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Bridget is an eighteen-year-old girl but everybody called her Bee for short. She started having sex when she was very young. She loved sex she would do it everyday if she could and she has sometimes done just that. Her parents are not a very sexual couple. Bee has heard them make love four times since she started having sex. Her older brother Link short for Lincoln was three years older then her. They have never gotten along. But Bee has always lusted after him since she saw him masturbating two years ago. He has a huge cock almost ten inches.

Link and her daddy where home when she stepped in the house naked. Her friends dared her to go home without any clothes on except her black knee high boots. She said yes because she thought that nobody would be home.

Her dad and her brother were very close. They became really close about two years ago when Link broke both of his arms in a car accident. Link did not have a girl friend at the time to tend to his needs so their dad stepped in and would help. When Link would wake up in the morning with a hard on dad would come in and help him release the need to cum. See they though thought Bee did not know about the father son masturbating sessions but well when she said that she saw her brother masturbating well her dad was in their too jacking off his nine-inch rod.

Bee stumbled into the loving room and landed on her ass with her legs spread eagle right in front of her brother and dad pleasuring themselves. Her daddy had Link’s cock half way into his mouth when Bee came in.

Her daddy looked up at Bee and said, “Where is your clothes young lady?”

Bee just looked at him openmouthed, “Umm with my friends.”

“Bee you need to be punished you do not come in here or run around naked anywhere,”

Bee didn’t know what to say it was just a joke she didn’t know why her dad was treating her like that. Her dad and brother just stared at her.

“Bee stand up,”

Bee stood up and her dad motioned her to step forward. His face was inches away from her shaven pussy. She heard her dad take a sniff of her pussy. He put his hands on her hips and then moved them down towards her thighs were he grabbed and began to pull at them so that she would open her legs for him. When he got her where he wanted her to be, he brought his hand away from her thigh and pushed it between her pussy lips. Bee couldn’t help being a little bit turned on by that since even the slightest touch of her clit would make her excited but she shouldn’t be excited it was her father.

“You have had sex tonight and unprotected sex at that,”

Bee hung her head in shame. Yes, it is true of what her father said. She hated condoms so she didn’t make the men in her life wear one. She is protected by birth control she goes once a month to the doctor’s office for tests and she has yet to get pregnant.

“From here on out you will not go out and have sex with random guys. You will not have sex unless I say so. Do you understand?”

“But daddy I’m eighteen I should be able to go out etimesgut escort and have sex if I want to,”

“Not anymore your mother was to lean with you and know since she is gone you will listen to me and your brother if need be got it,”

“Fine can I go to my room know I feel really uncomfortable,”

“No you chose not to wear any clothes so you will not wear any clothes except when guests are here no strike that you will be naked twenty-four/seven.”

“What!” Bee screamed it didn’t really matter they didn’t know that many people here anyway they just moved here a couple of weeks ago.

Her dad grabbed her arm and shoved her on the couch. He started listing more rules, “If you want to have sex use your toys but from now and until I say so you will be our sex toy.”

“But daddy that’s wrong you’re my dad,” her dad just smiled down on her.

“I don’t care if you want to act the slut you can act it here,” her dad got between her legs and motioned Link to grab her arms. “Now since you are not a virgin I won’t have to worry about hurting you.”

Her dad started to lick her pussy. He could tell she was still very wet with cum and her juices. His tongue found her clit he did a very small swipe at it and heard her start to moan. He wanted to see what she would do if he bit it so he did. She moaned louder then the last time. A couple more swipes of his tongue and she was cumming all over his face. He straightened up and pointed his cock at the entrance of her pussy.

“No daddy no it’s not right,” Bee almost had tears in her eyes not only from her dad but because Link was holding on to her arms and it was beginning to hurt.

“No it’s not right for my daughter to act like a slut,” and with that he shoved all nine inches of steel into her pussy. Her pussy gripped him like a vise. Granted she wasn’t a virgin but she was still the tightest cunt he has ever had. “Son she can please you to.”

Link got an evil grin on his face he let go of one of her arms and straddled her face. Pushing his cock against her tight lips, she was shaking her head no but he grabbed her by the hair, forced her mouth open, and shoved his meat in. While Link was, doing that their dad lay still in her pussy when he saw that his son was in position. He started to thrust in and out of his daughter’s tight cunt.

Bee didn’t want to enjoy it but it was hard not too. With a huge cock in her mouth and another huge cock, thrusting in and out of her she was brought to another stunning orgasm that night.

Her dad and brother switched places. Her brother had the bigger cock of the two but he was gentler with it. He pushed until he got a couple inches in, then pulled out, and then pushed all of the rest of it in. He used his hand to rub her clit while he slowly moved in side his baby sister.

Bee couldn’t help it anymore she was moaning like crazy. Her dad had his mouth on one of her tits while pinching and rubbing the other. In addition, her brother was making her nuts with going etimesgut escort bayan so slow and rubbing her clit.

Link started to move faster and harder until he was on the brink of no return, “Here I cum sis.”

“Come on Link harder faster make me cum. Oh my god your making my cum.”

“Where do you want it sis?”

“Inside me oh god yeah,” and then Bee was gone she felt the first rope of cum hit her womb while her brother just kept thrusting inside of her until his cock popped out. Her dad came mere seconds later all over her tits. Her dad and brother got up and kissed. Her dad disappeared for a second then came back with the camera and started to take pictures of Bee covered with cum. Bee just kept on playing with her clit making her climax again.

“Go upstairs and take a shower,” her dad said.

Link looked at his father with a raging hard on, “Go on up son I won’t be ready until later go have some fun.”

Link ran up the stairs his sister was already in the shower washing away the cum. Bee didn’t hear her brother step in the shower she didn’t feel him until his cock was in between her ass cheeks pressing against her anus. Bee tried to push him away she thought it was over but it just started.

Ch. 2

Link pushed harder until he was inside her ass. It was tighter then her cunt. He loved butt fucking.

“Link stop it hurts,” Bee screamed.

“So you heard dad you’re our sex slave from know on.” Link just kept on fucking until he came. When he was done, he stepped out of the shower and went to his room. Bee just stood there feeling the soreness in her ass. She couldn’t even finish showering it hurt so much that was her only virgin hole left.

Bee got out of the shower and went to her room but her door was gone. She couldn’t lock them out. She was so mad. She got dressed, fell into bed, and was soon fast asleep.

Her dad and her brother were downstairs talking.

“So dad that was fun but you didn’t have to be so ruff with her I think it would have gone a lot better if you where gentler with her.”

“Well didn’t I just hear her screaming?”

“Yeah well I butt fucked her and I think she was a virgin back their,”



They sat their in silence for a few minutes reliving the past hour. Link just got hard thinking about it. His dad noticed.

“Ready to go at it again huh son just like the old man,” He just smiled and patted his son on the back. “Well then get up their and finish it.”

“Nah I’ll wait until morning but I can use your mouth,” Link stood up in front of his dad. He took it in his mouth and started a nice slow blowjob.

When they were finished and tired, they tried to figure out who would wake up Bee tomorrow.

“I got an idea why not my brother your Uncle Ray he’s hung like a horse and he’s always said he would fuck Bee if the chance ever came up.”

“Well I don’t care go call him knowing him he’s still up,”

The next morning Bee was still sleeping escort etimesgut when Uncle Ray showed up. He had his own key so he let himself in. He went up stairs to Bee’s room. She went to bed with clothes on but her dad came in sometime in the night and stripped her. He was going to wake her and yell at her for disobeying the rules already but then he decided that it would be more fun that way. If she woke, he would fuck her but she didn’t so he couldn’t fuck her.

Uncle Ray walked over to the bed and removed his clothes. His cock was already hard with the prospect of fucking his beautiful niece. She was in a good position to be fucking laying face up with her legs spread eagle. He moved on to the bed, positioned his cock at her entrance, and then thought better of it. He was going to be nice. He kneeled down and started to lick and suck at her beautiful cunt. She still didn’t stir she most be really out but her juices were flowing.

When she was all good and wet, he rubbed his cock up and down her slit until it was wet with her juices. He eased two inches into her hole and then stopped waiting for her to wake up when she didn’t he shoved a couple more in then stopped and then shoved the rest of it and waited. He couldn’t wait long she still didn’t move and then he started to thrust in and out of her and that woke her up.

Her eyes went straight to her Uncle’s he just smiled. Bee tried to move away from him but it didn’t work. Then she started to feel the pleasure of his huge cock.

“I want to ride it uncle,”

He was shocked but glad. They moved so that he was still inside of her. When they were situated she started to ride him like there was no tomorrow.

“Oh yeah fuck me with your huge cock, yeah oh my god right there ohhhhhhh,”

Link woke up with the sounds of his sister moaning and screaming. He went to her room and saw that she was riding Uncle Ray’s cock. She was bouncing around so much that her tits where all over the place. Link pulled out his cock and started to rub it. He decided that his sister was occupied that he would go wake up his dad but then he felt his dad’s hand on his ass squeezing it.

Link turned around and gave his dad a deep long kiss that was interrupted by Bee’s moaning. They stepped into the room.

Link pulled down his dad’s boxers and said, “I want to fuck you.”

His dad just nodded his head. He leaned over the chair with his ass sticking up in the air. Link grabbed a bottle of lotion, lubed up his cock, and squirted some into his dad’s ass hole. To the background noises of his sister and uncle’s moaning, he fucked his dad.

After awhile he didn’t hear his sister anymore. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was his sister. “I want dad to fuck me while you fuck him and Uncle Ray can fuck you he still has a hard on,” Bee moved underneath her dad. They all repositioned themselves so they all could be fucked.

Uncle Ray lubed up Link’s ass and started to fuck him. Link was no virgin back there but it sure as hell felt like it to him with Uncle Ray’s huge cock.

They all fucked repeatedly that day all with different partners. They all somehow made it downstairs. Bee was lying in the middle of the floor and everybody else was on the couch with boxers on. Bee had to stay naked and then they heard a knock at the door.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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