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I am the youngest of five children and the only boy. Mom and Dad split years ago, and I was always convinced that it was my fault that they got a divorce. I was what you call a change of life baby. There is a 2 only month gap between me and Sinorice, the next in line. I know what you’re saying, that doesn’t add up. My dad made me with some girlfriend while mom was still pregnant with Sin. I guess that isn’t too uncommon for there to be kids under the same roof with different mothers and fathers in the black community. Even so, that’s fucked up. I never got the whole story, and I don’t know who or where my birth mother is. I have been living here with them as long as I can remember and I have always called her mom. I have always known about that and my oldest two sisters would go out of their way to remind me. I was considered as just above adopted status. I was the bald headed stepchild.

Mom always tried her best to treat me as one of her own. I never felt that she looked at me any differently, but I was glad when the two oldest got older and moved out of the house. Mom and dad would always argue about everything, but mostly over money. He would often start his diatribes with letting my mom know that just how much he never wanted me. They would yell and scream, and throw things at each other. I always hated to hear them much less see them argue, so ever since I could remember, I would always run and hide. These hiding places would vary with age. You know, what I could fit into at the time.

I settled on my favorite hiding spot, in my sister Sinorice’s closet. It has sliding doors with blinds, and there were also two cracks like holes in the closet walls. Through one of them you could see into the hallway. That one was my alarm. You could see people coming toward my sister’s room. That’s when I knew it was time to get out of there. Through the other hole you could see into the bathroom. The house was always so busy and I was so much younger than everyone else, no one really paid me any attention. I would be hiding for what seemed like hours, so much so my sister wouldn’t notice that I was in her closet.

As I got older I would spy on her in her room. I watched as she slept. I watch her as she dressed or more intriguingly as she undressed. I really didn’t understand what I was seeing but nevertheless I was compelled. I watched her as she developed. I watched as she rediscovered her body. She sometimes looked as confused as I did. She always came off as being cool and under control, but I knew of her confusion. She blossomed rather early, and that put her at odds with a lot of her friends. She and I rolled in with different crews. I was the brain of the family but she had me beat hands down in the popularity department. While we were growing up, there was more of an effort by mom to keep me and Sinorice separated from each other.

I guess part of me could understand that but part of me didn’t like it. This was around the time when I became interested in girls and I liked spying on my sister. It never felt wrong and I guess part of me was waiting to get caught by someone. I love watching her in her bed but the better view of her was in the bathroom. I could see across the toilet and into the shower. There was always something to see in a house full of females. My sisters stayed in there forever, especially Sinorice. Unfortunately, I wasn’t always able to catch her but that wasn’t for a lack of trying.

In a lot of ways Sinorice was just like most girls. I took her a long time to primp herself. She took forever in the bathroom. When mom noticed that I was getting older, she made the rule that when you were showering, you went into the bathroom covered and you came out covered. There was a guy around and the girls had to cover up for the first time. She had to have caught me staring at one of my sisters a little too long.

That was years ago. Sinorice and I are seniors in high school now. I haven’t been in her room for years let alone her closet. Not that I really needed to anymore. Sinorice has blossomed into a very beautiful young woman. She could easily be a model in Black Tail magazine. (If you haven’t heard of it –ask about it) There’s not a self conscience bone in her body. Much to mom’s dismay she dresses very freely, almost provocatively. She enjoys the attention. She is a traffic stopper and proud of it. It’s like there ataşehir escort is always a peep hole on her. She usually goes around the house in a half shirt and panties or a thin t-shirt with nothing under it.

By this time it is just Sinorice, mom, and me in the house. My two oldest sisters, Tricia and Courtney, are both married with two kids each. The next oldest, Roslyn, just graduated from college and is trying to make it on her own (thank goodness). Our punk ass father showed up a few months ago. Dad’s been having some health problems lately, not that Sin and I could give a damn. I guess a fast life and all those hot ass hoochies have finally caught up with him. Mom has been strong for us since dad left us, and thankfully she didn’t take this punk back.

One day, suddenly things changed between Sin and I. This happened after we’d all come home from my 18th birthday dinner. I was really excited about the whole becoming a man thing. Sin was giving me grief about it since she has been 18 for a couple months already. The whole night was great, and mom even let me drive home. When we got home and after I put away my birthday haul, me and sis went into the living room. It was still pretty early so we decided to watch a movie. All she had on was red French bikini style panties and a half t-shirt that came to just below her tits and was ripped at the bottom. I was sitting on the couch and she was sprawled on the floor in front of the T.V. My god had she grown. She was about 5’7″ 160lbs of solid woman. She had 38 D tits that were rarely bound by a bra. She usually could pull that off because she was so thick, but today that shirt barely covered her nipples. I couldn’t help but notice her as she moved, as they as the moved. She was lying on her back with her knees bent while the soles of her feet touched each other. I didn’t know if her pussy was shaved but I’ve watched her shave it in the past.

Every so often she would shift her body and her tits would respond in kind. I was starting to get aroused looking at her. I tried to compose myself but that would prove to be a challenge. All I had on was a pair of b-ball shorts and a Jordan throwback jersey so there was little in the way of resistance. Mom was in bed reading so there was no voice of reason. Save for the tube, it was totally quiet in the house.

“You know Teddy I’ve been wondering something for a while now. Did you like what you saw?” Sinorice said out of the blue breaking the silence.

“Yeah, that was cool the way figured out who the killer was.” I responded, thinking she meant the movie we were watching.

“Boy, that’s not what I was talking about.”

I was a little thrown. “Then what the hell are you talking about?”

She twisted her body around so that she is facing me. She was now facing me on her tummy with her legs straight behind her. Those lovely tits were propping her up. While she spoke I couldn’t help but look down her body over to where the curve in her back meets the curves of her ass.

“You know exactly what I mean.”

The sound of her voice snaps my attention back to her eyes. All the years of spying on her and looking at her body, I never really took the time to look at her eyes. She has beautiful green eyes and they were slightly almond shape. These were constant reminders of the mixed blood that must run in her veins. I hadn’t noticed that she arched her eyebrows. That really accents the shape of her face. The thing about looking at Sinorice is that every time you look at her it was like looking at her for the first time.

“Teddy…Teddy! Are you listening to me?”

“I’m sorry, I was daydreaming. What did you say again?”

“Damn, boy. You do that a lot. What, you on the moon or something?”

“Naw man, I was just—I just spaced out for a second.”

“I said you know exactly what I mean.”

“You were talking ’bout some shit in the movie, right?”

“No. I wanted to know if you liked what you saw when you saw me.”

Damn. Busted. She must have caught me staring at her body. Well she’s beautiful and nearly naked and I’m only human. What she’d expect?

“Hey, look I can’t help but stare sometimes. Look at how you walk around the house. You are a really pretty girl and…”

“Thank you. But that’s not what I meant either. I meant when you saw me before.”

“What yesterday?”

“No. kadıköy escort bayan Way before that. when you saw me in the shower.”

Whoa. Check please. She can’t …

“What the hell are you talking about girl?”

“You gonna try and tell me that you never saw me in the shower before. Did you like the way the water ran down my body?

“Come on now. How could I ever see you in the shower? Was I ever in there with you? No! You ever let me in the bathroom when you were in it? No! So…”

“No. But you could have just looked through the peephole, the one in my closet.”

Damn. She did know. How did she figure me out?

“Come on Teddy. I knew all about the peephole. It was in my closet after all. Didn’t you ever think that I knew that it was there? I always knew that someone was watching me when I was in the shower, I just couldn’t figure who it was. When you look at the hole from the shower you almost can’t even see it, you have to know where it is and where to look. You can’t see anything because it’s dark, but ever so often I could see a little light flicker. It was my room and I was in the shower so it couldn’t be me. Plus I could hear someone leaning against the wall. I thought it was Roz at first but it would happen when she wasn’t here. So that left you, and that was a relief.”

She shifted around again. Now she was sitting with her hands at her sides and her legs spread open. My eyes shot straight to her kitty. She had shaved recently, and there was also a large spot of moisture there.

“Look Sin I never meant for…”

“Look your self man, and save it. I never had a problem with you watching. I kind of liked that you were looking. That’s why I would take such a long time in there. I was putting on a show for you. Did you enjoy all the soap I used?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Here I am cold busted, and not only is she not angry but she is happy that I was watching her.

“Why do you think I dress the way I do? I don’t care what anyone in school thinks or anyone else for that matter. I do this for you. I want you see my body.”

“If you knew, why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“Because I knew you would lie about it, and besides I liked the feeling of being watched. I didn’t want you to get in any trouble, plus if I’d said something you might have stopped. Besides I knew you liked seeing my body then… so do you wanna see my body now?”

At this point she had scooted over toward me. In fact she got closer and closer the whole time. This is crazy. This is my sister, my half sister, but my sister nonetheless. I didn’t know what to say so I guess she took my silence as an invitation to take things further.

She got up off the floor walked toward me and straddled my lap while facing away from me. It was like a lap dance without music. She was grinding her ass into my lap. This got my dick as hard as it’s ever been, and I know she could feel it. I was in disbelief. It felt like I was still looking through that peep hole. All I could do was watch. I was too shocked to even touch her. Thankfully that didn’t stop her. She leaned down and touched the floor with both of her hands to show me her ass. Those little bikinis were struggling to keep from becoming a thong and disappearing into her ass. She looked back at me with a devilish grin then she took off her shirt.

Her back was still toward me and I couldn’t see her nipples, but I could see the sides of her glorious globes. That’s when I got the nerve to finally feel her body. I needed to see her with my hands. I waited until she sat up and I reached both hands around her body and I grabbed her titties. They felt so much softer than they looked. Her nipples were so hard. I have been looking forward to this moment since we were kids. I was nervous. I didn’t know if she wanted to touch her yet, but she didn’t object. In fact she leaned her back against my chest and exhaled as I massaged her chest. Now I wasn’t a virgin and neither was Sinorice but neither of had any serious relationships so there was no concern with wrecking anything there. One way or another, things were never going to be the same after tonight.

In the background I could faintly hear the siren of a police chase of a movie we were both ignoring. Sinorice reached her hands over her head and onto mine. Her hands escort maltepe made their way to my neckline and then my era lobes. Suddenly and with one motion she spun her body around so that she was facing me. I couldn’t help but to look down at her chest. I was finally close enough to feel what had always been just a vision. I put my hands on the small of her back. If that was my first move, she jumped me with her checker piece. She first flicked her tongue across my lips, then she began to suck hard on my bottom lip and the kissed my deeply.

She reached down and helped me pull my jersey over my head. She’s quick and decisive. I wonder if she planned this. She kissed me again while repositioning herself so that my dick was in contact with her pussy. She then started to slowly grind up and down into me. The harder she kissed me the harder she grinded me. I let my hands slid down her body to her ass. I just had to feel her ass. It looked so soft. I palmed her ass cheeks and gently shook them. She responded by reaching down and pulling out my dick. While realizing the kiss she gently began to stroke me. One of my hands returned to her back while the other made its way under her bikini. Her ass started to move faster.

“No more games. I want you now.” She said.

She didn’t even bother to take her panties off; she just slid the crotch over. Next she rose up so that her slit was just over my dick. Her eyes met mine in a fiery embrace as she inserted into pussy. Her hands were now clasped behind my neck as she established her rhythm. She would lower herself an inch and slide back up, then back down that same inch. She was fucking herself with just the head of my dick. That felt incredible. I could feel her heat and her wetness ran down my dick until it was coated. She kept that up for quite a while when all of a sudden, she descended my pole completely. I was convinced that was no warmer place on earth.

I began to focus on her neck and her tits. She didn’t move for a little she adjusted to my 8 inch little friend. I took that time to find her pussy with my thumb. She tilted her head back as I moved my thumb up and down her clit. I started to make circles when she began to move again. She was moving in little circles never rising more than an inch or so. She went into total auto pilot mode as she rode me. All I could was grab her ass and hold on. I could feel the pressure build up in my balls and I didn’t want her to stop but she clearly had other plans. I got the feeling that she was trying to get hers and that she was trying to make this last at the same time.

She stopped riding me and she just slowly got up. She lay on her back on the carpet and removed her panties. She then put both of her legs up into the air and slowly lowered them so that they were spread open. I went into horny man mode and remained quiet; I didn’t want to say anything to mess this up. But I think my eyes made the complaint that my mouth wouldn’t. She propped on her elbows.

“Don’t worry birthday boy; this isn’t over; not yet, not by a long shot. Come here, I want to taste myself.”

I got up, took off my shorts, and joined her on the floor. I kneeled down to her and fed her my dick. She wanted to taste her cream so I gave it to her. She grabbed my ass and pushed me deeper into her mouth. She sucked me long and hard but I wanted something else. I then straddled her chest and began to fuck her tits. She got into it by pressing her titties together. Her chest felt great against my dick. She had her mouth open so that she could lick me with every stroke. She slid our from under me and left me on all fours. She got behind me and started nibbling my back. She licked me up and down and then suddenly stopped. I felt her hands on my ass. I could feel her spreading my ass apart.

I jumped slightly when I felt her warm tongue as it traveled down to my asshole. She began to rim me. I have done this to plenty of girls before but I have never had it done to me. This felt incredible. My dick started to twitch uncontrollably. She then reached around me and started to jerk me off while she was rimming me. This was a sensation that I have never felt before and I knew I wasn’t going to last. I guess she could feel it to because she lay down on her back and took my dick in her mouth again. She pumped me until I came in her mouth. She never stopped sucking, and she took all of my cum. Some of it leaked out of the corner of her mouth and onto her chest. She rubbed that excess into her skin while sucking my dick until it shrank. We got off the floor and returned to the couch and fell asleep with her head in my lap and my hand on her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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