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Though I hadn’t planned a sequel to “The making of a Flower”, a lot of people asked for one, wanting to know more about how Ann’s first experience ends. I hope you like this:

Ann wanted to scream as she felt her father’s penis push hard to get deep into her, breaking past her hymen. The big thrust took the breath out of her. Her watery eyes popped wide open and she felt the taste of blood on her tongue as her teeth bit deeper into his shoulder. And then it hit her…the pain that she had longed to experience…the pain that heralded her blossoming…and she screamed.

Her father stayed like that without moving for a few minutes. He wanted his baby, his delicate flower, to get accustomed to his phallus in her. He let her scream and kissed her as tears swelled up in his eyes. It was the most beautiful moment and guilt ridden moment of his life.

Still whimpering she kissed him back. Their tongues locked in an intricate ancient hedonistic dance. Ann felt her hips slowly move as her Dad started slowly rotating his pelvis. All that could be heard were Ann’s whimpers that turned to moans as her clit rubbed against escort bostancı her Dad’s grinding pubic bone.

“Oh baby you are so beautiful. I love you so much,” her Dad grunted as he felt his penis squeezed by the muscles of her young tight unexplored vagina.

He slowly withdrew a fourth of his penis and thrust it back slowly into her dripping pussy, repeating it, and building up a slow tempo.

Ann’s hips started moving with her Dad’s pelvis, rising up to meet each thrust. The pain of the initial thrust still lingering in her but the tingling sensation that was now running down her willowy body, from head to toe, far surpassed anything she ever felt.

Her Dad’s massive hands kneaded her soft small breasts. He covered her face and breasts with the most sensuous kisses and nibbles and licks that she had ever experienced. All she could manage to utter were incomprehensible moans and groans and the occasional, “Ohhhh yesss Daddy.”

His hands searched for her feet. He gently grabbed them and opened her legs wide apart, almost split horizontally as he thrust deep and hard into ümraniye escort her. The pain was excruciating for Ann but the pleasure even more as she yelped with each long deep thrust.

He then brought her legs together in front of him, licking her soles and sucking her toes as he let her tender feet rest on his face and chest. He gritted his teeth feeling her pussy squeeze him even tighter now.

Both their bodies were drenched in perspiration in the Texas summer heat coupled with the fire that now raged in them. The few rays of the morning sun that made their way through the blinds danced of the beads of sweat that adorned her body and made her body glisten.

Ann had now wrapped her slender legs around his waist, locking her feet at the ankles on his rump. Their groans had become animalistic, wild and loud. As their excitement built into a crescendo he suddenly pulled her up so that she sat on him, straddling him, his penis inside her.

His hungry mouth gorged on the beautiful breasts and lips in front of him as she grinded herself onto him. The fingers of his right hand snaked their way kartal escort bayan between them and played with Ann’s clit as her eyes rolled up in delirious pleasure.

Ann suddenly felt her body convulsing, her muscles tightening. Her father felt that too. He laid her back and started blindly pounding her with thrust after thrust. Ann had now lost all control of herself. Her body had a life of its own as a huge orgasmic wave took over her. As she violently shook, Ann was making sounds that had no language but were divine to her father’s ears.

He felt like a cowboy at a rodeo. Most of his mind was overcome with pure carnal pleasure but a small part was marveling at the strength of his little daughter bucking under him as he tried to keep his balance and stay on top of her waiting to explode.

And then he came. Her tight vagina milking him of everything he had as he filled her. Ann’s body was still being ravaged by orgasmic flutters as he collapsed on top of her panting and kissing her. A stream of his cum dripped down a corner of her pussy.

They stayed like that for a very long time, cuddling, stroking, and kissing each other, exchanging blushes and awkward smiles. Ann tried to talk once but was silenced by a deep kiss. This was going to be their beautiful little secret and this was the start of Ann’s education into the art of love as she blossomed into a flower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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