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On the third thrust I pushed in as far as I could and rubbed my balls on her panty-ass and concentrated on the feel of her silken nylon legs against me. I exploded; torrents of come seemed to explode out my cock. The pleasure was so intense that it was almost painful. I shuddered and groaned for what seemed like an eternity as I filled my mother with my hot seed. Eventually I came down from the plateaux of ecstasy and opened my eyes. I found myself looking at my mother’s icy blue eyes; they were devoid of emotion. She just stared up at me…………………..

Part IV

I just lay there, spent. My cock slowly shrivelling inside my Mom’s cunt. Her pantyhosed legs slid down my back and sides, coming to rest on the bed. She lay there now, legs splayed on the bed, with me between them and her skirt rucked up around her waist. I lay there panting, getting my breath. I felt my mother move softly beneath me and she pushed her internal muscles, forcing my now flaccid cock out of her. It came to rest on her sleek nyloned thigh, a rope of sticky come leading from the head of my penis up to my Mom’s cunt. It glistened on her sheer pantyhose.

I looked down again into Mom’s face and saw that she had stopped crying. Her smudged makeup made her look even sexier in my eyes. She has the sultry ‘used’ look I sometimes saw on the ‘Waif’ models in Sis’s magazines. Mom’s eyes locked on mine,

“Are you happy now Mike? Did you get what you wanted son?” she whispered.

“Is the satisfaction of your animal lust worth the ruination of our family?” she asked.

“Mom, you don’t understand,” I whispered back.

“You and Eileen have been driving me sexually insane for so long it’s amazing I haven’t done this before. Sitting and lying around in your short skirts, your pantyhosed legs and sexy nylon panties on display; the makeup, the clothes, the nylons, the smell of you both, you drove me mad!” I exclaimed.

“Haven’t you ever wondered about the stains in your panties and nylons? Sis’s too!” I pleaded.

“Of course I knew it was you Mike, who else could it be? But what was I supposed to do, confront you? Hold mine and Eileen’s soiled pantyhose and panties to your face? Ask you to explain?”

“I knew that you would have no answer that made sense. I knew the embarrassment for you would be unbearable, so I decided to let you indulge your fetish and let you use our underwear for your pleasure. I though it might stop eventually, and I hoped your Sister wouldn’t notice. But I never expected this!”

“Get the fuck off me Mike! I’m your Mother for god’s sake!” she hissed.

“I can’t Mom,” I whimpered.

“I know you will have to report this. If not to the police, then to your fucking shrink, who will convince you to report me to the police anyway.” I said.

“So what are you going to do then Son,” Mon spat at me. “Spend the rest of your life with me and Eileen held prisoner in this house. I don’t think so Mike; come on son let me get up,” she pleaded.

“I don’t know what I’m going to do Mom,” I said. “I really just fucking don’t know,” I started to cry.

Then I heard a voice behind me say,

“Then there is only thing for it Mike, we will have to do to her what you did to me.”

I turned around shocked. There was my sister Eileen. She was as usual dressed in her parody of the school uniform, the hem of her tunic way too far above her knees, her legs in sheer taupe pantyhose instead of ankle socks, her feet pendik escort in low heeled court shoes, and with way too much makeup on for a eighteen year old schoolgirl.

“What the fuck, Sis, what are you doing here I stammered.”

Mom tried to wriggle free at the sound of Eileen’s voice,

“Call for help Eileen, please, help me!” she pleaded.

“Shut up Mom please,” Eileen said matter of factly. “I came home because I forgot my math homework, and I heard the struggle in here. I’ve been at the door the whole time. I saw what Mike did to you Mom, and I have listened to what you have both had to say.”

“Then you understand Eileen,” Mom pleaded again. “He did the same thing to you, forced himself on you, we have to stop him!” she demanded.

“Well unfortunately for you right now, that’s not how I see it Mom,” my Sister said.

“I know if this gets out, the family is ruined. Mike goes to prison or a boys home; at the very least he is kicked out of our home, and I don’t know if I can take that with what has happened to Dad.”

“I also know there is no way this can be kept secret if you tell anyone. My life will be worthless around town! Ok, so I’m not the homecoming virgin, I might be a slut but I don’t want to be forever known as the girl that fucks her brother!” she hurled at Mom.

The she grinned wickedly,

“Besides Mom, I have to tell you, I kind of like what Mike and I do. I like the power I have over him with just the flash of my knickers or a display of my pantyhosed thighs. And I have to say, I like what he does to me, sure it’s kinky, but it sure feels good!” she chuckled.

“Oh my God! Not you too!” Mom shrieked from beneath me, and commenced struggling in earnest to get free. I grabbed her wrists and pinned her down again.

“So anyway Mike, as I was saying,” Eileen continued matter of factly, “there is only one thing to do. We have to do to her what you did to me. Make her like it!” Eileen said wickedly.

“So lets get started Mike,” she smiled at me, “She just lay there before while you had your way, lets see if together we can warm her up!”

“No! No! Fucking No!” Mom started shouting and struggling again.

“Hold her Mike,” Eileen ordered, “and shut her up for God’s sake.” She added.

I used the easiest method to shut Mom up that came to hand, and that was to crush my lips against hers. I started kissing her with renewed fever whilst watching my Sister Eileen out the corner of my eye.

Eileen approached the bottom of the bed and grabbed Mom’s ankles and pushed them down on the bed to help hold her still. Then she surprised me by climbing on the bottom of the bed herself and she started to kiss and lick Mom’s ankles and calves; her lipstick smeared on Mom’s sheer nylons as she did.

“Hold her Mike!” she ordered, “this is going to get really exciting for us, but I think she will fight like a bitch for a while, at least until I can get her wet,” Eileen said.

Eileen started to spin around on the bed easing my body to back along Mom’s body, whilst I kept my grip on Mom’s wrists. She ended up astride Mom with her head near Mom’s calves and her legs straddling Mom’s chest. I had moved back against the bed-head at the top of the bed and was now sitting with Mom’s head between my knees and all my weight on her wrists, facing Eileen’s back as she bent over Mom. Mom could hardly move at all, and again it looked like she was going to resign to maltepe escort her fate. Tears streamed out of her eyes again adding to the watery mascara that was smeared on her face. She whimpered softly,

“Please don’t children,” and then became silent and limp.

Eileen now worked her way up Mom’s legs, kissing sucking and licking her diaphanous nyloned legs. I was so turned on, I felt my member once again engorge and it rode to attention, ready for action.

“Come on Mike,” Eileen lifted her head, turned, and giggled, “you must get the idea. What about giving your Sister some of what she’s giving Mom?” she laughed, wiggling her ass at me.

Eileen’s skirt just covered her ass, the pleats of her school uniform tunic skirt enticingly close to me. I reached out and lifted my Sister’s skirt and was instantly aroused further. Her thighs were encased in the sheerest of gossamer taupe nylon, and then they disappeared into the flimsiest sheer nylon panties I had ever seen. They were nearly see through and I could see the gusset of her pantyhose moulded snugly against her cunt whilst the sheer nylon of the full cut panties caressed her ass cheeks.

I reached out and stroked the globes of my Sister’s ass checks, my hands stroking her firm buttocks through the flimsy nylon of her panties and hose. Eileen by now had her face buried between Mom’s thighs. Although Mom made no sound she was now trying desperately to close her legs, but it was too late, Eileen’s mouth was firmly clamped on her panty crotch. My Sister used her tongue to ease aside the silken gusset of Mom’s panty crotch and pushed her tongue, snake like, through the hole in Mom’s pantyhose, the same hole through which only a while ago I had raped my Mother with my rampant penis.

I was now so excited my cock was throbbing. Watching my Sister lick my Mom’s cunt through her hose and panties was more than my wildest fantasies could have imagined. I fell forward and buried my face in my Sister’s panty clad ass. I forced my tongue against the sheer nylon encasing her cuntal lips and began to lick. Eileen shuddered and pushed back against my face, I heard a stifled moan from between Mom’s legs where her head was buried lapping at Mom’s cunt. Then I head a sound I hardly believed. Mom gave out a long trembling sigh, and moaned,

“Oh God forgive me that feels so good!”

Mom’s hands went down to Eileen’s head, not to push it away but gently stroke her daughter as she licked her Mom’s cunny through the hole I had torn in her pantyhose. Eileen let go of Mom’s ankles and unbelievably Mom opened her legs further to allow her daughter better access to her cunt. Mom’s silken, nylon encased, legs opened and raised slightly off the bed, her high heels came to rest on the bottom of the bed as she pushed her ass, still clad in her nylon panties, up off the bed to allow her daughter better access to Mommies now sopping cunt. Eileen used her now free hands to push the gusset of Mom’s panties to one side of her cunt, and the other to tear the hole in Mom’s pantyhose even bigger so she could get her lips on Mom’s pussy and work her tongue around her clitty.

Mom was now groaning and moaning, lifting her ass in a steady rhythm to Eileen’s oral invasion of her cunt. I was now furiously licking my Sister’s cunt through her panties and hose but I wanted more. I bought my hand up and dragged the gusset of her nylon knickers across her ass exposing her cunt sheathed kartal escort in the gauzy nylon of her pantyhose. I put a finger against the nylon and pushed. My finger disappeared inside her cunt sheathed in the nylon of her hose. I immediately realised what I was going to do; my greatest of all fetish fantasies.

I eased myself forward over my Mom who was now steadily groaning in ecstasy underneath me, and positioned my rock hard cock against my Sister’s cuntal lips. I eased forward and the gossamer thin nylon of her pantyhose began to give and to encase my cock as it slowly forced its way inside my Sister. The nylon of the pantyhose encasing my Sister’s lovely big ass began to stretch taught as my cock forced its way deeper into her, taking more of the luxurious silken material with it. The feeling was exquisite, my cock was being gripped by my Sister’s tight cunt and was surrounded by the most glorious soft sheer nylon at the same time. I slowly started to pump in and out of my Sister, one hand on her nyloned buttocks, the other pulling tight on her panty crotch, driving the damp nylon against her hard clit as I fucked her.

Mom was now almost incomprehensible with pleasure. She was groaning whimpering and crying as she maintained her steady thrusting of her ass up from the bed and against my Sister’s face buried in her crotch. This was just amazing, more than any fantasy I could imagine and I knew I couldn’t hold back my orgasm for much longer.

I imagined what we looked like. Mom on her back with her nurses uniform skirt pushed up around her waist, her nyloned legs spread, her ass bucking in the air to meet the tongue of her daughter who is straddling her dressed in her school uniform, her pleated skirt thrown over her waist to expose her pantyhosed thighs and pantied ass, as her cunt is being plundered by her brother, who has his cock driven deep inside her whist he is straddling the upper torso of his Mother.

Eileen was starting to grunt in time with my thrusts as the nylon of her hose was forced against her sensitive clitty. Added to her pleasure was the gusset of her sheer panties rubbing against the nylon hose as I gripped the panties like a horse-rider holding his reins in one hand. Mom was still moaning her pleasure, her grunts getting faster and louder. Then the most amazing thing happened; I felt a tongue on my balls. I looked down and saw that Mom had lifted her head slightly and was licking my balls as I thrusted in and out my sister. She opened her lipstick lips and gently licked and sucked them with her hot wet mouth.

It was all I needed to go over the top, my cock exploded and I pounded it in and out of my Sister, the force of my strokes making her ass cheeks shudder. I felt the hot semen shoot out of my cock, through the sheer nylon encasing it, soaking my Sister’s cunt and further lubricating the pantyhose surrounding my penis. I shot load after load until I was spent.

As my first load exploded deep in my Sister, I felt her cunt walls quiver as her own orgasm erupted. She bucked back against me to meet my thrusts and at the same time increased the frantic lapping at Mom’s cunt. She buried her head deeper inside Mom’s nyloned thighs and pushed her tongue hard against Mom’s clitty.

This had the effect of invoking a shuddering orgasm in Mom. Her whole body quivered and her heels drummed against the bed as she came. Mom’s lips clamped down on my balls and her tongue became frantic as it slobbered around my tight hard testicles.

We were all coming at once. Mother, Brother, Sister, the girls in their sheerest nylon pantyhose and panties, slutty makeup and uniforms. It was certainly a silken family trap!

To be continued…………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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