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August Ames

Part 4 Growing the penis

To wait for Siobhan was as much a fact of life as eating or sleeping. It was something Danielle did. She sat on the old green wooden bench and kicked her heels. It was where they always met – eventually.

Siobhan was not that late on that particular Saturday. The girl came sauntering along in her green sunflower dress looking as pretty as a picture, her hair for once tied in a pony tail. Danielle watched her come up past the old brick wall that stood opposite to where she was sitting, the one with the green door that had so intrigued her friend over the years. The one she recalled her friend used to make up stories about what might lie behind the old brickwork. Possibly, or even probably, it was a very ordinary garden not even very well looked after. Perhaps a disappointment if actually seen and so better imagined. It was often more exciting to imagine what might be than see the reality. For a moment in her mind she had a picture of what the garden might look like. She smiled, her imagination had produced a picture of the most perfect garden: so unlike the probably reality. A garden of abundant flowers, pristine lawn and the most exquisite pool of water at its centre.

Danielle stood and held out her hands for Siobhan. “Hallo!”

They sat together watching the grumpy old man who lived in the house to the left of the old brick wall. It was not exactly an imposing house but, no doubt, to him it was home and as welcome to him as her own was to her. He was coming up the street carrying a bag. Probably he had been shopping. Danielle felt he was looking right at them but from the distance it was not possible to see the focus of his eyes, merely he was looking straight ahead. What surprised her was he seemed to be smiling, or as close to a smile as perhaps he could get. She had not seen him do that before. What had made him smile, she wondered.

Siobhan chatted away beside her. There was no real need to answer more than ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Siobhan was like that, she could talk and talk.

“That wall. I’ve always wondered what lies behind it, you know.”

Danielle knew! “Yes,” she said. Siobhan had made up story after story.

“What do you think? it’s hardly likely to be fairies, is it, like I used to say. I wonder if…”

But Danielle did not find out what Siobhan wondered because she stopped mid sentence and stared. The old green door with its flaking paint was ajar. Danielle could not recall ever having seen that before. She had rather imagined it was rusted shut on its hinges. Certainly the grass and weeds growing at its front rather suggested it was never used.

“Danny, look!”

Before she could say anything her friend was on her feet and tugging at her hand, pulling her across the street. Siobhan pushed at the door and, contrary to Danielle’s expectation it swung as easy as anything with not even a creak to its hinges. Perhaps it was more used than she imagined, perhaps the hinges had recently been oiled. It would be so interesting to take just a peep at what lay beyond.

Clearly Siobhan was thinking of taking more than a peep. Indeed had already stepped through the doorway. Beyond her Danielle could see it was something rather more than an unkempt garden, quite the opposite in fact. The sight was almost breathtaking. A hidden walled garden of flowers, lawns and shrubs. A hidden wonder of beauty, a riot of colour and scents. It quite stunned Danielle as she followed her friend into the garden, her nostrils flaring at the variety and strength of the scents around her. Essential oils heated by the hot sun and floating there in the air for her to catch.

“We shouldn’t be in here.” But there seemed no one about. A quick look would hardly hurt, not after years of wondering what lay behind the wall. It was all so surprising, not that there was a garden but that it was so beautiful, so well maintained with the lawn neatly trimmed and the flower beds so full and ordered.

An old petrol mower stood on the lawn near a pool with golden fish swimming lazily in the sunshine. The girls walked past a willow arbour and came to carefully tended raised beds with vegetables growing. Aubergine like plants, beans and tomatoes and beyond a pumpkin patch or was it a bed of marrows?

What was visible of the soil in the pumpkin-cum-marrow patch seemed rich, dark and both well manured and watered. The plants were growing vigorously. The big wide spear shaped leaves overlapped as they soaked up the sun, each leaf stalk trying to get its leaf atop others to gather in as much sunshine as it could. Pushing up through the leaves were pretty yellow/orange flowers, open and waiting, seeking to entice in bees and other insects to pollinate. Where the plants had grown up by a trellis Danielle could see they had tendrils which enabled them to cling to other plants and man-made structures and climb upwards. She lifted a leaf and looked beneath. There were fruit hidden there, growing and ripening. They were long, rather than Escort Bayan Esenyurt fat, bright emerald green with pale ridges running along their length giving a, probably, octagonal cross section though they might well, Danielle thought, be nonagonal or decagonal! They were smooth and firm to the touch.

“It’s just so lovely here in the garden, let’s sit.”

The grass was soft, even springy despite being closely mown. It did not have the burnt, yellow look of the sun dried lawn back at home. Perhaps the garden had its own water supply as there was a hose pipe ban in place on account of the particularly hot summer. It was clear the lawn was regularly watered. Danielle looked around, resting back on the palms of her hands, there was no one else in the garden, no one else who might have done the watering.

“We shouldn’t really be here, Siobhan.”

“Mmmm I know, but isn’t this delicious, so warm and lovely like being on the beach. Do you remember that time at Brighton?”

They had been to Brighton more than once. “Which time?”

“On the beach when you were so shocked by so many ladies being topless.”

“Oh, then.”

“And then there were those two without bottoms either. You were almost indignant!”

“I wasn’t.”

“You were!”

“And then there were the men…”


“We had quite a giggle looking at them.”

“I didn’t…”

“Yes, you did. We started comparing them and you said you hadn’t realised they were so different.”

“I didn’t…”

“You did! I bet you thought about them in bed later!”

“Siobhan. “I didn’t…”

“Bet you did. Go on, don’t lie.”

“OK, might have done.”

“Do you remember the fair haired boy with the six pack and the little willie?”

“The wispy beard and the blue towel?”

“Ha, you do remember!”

“It was small compared to…”

“See – you remember all right. And do you remember how you said it looked like it needed some good female love and attention to make it blossom?”


“Anyway, as I told you soft size is no guide to stiff size.”

“Siobhan! Why all this talk of Brighton.”

“I feel like sunbathing.”

“You haven’t a bikini or anything and this is not our garden. We could go home and…”

“It’s so nice here and there’s nobody about. I’m going to be just like Brighton…”

“You can’t.”

But, of course, Siobhan both could and did. Within seconds Siobhan was stretched out on the grass completely naked, all of her exposed as if on that beach.

“Siobhan! What if someone should come.”

“Mmmm, this feels just so good. Go on, join me.”

It was very pleasant sitting in the sunshine, just lazing with the rays bathing her arms and legs. It would be nice to feel those self-same rays on the rest of her body but what if someone should come? “You do lead me into ridiculous things, Siobhan.”

Raising her bottom she slipped her panties down her legs and off and, pulling her dress upwards, she felt the sun on her hips. It was good. She slowly undid buttons at the front of her dress and with another fumble inside she pulled her brassiere out and off leaving her breasts in the sunshine.

“OK?” she asked her friend.

Siobhan smiled, stretched and opened her thighs to the sun. Danielle did the same. It was nice. She lay back on the grass and looked at the one or two wispy clouds high above. The scents from all the flowers and aromatic plants drifted over her and into her nostrils. The perfume so strong, almost intoxicating in its strength. It was lovely lying there, so warm and soothing, so…

Danielle awoke. She was sure she had not been asleep for long. She blinked and opened her eyes remembering where she was and looked at her friend.

It was a shock. Plants did not grow like that, not at that speed: yet the marrows, or was it pumpkins, had done just that. The vines had extended, growing only small leaves in the process right over Siobhan, twisting around her limbs, grasping with their tendrils, as climbing plants do. Danielle’s eyes were wide, such things could not, did not happen, it was impossible. And then she realised just the same had happened to her. She could not move her arms or legs, they were tightly bound by encircling vines. Why had they done that and how had she not felt the growing, had it been so slow as to be imperceptible, a creeping movement below her threshold of perception? Even so she was sure she could feel a vine growing up inside her dress. Perhaps it was becoming more vigorous?

Danielle looked down and, yes, she could see a green shoot waving between the mounds of her breasts, it had grown up inside her dress and was growing right up the valley of her breasts. Turning her head back to Siobhan she could see the vines were tightening, not just around her arms and legs but in the process seeming to pull her thighs further and further apart. She had been sleeping with her knees in the air and feet pulled up and on Escort Bayan Avcılar the ground. The gradual widening of the space between her knees was visible to the naked eye. Around Siobhan’s sex pretty little yellow flowers were blossoming.

The shoot between Danielle’s breasts was longer now. Little tendrils were coming from it and curling up her breasts. Further down she could see tendrils curling through the dark curls of her lower hair and the buds of yellow flowers opening, some growing on long, waving stalks, others with a swelling behind them. Danielle knew the former to be male flowers and the latter the female flowers with their incipient fruits. Already the bees were buzzing around them, moving between Siobhan and Danielle’s flowers, their little hairy legs catching the sticky pollen and moving it from one flower to another, fertilising in the hot sunshine.

Danielle all of a sudden started but, just as when she had been pulling before, she could not escape the clutching vines. A tendril, and she was quite sure just what it was because she could see it had come up her left breast and was curling itself round her nipple, around and around, getting tighter, squeezing it, gaining a firm hold. It was followed by another to the right.

“Siobhan, Siobhan wake up!”

Her friend stirred, “Wha… what is it, Danny?” And then she saw and felt. Her mouth opened as if to scream.

“Best t’let it happen.”

It was a man. She had not seen him come up to them but there he was standing over them looking down at them at the two young girls sprawled on the grass. Siobhan closed her mouth and stared up at him.

The man seemed quite old given his bushy grey beard that pointed down at her, the grey curly hair on his hair and the wrinkles to his face. His skin was nut brown skin both to face, arms and hands. He was dressed in old grey, rather baggy, trousers held up by twin red braces over his white long sleeved shirt and under an open rather striking Royal Blue waistcoat with bright brass buttons. Hanging half out of a trouser pocket a bright red polka dot handkerchief. Upon his feet brown boots suggesting a man engaged in gardening. Was he the gardener?

“Just you relax like and let it happen.

Apart from screaming there was very little else Danielle or Siobhan could do. Having imparted his advice the man went and sat in the willow arbour. He seemed to be unlacing his boots.

Danielle swallowed. She could feel movement in and around her sex. The tendrils were not just active on her breasts, she was sure she could feel one tickling her clitoris. She did not particularly want to, but she could feel herself reacting to the touch, could feel herself moistening and her clitoris growing as the tendril began winding itself around her little nubbin. She winced, and shut her eyes tight as the tendril wound itself tighter, squeezing the little organ, seeming as if it was forcing it to elongate, squeezing it up and away from her body. It was such a sexual feeling. Danielle felt her glands responding further, her whole sex becoming liquid. That seemed to excite the plants further. The flowers stood up in the air the stronger and the plant seemed to be growing faster. Was it perhaps absorbing her wetness through its leaves and tendrils as well as drawing water from its roots?

A different scent came to Danielle’s nose. She rather thought it came from the flowers. It was quite strong and had a certain ‘headiness’ about it. She found herself relaxing, becoming more accepting of the situation, the more conscious of her arousal.

By now the plants had grown all over Siobhan’s sweet little breasts, so white and with delightful orange freckles all over them. The orange harmonised so well with the emerald green of the plants. Not just with the freckles but with Siobhan’s hair. There were green tendrils and even little growing leaves in the curls between her thighs. Pretty really.

Siobhan squeaked. Danielle could see it was not just because of the way her nipples were being squeezed and elongated by encircling tendrils – and of course they had a lot more to work on than her own nipples – but she could see they had found her clit just like they had found her own. She could actually see it between Siobhan’s thighs, small, pink and upstanding with a tendril wrapped around and around it leaving just its swollen tip exposed. Danielle had not realised – and why should she, they had never talked about their respective clitorises, well certainly not in detail, and she had never seen it engorged or otherwise. It was much more a ‘thing’ than hers.

The bees seemed to have done their work well. As Danielle stared at her friend’s hips, some of the flowers began to wither and behind one of the female flowers she could see the fruit beginning to swell. Like those in the main patch it was emerald green and already Danielle could see it was not purely round but had sides, eight, nine or perhaps ten. It was small Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü but it was growing.

In the arbour she could see the man had taken his boots and socks off. Was he perhaps going to cool them in the pool? She watched him slip the blue waistcoat from his shoulders and place it on the bench. It really was a bit hot for such a thing. His ample white shirt looked cool enough, and rolled up to his elbows left his forearms out in the open – much cooler than having cuffs buttoned at the wrist. Undoing his trousers and pulling his red braces from his shoulders he let them fall to the ground. Perhaps he was going to get right in the pool to cool off.

Despite being virtually naked – naked to all intents and purposes really, after all her breasts were exposed and her dress drawn up to her waist – she was a little embarrassed to see the man step from the shade of the arbour out into the full sunlight. He too was not fully naked, though as he steadily unbuttoned his shirt and let it hang open, he was, like her, to all intents and purposes naked. He did not go to the pool but came up to the girls and, once again, stood looking down at them. She found the fact his genitalia was so on display embarrassing: but there it all was, just like the bull in a field.

Lying down as she was and with the man standing over her it was very much ‘in her face.’ There was his penis hanging down, sort of pointing to her and, behind it, his testes in their wrinkled sack hanging even lower like a pair of wrinkled walnuts. It had swung, drawing the more attention to itself, as he had walked from the arbour.

Danielle turned away and looked at her friend. Down by her sex the growing fruit had reached about the same size as the man’s penis and was now looking much more like a smaller version of those she had seen growing in the marrow bed. But unlike the man’s penis it was growing.

She tried another attempt at getting free. A real struggling but she did not so much as dislodge one of the tendrils from around her nipple let alone the one around her clit or free herself from the vines around her limbs.

Frustrated by her inability to escape Danielle lay back and looked up at the man. She thought he needed to be careful or he would be trapped too, She could see the sneaking vines already growing towards and around his feet. Perhaps he was happy to be trapped too? But why would he let that happen?

Why indeed but the vines kept growing. Reaching his feet they curled upwards around his ankles, one winding up his left leg, the other the right.

The fruit between Siobhan’s thighs was growing strongly right up in the air. It looked remarkably like Siobhan was having a very male but green erection. The fruit was in just the right position and looked just like she imagined a penis would look sticking up hard in the air. She watched as it grew bigger and bigger, just like her friends had said a man’s did, and then, all at once, it fell forward to lie on Siobhan, a thick, ridged, curving green fruit looking so like a man’s erection. It lay there, rising from her ginger pubic hair up to touch her tummy button. It was so incongruous: Siobhan with an erect, rather large, penis.

A very similar fruit was growing upwards from her own thighs and then she felt it. There was, so obviously, more than one fruit growing ‘down there’ but this one seemingly was not so much growing in the open but, rather, right down between her thighs and pointing at her – at her sex because she could feel a slight and growing pressure not simply on her now wet, soft skin but at her sexual entrance. Very likely another fruit was growing in a similar fashion between Siobhan’s thighs, very possibly already bigger and within her.

It was unbelievable, she Danielle, was being molested by vegetables, was having sex with plants.

The vines around the man’s legs had already reached his thighs and were continuing to curl their way around and upwards. She knew from her own experience the tickling feeling. It had the same effect on the man as on her – well, almost the same effect – his penis began to grow.

The penis had been hanging there, pointing downwards but now it had begun to move. Despite or because of her present predicament with a vegetable growing bigger inside her already lubricated vagina and her clitoris throbbing from being tightly bound by a plant’s tendril, Danielle was fascinated. It swung a little to the left, growing bigger as it did so and then it lifted itself upwards. The movement was slightly jerky but continuous. The penis both grew and rose – ‘erected’ as Danielle well knew was the proper term for the process.

Up and up it went leaving its twin balls hanging there in their sack, as it loomed the more over Danielle. She turned and looked at her friend with the simulacrum of a penis resting on her tummy. Siobhan was staring at the man’s erecting penis with what, seemed to Danielle, to be an expression of lust. Was she, perhaps, imagining the man’s real penis inside her rather than the growing vegetable? It would be warm and mobile, pushing in and out. Danielle wondered too what that would be like, to have a man or boy opening her and making love to her; what would it be like to feel the rounded end of a penis poking at her; what would it feel like when the boy ‘came’ within her?

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