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Author’s Warning: as has been the case throughout this series, this chapter will involve elements of female domination, male humiliation, and even some watersports. The latter of which is easy enough to gloss over but for some people it’s a hard line. If this is not your thing, DO NOT READ THIS STORY! I know the start is, once again, quite a tangent but this was by far my favourite chapter to write. There are a few new faces introduced. I know, it’s already a large cast. But they’re necessary for me to tell the story I want for the finale. I think they’re going to become favourites quite quickly. Enjoy. BG.


It was difficult to ascertain exactly how serious the girls were. No doubt certain inhibitions had been cast aside and, in light of recent events, it became less egregious to openly consider fucking one’s friends. Obviously Saul was keen. He popped another woody just thinking about her tits, but Dani was no less crude regarding her designs. If only Macy realised just how much her friends wanted to bed her. I just couldn’t see it actually happening, not with Macy! But our monopoly on the bathroom was brought to an abrupt end and with it the conversation died. Two strangers came stumbling into the block. Or rather, one came stumbling, the other supported her.

“WHOA, THEY’RE LIKE TOTALLY NAKED!” shrieked the stumbler, a short girl with frizzy pink hair. Her friend, a very attractive black girl, paused to process the scene. Immediately I turned away and so did Saul, electing to show our backsides to the women, but Allison brazenly greeted the strangers full frontal.

“That tends to be how one showers,” chirped Ali, reaching for her towel. This was a communal bathroom at a festival, nudity was commonplace. Luckily, they hadn’t walked in 10 minutes ago because that might have gotten us kicked out. Dani, emboldened by her friend’s confidence, wrang out her freshly washed hair and made no attempt to shield her body from googly eyes.

“Nice bush! Very seventies,” slurred the drunk one, gawking at my girlfriend’s crotch. She was a little chubby with freckles and buck teeth, dressed in a stained flowing green dress. Cute in her own chaotic way.

“Thanks,” chuckled Allison. The sober friend offered to give us a minute but Ali told her we didn’t mind and we were done showering besides. I do kinda mind, I thought. Every time I made peace with a boundary, Ali tried to push me past another.

“Ok, Stella, let’s get you cleaned up,” sighed the young black woman. Stella, with all the pluck of a drunk, ripped her clothes away enthusiastically declaring herself now “a nudist just like you guys”. “I’m so sorry about her,” the friend apologised with exasperation though Dani was beside herself with laughter.

“Benji, come get dried off so we can give them some privacy,” Ali demanded. Her tone was patronising, in a matronly way. But she wasn’t interested in privacy. Elsewise she would have passed the towel to me, as Dani had to Saul, instead of standing out of reach. Being exposed in front of friends was one thing, but did she have to humiliate me in front of these innocent strangers? I might have covered my small unit but somehow that seemed worse, what with the girls unashamedly flaunting it all. The only thing worse than having a little dick, is appearing insecure about it.

Or perhaps I just gave into my burgeoning fetish. Stella, in her intoxicated state, was no less vocal than the others had been. “Jeeze, that’s a TINY penis!” she cackled, pointing at my two inch worm. She must be related to Saul. Her friend smacked her on the back of the head and the whole thing was over in a second, I snagged the towel and wrapped it around my waist. But the damage was done. “Sorry, must be the cold water,” Stella muttered as her friend gave her a dousing of it.

“Nah it’s always small,” shrugged Ali, handing me my shorts.

“ALLISON!” I hissed, much to Stella, Dani, and Saul’s amusement. The cotton candy haired girl was a naturally dark haired, which I could tell from the stubble at her crotch. I felt no guilt for stealing a peek. “See you guys around,” I mumbled, grabbing my smug girlfriend by the wrist. The friend with the spectacularly bouncy afro gave me a sympathetic smile as the four of us at last left the shower. Somehow that was worse than laughter. “Too far,” I complained as we strode back to our tent.

Ali pulled me close and gave me a wet kiss in the cheek, “oh, relax! It was just a joke.”

“Why am I always the butt of the joke?”

“Your joke was in my butt,” Dani spanked me on the bottom and laced her arm through mine. Well, technically it was between the cheeks. She hadn’t allowed me to plunder the actual hole.

“Oh, that’s clever, babe!” Saul chuckled, slow to the punchline. He trotted after us, giddy as a stud on a farm.

The boys had the beers out and were barbecuing some corn on the open fire. It was just after 4pm but, what with this being the last istanbul travesti day, there was a mellow vibe around the festival. No music yet blared and smoky columns rose amidst the tents. “And where have you been?” Ali asked Nelly who was back in her customary camp chair.

“Could ask you the same thing…” the prodigal lesbian replied snidely.

“She’s been galivanting in the VIP section,” Jessie informed us.

“How’d you manage that?” queried Saul.

Nelly made an obscene gesture with her tongue. “Persuasion,” she said. She then tossed Ali a pair of gold wristbands to match her own. “Tent 7, a gift from me and my new fuck buddy,” Nelly grinned, “make yourself at home, just don’t be alarmed if you walk in on something awkward.” She winked even as Jessie glared at her. I could feel Macy glare at me, recalling the referenced incident which set us at odds. I was glad Nelly had found herself a new distraction, and the peace offering was most welcome. However, when pressed, Nelly admitted her lover didn’t technically consent to us using her living quarters. I pitied the poor girl for she clearly had no notion of whom she’d fallen for.

And old saint Nelly was not through with her gifts, handing out pills like sweets. Saul, Dani, Ali, and Robbie partook. Lucas was about to, but when he realised his moody girlfriend was abstaining he followed suit. All of this began with MDMA. I’d be foolish to do it again. And foolish I was. Drugs had nothing to do with it the mistakes I’d made that first night. And if I was going to survive this final night, I would be well rid of my inhibitions. I took a moment, staring at Ali as she watched me expectantly. She promised me that it would all be worth it, in the end. She’d not always been honest, but I wanted to believe her. Down the hatch it went. Back down the rabbit hole we plunged.

If you’ve never done molly, you should know it makes you rather frisky. As though your pulse is seeking another. We hit the dance floor around 6pm and I spent the better part of three hours grinding against my girlfriend. She didn’t mind, it was the most time we’d had all weekend. We exchanged heat and movement and sweet nothings. This felt like a shred of normalcy. I should have known there was a game afoot. Or rather going on over my head. “It’s time,” Ali whispered in my ear, “I’ll see you later.” And like a ghost she drifted off into the crowd. And then Dani was there, drawing me hastily away from the party.

“What’s going on?” I grumbled.

“Its operation ‘Save Macy’,” she quipped. Here we go again.

I shook my head, “maybe we should just leave them be, Dani. Their relationship is just fine.” Dani rolled her lively green eyes.

“Just fine isn’t good enough. You know that better than anyone. Besides, if this all works out you’ll probably get to see her naked. Maybe more,” she nudged me in the ribs, “don’t act like you don’t want that.”

“To be honest she scares me a little,” I mumbled. That made Dani laugh.

“Which is precisely why you’re the lynchpin of this whole deception,” she informed me. So why don’t I know what the heck is going on? Dani lead me to the VIP camp site, fronted by a burly guardsman. The problem quickly became apparent. “Oh, shit, I forgot to ask Nelly for a wristband!” she noted in panic.

“That bodes well for the rest of your meticulous strategy,” I sighed. I was hoping the bouncer would see my gold wristband and that would vouch for Dani. It did not.

“No wristband, no entry,” he stated with a droll apathy. I didn’t have any cash to bribe him and the stoic giant seemed unlikely budge from his forlorn post. Dejected we turned back. Dani’s disappointment was evident and I reckon the drugs were making her a little emotional.

Ridiculous as it was, her dejection I found unbearable. “Wait here,” I told her, returning to the bouncer. Before he could repeat his rejection I leaned in and muttered under my breath, “look, pal, it’s the last night. Do you see how hot she is?” He did, eyeing up the twitchy blonde in her short white dress.

“Hell of an ass for a white girl,” he mumbled.

“I know right!? I managed to pull that on the dancefloor. ME! I’m never going to get this lucky again. Can’t you just…help me out,” I pleaded.

His stony face cracked into a smile, “alright,” he relented, stepping aside. His heavy hand thumped me on the back as we passed. I’d had kinky sex with three beautiful woman this weekend but I’d never felt cooler than I did just then. Considering most of that sex had been deeply humiliating, I suppose that wasn’t much of a statement. Still, I was buoyed.

Dani drew me into a side hug and stuck a lip-smacking kiss on my cheek, thrilled by my unexpected triumph. “How’d you manage that?”

“Told him I’d knock him out if he didn’t let me and my lady past,” I joked. Things were still weird between Allison and I. But Dani and I had, through this bizarre weekend, grown oddly close. It travesti istanbul was like having a crush on your best friend. More sweet than dangerous. Only this best friend was my girlfriend’s best friend, and this flutter in my belly was perhaps more inappropriate than the act of sleeping with her.

If only there were more people about to witness the doting blonde on my arm. Alas, on this last night, the VIP section was all but deserted, with most of the wealthy patrons having already vacated. Those that remained had joined the plebs on the dancefloor. Whatever Dani had in mind for tonight, privacy would be welcome. Another potential hiccup did occur to me as I felt the tingle of drug induced energy flicker within. “We’re buzzing right now, the lot of us. You know who isn’t?”

“Macy,” Dani replied. Lucas had dropped a half dozen shots, but Macy was teetotalling. “Number 7,” I observed, pointing out the fancy accommodation we’d be commandeering. The glamping tent Nelly had procured from her conquest was indeed mint. There was a private bathroom, with actual hot water, out back. Up front there was a deck with a wood fired hot tub. The rich really do live differently.

“You get that started,” Dani pointed at the tub. As if this whole impending mess would result in a bit of midnight tubbing. Still, I did as instructed while she went to inspect the interior. “So what are we doing here? And what are you going to do about Macy? She’s been drinking water all night,” I hollered. The tub was already warm, its water murky suggesting it had been used not all that long ago. Tepid water, perfect for bacteria. Probably not the least sanitary thing I’d done all weekend to be fair but there was no way Macy would go near this thing unless it had been boiled. The woman carries hand sanitizer in a Versace purse. I tried to stoke the dull embers in the chimney.

“Lots and lots of water,” Dani hollered back, undeterred. “And let me tell you, she’s not a fan of those communal toilets.” She’d be even more livid if only she knew what else went down in them. I didn’t wholly understand what Dani was implying. She went on as though I did. “Some people need a little chemical interference to trigger their impulses, others just need the right motivation,” she said with unearned wisdom. She was as green as I was where this business was concerned. Fortunately, or unfortunately, she had her accomplices. “Stitch asked Nelly to help out with that.”

“Oh, god, not Nelly,” I groaned.

Dani laughed, “oh she’ll play her part, provided we meet her conditions.” That didn’t sound good.

Convinced that my fire would endure, I dusted my hands off on my jeans and moved to join the conspirator within. Honestly, these plots were wracking my brain and somewhat muting my buzz with anxiety. I didn’t want to play games where Macy was concerned. Couldn’t we just get Allison have a raucous threeway? “Dani, for once just speak plainly,” I huffed, parting the curtain, “what exactly is–“

The interior was no less plush than the outside, though somewhat dishevelled by the strewn belongings of its actual tenants. There were fairy lights strung up through the canvas giving it an enchanted ambience. And two large, decadent, white beds that could sink you into the most marvellous of slumbers. In one of them, a dazzling blonde reclined on the feather duvet with a most arresting spark of mischief. Her clothes had been discarded and the sight of her in mismatched lace discarded my wits. Dani’s small breasts were cupped by a strapless sage green bralette. Her panties were lavender, the sort of lace which left little to the imagination. She shook out her hair into an artful tangle. “You gonna stand there with your tongue out or put it to good use?” she winked, running her tongue across her teeth. Her elven features were especially beguiling beneath the dappled lighting.

I swallowed the dry lump in my throat, composing myself. Try to be cool, Benjamin. “Goldilocks, I do believe that you’re in someone else’s bed,” I pointed out.

She patted the space between her legs, “this one feels just right. Now come here, little cub.”

Undoing the uppermost button on my shirt, I edged cautiously into her den. “Is this part of the plan?” I asked. She grabbed my collar the second I was within reach and drew me into her, biting my lip so hard I could taste a hint of metal.

“Fuck the plan,” she said, quaking ever so slightly. We kissed passionately, with my eyes closed it felt like it did with Allison. And that did scare me.

I begrudgingly pulled back. “What are…you…what are we doing, Dani? This feels…”

“Easy,” she smiled, the heat of her breath on my lips. “Its easier with me, isn’t it? Easier than it is with Allison, I mean. You love her, and it makes all this messy. But you don’t love me,” she chuckled and bobbed her head ponderously, “well, you like me…a lot. And I like you. No matter what, we’re bonded for life, amigo.” istanbul travestileri Her tongue plunged into my mouth and back out and ruffled my curly hair. Electricity. “Deal with the choices immediately in front of you,” she proposed, gently helping with my buttons, “this is going to be a mad mad mad night, Benji. You can run with it, or roll with it. Sooner or later, we wont be alone. But this moment belongs to the two of us. We’ve earned it. Now take that tiny pecker out and see if you can fuck me like a man!” The fervour with which she spoke ignited something within me.

I grabbed her face and roughly pierced my tongue into her mouth, pushing her into the bedding. I thought that was what she wanted but she shoved me backward. Shit! I nearly apologized but the fierce smirk on her face stayed my contrition. “Is that the best you can do?” she grabbed the front of my jeans and yanked me back down. Nose-to-nose, she growled, “take me, or I will take you!”

I seized her wrists and pinned them above her head using just one hand. Though tall, I wasn’t especially strong. She struggled only enough to make it interesting, to make me feel manly. The long fingers on my other hand burrowed into her panties and two of them when right up her slit. She was hot and slick with a desire which burned brightly in both our eyes. Dani moaned and writhed at my furious frigging. I was not being tender whatsoever, paying no mind to her clit, yet that did not seem to matter. However, it wasn’t enough aggression to slake her lust. She was determined to coax further aggression out of me. “Aaahh, come on, ahhoo are you some boy fingering his prom date?” she twisted her arms lose, “mmm, you gonna write me a poem? This isn’t love. I’m not your girlfriend. You think this is abou—ah ooof–about Macy? Ali just wanted you gone so she could–daaaamn,” I curled my fingers inside her, cutting off her provocations.

I knew what Dani was trying to do and I took the bait. I placed my hand on her throat and closed my fingers around her neck. A wild smile spread across her face even as she drew a raspy breath. I watched her face redden, felt her legs tighten and strain as my digits dug into her cunt simultaneously. All of her was so alive in an instant. I will admit I struggled to inflict any degree of harm upon her. But it was getting her so horny that I could not bring myself to stop. I relented just as euphoric tears welled up in her eyes. “You’re not my girlfriend,” abandoning my chokehold I squished her face into a pout, “you’re my slut.” I began to rip. Those expensive knickers she looked so wonderful in were torn, the fabric dug into her waist before snapping. In that stunned instant, I undid my trousers. Five inches of veiny cock rose from my jocks.

But with my pants around my knees, she took the opportunity to reassert her dominance. She latched onto my member and tumbled me onto my back. She quite literally spat in my face before wiping it off and stroking my dick. I tried to rise but oh god did it feel good getting handled like that. That was her only point of contact but she had little trouble controlling my will from it. I was so thirsty for her I damn near blew my wad. That’s when she went after my balls. With my penis jutting up between her thumb and forefinger, the other three fingers hooked around my nuts and clamped. Yeeeeow! “They’re only tiny marbles, it can’t hurt that badly!” she taunted, “not even a handful, are you sure you’ve hit puberty, little boy?” I would have been content to back down and give her control. I would have…

Mustering my strength, I bucked her clean off my small package. I could see it in her visage, she was enjoying the fight and I rose to my knees and grappled round to her back. Behind her now, I drove her face into the pillow and flattened her out. “ENOUGH!” I declared, bringing my hand down to her rump with authority. Defiant, she managed to scramble to her knees but I kept my hand against the back of her head and spanked her ass again. “Stay put, slut, or I’ll thrash this fat ass!” I threatened, giving her another swat. It was mild but thankfully this time she complied, giving me the chance to kick free of my jeans and shoes. This dominance thing did not come naturally to me and I didn’t want to cause her any more discomfort than was otherwise necessary to appease her. Were it not for the drugs I doubt I would have had the confidence to behave this way.

As ever, I was left in that state of rapture by this juicy pear of a body. A waist so narrow you could nearly wrap your hands around it but an arse that could smother a giant. She shook it ever so slightly yet all of it rippled. Cellulite was unavoidable with so large a rear, but no one ever wore it so well. The pretty front end of her was nearly forgotten until her muffled words snapped me out of my stupor. I let her face up from the pillow and she drew a welcome breath. “This is what you’ve been waiting for,” she panted. I ran my fingertip along her crack and lightly across her smooth pink asshole. “I’ve been waiting for it too, Benji,” Dani licked her lips. The wetness between her thighs was quite literally running down her legs, more than enough to smear around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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