisses in her neck and trailed my tongue up toward her ear. I felt her grab me tightly as I exhaled softly into her ear and circled her lobe with my tongue.

Leaning her against the car my hands found their way up the inside of Jen’s tight, thin-strapped top and I was pleasantly surprised to find that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Jen moaned as I delicatly supported her firm tits in my hands as she hooked her fingers inside the front of my trousers and pulled me against her.

“Fuck me right here” She whispered into my ear.

I şerfali escort had a quick glance around the parking lot over her shoulder, there was no one around but it was entirely possible that anyone could walk out and catch us. Jen had sensed my hesitancy.

“Don’t worry Steve, we can be discreet” She said as she dropped onto the backseat of the car and sat up, leaving me to be standing right in front of her.

She delicatly glided her fingers over my bare stomach and expertly made her way to my belt buckle. Within seconds my belt was hanging open and my fly was on the way down, I spread my legs slightly to stop my trousers from falling to the ground and gasped as I felt Jen’s cool hands grasp my long shaft, easing it out of my boxers into the cold night air. I looked down to see Jen peering up at me with those green eyes and her wet lips spread into a grin that made my cock throb with anticipation. She kept staring me in the eye as she gently started to stroke my shaft up and down, smothering my precum over my cockhead with her thumb. Abruptly her tongue darted out and licked some precum from the tip of my cock, she continued to tease me with her tongue, licking all around my head and up and down my shaft, making sure it was soaking wet. Jen slowly pressed the tip of my cock against her lips and grinned up at me once more before closing her eyes and engulfing my head within her warm mouth.

I groaned loudly as Jen didn’t stop at my cockhead and continued to ever so slowly take my shaft into her mouth. She let my cock slide to the back of her mouth and bump the entrance to her throat, then just as slowly she withdrew her mouth from my cock until the tip was once again pressed against her lips. She repeated this process over and over, slowly building up pace until she was in a smooth and fast rhythm up and down my cock with her hand keeping in time on my shaft. I could feel my cock growing inside her mouth as my blood rushed from every other part of my body and I began to feel weak on my feet as I felt my orgasm closing in. I certainly didn’t want to cum yet and just as I was about to withdraw my cock from Jen’s mouth I felt the tip press against the entrance to her throat and push past, down into her windpipe. I looked down to see her nose buried in my pubic hair and was powerless to stop myself from groaning loudly as I felt her throat contract around my shaft. I watched on in amazement as Jen slowly pulled her mouth backward over the full length of my cock and repeated her deep throat performance again. There was nothing I could do to stop myself now as my cum rushed up my shaft and squirted deep into Jen’s throat. Jen kept her face buried at the base of my cock as I emptied every last drop of cum into her throat. After there was no more cum to be had Jen slowly withdrew her mouth and without losing a drop, kissed the tip one last time before visibly swallowing and standing up to greet my waiting lips.

“That was incredible!” I praised her when we finally broke for air.

“I’m glad you liked it!” She said squeezing my shaft with her hand. “I aim to please..” She added, grinning mischievously.

I kissed her again, sliding one hand down below the hem of her skirt and the other up the front of her shirt. Caressing her hard nipples between my fingers I let my other hand slide lightly up the inside of her thigh. Jen parted her legs for me as I reached the fabric of her panties. Running a finger up each edge of her pussy I let my middle finger press down onto her slit, feeling her wetness soak through the panties. I pushed the material to one side and let my fingers slide over her naked pussy. I could feel she was nearly bald and savoured the feeling of my finger smoothly between her lips. I rubbed up and down over her hardened clit and relished her moans as her juices flowed out onto my fingers. I was dying to taste her as she bunched her skirt around her waist and laid herself down on the seat with her smooth, long legs hanging out the doorway.

By this time I was beyond caring about someone walking out and catching us so I knelt down in front of her wet pussy and ran my hands up the inside of her thighs, gently pushing them apart to give me a clear view of her neatly groomed slit. Despite the dim lighting in the car park I could easily make out her swollen lips, glistening with her juices and spread wide waiting for my tongue. I kissed and licked up the inside of her thigh, starting at the knee and slowly making my way to her gorgeous pussy. When I reached her slit I placed the tip of my tongue at the base of her pussy and ran it slowly up to her hole, relishing the taste of her juices as they spilled out into my mouth. I continued over her opening and made my way over clit, circling and kissing it before finishing my journey to the top of her slit. I repeated this process between her lips a few more times before focusing my attention on her clit. My fingers lightly trailed up toward her opening and as I pressed down onto her hardened clit with my lips I dipped my middle finger slowly into her soaking wet opening. I gently began to suck on her clit as I curled my finger backward inside of her and rubbed the inside wall of her pussy. Jen groaned loudly at this and it entered my mind again that someone – possibly my girlfriend – might walk out here and catch me with my face buried in this girl’s slit. Any such thoughts quickly vanished as I felt Jen’s hand on the back of my head, thrusting my face hard onto her pussy. I buried another finger into her hole and began rotating them around inside her as I sucked a little harder on her clit. I continued to finger fuck her and circle her clit with my tongue as she rocked her pelvis back and forward against my mouth.

After a long while of licking and sucking I got the urge to taste her juices once again, withdrawing my fingers from her soaking wet opening I trailed my tongue away from her clit down toward her hole. With the tip of my tongue I circled her opening, enjoying her taste as it spilled onto my eager tongue. I felt her body stiffen as I trailed my two fingers between her arse cheeks and lightly over her anus. I inserted my tongue into her hole and began to fuck her with it while slowly increasing my finger’s attention on her anus. I continued building up pace fucking her with my tongue while increasing the pressure on her anus with my finger until I felt her stiffen and I knew she was about to cum. I quickly trailed my tongue up to her clit and my fingers up to her pussy, I clamped down on her clit and thrust two fingers deep in her pussy as I felt her shudder and heard her groan loudly as her orgasm swept over her. I continued to suck and finger her until her shudders subsided and I sensed the orgasm had passed, I began to kiss my way back up her stomach toward her waiting lips.

Jen grabbed me roughly and thrust her mouth onto mine, kissing me hard and swirling her tongue madly around inside my mouth. When we broke she looked exhaled loudly and said,

“That was the greatest fucking head I’ve ever had!”

“I aim to please…” I grinned at her as we rose from the car seat, straightened our clothes and drifted back inside the pub.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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