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#The Superdry Hoodie

I’d had my eye on this beautiful hoodie for months but being a full time university student living off my parents, I didn’t have much money. Two months ago I’d gone into David Jones, a department store here in Wollongong when I heard they had a menswear sale on only to find that Superdry brand along with a few others were “excluded”.

Now I saw an add on TV that they had an “end of season” sale. I rang them just to make sure that this time Superdry wasn’t excluded. The lady I spoke to assured me that it wasn’t so the next day, I took the train into town, excited to finally buy that very cool hoodie. The sale was over. It had ended the previous day. You’d think that lady would have mentioned that?

Obviously I was very pissed off that I’d missed the sale by one day. I tried on the Super Dry hoodie over my shirt and looked at myself in the mirror there but I didn’t have enough money so I put it back. I looked at a few other hoodies that were cheaper but nothing compared. I tried it on again. I considered ringing my mother to ask for a loan but it wasn’t really an option.

I noticed escort izmir this guy lurking about always near me and who seemed to be watching my every move. I was already annoyed enough but I hate it when people stand near me and go through the same clothing rack that I am.

I also wanted to buy some CK underwear so I went to the underwear section and had a look. That guy even followed me there! It was getting very annoying. I concluded that he was an undercover store detective and since it was Monday morning and not too many people about he must have been bored and had just decided to keep an eye on me. I found the CK briefs three pack that I wanted to buy and I had enough money but I knew if I bought it I would be broke and I wanted to save up to buy the hoodie so in the end I decided to just put it back.

The guy popped out of nowhere and asked me.

“Are you going to buy that?”

“No. Why?” I was a bit defensive. I hadn’t opened the box or anything.

He came closer and said, “If you let me watch you try them on, I’ll buy them for you.”

I was a bit slow and a bit naive. I still am. It took up escort izmir while for my brain to switch from “This guy is trying to arrest me!” to “This guy is trying to pick me up!” I said “I don’t think they let you try underwear on.”

“Well get something else then.”

I went back and got the Super Dry hoodie which was stupid. Who goes into a change room to try on a hoodie? He followed me. I didn’t even have the box of CK’s.

“Go in there,” he said pointing to a closer fitting room. There wasn’t anyone checking. He just followed me straight into a room and locked the door.

He was an older guy, maybe in his forties, wearing a tie and a jacket. Straight away he got down on his knees and started pulling at my belt. I don’t know if you ever get such an extreme erection that the skin on your cock feels like it is stretching but by the time he had my cock out mine was like that.

I think I only lasted fifteen seconds before I blasted my cum down his throat. He was good but then he kept sucking me. I’d been fairly quiet when I’d had my orgasm but I couldn’t handle that feeling of when a guy keeps sucking you after you’ve already cum and I yelled out and tried to push him off.

He got up, wiped his mouth with a handkerchief and then got his wallet out and gave me a hundred bucks.

“Thanks mate,” he said and just left.

I bought the Superdry hoodie and the CK briefs three pack. Am I a prostitute? At the time, I didn’t care.

I went outside into the mall carrying my hoodie and CK three pack in a plastic bag. I found a place to sit just outside David Jones, took the hoodie out, broke the label off and put it on. There is a large panel of mirror in tha mall there so I got up and had a look at myself. I looked like hot stuff. Yeah sorry… shoot me, but I happened to see in the reflection behind me that guy. He was waiting outside a women’s hairdressing salon looking at his phone. I suddenly felt embarrassed but I had to walk past him to get out.

I though I could walk behind him without him seeing me but as I walked towards him, something shocking happened. A woman came out of the hairdressing salon and walked up to him. They smiled at each other and then kissed briefly. She put her arm around his elbow and they walked away from me.

Is it my fault? Did I do something wrong? I can’t shake the feeling, every time I put that hoodie on, that I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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