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“What you need, Alexandra,” Christine said, stretched out on the hotel bed next to mine, “is to go clubbing with me. You know, dress up all hot and get some real attention!”

I smiled at my best friend. I knew she was trying to distract me from the thoughts of demented dream I’d had down on the Grecian beach just a few hours earlier, in which unearthly force had its way with me. While it was the most intensely erotic experience I’d ever been through, I’d felt trapped the entire time. I was still pretty shaken by the whole thing. Maybe I did need to be distracted. “That,” I told her, “sounds like an awesome idea.”

She grinned, encouraged. “Shopping trip!” she announced. We finished off our beers, grabbed our purses, and left the hotel.

We returned from the island’s stores a few hours later with our new club clothes. Dusk was nearing as we prepared ourselves. I stripped, took a shower, dried off, put on some makeup, and started to get dressed. My top was made of a stretchy black fabric and was more like an open vest than a top, exposing more cleavage than my bikini had. Only a small strip of fabric connected each side of the vest. All it would take would be someone to cut it and I would completely burst free. It was backless, except for a few crisscrossing laces. It felt soft and good as I pulled it down over my chest.

I grabbed my mini-skirt from the bed and slid it up over my long, lanky legs and just over my hips. It was nearly blood red and, in a way, was even more revealing than my top. A slit in each side went all the way up to the waistband. There was a single pleat in front. I figured if I gave a twirl, the front panel and back panel would fly into the air and I would show off both my ass and pussy in one graceful move. I tested the idea and when they did, it felt like I was only wearing a belt.

I pulled open my underwear drawer to find something appropriate to go with the skirt, but it was slammed shut before I could open it more than an inch. Christine stood next to me, wrapped in a towel, with a twinkle in her eye. “Not tonight!” she said.

I laughed nervously and completed the outfit with some black stilettos with clear heels . I wound the straps around my calves several times and tied them. I stood up and faced Christine. “Well,” I prompted, “how do I look?”

She looked me up and down, her eyes hungry. “You’ll have the boy of your choice tonight!” was her verdict.

“I’m really hoping for more of a man,” I replied. “Thanks, Christine.”

“Only one thing missing,” she said. Christine paused for a moment, considering. Then she leaned over, pushed back my top to reveal my breasts, and, before I could respond, took my left nipple in her mouth. I gasped, at first in shock and surprise at the wet heat, and then at the tingle that sprouted at the tip of my breast and spread through my body like wildfire. I tilted my head back and closed my eyes. She slowly swirled her tongue abound my aureole and the tingling increased. I felt goose bumps spread down my arms and I shivered. Christine moved her lips to my other breast, sucking on my skin and then caressing my nipple with her tongue. Without realizing what I was doing, I ran my fingers through her hair and held her to my chest, savoring the feeling my best friend was giving me.

“Oh god,” I said to Christine as she pulled back, adjusted my top, and looked me over.

“Glad to help,” she said with a coy grin, eying my now firm and erect tits visibly straining against the black fabric.. And with that, she started putting on her outfit.

My heart was beating like drum and my entire body throbbed. I wondered about what had happened, what it said about me. Was I attracted to my best friend? Was she to me? I shook my head to clear those thoughts out. I wanted to go have some mindless fun and thoughts like those threatened to spoil it.

Christine’s outfit was more adventurous than I expected her to wear. Maybe the beer we’d had earlier helped with that. She wore a red and black spaghetti strap top, with a lace up front. It was skin-tight and showed off her swimmers muscles well. I took a closer look and saw that while it looked solid from a distance, it was peppered with holes like a sports jersey, enough to see the shadings and contours of her form. It was actually more revealing than my outfit; from the right angle, you could see the entirety of her breasts. I would have expected Christine to wear a bikini top under it, but apparently she was as daring as I was tonight. Below, she had on a pair of black shiny leggings that came down to mid-calf. I didn’t see any pantie lines and I saw the faint outline of her vulva pushing against the fabric. She put on her heels and we headed out, two confident girls arm in arm.

The club was called The Matrix. From outside, we could hear the deep booming bass and I began to feel nervous. Going to a European beach in a sheer white thong bikini was one thing, sıhhiye escort but going dancing dressed like this?

It was dark inside the club, with colorful strobe lights flashing in beat with the techno rhythm. Hot, lithe bodies filled the room and both Christine and I got close and personal with several as we made our way to the bar. Before I’d even reached it, though, I’d already been offered a drink by a cute guy with a blond buzz-cut. I accepted and got an appletini. We chatted briefly before he asked me to dance. I may not be the greatest dancer, but I was in no mood to care this night. He turned out to be not that great a dancer either. Nothing sparked between us.

I found several other guys to chat with and dance with. The results were all pretty much the same, though: Nice looking, okay personality, obviously thought a lot of themselves, but no real excitement between the two of us. Some of them were definitely excited about me, though, and didn’t give up when I passed on a second dance. I had to take to dancing with Christine to help them get the hint.

I began to feel a little down. I’d had such high hopes for this evening, but nothing was panning out. I headed back to the bar and ordered another drink.

When it arrived, I sat it down briefly on the bar while I looked around for someone new to dance with. Not seeing anyone interesting, I reached down absently to pick up my drink and instead found my hand resting on someone’s arm. A charge went through me and I turned to look into the deep brown eyes of a tanned muscular guy smiling down at me.

“Hello,” he said. “I’m Marcus.” He paused, looking down at my hand. “I think someone took your drink.” He look over at someone holding what had been my glass. It was Christine! She winked at me, took a sip, and slipped away into the crowd.

“Let me get you another another,” Marcus continued. He signaled to the bartender and ordered a pomegranate martini with lime. As I began to say something about preferring an appltini, he said confidently, “You’ll like this better.”

The drink arrived and I hesitantly took a sip. It *was* good. The heady flavor of the pomegranate juice mixed well with the lime and combined to make for an amazing explosion of flavor.

“Thank you,” I said and realized my hand was still resting on his arm. “I’m Alexandra.”

He looked me over and his eyes expressed his appreciation of what he saw. I began to feel warm inside, and not from the drink.

“Alexandra,” Marcus repeated, musing. “Well, Conqueress, come dance with me.”

I nodded silently at him. He took my hand in his and led me to the dance floor. He grinned at me as a new song started pumping into the air. His dancing wasn’t self-conscious like the others; he seemed to be genuinely letting his body flow with the music. I tried to unhook my brain and do the same. I even began to feel the hints of a smile creep onto my face. We danced and flirted and teased and talked and laughed, having a great time. We moved all over the club with an exciting energy between us that had taken on a life of its own.

A few songs and a finished drink later, I felt my barriers crumble and I moved closer to him. I turned and pressed back against him. Marcus ran his hands down my sides as I moved side to side with the beat, hands in the air. I closed my eyes as I felt his touch and the tingle went through me like a tidal wave. I kept dancing. His hands slid down to my hips and held me firm. He pulled me tight against him, his crotch rubbing against my ass. I leaned back and wrapped my arms around his neck and drew him in for a kiss. Our lips touched and the sounds of the club all but disappeared from my mind as our souls touched. He kissed back, hungry. I fed his lust, passionately attacking him with my tongue. As I did, he slid a hand beneath my skirt.

I felt his shock register as he realized I was wearing nothing underneath. It didn’t stop him, though, and I didn’t want him to. He move two fingers around the edge of my bare pussy, moving in time with the beat, teasing me. I kissed him harder and he slid a finger into my slit, to find me already wet for him. I gave a moan into his mouth. His finger moved slower than the beat as we danced and kissed, torturing me. He slid another finger in, moving both up and down and squeezing my clit between him. His touch was firm and confident. I was totally giving into him.

We danced like that for what seemed like an eternity, him fingering me and rubbing against me. I grinded my ass against him and I felt him grow hard. My entire body was on fire. I stopped the kiss for a moment, but his fingers didn’t stop moving. I opened my eyes and saw Christine in front of us, dancing lazily, and looking thoroughly satisfied with her handiwork. I realized at that instant just how awesome a friend she was, having done all this to help make me happy.

I tandoğan escort beckoned her over to us. She gave me an “Are you sure?” look. I nodded back to her. She came over slowly and continued to dance just in front of us. I don’t think she realized what I wanted to give her yet, or what I wanted from her. I took Marcus’s other hand and placed it on her breast. Her eyes widened in shock. I mouthed “It’s okay,” to her, and acceptance replaced the shock. She pressed her hand against Marcus’s as he began to caress her breast. She moved in closer and pressed her pelvis against mine, trapping Marcus’s hand between us. She began grinding away against his hand and my hips, and I saw her desire build.

I looked deep into Christine’s eyes and saw the hunger and lust there. Lust for Marcus, yes, but also… I bit my lip as my orgasm neared under Marcus’s touch. I reached out a hand to my friend, wrapped it around her neck, and drew her in for a quick kiss. There was no resistance from her and she kissed me back. Marcus’s fingers began to speed up and my kiss with Christine pushed me over the edge. An orgasm exploded within me. Marcus kissed my neck and continued squeezing Christine’s breast. After a few moments more of heated grinding on his hand trapped between us, Christine started moaning too, capped off by a whimper of pleasure as she tried to keep quiet in the club. We continued like that as Christine and I rode out our full orgasms, fueled by Marcus’s touch and our own desires.

My knees shook as Marcus shouted in my ear, “We need to get out of here!” I couldn’t have agreed more and the three of us left the club.

Marcus directed us to his car and drove us a short distance to a black sand beach. A full moon lit the shallow bay as we pulled in. Nothing had been said between the three of us. I think Christine and I were in shock. I know I was.

Marcus grabbed a blanket from the trunk and headed down the beach. I looked at Christine who stared hungrily after him. She saw me and shrugged. I nodded back to her in agreement and we followed after him, holding hands.

Marcus had spread out the blanket on the sand by the time we arrived and had removed his shirt. He had strong pectoral muscles, but a long scar marred the left side of his chest. I was so hungry to see more of him! I pulled off my top and felt the cool night air against my breasts, sending up goose bumps again. I could see the appreciation in his eyes. I moved up against him and slid one hand down his pants, and grabbed his erect cock. I felt a tiny bit of dampness at the tip and ran my fingers over his shaft as I gave him another impassioned kiss.

Bare flesh pressed against my back and I realized Christine was joining us, having stripped out of her clothes completely. A completely different tingle ran through me from where her stiffened nipples pressed against me and I gave Marcus’s cock a squeeze. He moaned. Christine reached around my body and began massaging my breasts. I moaned. I slid my free hand back and found Christine’s sweet spot and began fingering her. She moaned.

Christine moved around behind Marcus, hooked her fingers into his pants and pulled them all the way down, freeing his erection. She then knelt in front of him and took the head of his cock between her lips. He let out a groan of pure pleasure. I knelt too and continued to run my fingers over his shaft. He throbbed in reaction our attention. Christine continued sucking on his tip, running her tongue again and again across the underside of his glans. He was going to be cumming soon. I jerked him faster. He let loose a roar and exploded into Christine’s mouth. Inspiration struck me and I quickly reached over with my free hand to resumed fingering my friend. She gulped when I touched her, and swallowed everything Marcus fed her.

Gasping, Marcus collapsed onto his back and stared up at us, amazement in his eyes.

I knew what I wanted next.

He was still as hard as a rock as I moved and stood directly over his member. I pulled Christine up to her feet and positioned her over his face. I nodded at her and as I lowered myself until his cock touched my pussy beneath my skirt. I pulled her down with me until she was nearly sitting on his face. I breathed deep and look straight ahead at Christine. Her eyes were open wide as Marcus took the hint and extended his tongue into her pussy and began licking her.

I took one hand and guided Marcus’s cock until he was in the right position. I pushed down onto him and felt him enter me. I slowly slid down his shaft until our hips met.

And I fucked him.

I took my time too, grinding my hips against his. Deep down, this was my revenge at the dream I’d had this morning. This was a free-will, total choice moment. I was in complete control of my ecstasy and the longer I let it draw out, the more complete my victory over that dream tunalı escort would be. I moaned and groaned, throwing my head back, grinding my pelvis against his, much to the delight of my clit. Oh, this was good. Very good.

I looked at my best friend across from me. She was frozen in place, the look of shock still in her eyes. I guess she’d never been eaten out before, or maybe Marcus was just a lot better than she was used to. I took joy in that look and felt a warmth I’d never felt flood through me. Not a physical warmth – though my ride on Marcus’s cock was certainly generating plenty of that – but emotional for Christine. There was obviously more of a connection between us than just friends. I reached out, drew her face closer to mine, and kissed her deeply.

I felt her melt in an instant. She began to rock gently with Marcus’s tongue action and her hand came up to hold on to my shoulders for support. Her other hand came to rest on my breast. She kissed me back with a passion she must have been hiding for years. I’d never kissed another girl before, but this felt right. Not right the way the touch of Marcus’s lips made me tingle from head to toe, but right as in a small missing part of our friendship had just fallen into place.

Our kiss grew from a gentle introduction to an impassioned lip lock quickly. All the sexual energy that was going on down beneath us urged us to explore this new feeling, to taste each other deeply. Taste we did, our tongues caressing wildly. Christine began to angle her body forward better for Marcus to orally torture her and I had to bend down to keep kissing her. Without even realizing it, I reached out and began to caress Christine’s breast. Her nipples hardened at my touch.

I kissed my friend for what seemed like an hour. Christine’s moans began to increase in pitch, as she neared her completion, shivering with each caresses of Marcus’s tongue and each pass of my fingers across her nipples. She was just on the edge of cumming, when I spoke.

“No,” I commanded her in a whisper. “Not yet.”

Christine stared at me like I was mad, but bit her lip and somehow contained the explosion that was dying to come out. I saw a tear well up in one eye as she tried to keep a lid on her orgasm while Marcus, not aware of my urgings, kept tonging her deeply and skillfully.

“Hurry,” she said in a gasp. “The.” She closed her eyes and shivered. “Fuck.” Another gasp. “Up!”

“Hold it in,” I told her in a strong voice, and continued to slowly build my orgasm on Marcus’s fulfillingly hard cock.

She stared back at me wild-eyed. She opened her mouth to say something.

“No,” I repeated, and squeezed her shoulder. I was getting closer. I felt Marcus throbbing inside me. Oh fuck he was perfect.

Her breathing started to increase and her body began to tremble.

“No!” I told her urgently, squeezing again. I kept riding Marcus, speeding up.

“Fuck,” she growled. “You!” Her dam burst, unable to stop any longer. Her cry of ecstasy echoed across the beach, building up in pitch until it was a near scream.

That was all I could take. I began to fuck Marcus in earnest, no longer trying to draw out as much pleasure as I could of him. He moaned deeply into Christine’s pussy. A few seconds was all he needed, though, and I felt him explode inside of me.

I came.

I rode him hard through every pulse of pure pleasure that went through me, wave after wave. I don’t remember making any sound. Fuck, I don’t remember anything, but feeling like I was going to be torn asunder by this earth-shattering barrage of ecstasy.

I began to slow, still trying to eek more out of Marcus. Finally, I came to a halt, sitting atop him, his cock deep inside me, my skirts hanging over both our hips. Christine was collapsed against me, shaking, whimpering. I saw that Marcus was still eating her out. Tears rolled down her cheeks. I wasn’t sure if she wanted him to stop or not, though; I don’t think she could have let him know either way. I held her in my arms, and looked down at her affectionately. I let Marcus go on for another few minutes and begin to get turned on by the torture Marcus was unknowingly inflicting on her. Unconsciously, I began to grind my hips against Marcus again, and felt aftershocks of ecstasy begin. I just didn’t have the energy to do anything more than that.

I grabbed hold of my friend and pulled both of us off of our host. We tumbled onto the blanket, entwined in each others’ bodies. I looked over at Marcus. He was gasping for air, his still erect cock pointing to the heavens. We all lay like that for awhile, recovering. Eventually, his hard-on softened and he stood up. He gathered all the clothes scattered around, and pulled us to our feet. I grabbed the blanket and we headed back to the car.

There, we all kind of crashed into the back seat. Marcus lay back on the pile of clothes, using it at a makeshift pillow. I rested my back against him and Christine crawled in and lay face down on me. I pulled the blanket over our three bare bodies and I knew it wouldn’t be long before we would be asleep. I smiled. Though I was kind of confined in the cramped backseat of this car and trapped between two bodies, for the first time in a long time, I really felt free.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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