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“No, Adam, that’s not a good idea.”

“Why not?”

“That’s like, oh my god. That’s really mean.”

“Isn’t that the point?”

“Like, I guess it would give her a clue… so, like, what are you going to do exactly?”

“Baby, I’m just gonna be like, dude, I wanna talk to you for a sec. And I’ll pull her aside and I don’t know, fuck with her head, lead her on…she’ll believe anything I say.”

“Then what happens when she falls for it? What if she like, tries to seduce you??”

“Baby, don’t worry. If she tries anything I’ll just laugh in her face in front of the whole room. She’ll feel like the ugly psycho she is.”

“Mmmm I love when you say that…and I like the way you think. Sometimes you’re so smart, Adam. You’d do that for me?”

“Anything, baby.”

The plan was ready for action. Stefanie kissed her possession and gave him an evil grin and the thumbs up sign, signaling he was good to go. The girl in question had just arrived at the party as Adam made his way downstairs. She was sitting on the couch, a large paper cup of tainted fruit punch in her hand, relieved that the semester was finally over; that she could finally say her peace and make things right; that she could defend herself in front of the one she truly loved; explain that she never meant to threaten a relationship…that all she wanted to do was love him; touch him; experience just a taste and tell no one. She heard footsteps behind her and turned around innocently to see who it was. She met his gaze, only by accident. Her heart stopped short at those electric pale blue eyes that made her whole body quiver uncontrollably for a brief moment. She tried to look away; tried not to be obvious as she mulled him over; tried to focus her eyes through the three shots she had downed. He had on loose fitting dark jeans, a form fitting green shirt with tight yellow cuffs, and a sombrero. Although out of place, it was just the touch of silliness that sent her reeling. She held her breath as he walked by, like she always did, expecting him to walk past her and into the crowd who wasn’t afraid to speak with him; to mock him; to laugh at his jokes. But he stopped short next to the arm of the couch. She looked straight ahead, barely breathing, hoping he wouldn’t notice how flustered her face was just because of his close proximity.

“Hey…Hey!” He said louder, getting her attention. She didn’t know what to say back. He hadn’t approached her in months and she had been warned that even if he did, she was not allowed to talk back. Still, with all of these rules, her affections had run wild and she was reduced to having to fantasize about him each night.

“Hey…I wanna talk to you for a sec.” Her look was one of shock and vacancy. “Just for a sec, come on. Now.” His tone was forceful yet sincere. She took a breath and prepared herself for another one of his rantings which had been provoked by nothing but rumor. Adam grabbed her pale hand, dragged her through Keith’s room, and into the bathroom which also opened up into the kitchen. He shut both doors and blocked her from exiting. The girl was nearly in tears, not knowing what she had done wrong now, not knowing what accusations or assumptions were about to be made.

“You know what this is about.” Adam said matter of factly, staring her down with those ocean blue eyes.

“Um…I…look, the away message was not about you. And I hate that you get so paranoid and think that everything I say…”

“It’s not that.” She waited for bahis firmaları an explanation.

“You know why all this happened don’t you? Why I had to call you all those things?”

“Um…because…you hate me and think I’m ugly?”

“You’re not ugly. And I don’t hate you. That’s just it. I just had to make Stefanie believe I did. You know I’ve wanted you since the beginning. You knew it this whole time.”

“Adam, you…you’re only saying exactly what I want to hear.”

“Dude, I’m being serious…”

“Yeah, like I can really take you seriously with the sombrero.”

“Oh come on baby, you like it. Si, Senorita?”

“Stop it, I’m not dumb! What, are you going to have Stefanie barge in, or one of her sorority sisters tattle on me, then blame me for coming on to you??”

“Not at all…”

“Then…what do you want from me?”

“I just want to give you what you wanted all along.”

She wanted to believe him, wanted to trust the lust behind those eyes and that pink cherub mouth. But he was drunk. Even sober, he was too much of a prankster to give in to. She reluctantly backed up towards the unblocked door and reached for the knob. This could be a bad situation if she didn’t leave.

“Where are you going?”

“I just don’t like where this is going, Adam. You’re fucking with me.”

“Not yet…” he raised his eyebrows and cocked his head to the side like only he could do. “That night we came to see your play, when you were wearing those fishnets and you took off your bra and showed off those firm round titties…you know I was sitting next to Stef in the audience, but my cock was totally hard the whole time.”

“Really?” Now she was intrigued. She had suspected as much.

“You like that? You like hearing about my hard pulsing cock? How when you were moving around on that stage I just wanted to grab it and start stroking it right there in the audience?” He inched closer towards her

“You like that I got off that night while Stefanie was sleeping next to me, just thinking about how much I wanted to lick you down your body and slide my cock into that tight pussy of yours?” He pulled her close to him by her trembling shoulders and put his face up against hers, only inches away. She was mesmerized by the sweet stench of alcohol on his breath.

“Yeah, that’s right, you’ve known all along that I get off thinking about you, thinking about laying you down on my bed when Stefanie is out and ripping off your clothes and fucking you hard.” He could see the vulnerability in her eyes, the slight trembling of her shoulders…he knew that his power over her was complete.

“You believe me now?” She managed to shake her head in disagreement, using her last bit of courage. Exasperated, Adam wrapped his hands around he back of her neck and drew her face up to his. The girl knew she shouldn’t give in, knew that even through the hatred, she had some sort of loyalty to Stefanie…but she couldn’t bring herself to refuse those lips that were coming towards her. She surrendered to his hot breath and sloppy but sensual tongue. He was aggressive to prove his point, and the girl felt she was being mocked even in the kiss. She knew he had been playing a game all along. Any second now he would pull away and laugh, make her feel ashamed, make her feel like she had been the one in the wrong. Any second now…

But he didn’t let go. The kisses became gentler, less forceful. His grip had relaxed. He began to caress the back of her neck, run his kaçak iddaa hands through her long auburn locks, and pull her close so she could feel the beating of his heart through his firm massive chest. The girl opened her eyes to make sure this was really happening. She wanted to see him as he kissed her. His face was shadowed under the sombrero, but those eyes which seemed to glow in the dark were unmistakable. He had no wise crack words now, no jokes, no sarcastic gestures…he spoke only through his body and those wandering hands which stroked her arms and climbed their way up her tight black tank top. Should she let him? Should she push him away because he was betraying Stefanie who would be sure to blame her? Her conscience nagged at her, but the sensations from his tongue were stronger and ultimately overpowering of any ounce of consciousness left.

Adam’s mouth had found its way to her neck which was dabbed with a bit of perfume that sent his taste buds reeling. He couldn’t stop himself from trying to devour her. He sucked on her neck, on her collarbone, tilting her head to the side as she gasped slightly. He sucked and licked with every bit of energy and tension that had been held within for the entirety of the semester. He had convinced himself not to want her. Now…he couldn’t stop. He brought his hands up the front of her shirt, delighted at the feel of her silky flawless skin. Realizing that she was not wearing a bra, he felt his cock throb through his jeans. He ran his fingers over her erect pink nipples, lifting her tank top to her head so he could see for himself if they were as perfect as they had looked through all of those clingy shirts he always noticed that she wore. “Yeah buddy!” He whispered, his eyes wide and his mouth hungry for more. He bent down and put his tongue to her nipples, tracing them, teasing them, biting them gently. The girl moaned and instinctively grabbed his manly chest, letting her fingers linger around his nipples and fall naturally down to his stomach and the top of his belt. He wanted her to go lower, to rip off his belt and wrap her porcelain hand around his erection. But he was being too obvious…he was losing at his own game.

“I can’t believe you…you think I’d actually mean this for real…” he said through heavy breaths with one hand massaging her tit and the other racing up the inside of her thighs, disappearing under her red plaid skirt. “You’re so dumb… to think I’d actually want you!” He said as his fingers reached her flimsy satin underwear and put pressure on her pulsing clit. “You really have to get over it, baby. It never was…it never will be. You understand that?” The girl nodded to appease him. She was unable to speak up in disagreement when his fingers moved her silken panties aside and put direct pressure on her clit. He fondled her back and forth with his index finger, faster and faster, another finger putting pressure on her tight ass. “You got that? Do I make myself clear? It’ll never happen.” he said, as he suddenly slipped one long slender finger deep into her pussy. He pulled it out quickly, circling it around her wet crevice, then pushed it in deeper than before. He thrust his finger in and out, in and out, deeper, faster, circling it, arousing nerves she had never known she had. She could no longer stand there and take it without participating. To stifle her screams, she grabbed her own breasts and then dug her fingernails into his back. She wanted her hands on his apricot skin. While his fingers kaçak bahis were lodged in her soaked pussy and he licked up the insides of her quivering thighs, she ripped off his sombrero, took his hands out of her, and brought his shirt up over his head. She pulled him towards her, grabbed his finger, and sensuously licked off the cum that had started to drip. “You’re right, Adam…it never will be. Because I’m just not attracted to you.” She said, as she put her burning mouth to his chest which was covered with tiny sweat beads. She sucked on his nipples, grazing over them as she licked down his stomach, falling to her knees. “Besides, I couldn’t be. I would never want to be responsible for coming between you and your beautiful girlfriend.”

“She is beautiful, isn’t she?” Heaved Adam as the girl unzipped his jeans and reached inside his boxers.

“Yes, and I’m sure she satisfies you so completely that you’re never in need of more. Isn’t that right?”

Adam was about to answer…but he was speechless as he felt his cock slip into her wet mouth. His eyes rolled back in his head.

“You’re such a dick, Adam…” she said smirking as she continued to devour his cock. She lapped at the head with her fast moving tongue, then closed her lips and began to thrust her head back and forth, her hand holding the shaft. She steadied herself and rammed her mouth all the way over Adam’s entire length, sliding it against the roof of her mouth and giving extra suction. Her other hand cupped his giant balls and fondled them in between his fingers.

“Give up…it’s…not…going…to…work…” said Adam in between his grunts and moans. The sound of his angry voice provoked her even more. The clear deep tone…such beauty coming out of such a big dumb animal. It was refined and barbaric all at once. His protests only made her suck harder.

Adam knew he couldn’t hold out much longer. He pulled the girl off and brought her to her feet. Without a word, his cock standing firm out of his pants, he threw her against the door to the kitchen and slid her red thong down her legs.

“You asked for it now you fucking bitch…” he said grunting as he wrapped her leg around his ass.

“Adam, you’re such a fucking pussy. You could never…” Her words were interrupted as she felt her pussy lips stretching wide to welcome the 8 inches of Adam’s flesh. He pounded her against the door, controlling his thrusts by holding on to her leg. In, out, in out, deeper and deeper until she could feel every organ in her body aroused and beating to the rhythm of his thrusts. Adam’s cock was held tight by her pussy contractions.

“That’s right you psycho, you scream for what you’ll never have.”

“Asshole, you don’t know what you’re missing…” She screamed as she felt herself climax, her pussy pulsing around him as he gyrated his hips faster and faster, the sweat making his thick black mane stick to his forehead. Their moans were so in sync and so loud that they hadn’t heard the knocking at the door.

Suddenly, the opposite door burst open. Stefanie stood in the doorway, wide eyed and paralyzed with disgust. Adam noticed her, but he couldn’t pull out now. Not when he was so close…

“Ha! You stupid bitch! You thought I was serious! Uhhh…. the jokes on you! You must feel like an idiot now!” He said half looking at Stefanie, as he came full force inside of the girl. He stayed there for a minute, fully releasing himself in the one who’d been waiting to accept it for so long. Finally, he let himself slip out, covered in sweat. When he turned around, Stefanie was gone. He would have gone to look for her…but it was too late. The damage had been done. His plan had worked. Stefanie was gone. For good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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