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Big Tits

Please keep in mind that while this may just be a story to you, it was a real life experience for me thanks to my son who is eighteen years old. So due to this, it will be written in first person.

My son and I have been very open with each other ever since he turned 18. I even started walking around the house either in my thong or completely naked. I find it funny that he still blushes a little when I bend over and he gets a full shot of my ass and pussy.

Anyways, about a week ago my store manager told me that hours were getting cut and it really stressed me out. I have two teenage boys to provide for and I’m a single mother. With all the stress building up, I started to get irritable and cranky.

My older son told me that I just needed to relax and calm down. I tried to explain to him what my hours being cut meant but him being a teenager fails to grasp the little things such as every day household items and groceries.

My son and I had not had sex in 4 days and honestly I just wasn’t in the mood. I could tell he was due to the little hints he would make. He even jacked off in front of me to try and turn me on. I just told him that when I’m this stressed, sex is the last thing on my mind.

Last night when I got home, my entire body was stiff and sore. I told my son that I was going to take a long hot shower and go to bed. I wasn’t in the mood to eat anything. Halfway through my shower my son decided to join me and started to massage my neck and shoulders. I’m so glad he has such strong hands, it felt so good.

I turned around to him when he finished rubbing my shoulders and kissed him as passionately as I possibly could. It felt so damn good to feel that someone actually cared about me. He continued by washing my hair and I just stood there and relaxed as his fingers rubbed my scalp.

After the shower I grabbed the towel and began to dry off. The hot water and his small massage did help me some in the tension I was feeling. kartal escort bayan After I dried off I handed my son the towel and told him I was going to bed.

A few minutes later I was laying in bed reading a book that I’ve read at least 10 times before, when my son comes in and asked if he could sleep in my bed with me tonight.

I looked at him and said “Yeah I suppose just keep in mind that I’m not in the mood for sex I just want to read my book and relax”

“Not a problem Mom I’m kind of tired myself and it’s been a while since we did anything so I just wanted your company and to cuddle with you again” My son replied. I could tell he was lying since his cock was half way hard.

But instead of pointing it out, I just told him to come lay down next to me while I continued reading. A few minutes later he started jacking off slowly. I turn away from my book and asked “What are you doing”

He looked up at me and said “Mom you really do have amazing tits and I can’t help but get hard and want you every time I see them”

I looked at him and replied “Not to be mean honey but your hand is all your getting tonight” Then as I turned back to my book I said “I already told you I’m not in the mood and that’s not going to get me there any time soon”

“Ok Mom can I just cum in your mouth when it’s time for me to cum so I don’t have a mess to clean up” My son asked. Please keep in mind that when my son cums, he does cum a lot so there really is a mess.

“If you cum before I’m done with this chapter I will swallow your cum but you better hurry because I only have a few more pages to read and then I’m going to bed” I said as I let the covers fall a little to fully reveal my breasts. I knew it had been a while for him and if he was happy with that, I had no problem doing that for him.

By the time I turned the page I heard my son say “Get ready Mom I feel my cum getting ready to explode out”

I quickly bent over and wrapped escort maltepe my mouth around the head of his cock in time for him to start gushing his cum into my mouth. I swallowed and starting to suck his cock some to get all the cum out and swallow it all like I said I would.

“Oh my god I needed to cum so bad Mom” He sighed in relief from cumming. “And thank you for swallowing my cum”

I smiled and told him it was the least I could do for him for what he did for me in the shower. I leaned over and gave him a kiss good night. I then turned the other way and got comfortable and went to sleep. I felt him snuggle up to me while his cock was still hard and pushing into my ass cheek.

This morning I woke up to my son eating me out. He had really gotten better or I was just in that big of need for sex. The way his tongue moved around inside my pussy lips and the way he licked and sucked on my clit was amazing. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter with every stroke of his tongue.

I arched my back and started moaning as I started to caress my tits and rubbing my nipples feeling them get hard.

“Good morning there” I heard him say then went right back to eating me out.

My legs started to tremble and then I squirted all over his mouth. As I breathed out in relief while he continued to eat me out. I came two more times to him eating me out.

“Put your cock in my pussy baby” I moaned in a demanding way. “Fuck mommy’s pussy good and make me cum all over your cock” I said with a slutty look to my face. I never wanted sex this much or this bad before in my entire life. I felt like a wild animal that had to fuck to survive and this was my only chance to do so.

I felt his cock slide inside my pussy and it was so intense and exhilarating. The way my pussy opened up to his cock and swallowed up every inch of him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him in as deep as I could feeling his balls press against pendik escort my taint. My pussy felt so full around his cock.

I looked him into his eyes and said “Fuck me till you can’t thrust again and cum inside my pussy as deep as you can”

My son just smiled and without saying a word started to pound my pussy with his cock. I moaned and panted hard. I moaned for him to fuck my pussy. Telling him over and over how much I loved the way he fucked my pussy with his big cock.

After my son pounded my pussy hard for a good 30 minutes I could feel his cock start to swell up ready for him to cum. I myself was starting to get soar but I was far too horny to tell him to stop.

“I’m going to cum Mom I’m going to cum now” He cried out as I wrapped my legs around him again and pulled him in me as far as I could again. I felt his cock start pulsing as his warm cum began to fill my pussy once more. I felt his cum go deeper in me than it had ever went before. He also came more than before too as I could feel his cum start to ooze out while he was still cumming and run down my taint and onto my ass.

After his cock stopped pulsing he slowly pulled his cock out of my pussy and fell onto the bed next to me. I laid there smiling thinking that the whole time I just needed his cock again. I reached down and wiped his cum off my ass and taint and showed him his cum. Then I licked it off my hand then bent over to suck his cock clean.

I could tell he was a bit sensitive since he flinched a few times while sucking his cock clean. After I sucked his balls clean too and licked around his pubic area to get both of our cum off him I looked at him and said “Ok baby I’m going to go cook us some breakfast I’ll call you when it’s ready so you just lay here and relax”

I got up and walked out to cook breakfast. After I was done cooking I went back to my room and found him sleeping. I decided to let him sleep and write about my morning experience to share it with all my new friends on here rather than keep it to myself.

Hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to leave feedback or to email me if you want to share experiences with me. Doesn’t have to be mother and son experiences. My son and I enjoy talking to people on here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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