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Had he ever known she’d be sensual about it…..

There is a chance he may not have written the script as he did. It was written only for him but, somehow it went further than his eyes.

All those advertisements got brushed off as nonsense, or as a trick for unwarranted and distasteful sex. He was not that way. He still is not that way. It turns his stomach and he wants something more.

It does not have to be romantic. It does not need to linger or become anything more. She answered the call on that premise.

When she heard the tone of his voice, she could feel her heart miss a few beats before pumping hard. The hard pumping made her hold it tight, thinking maybe it would stop the pressure and tightness. There was a subtle release and she caught her breath.

The phone disconnected and she ran upstairs. A fast shower, a faster meal and she was running out the door. That sweet scent dabbed behind her ear and just beneath her soft supple breast finished off her flowing outfit. Although she preferred them more firm, she knew he was in favor of soft. Soft it was.

The painted fingernail at the end of her long lean finger rang the doorbell. As her hand left the button, it found its way to her hair, flipping the long strand from her cheek. The breeze fought her on it until he opened the door. She stood on the mat waiting for him to speak, or at least blink. His eyes traveled along her body even though it was draped with a flowing white dress. As the breeze picked up, it pushed her skirt between her legs.

Realizing she had no undergarments on, his pants got tighter. Finally, he blinked, but paused before opening them again. The end of his deep breath also ended his blink. Smiling, he stepped backwards into his foyer, but kept his hand on the edge of the door. It gave him a bit of cushioning as he rested his forehead for balance. The vision on his doorstep was more than he expected.

Those bare suntanned shoulders supported a thin-strapped dress that draped so softly over her breasts. The outfit offered the slightest tempting bit of cleavage, which he had to refuse. His mind accepted the vision fully. Feeling his cock beginning to harden, he stepped aside and asked her in.

As she danced past him, the scent of her filled the doorway making him close his eyes tight again in a flash of a fantasy. Once inside, the door closed behind him and he extended a hand to introduce himself. She was thrilled by the feel of his masculine grip. He was impressed by the soft skin but firm hold of her hands. It was such a mutual appreciation, they continued holding hands until the back porch was in front of them.

Although she was there to provide him a service, she immediately imagined what those hands would feel like on her. She asked about where to go to wash up a bit. He led her by the hand. The scented soap and color coordinated towels were a nice touch — even the lit candle helped to set the mood. She washed her hands, splashed a bit of cool water on her face and returned to him.

By this time, he was already in place on his cushioned table, face down and propped on his elbows so he could watch her as she flowed back to him. Each step was calculated as it swished the material between her otherwise bare legs. Her high heel sandals clicked on the slate floor as she stepped closer to him.

She noticed that the table beneath him was leather. She’d never seen anything like this in someone’s home before. He must get a lot of these, she thought. And then her mind came back to his strong, bare, freckled back. She peeked under the top sheet for the presence of a bottom sheet to absorb any drips. He had one in place like a good boy.

On the side table were a slow cooker with water and a few soft-sided bottles bobbing in it. She offered him a choice of scents as well as a choice of oil or lotion. He chose the spicy scent and he chose the lotion. Both lubricants were warm and both were slick but if she got oil on her dress, it may stain. He selected it for her benefit.

She smelled it with her eyes shut to brand her mind with how the whole situation looked and smelled. And so her fantasy began…

He porno hikayeleri lay there on his stomach waiting for her hands to touch him. The music went on low and a gentle breeze from a fan across the room added to the moment. She spoke to him in a velvety whisper. The bulge in front of him was trapped and could not grow any further in this position. Her well-chosen words melted all other parts of him. The things she said did not require response. Not even a responsive moan was necessary.

Then she was silent.

He listened hard for her breathing but could not hear it over the gentle hum of the fan and the trickling water garden in the corner of the room. When she saw his closed eyes relax and stop trying to listen to her, she squeezed the cream into a palm and rubbed her hands together. The crackling sound escaped from her palms as she smeared the warm whitish cream between her unstill hands. He readied himself. Not knowing which direction she’d be coming from, he jumped a bit when she placed her lathered hands on his shoulder blades.

That is where she’d begin her journey. The heel of her tender hand pressed on his back below his neck. Slight pressure against his shoulder blades led her down his back. One vertebra at a time, caressing and sliding along his bare skin, she was on her way. It took several minutes to reach his ribs. Back and forth across his back, he tried to flex his arms to tighten his back. As he did, she pressed one hand on the sheet that covered his ass.

The feeling took him by surprise and he stopped the flex show. Too much focus was on impressing her with his muscular back. She wanted to press her painted fingertips into the softness of this man. Her fantasy included tenderness. It was appealing and even erotic to touch such a strong man and find that bonus softness — tenderness.

The sheet was slowly turned down exposing his back all the way down to his waist. Fingertips pressing and kneading on his back were alternated with a firm rubbing. It was a whole palm rotation applied in just the right way that made his cock turn excitingly soft. He marveled at how she could be so sensual and make him happy to be flaccid. Her mission was back on target. The slight dip at the small of his back invited a tickling. Hands already covered in the slick warm lotion, she decided to appeal to his unspoken desires in another way. He squirmed on the table as he felt her two hands on his shoulders accompanied by a moist warm sensation on his back. He hardly believed she’d engage her tongue like that.

With a bit of sucking, she soon had a mouthful of the taste of him. That erection returned in its entirety. The licking went on. Her strong tongue made itself known as she continued her hand movements up and down his back. As the fingertips on her left hand walked up and down his back, her right hand trickled over the edge of his back to approach his chest. She tracked her fingers up and down his side until the tickle feeling passed. Eventually she could slide her fingers beneath him and feel his hard nipple pressed against the cool white sheet. Two fingertips were able to pinch on it and generate a moan.

She pressed forward more to get more of his tit between her fingers. He did not shift or roll to allow it, but she got there anyway. Feeling his firm nipple between her knuckles made her wet. It brought her to a place where it felt like he might have been pinching hers. But this was better. Her other hand joined from the other side and soon, she had her hands full of his perked-up chest.

With his broad back, the far hand could barely reach. As her arm extended across him, her breasts hung low enough to brush across his back. His head lifted at the feeling but she pushed it back down with a soft, soothing word whispered directly into his ear with her hot breath- “relax”. Before she pulled away, she nibbled on his sexy earlobe.

Her hands slid from beneath him for a short spell as they tracked along his tender ticklish sides. When they arrived near his hips, she traced the heart shaped curve of his pelvis where it gave her better access to his groin.

The feel of his sex hikaye bone led her where to go. As she glided her hands beneath him once again, he lifted his hips to give her better access. Just as she felt that silky hair, his thighs tensed and she slowly, inch by inch, withdrew her hands to continue along the way. Settling his hips again, she returned to the mission. That tender part of him was so sensual and so inviting she could not resist going back for more. This time though, his cock had grown and shifted. It startled her this time to feel that smooth hot swollen head there to greet her fingers.

Teasing him would only be a novelty for so long. She stroked the head and ran her finger along the rim for a brief moment. One hand came out from under him fast, the other pressed along his hip, essentially asking him to roll over. He let out a “mmmm” almost in refusal.

She took her other hand out and proceeded along the back of him to finish this half of the massage. With a quiet splash, the bottle of lotion was returned to the hot water. She traced imaginary fun designs on the back of his legs with the warm lotion. Her hands began at the first droplets of cream that landed just below his ass. It was always that tender part of his legs that excited her in such a private way. The little beads of lotion were rubbed and rubbed and rubbed until her soft hands blended the cream into his leg.

She pressed on his ass and massaged one cheek before massaging the other. He forgot all his worries feeling her hands on him like this. She again modified the innocent massage. One hand pressed along his muscle, running up to his waist. Just as her hand reached his shoulder, the other started at the lower edge of his cheek and followed the first one. Over and over, pressure and rubbing and again and again, she added to his sensations. When he felt her bare hanging breasts touch his thighs, he could not picture her straddling his knees. He never imagined she was about to lick the bottom of his waistline.

She gathered as much saliva as she could and gently, respectfully placed it with her tongue during a tender kiss where his cheeks met. Tongue in place, her hands moved to his back again and continued along his body. As they tracked down his sides where his body met the table, she scooped her hands beneath him once more. This time when he lifted his hips, she took advantage of the access he provided. Her fingers met at his cock and clasped together around him.

She took hold of it with one hand and gently slid out her other. The massage of his lower legs would have to wait while his third leg got some close and personal attention. This time, he listened and rolled to his back.

The cool white sheet gracefully draped his cock. He was stiff enough to keep straight in the air while she maneuvered herself along his legs. She tried not to touch her pussy to his legs while they shifted. It was too soon to let him know how truly wet she had become.

The sheet was lifted from the side, keeping his chest private but allowing her to see his cock. She closed her eyes and lowered her mouth to him. He constricted his muscles to make it dance. As she was about to take it in, he’d dance it away. Her mouth closed and his cock came back at her, tapping her on the lips. This game went on…and he gave in.

After a few short pumps to her throat, she sat up across his thighs, dripping into the space between them and she began the massage of his chest. Lotion on her palms, she rubbed all over his chest to evenly distribute the creamy feeling.

As she smeared it along his body, she blew gently. The tickling sensation was exciting. He felt it through his body and it exploded through his nipples and through his cock.

Being in the open now, she reached between her own legs to reach for the cock that was barely tapping on her sensitive wet lips. Lotion slathered his balls and made stroking his shaft easier and slicker.

As she stroked him, he reached to the side table for the bottle. She held his cock straight up in the air and he dripped it into her fist. Sliding up, sliding down, and up again until her fingers hit that fat seks hikaye ridge. When it reached that point, she tightened her grip and forced her hand over to the head. All her fingers tightened to stimulate his cock. With a pinky and thumb wrapped confidently around the base, he felt the pressure mounting.

His pinched and tweaked nipples became a glorious part of the massage. Her hands alternated.

One hand rubbed up along his chest to his belly and to his fine hairline. As it approached his cock, both hands would remain as the other hand released and trailed, rubbed and massaged the way to his chest and shoulders. She was talented and kept him guessing where her hand would touch next. All the action made him stop thinking. Now he could concentrate on the feelings imparted.

The feel of her breasts bumping along his face as she stroked his cock. Standing at the top of his head gave her a wonderful view of his full body. The manly curves and bulges of his body were making her wetter.

She slipped a hand from the action upon his chest to take his hand and silently ask for a reciprocal mini massage. He went willingly as she guided his hand between her legs. When he felt her skirt on his wrist, he spread his fingers to greet her pussy. Arm extended over head, they both enjoyed the new perspective. He was able to bring his other hand there as well. Two fingers pinched the base of her clit, just as she pinched the base of his cock. His long strong middle finger tapped at the tip of her. The gasp she let out was not enough to tell him how it felt. But he knew it when she stood so high on her toes. That hand of his caused her to climb back on the bed with him.

As much as she tried to escape his touch, she wanted more of it. Escaping was to keep him as guest of honor, staying was pure pleasure. The mix blended with his tongue on her tender but red lips. Her tongue played with his head, wrapping it around as the rest of his package called out to her. Those tender balls setting so perfectly between his tender thighs were just asking to be sucked and licked.

As her mouth encased them, she felt her skirt slide to her back. He grabbed her tight by the ass and pulled her more firmly to his face. He knew exactly what he was doing. She could slide her knees away and allow him the tasteful pleasure of doing what he knew best. The shifting feel of his soft then firm tongue pressed against her in all the right spots. Leaving his tongue beyond those tasty lips gave a feeling she had not felt before. Sucking her lips paired well with the tongue that found a sweet spot within.

His massage became a sensual one fast. But then she got the hand job. A bit of flavored oil dabbed in all the right spots kept him massaging and licking her for hours. She wanted to touch and suck him, but he melted her.

His fingers parted the petals to expose her inner gems and to let the juices flow for him. They were in the powers of his knowing mouth. With all of his focus on her, he began to go soft.

She was more turned on by that stage than when he was solid and upright about to poke her.

Soon enough her mouth was fully engulfing his cock and balls. Her tongue swirled it around the cavity until he began to stiffen again. They were both so close they spun their hips together as though they were screwing. Each pump up brought that wonderful cock to her throat. Each bounce brought his tongue deeper inside her. With an unexpected slap on the ass, intensity overcame.

More lotion was applied between them, the dress was torn off and they slid along one another’s body. He grabbed her by the ankles and slid her along his body until she was centered over his cock.

She sat up straight and he glided right into her muscled-up tight hole. Once in place, she leaned forward, grabbed his ankles and continued the massage up his legs, sucking on his legs as she went along.

He massaged her ass as it bounced on him. He was able to see himself disappear in and out of her slick pussy as she moaned with desire. She could see his balls press to her wetness each time they bounced. As soon as her creamed-up hand went between their bodies and grabbed for his cock, they started to cum.

Restraining a scream or a yell, the speed of the bouncing slowed and let them do it again.

She dismounted him and continued on with the rub-down.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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