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— CHAPTER 8: Victim —


PRE-COLLEGE (September 2001)

She was already there when I arrived. It was a glorious morning, with blue skies and the sweet smell of flowers and the trees around me. Life was moving on.

Cherys turned from her spot and smiled at me. For a second I hesitated, unsure of exactly how to greet her. There had been no repeats since I took her ‘virginity’, and I wasn’t expecting there to be any either. We’d had our moment together, a culmination of long held fantasies. And yet, we hadn’t verbally discussed how things would go from here on. So I kind of froze in place, trying to decide what to do.

Cherys made up my mind for me when she opened her arms for a hug. I stepped into them and we were pressed close together, chest to chest while she lay her cheek against my shoulder.

I waited until she let go first, and then pulled back to look into her eyes. But Cherys just closed them and then softly pressed her lips against mine.

The kiss was fleeting, and then she leaned back and looked at me. Then she turned and faced the headstone we were standing beside. “See sis, your man is doing just fine.”

I slipped my hand into Cherys’. We both turned and said our prayers for Ellie.



“Well, this is certainly going to be weird.”

“What, you having second thoughts?” Amber squeezed my hand. We’d just finished unpacking my stuff. Phyllis had moved into an apartment with her boyfriend, and I was taking the empty room at Amber, E-Beth, and Diane’s house.

“Oh, no. Nothing like that,” I squeezed back. “I’m used to rooming with girls. Just… not girls that I’m sleeping with.”

“Well, to be fair, you’re not sleeping with Diane,” Amber smiled. “Yet…”

I held up my hands. “Hey, I haven’t touched her!”

E-Beth walked by behind us. “Yet…” she called in a sing-song voice. Apparently she overheard the conversation.

Then Diane came by. “What are you guys talking about?”

I turned beet red. Amber just answered, “Nothing, nothing.”

I rolled my eyes. “Okay, I’m going to my room now.”

“You sure you don’t want to come to mine?” Amber put a fingertip in her mouth and essayed a little girl expression.

“I’m too embarrassed to get it up right now.”

“Aww… I’m sure I can get your hard,” Amber giggled.

“Or I will!” E-Beth said as she walked the other way, heading back down the stairs.

I just shook my head and went into my new bedroom. These girls were going to drive me crazy.


“Oh, gawd. You’re driving me crazy!” Amber cried.

I looked up from my spot between her legs, which were flung to the sides as I dug into her channel even deeper with my tongue. My hands were up on Amber’s perfect tits, so large and round and so good at filling my palms.

There was a sudden knock at the door, which to my consternation began to swing open.

Abruptly I pulled my head back and looked around frantically for something to cover us. We were both buck naked and there was nothing that would do the trick in time.

E-Beth swung the door wide open and then leaned against the doorframe. “You two had better hurry up. Amber and I have a class in fifteen minutes.” And then she just stood there and relaxed in her position.

“You gonna watch or something?” Amber asked without a trace of the embarrassment that I was currently feeling.


I glanced back at forth between them for a second, but then Amber grabbed my head and shoved it back into her crotch. “You heard the woman. Hurry up!”

Bewildered, I obeyed and went to work.

At least until I heard Diane cruising by. “Hey, he’s got a nice ass.”

Ah, hell.


“Hey, dude,” Kevin greeted me as I walked in and dropped my bag next to the coffee table. I dropped myself onto the couch a moment later. “Dude, you don’t look so good,” he said with honest concern.

“Really? How so?” I asked in a tired voice.

“Well, there’s the bloodshot eyes and big black bags beneath. You’re pale, really pale if you consider we just got back from summer vacation. And you look like you’re moving at half-speed. Dude, we’ve been at school a week and you’re already wiped out. And today’s a Monday. What the hell are you going to do when finals come around?”

I sighed and let my head loll back against the wall behind the couch. “I don’t know.”

“What’s going on? You not getting much sleep?”

“Uh, it’s not that,” a stupid smirk rose into my face.

“Whaaat?” He asked, leaning forward.

“Well, whoever said ‘there’s no such thing as too much sex’ didn’t live at my house.”


I nodded.


I nodded.

He paused. “Diane?”

I rolled my eyes. “No.”


I jerked my head up. “Why does everyone keep saying that?”

“Dude, you got a reputation. You’re such a man-slut. But I guess even you’ve got your limitations.” He chuckled. “Want me to come over there and help you out?”

“Sure çankaya escort thing, man. Take all you can get.”

Kevin screwed his face up. “Even Amber?”

I suddenly thought of Kevin and I double-teaming her, one on each end. “You know… I wouldn’t really mind.”

“Hey! I would!” Jen suddenly said from the hallway. She came and sat down in Kevin’s lap. “This man is all MINE. We are NORMAL people.”

“Pfffft,” I tossed off. “Normal, schmormal.”

Jen looked at me. “Man-slut…”

“And there’s THAT word again!”


“Baby, am I a man-slut?” I brushed Amber’s hair as she reclined against my chest, comfortably nestled in the crook between me and my left arm.

“Well… yes,” she answered.


“Let me show you.” With that, Amber got up. “Now close your eyes.”

I felt her move around on the bed and kneel beside me. I was watching the bounce of her tits as she moved into position and carefully scrutinized the way they swayed as she bent over my naked body. I felt her blowing cool air across the tip of my wet cock, and despite my recent orgasm, it started stirring to life.

I opened my eyes and looked down. “That doesn’t prove anything. I’m just a guy.”

Amber rolled her eyes. “Fine. Gimme a minute.” She got up and walked out the door, naked as a jaybird.

She was gone a little longer than I expected. But eventually she returned, this time with Diane. My eyes bugged out for a second and I thought about covering myself, but instead I just shrugged and lay there placidly.

Amber arched an eye at me. And then she nodded.

And to my complete and utter surprise, Diane walked next to the bed, grasped my dick with her fingers, and then pulled it into her mouth.

“Oh, shit!” I exclaimed and then the Chinese pixie bobbed her head up and down a few times. I was engrossed in watching her pretty face, with creamy white skin and almond eyes, and a tiny mouth that seemed to be totally stretched by my shaft which was growing at a rapid rate.

Then Amber leaned over and tapped Diane on the shoulder. Immediately, Diane popped off and smiled, wiping her mouth. Amber turned to me. “See, man-slut.”

“Hey, hey. Any guy would have gotten hard if Diane came in and did that. She’s very cute.” I turned to face the girl herself. “You’re very cute. Sorry, I didn’t mean to speak as if you weren’t standing right here.”

“See!” Amber pointed out. “Any other guy would have gotten bashful around a woman he’d never touched, especially with his girlfriend there. But you? Well, I think the term ‘man-slut’ fits nicely.”

I rolled my eyes.

Amber stood up, “Thanks Diane.”

“Anytime.” Diane’s fingertip was tapping against her lips thoughtfully. Her gaze was still on my erection. Then her almond-eyed gaze flicked up to my face, and she smiled before turning out the door.

I watched her tight butt as she sashayed away.

“Ooh, what do we have here?” Amber squealed as she dropped to her knees and wrapped both hands around my cock, which was pointing at the ceiling. “I guess I should put this bad boy to use.”

Once again, she straddled me and slotted me into position.

Damn this felt good. I supposed I could live with being a man-slut.


FINALS (December 2001)

I sighed miserably and placed my face straight down into my textbook, my nose slotting into the groove down the middle of the open pages. Maybe if I concentrated hard enough the information would transmit itself to me by osmosis.

I didn’t even have Amber or E-Beth to help me out this time, since they didn’t share any classes with me. While E-Beth’s Chemistry major and Amber’s Pre- Med had quite a bit of overlap so that they could still be study-buddies, my Engineering major had me marooned on my own.

At least I was almost done with this. With job applications happening early next year, barely any potential jobs would give a rat’s ass about my Winter or Spring quarter grades.

“It doesn’t work that way,” came a familiar voice from the doorway.

I twisted my head so that my cheek was pressed against the plasticky page, still smelling of wood pulp and chemicals. Diane leaned against the door, wearing a light-cotton long-sleeved pajama set. On her short 5’0″ frame, the fabric practically swallowed her whole. “What?” I asked.

“Osmosis. Doesn’t actually work. Believe me, I’ve tried it.”

I groaned, “Me, too. But I figure, maybe one day it WILL work…”

Diane motioned to my face. “Keep trying then,” she smirked. “But I think you’ll get chemical poisoning before any useful information passes through your cheek.” She walked over and sat down on my bed in a cross-legged position and wrapped her arms around her stomach.

My perpetually oversexed mind immediately noticed that Diane wasn’t wearing a bra. With the winter cold, her nipples were hard and her arms were pulling the pajama top tight against her breasts. I looked lower, between her spread legs, and briefly wondered what treasures escort çankaya lay there as well.

All this passed in a fraction of a second and then Diane was asking, “So which final do you have tomorrow?”

“Advanced Fluid Dynamics,” I groaned and then finally sat up. I rolled my neck around a few times trying to work out the muscle kinks that inevitably build up when you’re hunched over a desk for hours on end.

“Ooh, that looks painful. Come over here,” Diane ordered, waving me towards her.


“C’mere,” she gestured again.

I stood and walked the three steps to my bed, where Diane turned me and sat me down on the floor in front of her so that I was leaning back against my bed frame. And then her small, but strong, hands immediately went to work massaging my shoulders.

“Oh, wow…” I sighed happily and sagged back against the frame. Diane was a compact delight of pressure and form as she squeezed and rubbed and generally worked her wizardry from my neck all the way out to both biceps.

She worked me for five minutes, just chatting about campus gossip before she announced. “Okay. My turn.”

I heard her shuffling around on the bed while I got up and turned around to switch places with her. But then I saw that she was facedown across my mattress and lying comfortably with her head pillowed on her arms. But more importantly, she was now topless, her naked back an unbroken canvas of light tan smoothness and supple musculature.

“Uh, Diane?” I ventured.

“C’mon. Amber promised that you could help de-stress me from my finals.”

This made a certain logical sense. After all, Amber REALLY liked me giving her massages. What woman doesn’t?

“C’mon man-slut. Don’t tell me a little skin has got you shy.”

Ooh, a jab at my ego. With a mild adrenaline boost I mounted the bed and then straddled Diane’s tight backside. I was tall enough that my crotch didn’t press against her ass or anything, lest she realize that she was already having some effect on my lower appendages. And so I went to work on her muscles.

“Mmm…” Diane hummed as I went to work on her. For the next ten minutes, I passed completely beyond neck massages and worked my way across her shoulders, down both arms, wriggling out her hands and fingers, and of course down to Diane’s lower back. My fingertips were getting dangerously close to her breasts on each side and to her butt-cheeks, but I stayed within my own self- imposed boundaries.

By the time I was done, Diane was a puddle on the blanket.

“I am so jealous…” Diane purred when I moved off of her and sat on the mattress with my feet on the floor. “Amber gets those whenever the hell she wants.”

“Yes, she does.”

Diane half-turned her torso, covering her breast with one arm as she twisted around to look at me. “Well, as I understand it, she also has a special way of thanking you for your efforts.”

My mind immediately flashed to Amber’s idea of thanking me. It usually involved my dick in her mouth. “Uh, yeah, she does. But that’s between me and her.”

“Oh, it’s not a secret,” Diane smiled. “We’re her friends; she tells us everything. And really, fair is fair. You did give me a wonderful massage.” And with that, Diane sat up and dropped her arms away from her chest. Her tits were petite but curvy, just like the rest of her. B-cups if I had to guess. And they stood off from her chest with rock-hard firmness and her nipples were even harder now than before. She slipped off the bed and moved around to kneel in front of me, her hands going to my own loose pajama pants.

“Uh, Diane! Diane.” I gripped her wrists before she managed to drag my pants down. “You really don’t have to do anything. I mean, uh, you gave me a massage first. So we’re even.”

My hands had gone slack around her wrists, and before I could tighten them, she jerked my pants down and exposed my hard erection out into the cool night air. Her head bent over it, with her eyes swiveling up into mine.

“What? You don’t want me to?”

I’d gotten a new grip on her wrists, so tiny and thin in my meaty paws. So she wasn’t moving anywhere. “Of course I want you to. That’s not the point.”

“Then what is the point?” She exhaled loudly, a warm and moist puff of air that grazed over my purplish head.

“Amber. I can’t do this to Amber.”

“Why not? It’s not like you haven’t fucked other girls.”

“Well, Amber’s always there WITH me,” I reasoned.

“Not E-Beth. You’ll fuck her alone.”

“Well, that’s different. E-Beth and I… we go way back.”

Diane sighed, her exhalations once again flitting over the head of my cock which was only trying to get itself inside of her mouth, twitching angrily at me. “Fine, fine. I get it. You don’t want to feel like you’re cheating on her.” She leaned away from me and this time I let her wrists go.

She stood up and grabbed her top, hurriedly pulling it over her torso with a disgruntled look on her face. “Some man-slut you turned out to be.”

“Diane…” çankaya escort bayan I pleaded. She was a roommate and I didn’t want to have awkward tension between us for the rest of the year.

She waved me off and headed for the door. “Just…” She turned and held up both hands, palms forward in a ‘slow-down’ gesture. “Just gimme a minute.” And then she was gone.

I sighed and then fell back, my feet on the ground but the rest of me flung spread eagle across my mattress. Had I just totally screwed up a friendship? But it wasn’t my fault, was it? She’d come on to me and I’d tried to handle things as diplomatically as possible.

My mind was still running around in circles trying to rationalize what had happened when two figures appeared in my doorway. My head shot up and the first thing I saw was Amber, her arms crossed and an annoyed expression on her face. Diane was right behind.

“You think Diane’s pretty, right?” My girlfriend asked.

I blinked rapidly, momentarily confused. As such, I didn’t answer right away.

“You think she’s fuckable?” Amber continued.

“Uh, well, yeah.”

“Then FUCK her already! Damn!” Amber spat in frustration. “She’s done nothing but bitch about her finals for the last two days. A girl needs to de-stress a bit, you know? And me, too!” Amber threw up her hands and looked at me threateningly. “Now I have to go study for my final tomorrow. I DO NOT want Diane to come knocking on my door again, okay?”

“Okay, okay,” I held up my hands in a surrendering motion.

“Good.” Amber spun and started out the door. She stopped next to Diane and looked at her roommate. “Don’t wear him out. I’m going to need him later tonight when I get through Chapter 30.”

And with that, my girlfriend was gone.

Diane stepped back into my room, a smile on her face as she reached down and whipped her pajama top back off.

As for me, I’d never gotten around to pulling my pants back up. So I was still naked from the waist down as she approached.

“Now where were we?” Diane mused as she settled to her knees. I’d lost my erection completely while Amber was yelling at me. But watching Diane’s tits barely even wiggle as she moved was putting some new lead in my pencil.

“Hi,” she said to my dick. “Remember me?” And then she sucked me into her mouth.

“Oh, shit…” I groaned. In surrender, I fell onto my back across the mattress, my arms limp and to the sides behind my head. Diane simply worked her way up and down my cock with comfortable ease, going slowly and experimenting as she played with it for the first time.

She didn’t bring me off. Instead, after toying with me at the edge of orgasm for almost ten minutes, Diane stood up, shucked the rest of her pajamas, and then got onto all fours on my bed.

“Come fuck me, David. I want you in my tight little pussy. I am just soooo stressed out, I haven’t been fucked since last quarter, and I need relief.”

For a second I thought of Amber. But then with a what-the-hell expression, I got up and stood on the floor behind the little Asian pixie. She was so petite that for a second I worried about breaking her. There was almost no padding on her thighs and her butt was almost invisible. And with her bare-shaven pussy, she looked almost illegally too young. But there was no mistaking the wet pink center spreading open for me. And Diane was already blindly reaching back for me impatiently.

I leaned in, aiming my cock for her right hand. Diane giggled when her fingertips brushed up against it, and she quickly fisted my rod, giving it a couple of quick jerks before aiming it at her pussy. “Got you now.”

“You got me?” I challenged. And in a quick motion, I brushed her hand off, pushed my mushroom head into her folds, and then gripped her hips to skewer her in one powerful thrust.

At least, that was the idea. I gripped her hips and slammed my own forward, but I only managed to wedge myself in a couple of inches. Good freakin’ lord this girl was tight!

Still, it was enough to cause a howl from Diane that surely alerted my girlfriend that I was carrying out her orders. And so mid-thrust I changed the driving force in my legs to steady pressure instead of a violent lunge. And inch by inch, I was sinking deeper into her.

“Oh, FUCK! David! You feel so good inside me! More! More!”

I did my best to comply, but there was only so far I could go. There was still an inch or two outside when I felt the unique sensation of my head bumping against the narrowing of her cervix. The little five-foot pixie was small and short almost everywhere. For a brief, perverted second, I wondered if this was what screwing a young teenager would have felt like.

“So fucking big!” Diane gasped when I stopped. And then she was pulling away from me to initiate the next pumping cycle. “Stretch my little cunny,” she pleaded.

It was slow going at first, her tight constriction making it impossible to thrust any faster. But the longer we kept going the wetter she got and the more she was able to stretch out and accommodate my thickness.

“Oh… oh… oh…” Diane chanted constantly in a quiet voice, simply overwhelmed by the sensations. I delighted in hearing her sounds gradually speeding up and increasing in pitch the longer we went on, until her oh’s became ai’s. “Ai, ai, ai, ai, ai!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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