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‘Truth is stranger than fiction’ the saying is probably a reality of life. What I’m writing below is not fiction but the story of my own life which I had never thought of sharing online but on the suggestion of a psychologist, have chosen to share online. Incest has always been frowned upon by most of the people in the society but to those who have enjoyed it since youth, it tends to make them feel so secure that those relations which should be considered taboo become the most intimate and satisfying ones.

This paragraph is a summary of my beautiful life, the experiences of which I’m going to share with you now. I have intentionally not mentioned any names in my story as I do not wish to write anything false by writing fictitious names and if I write the actual names, then it would be very easy for any person knowing me or my family to know who I am and I do not wish to reveal my identity and also the beautiful reality of my family.

I am a 40-year-old woman who is 5’8″ in height with a fair complexion and bust size of 38 – C. I am neither thin nor fat but definitely a head turner for the opposite sex. I was the only child of my parents. Naturally, love and affection was showered on me by my parents as is done on any other child by parents. However, over the years my father became more of a friend to me with whom I started sharing most of my secrets.

It was my eighteenth birthday and my father told me that he had planned a big birthday bash for me. I told him that I did not want any big birthday party but wanted to buy some expensive dresses which he would have to help me choose as I wanted to go to college wearing expensive and branded clothes. With a twinkle in his eye, he told me that what I needed were not expensive and branded clothes but sexy dresses which he agreed to help me choose provided that I would not tell anyone that he had gone to help me choose the same.

I immediately agreed and responded with my usual smile, wink and a kiss on his cheek. He promised to take me the next day for shopping. Till then everything between us was perfectly normal as is between a father and daughter but little did I know that the next morning was to bring a beautiful change in my life forever.

There was some kind of excitement cropping up inside both dad and me. Maybe it was because of the use of the word ‘sexy dresses’ by dad for the first time with me and it was this secret that we were keeping from my mother which was making it even more exciting.

Without discussing with me, my father put up an excuse before my mother that she could go to visit her parents the next morning if she wanted. This was something which my mother always loved but rarely got an opportunity to do due to her busy schedule. Dad even very casually told her she could spend the whole day there if she wanted and return at night, which he knew would be readily accepted by her.

I got up the next morning with tingling sensation inside my body. No words can explain this strange kind of excitement I was having. I wore my casual clothes and got ready well in time to go shopping with my father. When I went downstairs, he was already waiting for me at the breakfast table. We patiently waited for my mother to leave and then without wasting a moment sat in dad’s car and left.

While driving, dad told me not to refer to him as dad while shopping. Seeing his grin, I also suggested that I would behave as if he was my boyfriend, of course, a much older one. I could clearly feel a change taking place in the relationship between us and evidently, it was being welcomed happily by both of us.

While shopping, I chose some really nice and elegant clothes which were really expensive. Dad immediately pointed out that these clothes were perfect for the formal function but not for wearing to the college. Realizing he was right, I told him to select the dresses which he felt were more appropriate for wearing to college including the ‘sexy dresses’ which he had in mind.

He selected quite a few T-shirts, trousers and shorts which were really sexy, partly revealing and yet quite decent. “The mix-and-match of all these would suffice as they would help you decide when to look sexy and when to look decent” dad said.

He further added the sly smile, “Don’t try them here. Try them when we reach home.” This comment made both of us attempt to hurry up and finish the shopping but then dad suggested that I should buy some sexy lingerie to go with these clothes, “because bra straps and the top of the panties were always visible from a girl’s clothes” he said. Having purchased some really sexy lingerie and again without trying the same, we both rushed home.

I’ll never forget the first words dad said as soon as we entered the house, “Now you wear this lingerie and show me how you look.” We were both equally excited at what was happening. After making sure the house was locked from inside, dad and I came up to my room and bolted the door.

I was about to go to the bathroom to change into escort ataşehir the newly purchased lingerie when dad stopped me and suggested, “Why don’t you take off your T-shirt and jeans before me after all even in the lingerie you would be equally undressed?” I took off my T-shirt and jeans before him. “Wow! You are the most beautiful creation in the world!” were the words which uncontrollably escaped from his mouth on seeing me just in bra and panty before him.

“My little girl has really grown up” he said. “I have realized for the first-time how quickly you have grown up and how beautiful you have become. Change into the new lingerie later. Come and sit on my lap and let me see how big you have grown in all these years. I can hardly believe my own eyes.”

These words which he uttered had a magical effect over me and in a second, I was sitting in his lap. He started touching my whole body which aroused me beyond control. I looked at him with dreamy eyes and found a similar look in his eyes. Without uttering a word, we both engaged in a lip lock and our tongues started exploring each others’ mouths.

Dad unhooked and tore off my bra in the second. He started sucking my nipples which were already aroused and hard. While sucking one, he was pinching the other one which was further arousing me. By now, even I had lost my control. I pushed him back, took off my panty and started taking off his clothes. Within moments, we were both completely naked in each other’s arms.

Dad lay me down on my bed and started licking my vagina. His tongue movements were quick and arousing. It was the first-time that my vagina was being licked by someone and probably so, the level of arousal was exceptional. My vaginal juices kept flowing continuously leading to one orgasm after another just by a mere use of dad’s tongue.

Slowly he moved to my stomach. He started licking my navel and also biting my tummy. This playful act with sexual overtones was equally arousing. Next he again started sucking my breasts. By now I was out of my senses and had started biting dad at various places. He pushed me back and put his penis inside my love hole. Since it was my first time, despite being very wet, my vagina was refusing stubbornly to accept his penis.

We both had to use effort for it to be pushed in which was very painful… but too enjoyable subsequently. Slowly he started sliding it in and out of my love box. In no time, his lovemaking speed increased and he told me that he was about to ejaculate. He asked me whether I was willing to take a pill to avoid pregnancy, to which I instantly replied in affirmative and the next moment, there was a beautiful feeling of something being released inside my vagina in spurts. Dad virtually collapsed for a few moments on top of me.

A bit tired but very satisfied, we both got up from bed and went to the bathing area to wash ourselves, more so, to wash each other. It was at this time that while washing his penis, I actually got to see a real penis from close quarters. Immediately after washing it, I rubbed it dry and started sucking it as I had seen porn stars do.

The dead piece of meat immediately became alive and started getting hard in no time. I continued giving dad a blow job in the bathing area till after about 5 minutes, he suggested that we return to bed and this time he would insert it in my anus.

Instead of allowing him to proceed with it straight away, I turned around to face him and took him in my arms. What followed was a warm kiss on the lips which lasted for several minutes. This was my first experience of falling in love and that too with someone so near and dear to me. I never could anticipate that what had begun in my life was the beginning of many more such encounters with such close relatives. My heart was full of happiness and there was feeling of deep contentment inside me.

Dad went downstairs and got a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil. “I have to loosen you up so that you do not feel much pain” he said. Not able to understand what he meant, I allowed him to do whatever he wanted. He put on thin latex gloves and applied a lot of oil on them. He then slowly started inserting his index finger inside my anus and moving it around. It was sheer pleasure.

The finger, of course, got dirty which he washed. This was followed by inserting of two well oiled fingers instead of one. After doing this for about ten minutes, dad inserted his love tool inside my anus. Even though it was quite painful but the pain got ignored in the pleasure which ensued. He started fondling my breasts with both hands while giving strokes in the anus. He kept tickling, pinching and rubbing my nipples for a few minutes.

The pleasure of anal sex and the playing with my nipples made me orgasm in no time. He then started moving his hands all over my back and legs. Slowly he increased his speed of strokes and released inside me once again.

This was again followed by going to the bathroom and bathing each kadıköy escort other romantically. I lay dad in the bathing tub and cuddled over him. The warmth of his love made me feel as if I were in heaven. I don’t remember how much time we remained like that but we both reluctantly got out and could not restrain ourselves from again exploring each others’ bodies in bed.

This romantic day came to an ending suddenly with a phone call from my mother telling us that she would be reaching home in about half an hour. It was then that we realized that we had missed our lunch and went downstairs to prepare and eat it before my mother could reach so as to avoid any explanation for remaining hungry for so long.

This beautiful day changed my life for all times to come and lovemaking with dad became a routine affair. Not only this, it also enabled me to become bolder in my day-to-day behaviour in college. I knew there were many boys who were after me but I followed my dad’s advice and made it clear that I was only for someone special who could sweep me off my feet.

Going down memory lane, I realize now that my college life was more focused on rejecting numerous proposals and advances from boys than on studies. My act of keeping a distance from the boys and rejecting their proposals was making me more and more an object of desire for each one of them.

After about a year of having joined the college, I got to know that my uncle had just got transferred to our city and my first cousin took admission in my college and that too, in my class. I instantaneously clicked with him and within a few days, this cousin of mine with whom I had rarely interacted became my best friend in college. Looking back over the years, I now realize that it was my relationship with my father because of which I started feeling more comfortable amongst my relatives and family members rather than strangers or even friends.

After just about a couple of months of having joined the college, one day my cousin suddenly said, “My parents are going out for a few days. Let’s meet up at my place in the evening.” It appeared to me that he had left the sentence open-ended. I immediately agreed and told him that we would go to his house straight from college.

I don’t know why I started feeling the same excitement which I was having while going shopping with my father for the first time after my eighteenth birthday. As soon as college was over, we started walking towards my cousin’s house. We were both quietly walking when he slowly held my hand. I responded by holding his hand tightly. Without an exchange of words, our walking speed increased.

As soon as we entered his house, without saying anything, he locked the main door and gave me a tight hug. I pushed his face back while holding it in both my hands and gave him a long French kiss. While kissing, he pulled up my skirt and put his hand in my panty. He slowly started massaging my butt cheeks with both his hands. The French kiss appeared to have ended after eternity. In a second, he pulled down my panty and started trying to kiss my pussy.

I lay down on the sofa and parted my legs while pulling up my skirt completely. Without wasting a moment, he started licking my vagina while playing with my anus with his fingers. My body started quivering with pleasure and I ran my hands through his hair continuously. After about 5 minutes, he lifted his face from my vagina which was now dripping with saliva and started taking off his own clothes. I also threw off my clothes and took his penis in my mouth.

He told me to get into position 69 which I did not know. He explained it to me and once again he was relishing my vagina while I was enjoying giving him a blow job. After sometime, we changed our position and he came over on top of me and started kissing me all over my body. He started nibbling my nipples and pulling them with his teeth. The pleasure was immense. After some time, he made me turn around and started kissing my butt cheeks and licking my anus.

He then again straightened me and lifted my legs and inserted his penis inside my vagina. The very first stroke appeared to have touched my G-spot. Slowly as he increased the speed of his strokes, I started using my own hands to pull him deeper inside me. Instead of releasing inside me, suddenly, without a word of warning, he took out his penis from my vagina, caught hold of my hair and pulled them hard making me shout and immediately shot his load inside my mouth.

He then released by hair and kept stroking his penis till the last drop of cum came out from it. “You could have at least given me a word of warning as to what you were about to do” I complained jokingly. He replied, “I didn’t want to make you pregnant.” I didn’t tell him that I used to take a pill as he would then have naturally asked me as to who was the person because of whom I was taking it. I kissed him and told him that from now onwards he could safely release in me and I would start taking the pill. maltepe escort bayan

The session of romance became a daily routine for us after college as there used to be nobody at his house because of both his parents being working. This added another beautiful feather of joy to my daily cap of happiness as every day I used to have such wonderfully romantic sessions with my father as well as my cousin.

This affair with my cousin continued for about a year till suddenly his father was transferred back to the city from where he had come. It was a very tough parting moment for us but we promised to meet again in life and never to end this love between us.

My last year in college had obviously become one without any friends. The proposals from boys kept coming though they had reduced since the word had travelled that I was too inaccessible. One day, one of our notorious college bullies tried making advances towards me against my wishes. What happened next was nothing short of a scene from any movie.

One of the most decent and reticent boys from my class immediately came to help me and fought with the bully for me. This boy was initially told by the bully to move away but his refusal to “leave a woman in need alone” resulted in his getting badly thrashed by this bully and his friends.

The consequences were obvious. The bully and his friends were expelled from the college and this boy was hospitalized. But the most important consequence was that it resulted in my falling head over heels in love with this boy.

I told my father that I had fallen madly in love with this boy and now this most inaccessible girl wanted to propose marriage to him. Even though my father was heartbroken, he still smiled and told me that he knew the truth that one day I had to get married and leave him. I kissed him and told him that I would never leave him and keep coming to him even after marriage. This cheered him up and he immediately agreed to meet the boy and his parents.

I stopped him as I was yet to propose to the boy. Even though it was late evening, I went to the hospital to meet him and professed my love for him. The expression on his face was priceless. To a guy who had never dated any girl, the most sought-after girl in his college was proposing marriage to him while professing her love for him… it was too good to be true for him.

He was speechless for sometime which made me feel that for the first time in my life I would be rejected by someone. But then he agreed…

His recovery from the hospital took about a week. We became the best of friends and our families announced our engagement in a couple of months. His family, apart from him, consisted of his parents and younger brother. As soon as we passed out from college, we got married.

I had been cautious as advised by my father so as not to develop any physical intimacy with my would-be husband before marriage as it might have led him to doubt my character.

Obviously, the first night after our wedding was the most eagerly awaited thing for both of us. On entering the bedroom together, we bolted the door and in no time were kissing each other while attempting to take off each others’ clothes as quickly as possible.

From my husband’s movements I could make out his lack of experience even though he was trying to boast of about his knowledge which he had gained from watching porn movies.

He kept licking my vagina which was quite arousing and then proceeded to suck my breasts very hard. As soon as I lay him on bed and started kissing his body, he told me that he was losing control of himself and wanted me to give him a blow job. I had hardly stroked his penis 5-6 times when he ejaculated. I swallowed his sperms while licking his penis thoroughly.

He then asked me again to start kissing his whole body to arouse him once again. His penis took quite some time to become erect again and this time he laid me on bed, inserted it in me and started giving strokes. This time also he did not last much longer but then he had released inside me and I told him I would not take any pill to which he happily consented.

Since we were living in the same town as my parents, my romantic meetings with my father were a daily routine. However, my pregnancy brought a temporary restraint on my sexual activities. After about 9 months, I gave birth to a baby boy. My in-laws family owns a huge shop which has always required the presence of at least one family member at the shop at all times for supervision.

My father-in-law, mother-in-law and brother-in-law used to manage the shop while taking turns while my husband had chosen not to join the family business and applied for a job with a multinational company for which he was selected due to his excellent academic record. My mother-in-law took care of my baby and me for the initial few months and then resumed going to the shop.

My brother-in-law got married after couple of years but somehow his marriage did not last for more than a few months. I could never actually understand the real reason for their differences but then, when they both had chosen to separate and also not to discuss the reason for the same with their respective family members, I could not get to know any further details.

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