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My take on taking advantage of the need to relieve sexual tension during the coivid-19 lockdown. Everyone in the story is over eighteen. Comments and votes are greatly appreciated.


Like many others, I was stuck at home alone due to the coronavirus or as President Trump liked to call it the Chinese Virus. From there, I started thinking about the apocryphal Chinese Curse, ‘May you live in interesting times.’ In fact, it turns out the saying is of English origin and no actual Chinese source has ever been produced.

But the idea of finding my ‘blessing in disguise’ stayed in the back of my mind. I sat back for a break to surf the porn net and started thinking of all the others who, like me, were in seclusion ranging from self isolation to quarantine. They would be a little bit frustrated and with time on their hands so to speak, while at the same time my own hands were busy relieving the stress brought on from watching an especially hot bisexual mfm scene. It could have stopped there, but as I was cleaning up, a trailer for Ready Player One flashed across my video monitor. That was my Eureka moment, when I started thinking about the possibility of merging Virtual Reality and sex aids. The rest, as they say, is history.

With the covid-19 lockdown, there were tens of thousands of suddenly unemployed young millennials, gen Xers and even some boomers waiting for their two grand from Uncle Sam. If I could put together an affordable integration of VR and ‘personal pleasure toys’ it could provide gratification to those in isolation, make a little coin for me, and at the same time help Ankara escort in maintaining social distancing.

In reviewing the VR domain, it was obvious that at present, there was nothing close to the Ready Player One suits and decks. Some of the newer high-end suits were definitely on the right track but they were way out of the price range of my target demographic. Accordingly, rather than a full-on Harry Potter flying broomstick Quidditch experience, I wanted to use existing commercial VR headsets and 3D sex porn to provide optical and auditory stimulation, which would then be integrated with programmable remote sex toys to provide a visual, acoustic and physically tactile experience focused on the genital and erogenous zones to relieve built-up sexual frustration.

I can operate a computer and find my way through most of the apps on my cell phone, but I am not a programmer. However, thanks to my misspent first year at the college, I had come across a few whiz kids who both partied and flew through first year. In particular, I remembered Fred Appy, a poor card player who always seemed to have money to lose because he had a side business designing and programming websites and apps for local businesses. We’d visited the occasional strip bar together and I knew that Fred too had a penchant for porn sites. So, I shot him a kik asking if he could program an android app to sync input from a VR headset to remote control sex toys down below. He replied with a three-page email, which boiled down to yes but they had to be Bluetooth 4.0 and above. After a few more emails and video conferences, our Ankara escort bayan new enterprise was born.

As the largest erogenous zone in a human being lies between the ears, a good headset with above average video and sound was crucial to my proposed VR erogination. As most of my target clientele were financially strapped, few would have the computers required for the high-end VR input. Many would be gamers and would have game consoles, but the gaming platforms were brand specific. However, virtually all would have cell phones and most of these would be android. Several online reviews gave surprisingly good marks to an android coupled headset. You could download the VR porn on your laptop, copy it to a memory stick and run it from your android phone. We purchased a couple of units to test it with some of the available VR porn and even without the stimulation down under, it kept me rock hard for the duration of the show. In fact, to paraphrase Tom Waits, I barely managed to refrain from taking advantage of myself. Additionally, many sex toys could be controlled from an android phone. So, both a platform and accessories were available, the problem was to get them to talk to each other to maintain and enhance the user’s pleasure. But for Appy this was a piece of cake.

As our initial target market was male, penile stimulation was paramount. In assessing available options Fred and I both agreed that a cock sleeve would provide the most complete coverage. They were a bit pricey, but cock was the crux of our client’s focus and both the soft and hardware had to be top drawer. Plus, there Escort Ankara were at least two good models available. Both could be android controlled and had sync capability. Appy was ecstatic and noted that the same firms also had an inbox stuffed with similar products for women which could double our market penetration.

We were less sure about anal toys but decided that in Greece do as the Greeks do. Again, the toy manufacturers had a range of products available. In the end, we decided to go with a combination butt plug and prostate stimulator to provide the most complete whole-body experience. We debated adding nipple clamps but decided to hold off on them to start, letting our clients handle that erogenous zone manually.

A few weeks later we had completed beta tests on ourselves and some friends and arranged mutually acceptable agreements with the manufacturers and distributors of our featured toys. Initial test market launches were going well, and we’d made arrangements to sell Appy’s Handy App though several download sites. The first week was slow but then sales soared with no sign of curve flattening yet.

Then the toy makers remarked that many of our clients had wearable fitness tracking devices which measured body movement, pulse and breathing rates and in some cases more. They asked if Fred could modify the app to include this feedback. Appy thought this was a great idea and then threw in an AI program to use this feedback to maximize the time the client would be on the verge of climax: edging he called it.

Two days later, Fred died of a massive stroke while working with the app in alpha testing. It might have been the virus, but we were unable to get him tested post-mortem. However, he had a smile on his face, and it was decided not to release the enhanced product until all the bugs are worked out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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