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The girls assured me that everything would be fine, but my nerves refused to settle. After all, I’ve never been to a party like this before, let alone hosted one! How am I supposed to know how to navigate things? Every encounter I’ve had with a man, even when I sought him out, has been physically initiated by him.

“What if I’m not cut out for this?” I ask Julia, my closest and most experienced friend.

“Please, I’ve seen you fuck before. You are so cut out for this,” she laughs and throws her dark brown hair behind her shoulder. Maybe she’s right—I’m mean, after all, how different can it be? I hear the doorbell ring and the sound of footsteps shuffling downstairs. The men must have arrived, and the bouncers that I hired must be directing them to the room. I receive a text from the lead bouncer confirming my assumption. It’s time.

“Okay, ladies,” I say, directing my announcement to the entire group. “The guests have arrived. They are all gathered in the living room, but, of course, feel free to escort them anywhere on the first or basement level if you need to find privacy. The men outnumber us by nearly double, so it might be necessary to take more than one at a time. I leave that judgment in your capable hands.” I flash a smile across the room and take in the girls. They look stunning, as always. Positively panty-dropping.

“Alright, final touch-ups! We’re due downstairs in five minutes!”

I break away from the pack, relieved that at least this part of my leadership duty is over.

“Hey,” Julia taps my shoulder to get my intention then turns my body around so that we’re facing head-on. “You did great. You, as always, radiated confidence. You’re sexy as hell.” She leans in and plants a quick kiss on my lips, but I wrap my arms around her before she can pull away. Even though I’m smudging my makeup, I make time to kiss my best friend. I get lost in the sensation of her mouth—her soft tongue, dancing with mine; her sweet lips, tasting of cherries; her warm mouth, engulfing mine… She pulls away sooner than I would have liked, her beautiful smile makes it worth it. “Come on, Soph. Let’s go get ready.”

I follow her to the nearest vanity and sit down. As I apply a new layer of lip gloss, I give my body a once-over. Julia was right, I am sexy: my all-white attire compliments my tanned skin and light brown hair, making me look simply angelic. The combination of a pleated white shirt covering my white thong and my exposed white, lacy bra is the perfect amount of sexy and pure. Any man—or woman—would fall for me wearing this.

I give my hair one last fluff and make my way to the staircase with Julia behind me. As expected, all ten girls are already there, making Julia and I the complete set of twelve.

“Alright, ladies,” I say with one last smile. “Follow me and stay silent until we break, and then get busy. Remember, to please them, you must also be enjoying yourself.”

We make our way downstairs and down the hallway to the living room. As expected, a group of nearly 30 men, many of whom already holding half-empty drinks, are waiting for us. As liseli hikayeleri they begin to notice our arrival, they sit or stand taller, their excitement clear in their eyes. I’m nervous to address a group this big, but I arch my tits forward and put on my game face.

“Gentleman!” I say with open arms. “Welcome to our party! As I assume you’ve all heard the rules already, I won’t bore you with them again. Tonight is about fun, excitement, and, most importantly, pleasure. My girls and I are thrilled to have you, and I hope you’re thrilled to have us. Enjoy the evening!” I say, signaling my girls to step forward.

Slowly, each of us selects a man from the group and takes them away. I set my eyes on a tall man with ruffled hair and a killer jawline. As I walk over to him, I see another girl, Bonnie already reached him. I decide this is the perfect time to play a little girl fight.

“Hey,” I say to Bonnie, “this one’s mine. Get lost.”

Picking up on my direction, she stands firm with her hands on her hips and says, “no. Just because you’re the sexiest of us doesn’t mean you get the sexiest guys.” She turns to the guy and turns on her charm. “You think I’m sexy, right?”

While he’s stammering at the two gorgeous women in front of him, I push Bonnie back away from him. “He is mine. There are plenty of other men here. Go fuck one of them.” She feigns disappointment but walks away to find another man. With my prey caught, I finally address him. “Sorry about that,” I giggle, dragging my hand down his chest. “Some of the girls have a little discipline problem. Shall we?” He nods his head like a blundering idiot, so I take his hand in mine and lead him away from the living room. I quickly lead him into the pantry, acting as if I can’t wait long enough to find us a real room.

When the pantry room door closes, I walk over to the opposite wall and lean against it, behind forward slightly to allow my cleave to pop.

“So,” I say with a smile, “What’s your name?”

“Jason,” he says. He seems more put together now that we are alone.

“Mmmm, Jason. Such a sexy name. It fits your sexy body.” He flushes at the compliment and walks over to me.

“Not as sexy as you are…” he starts, waiting for me to supply my name.

“Sophie,” I breathe as he slams into me with the force of all his weight. I can feel every part of his body against mine, including his hardening cock.

“Sophie,” he echos, and his cock grows against me. “What a sexy name for a sexy little thing like you.” He lowers his head down to my shoulder and pulls my bra strap aside so that he can give me a hickey on that spot. I fit my head into the side of his neck so that he has better access and I rake my hands through his hair. Although much of his weight is against me, I start to grind on him. Because I’m significantly shorter than him, I have to stand on my toes, but his weight helps to hold me up. I move rhythmically forwards and backward, rocking against his cock. He moans a little against my shoulder, indicating to me that I’m doing well. As I speed up, my kadın hikayeleri pleasure intensifies and my breathing gets louder. I make sure that he can feel my breath on his neck, and occasionally let out a little moan.

He finishes his hickey and picks me up by the waist. Now that our torsos are at equal heights, I grind on him to my fullest extent while he takes this opportunity to ravish my mouth. He doesn’t ask for permission, but jabs his tongue in my mouth, exploring its warmth. I move my hips all around his, grinding in circles over his cock. Every so often I feel the pressure of his cock directly on my clit and it drives me wild. I start moaning louder and more frequently in his mouth as our tongues dance between our mouths. From this position, I can only brace myself on his shoulders and rely on his weight to keep me steady, but he has a full range of his arms and uses them wisely. He rakes his hands through my soft hair before tracing them down my neck and to my chest. He cups each breast in his massive hands and gives a squeeze, kneading their suppleness with immense force. He runs his thumbs across my nipples, which erect at his touch, even through the fabric of my bra. He reaches around my back and unclasps my bra, tossing it aside. My bare breasts face the cold air for the first time, but his warm hands are quickly back on them. He repeats the same motion with his thumbs, but this time on my bare nipples. My body goes wild, and my thrusts become more urgent. Between kisses I moan phrases like “ahh that feels so good,” and “don’t stop,” and “oh fuck yes” to make my enjoyment apparent to him. My words fuel his cock, which feels harder than a rock against my soft pussy.

I reach down and unbuckle his jeans so I can feel for myself, and I find him pulsing in his pants. I pull away from the kiss and smile mischievously at him, tugging on my bottom lip with my teeth.

“You want it, babe?” he asks in a low voice. “Fine. You’ve earned it.”

He wraps one arm around my waist and the other under my ass and carries me to the counter on the adjacent wall. Rather than setting me down as I expected, he sets me down on the floor and spins me around. Facing the wall, I can’t see him, but I can feel his hands move up the backs of my legs and rest on the underside of my ass.

“So full,” he mutters, “but it’s a shame I can’t see it.” He pulls the band of my skirt down over my ass and lets it drop to the floor. “Much better.”

“I’m glad you approve,” I tease, leaning over the counter so that he can see it in all its glory.

I hear the rustle of fabric and a soft thud, which I can only attribute to the removal of his pants. I feel his hands explore the soft skin in front of him and migrate to my pussy. His fingertips run down the line of the white fabric of my thong until he reaches the wet spot that’s developed. Pausing here, he makes small circular motions with two fingers on his right hand. With his left hand, he grabs my hair and simultaneously bends over and pulls my head up so that our bodies are flushed together. He brings erotik hikaye oku his lips so close to my right ear that I can feel the breath of his whisper.

“I know that out there you’re in charge, but in here,”—his grip on my soft brown hair tightens—”I’m in charge. Got it?” I’m too stunned to speak, so I nod my head. His change in attitude is so hot.

“I’m glad we can agree,” he says as he pulls my white thong to the side and adjusts himself at my entrance. “Now be a good girl and don’t scream.”

Without hesitation, he forces his pull length into my hole. The force of it pushes all the air from my body, but I bite my tongue and grab hold of the towel rack in front of me, attempting to control myself. He pulls himself out slowly only to ram his cock back inside over and over again. Even though his thrusts are expected, I can feel their force resonate in my bones.

He rests his hands on my hips and uses them to propel his thrusts harder and faster. He fucks my pussy with such gusto that I can no longer contain myself, and I start moaning his name: “Oh, fuck, Jason! Your cock is so big inside my tight pussy.”

He strikes my right ass cheek hard and fast with a wooden spoon he must have found on the counter. “Shut up, girl. I told you to be quiet.”

“I’m sorry, but I—” I start, but, before I can finish, he pulls out of my and swiftly lifts me on to the counter so that we are face to face.

“I said to shut up.” His face is intense and his eyes as hard as his throbbing cock. “You disobeyed me. For that, you will be punished.” He swats my breasts with the spoon hard, right then left, over and over again. The pain is intense and so pleasurable that I have to use my hands to cover my mouth to stay quiet. “That’s better. You’re learning.” He repositions the spoon under my entrance and asks, “Are you ready for the test?” I nod and he pushes the handle of the wooden spoon up my pussy. Though the spoon is small, the texture is rough and the flat head scrapes against my g-spot as he fucks me with the utensil. I throw my head back against the wall and shove my hand in my mouth to force the moans down. I do my very best, but I can’t stop the sound from escaping as he brings me to orgasm. My body shudders around the wooden spoon and he pulls it out. Once I’ve calmed myself, he drags his hand through the juices I expel and slaps me with his soiled hand.

“You’ve failed, again. The only solution now is to gag you into silence. Get down,” he orders. I do as he says and drop to my knees. I open my mouth expectantly and he shoves his cock deep into my throat. I don’t have time to process before he starts throat-fucking me. As I struggle to breathe, I feel his head slam into the back of my throat. His balls slap my chin as he pounds my mouth, and I do my best to suck on him as he passes through my lips.

“Awfully quiet now, huh? You just needed a little cock to gag you into silence,” he comments as he thrusts harder and faster. I can feel his cock pulsing and contracting as he shoots his hot load in my mouth and down my throat. I take it as he pumps thrust after thrust of cum into my body.

When he pulls out, I rise to my feet and lick the remaining cum from my lips. I plant one final kiss on his lips, making sure he gets a taste of his own seed before collecting my clothes. I flash him a final smile and walk confidently out of the room with only my panties on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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