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John found a tired and upset Roxy sitting on the sofa in his house. She vainly tried to put on a smile and offered him a glass of whiskey which he took and sat next to her.

“First, I have to apologize that I did not tell you where I was going. When James sent the photographs to the boss, I managed to add my phone number when he was not looking. The photos were nice and …” she began but John interrupted her.

“Sexy and nude…” John said sarcastically.

“Revealing… tight bikinis etc. I got a call from the boss saying he wanted to meet me. And I went to the address he gave and didn’t have time to message you,” she said.

“And the bastard fucked your brains out, right?” John asked.

“He is not so… virile and …”

“Please give me graphic details. don’t hold back now,” John asked downing his drink.

“He stuck to licking and sometimes he would put it in,” she said glancing at John to gauge his reaction.

“Then why the long face if he loved eating your pussy? I am sure he would have offered you a chance to do some modelling.”

“Everything was going fine till he got a phone call from someone called Carrie. Then he was very furious and asked me if I was sleeping with you and when I said yes, he asked me to leave.”

Everything fell in place now for John. The fat ass secretary Carrie, who had the hots for him, genuinely wanted to be laid, and when she came to his house and saw a woman’s clothes and a suitcase, she became inquisitive. She saw Roxy’s photos on his cellphone. Carrie would have forwarded Roxy’s photos to her own phone and later would have showed it to her sources to find out whether the model with the boss was Roxy. When her hunch proved true, she had passed on the information to the boss, knowing fully well he would not sleep with someone being screwed by those on his payroll. What a bitch the nosy Carrie was! He must have drilled her asshole when he had the chance.

“The boss and I are not on good terms and don’t see eye to eye on many things. It is humiliation for the boss to eat what I had fucked,” he told her, avoiding any mention of Carrie being with him.

“But why should the secretary rat on me? And how did she know I was with you?” asked an inquisitive Roxy.

Now was the time to tread cautiously, John thought and said: “She is the office gossip and has sources everywhere. Her job is to know everything and to spread tales. Did you speak about us when you were doing the photoshoot with James.”

“Yes. I told him how nice you were and how you helped me.”

“Was anyone else there at that time?”

“Hmmm, yes. James had an assistant, you know, helping him with the lights etc.”

“Aha! Carrie talks to guys like that assistant. She would have let him see her boobs and touch them and got information from him about you and me.”

After an uneasy pause she asked: “What happens now? I don’t know how you feel about me after all this. Do you bahis firmaları want me to leave?”.

“Roxy, you told me the truth about yourself and how you use your body to get things done. So, I don’t expect you to be loyal to me. I was a bit upset that you slept with the boss, but now I feel ok. I need a woman in my bed and that is it. So the arrangement continues. You can stay here,” he said but couldn’t manage a smile.

“Thanks, John. I am tired, do you mind if I go to bed?” she asked.

John nodded and later when he joined her in bed found her fast asleep.


Two days went by with Roxy preparing breakfast for John and waiting for him to come back from work. Sex was far from both their minds, though he was aroused in her presence and watched her ass when she bent to pick up something. Conversation hinged on news, weather, food and movies. Slowly John sensed he was warming up to her and her sexiness which she would dangle in front of him.

The third day evening, John was in bed and checking the video they shot in the train that they uploaded on the net and found there were more hits. There was a comment from someone named ‘Slitdog’ that her slit was yummy and that he would love to photograph her if she was interested. John showed it to her. She lay in front of him and read it and they smiled for the first time after she returned from her escapade.

“Do you want to talk to him?’ John asked.

“Do you mind if I do?” she asked timidly.

“Look, I told you it is ok. Go ahead and mail him, maybe he could find you some work,” John touched her hand and pressed it.

She replied to Slitdog’s email thanking him for the comment and asking him whether he was a photographer.

Slitdog messaged back immediately saying he was a photographer and would love to work with her. They exchanged details about each other as John watched her from behind, surprised to see his cock stir inside his boxers. He wondered whether he was behaving like a pervert, watching her flirt with other men and asking her to be with other men. He realized it was the boss episode that irritated him and not her using her sex on others. Slowly he rubbed his erection against her ass and she hiked her skirt up to reveal her pantyless rear. He let out his manhood and slid it between her willing thighs as she continued the chat which was bordering on sexual preferences and positions in which she would love to pose. She was telling the man that she would love to sit on a swing chair wearing a bikini and he asked if she would do nude modelling. John’s penis was throbbing and raring for action and, sensing this, Roxy raised her left leg enabling him to enter her wet and hot vagina. Holding her hip he lunged into her as she replied to the photographer that she was reluctant to do nude shoots. As the heat escalated, she pushed John flat on bed and rode his sturdy meat, kissing him and biting his neck and chest till they reached their kaçak iddaa combined climax in carnal convulsions . As they lay limp side by side, they realized how much they needed each other.

“Why did you say no to nude modelling. That is one way to be seen more often and by more number of people. Guys, and sometimes women, prefer a pretty pussy to just a pretty face” he said.

“John, If you won’t feel bad, I will say yes to nude stuff,” she looked at him and smiled.

“My erection rubbing your ass should have made it clear that I have no problems with that. Your sex chat and positions that you discussed with him made me really hard. No jealousy there. The boss is a different matter, he is a bastard whom I hate. I don’t mind nude posing,” he said.

“Then Slitdog is bound to fuck me,” she said.

“That is expected and can’t be avoided Roxy. I mean, in case it helps your career, it is ok, ” he paused and asked “Am I talking like a pervert? Encouraging you to use your pussy and in the process getting aroused?” he asked feeling that his equation with her was returning to normal.

“I don’t know if you are a pervert. I just don’t care if you are. I have never been in a position to think and discuss such things. I am worried about money, career and future,” she said with sadness coloring her apprehension.

Her view put an end to the topic effectively. Meanwhile Slitdog had sent a message asking her to meet him at his house where they would do the shoot.

The next day Roxy left to meet Slitdog and John went to work, thinking of her with the photographer and the various erotic poses. All day John was obsessed with Roxy and went through his daily routine as if in a trance. She sent him a few messages now and then saying the shoot was fine and she was having lunch. When John returned home she was waiting for him, dressed in a shirt and nothing else.

“How was your day with Slitdog?” he asked, feeling a stir in my pants.

“Hmm nice. He is talented and has lots of contacts. We began with bikini pics, then wet bikinis and then just wet shirts. I posed on a swing chair and spread my thighs and raised them high in the air,” she said and paused as he sat next to her and slid his hands between her thighs.

“What about nude pics,” he asked.

“Ya, they came later. He wanted me nude and wet on the floor with a hibiscus flower covering my pussy. Then he replaced the flower with a shell, a conch and a leaf. I bent over, holding a small hat covering my ass. These were different pics and the rest were usual ones.”

“Did he fuck you,” he asked eagerly still playing with her pussy.

“Ya, after the nude shoot, he took me on the floor. Just once,” she said searching his face for a hint of anger but he was smiling.

“Did you two enjoy it.”

“No It was more like a dessert, a much expected end. There was no passion, believe me John.”

“Oh! Roxy. it is fine whichever way it was. So kaçak bahis what does he propose to do with the photos?”

“He said he would get back to me in two days. Maybe he will sell it to some magazines or website.”

She was too tired to think of sex and they just exchanged kisses and indulged in spooning.

Two days later when John returned home, Roxy was glum.

“Hey Roxy, cheer up. What happened?” he asked hugging her.

“Slitdog showed the pics to a rich man and … and the rich man wants me to go with him on a vacation. I think Slitdog doubles up as a pimp,” she finished and looked at him.

“Cool. just stay cool. What is the deal?”

“I just go with the man where ever he goes on vacation and hang around with a wine glass and bikini and keeping my cunt open and hot for him whenever his horny rich dick needs it. I will be paid, too.”

“Hey Roxy babe, this looks nice to me. Come on, cheer up. Honestly I would take up the offer if a rich woman wanted me to do this. What’s wrong in that? You can move around in high circles and maybe some rich guy might want you as mistress.”

“Are you making fun of me, John?”

“Hey honey, let’s be serious, ok? You have a hot body that men lust for… use it. Think it over. I wouldn’t let the chance go. You can also do modelling with Slitdog if you strike a deal on that, too. Tell him you can be with the rich man if he does more shoots of you and gets the photos published somewhere.”

“I will think about that. What about you?’

“Oh. You can always meet me whenever you want or can. I am cool with the idea. There is no need for you to feel guilty or that you are ditching me. There is no breakup, ok.” he said.

She hugged him and they stayed glued for a few minutes.

Two days later she packed up and was ready to leave.

“John, thanks for everything and for understanding me and standing by me,” she appeared sad and on the verge of tears.

“Come on Roxy. Have a nice time and keep me updated on what is happening. we can have a rocking time when you return.” he said.

After she left, he told himself that he felt like a pervert, allowing a woman to sleep with others and enjoying listening to the steamy details. But he also thought this was better than a woman cheating on him and screwing the whole city on the sly.

Two days later Roxy sent him an email: “I am in a penthouse. He is not a rich old man, but a 45-year-old rich man. I am having a good time, real fun. Lazing around swimming pool in a bikini and a drink. Miss you.”

“Am sure he will keep your pussy busy. Do send more updates for this pervert,” he replied.

some days later, Roxy’s message brought a smile to his face: “Hey John. I met lots of guys and women. One woman in her early forties is very close to me. She admires my ass, felt my boobs and pussy. She is badly in need of a guy like you. I have her email and I have told her about you. Interested? “

“Yes,” he said.

Life, as they say was looking up and it was not a bitch. He imagined that soon he would be in the company of that woman and Roxy, maybe both together if the gods smiled on him.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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