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September 3, 2005

I think this is going to be an interesting month. All of my friends are gone to their first month of college, leaving me with no one to hang out with. My parent’s are gone also. They have left for the Caribbean, spending two weeks on a cruise and the other two in Cancun. So I guess I am all alone for the whole month. At first I saw this as being a very boring and lonely month, until I realized I have the whole house to myself. I could do anything I wanted and would never have to worry about getting caught.

I took advantage of that fact this afternoon. As I was sitting on the couch, the thought of sex entered my mind. Without the worry of anyone seeing me, I began to slowly rub my crotch.

I have just graduated from high school, but I am still a virgin. This is not something I brag about. And now my friends are all off to college getting laid (probably), and I’m stuck at home, not knowing what its like to actually have sex. Therefore, I take some comfort in my masturbation. At least I have that.

As I rubbed my hand over my pants, feeling the bulge growing harder underneath, I thought about, what else, naked girls. I have seen girls naked before, most of the time by accident. Girls from school mostly. Amy Baker stripped at a party once after she drank way too much. I caught a glimpse of Michelle Wessen when she was skinny-dipping last summer. And I had accidentally walked in on Tom’s girlfriend Kate when she was changing.

I thought about these girls, about how great their tits looked, how amazing their figures were shaped. I wished I could have fucked any one of them.

My dick was now rock hard, restricted underneath my pants. I undid my belt, opened my fly, pulled down my boxers, and let it free.

My dick is big, but not enormous. Probably average. It is six inches exactly (and yes, I have measured it before). I was so hard now that it stood straight out forward. I gripped it tight with my thumb and my first two fingers. I ran them down my shaft, slowly massaging my now bulging penis. It felt so good and I immediately wanted it to feel even better. I squeezed harder and rubbed a little bit faster, still not too fast. I thought about how badly I wanted to fuck one of those girls. Any girl really.

The desire to stroke harder was getting strong. I imagined myself sucking on Kate’s tits while Amy sucked my dick. I pictured this in my mind as though it was really happening. The excitement grew in me and I started breathing heavily.

I watched my thumb and two fingers slide up and down my dick and I started to feel hot. I let go of my hard cock for a moment as I stripped off my shirt and took my pants and boxers completely off. I made myself more comfortable by lying out on the couch, totally naked. I rested my head up on a pillow at the arm of the couch so I could still watch myself work.

I now wrapped my forefinger and thumb around my dick just underneath the head of my penis, forming a ring with them. Using this ring, I stroked my long shaft. I increased the speed as I went until I went almost full out, almost as fast as my hand could go.

The sensation felt so good. I laid my head back, panting heavily now. I could feel a tingling feeling growing below. I imagined a hot girl sucking on my hard stick. It didn’t even matter which girl anymore. I imagined myself pushing my dick inside a wet pussy, wondering what it would feel like.

At this point I couldn’t stand it anymore. I wanted to cum then and there. I gripped my whole fist around my cock and stroked hard. My right arm moved quickly, up and down, up and down, so fast that I couldn’t even count the strokes.

All sorts of images ran through my mind: hot, naked girls soaking wet, two girls making out, girls riding my dick, and then me fucking them from behind. All the while jacking off as hard as I could.

I could feel the pleasure moving up from the base of my dick. My breathing was very loud at this point. I began rubbing my inner thigh with my left hand, helping the pressure build up, exciting myself more. It was going to happen soon, I could feel it.

The tingling sensation rose up my throbbing shaft. I watched the red, swollen head of my dick pulse with anticipation. I held my mouth open and my breathing paused. I felt a rush of pleasure bursting forth. I groaned as I came and tossed my head back. The cum shot out of my dick, making pearly-white beads down my bare chest. Four or five more shots pulsed out, pooling the cum on my flat stomach, dripping down the fingers wrapped around my satisfied cock.

I relaxed. It felt amazing. Jerking off almost always does. Yet it only took up about fifteen minutes of my day. I realize now that if I’m going to make the most of my house to myself all month, I’ll have to work on some new tricks.

September 5, 2005

It’s been a boring couple of days until this evening when I decided to masturbate yet again. It had been two days since the last time and I was well ready for it again. However, this time I wanted to do something Ankara bayan escort different than the usual and hopefully something which would last a little longer.

I decided to try something I had read about on the internet. I stripped completely naked and lay down on my bed. My dick was semi-limp as I held it in my right hand. I imagined a scenario where I was with two girls. I thought of them getting it on in front of me, eating each other out. I could feel my cock growing in my hand. I imagined the girls now focused on me with one sucking my dick and the other jerking it off.

I was now erect. My dick laid out on my stomach, pointing towards me. I took my right hand and licked the middle and forefinger together. I then placed these fingers on the skin of my penis just below the head. Normally this area would be on the underside, but with my penis now lying on my stomach painting to my chin, it was on top.

I traced my finger down my head past the place where the foreskin was attached, sending a quiver throughout my crotch. I then pressed down with my fingers and very slowly began to rub.

At first I didn’t feel much, but I kept going. I massaged with my fingers in a circle moving counter-clockwise.

I thought about an extremely hot woman stripping for me. I imagined her giving me a lap dace, sliding her naked body over mine. I pretended it was her who was the one rubbing my dick.

I got too excited. I felt a strong urge to just grab my dick and start stroking. But I knew that I couldn’t just fall back on what felt comfortable. I forced myself to be patient and kept my slow pace as I rubbed myself off.

For many minutes nothing changed. It felt good, but nothing amazing. I watched my large dick being rubbed, resisting the temptation to stroke it hard. Every now and then my dick would bob up and down. I wanted to cum so bad, but I kept on rubbing.

Once my breathing quickened I began to circle my fingers faster, still trying to keep the same concentric motion. Damn I wanted to cum. My cock wanted to also as its bobbing increased. I loved watching my dick bounce on my stomach as if it was moving all on its own. I could feel a sensation rising in me, but it was different than usual. I rubbed faster.

It was so great. I had jerked off so many times before, but now here I was getting myself off in a new and different way. I was really getting excited now. I wasn’t even thinking about imaginary girls or scenarios any more.

This time it was just me and my dick. My focus was all on making my lusting cock shoot its load.

I kept rubbing faster and faster. More than ever I wanted to just grab it and stroke and make myself jizz. But no, I couldn’t. I had to stay the course. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of my penis being worked by these two fingers of mine.

The sensation was growing now, but it was very different this time around. Instead of the orgasm growing in my crotch and up my shaft like normal, it felt like it was beginning at my toes and working its way up. My whole body was feeling the effects of my cock-rubbing.

I was taking deep, slow breaths as a wave of pleasure rose up from my feet to my dick. Then it felt as though it spread out to my thighs and stomach.

I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

My cock was throbbing hard as this great feeling increased more and more.

Finally, the slow-building orgasm came. Yet it was the longest lasting orgasm I have ever felt.

“Oh god!” I involuntarily found myself shouting as the pleasure burst. But I still wasn’t cuming. The orgasm just continued longer and longer, feeling better and better. Then finally it reached its peak and the best release I have ever felt happened. The cum didn’t so much shoot out of my cock as it did pour out, all over my stomach. More and more of it came, a glistening white pool on my abs. I have never jizzed that much cum before in my life.

The orgasm slowly subsided as I got my breath back. I collapsed back on the bed, still holding my dick whose head was now resting in the pool of cum.

I was so glad that I was patient and carried it through to the end. The wait and the discipline was well worth it. I didn’t know orgasms could be like that. I guess that that’s probably more what it’s like during sex. I was extremely satisfied after that. I think I will definitely sleep well tonight.

September 6, 2005

The Lube

Another day, another urge to masturbate. And after yesterday, how could my mind not be back on the topic? All I had to do was think about rubbing my cock like I did, and think about that incredible orgasm and I would grow hard again. Hell, even writing this now I’m getting harder. But that was yesterday, and tonight I thought I would try something different.

When I started I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do. I just kind of started, hoping an idea would come to me. It started off very methodically, very planned out. I went to my room, closed the door (why I don’t know, cause there was no one in the house), and Escort bayan Ankara stripped off all my clothes.

I sat on my bed with my back resting against my headboard. I started by simply holding my dick in my right palm and gently massaging it until it grew to a full erection. I gripped my whole hand around the shaft and stroked, but not fast. As I jerked, I tried thinking of something else to do, something else to try. But no ideas were coming to me. Well, this may end up being a boring month after all if my imagination didn’t kick in pretty soon.

Then I finally thought of something. Lube. I had never jerked off with lube before, never saw the point. I didn’t see how it could make jerking off better. But now that I was in the experimental mood, lube sounded like a great idea.

But I realized that I had no lube. That was a problem. And I was already in the heat of the moment. I wasn’t going to go buy any. I’m not even sure what I would buy even if I did go out. This had definitely put a damper on my idea. Wasn’t there something around the house I could use?

Then I thought of massage lotion. I knew my mom had some in the upstairs bathroom. That would do. That would do nicely. So I went upstairs looking for it. I felt kind of insecure as I walked up the stairs still completely naked, but I knew no one would walk in on me. I still had my boner too. So there I was running around the house fully naked, with my hard dick bouncing before me.

I rummaged through the bathroom cabinet and finally found the bottle of oil. I could feel my dick going limp again. But now I was ready. I grabbed the bottle and hurried back to my room, getting back in the same position as before.

Just the thought of trying the lube was getting be back to my original state of hardness. I took the bottle of lotion and squeezed it out into my left palm. I put the bottle down and rubbed my hands together, getting them nicely lubed up. With my right hand, I slowly gripped my dick. The initial feeling was a cold shock, but it felt really nice, thrilling almost.

I couldn’t believe how easily my hand slid over my cock. It just felt so damn good. The lotion was doing something to my dick, almost like creating a sort of cool sensation which felt absolutely fantastic. With my left hand I reached for the bottle which sat on my night table. I managed to open it with one hand and poured it over the head of my dick as my right hand continued moving up and down the shaft.

Damn it felt good, my dick dripping with the oil now. Every stroke felt like a soothing massage on my cock. My breathing deepened and I laid my head back, eyes closed, enjoying every second. I wrapped my left hand around my shaft also, as much of it as I could. I started stroking with both hands on my well-lubed dick. It felt so good, I couldn’t wait to cum. Suddenly I got an urge to cum all over myself. I wanted to taste it even. Its crazy what being caught up in the moment will make you think about.

I looked down at my cock, being worked by both m hands. It was glistening with the oil all over it. It almost looked bigger this way, it looked hot, I have to say. It almost looked like it was glowing or something.

Then I started doing something with my hands. I don’t know what made me think of doing it, I just did. I stroked down with my right hand, but I didn’t stroke up again. Instead I just stroked down with my left hand. Then another down stroke with my right hand. I kept going like this, alternating hands, stroking in only one direction. This is a motion I knew I wouldn’t be able to do without lube. So I took advantage of the lube and id it now.

Well damn, what a discovery. It felt sooo good. It was a lot like the rubbing yesterday actually. It required the same patience to keep going in the same manner. It gave the same feeling of a slow-building, total body orgasm. I ran my hands down my shaft, right then left, right then left. Fuck, this felt good. The lube gleamed off of my dick as my hands worked harder and harder.

A sensation of total pleasure ran up my legs to the inside of my thighs. The sensation then seemed to slow down, pausing at the base of my dick. I gripped hard as my cock slipped through my fingers, one hand after the other. The feeling of pleasure was now rising right up the shaft. I could feel it slowly rise up my cock, underneath my palms.

The tingling sensation reached the base of my dick’s head. I was going to cum, very quickly. I kept the same motion going with my hands, refusing to resort to simple stroking. Suddenly the pleasure seemed to stay where it was, but it was growing, building up. My eyes widened, staring at my oiled-up cock. The head of my dick stared back at me, pulsating, ready to cum.

Then the pleasure burst forth. Jizz shot out of my dick, landing all over my chest and stomach. My hands kept working it as more and more cum came pouring out. What a feeling! It felt like an explosion of delight, and still the cum came. Wow, did I ever cum a lot. What a discovery this technique proved Bayan escort Ankara to be.

I was a mess afterwards, cum dripping down my chest, covering my abs, still dripping down my fingers. My hands and dick were still all oily from the lotion. I took a shower to clean it all off, and even now that I’m out of the shower, my cock still feels satisfied. I can still feel it somewhat. Damn, was that good. I’m really starting to enjoy this month to myself.

September 8, 2005

The Park

Man, what I did today was probably really stupid, but I did it anyways. I’ve been getting pretty exited about these new jerking off experiences lately, and for some reason this morning it got in my head that I wanted to do it outside of the house. Public masturbation. But then I thought it was stupid. If I got caught, how embarrassing would that be?

But the though kept growing in my head. Finally by this afternoon I figured I had to do it. Time to put some risk into this venture of mine.

So as evening set in tonight, decided I was just going to do it. I went out for a walk. I didn’t really know where I was going to do it. I thought about going somewhere where they had pubic bathrooms and doing it in a stall, but that still didn’t seem risky enough somehow. I thought about parking my car in a parking lot and jerking off in the car. But I was already walking now and didn’t feel like turning back to get my car.

As I walked I passed by the park, which I suddenly realized would be a good place. It was almost fully dark now, and only a few people would still be walking in the park. I could hide in the trees, in the bushes. And if I did get caught I could, I dunno, run or something. Alright. The park it was then.

So I walked into the park. The park was mostly open grassy areas in the middle with walking paths, and foresty areas along the outside. I walked into about the middle of the park and found a god spot in the bushes. I would be well out of sight where I was. It felt really exciting doing it out of the house, out in public. A part of me told me I should eel like a pervert, but the thrill of doing it overrode that feeling. It wasn’t like I was spying on anyone. I was just getting off in a new location.

I sat down on the grass and rested against a tree trunk. There were bushes all around me so that no one could see me. I undid my jeans, and only pulled them down a little bit so that I could get my cock out.

I pulled my boxers down a little too and whipped out my dick. It was already hard from the excitement of what I was doing. I kept my knees up and bowed my head down as I stroked the shaft rapidly. I knew I was going really fast, but as exciting as this was I really didn’t want to get caught. I wanted to do it fast and get out. I was being conflicted by my excitement to stay and my fright of being discovered. What if someone I knew saw me?

I tired not to have my harms touching any leaves as I jerked, because I was going so fast someone would hear the rustling for sure. As I was jerking I thought about clean up. I realized I didn’t really think it through. I didn’t bring a tissue or anything o cum into. But as I jacked off and thought about that problem, I heard people.

Instinctively I stopped jerking. I listened hard. They were walking down the path over in the clear space. Hopefully they wouldn’t hear him.

I realized I should stop until they passed, but I couldn’t. My dick, red and swollen, was begging me to keep playing with it. So I very slowly starting stroking again; up then down, up then down. I listened closely as I did this. My fear rose as the voices came closer, but then they started moving further away, passing on down the pass. I sighed in relief and continued stroking hard.

Then I heard voices again. I continued very much the same. But this time the voices were louder. They were girl’s voices. I could hear them giggling. They were obviously younger girls, probably around the same age as me. What if they caught me? Now THAT would be embarrassing. But no matter. There was nothing I could do now. And really, the sound of their voices was turning me off. I didn’t dare look. If I watched them as I jerked off, that would be like spying, and THEN I would be a pervert. No, I wasn’t going to sink to that. But their voices, those bubbly, girly voices were enough for me.

As I listened I imagined that they were both smoking hot. I thought about them catching me and being turned on by me. I imagined them joining me here in the bushes, taking their clothes off, helping me jerk off. One would wrapped their hand around my dick and stroke it while making out with me. The other would suck on the head of my dick, waiting for me to cum in her mouth. Damn, that would be great.

Fuck, that made me want to cum. Their voices were moving away now, but I stroked veraciously. I was feeling so dirty now, I decided I would just cum on the ground. It didn’t matter, and I needed to cum somewhere. I wasn’t walking back with wet boxers, cum dripping down my leg. I changed my position. Instead of sitting with my knees up, I got up to kneel. I was now holding my dick straight out in front of me. I knew this was risky. If someone looked in the woods now, there would be no way I could hide was I was doing. I didn’t care.

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