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I sat downstairs in the den watching one of the Saturday College football games on TV when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. Looking up and out of the basement window, I saw what I knew to be my wife’s still very shapely legs as she walked by on the driveway headed towards her car. Minutes ago I had heard her call downstairs to me, telling me she was about to leave, so wasn’t surprised when I saw her already heading out without actually seeing her.

“So much for a kiss good-bye,” I thought. But it had been like that for some time now between us. Even now I wondered, “Where and why had we lost it?”

Maxine…or rather “Max” as everyone called her, my wife of some twenty-two years now, was on her way for her Saturday workout with her girlfriend. Something she’d taken up doing a few months back. Though I had since learned…there was a lot more going on than her working out at the gym, though perhaps that’s where it had all started early on. Even as I sat looking at the TV, not seeing it, I knew that she’d soon be getting a workout of an entirely different nature. And as yet…I still hadn’t come to grips with that, or decided what I was going to do about it…if anything. I’d almost resigned myself to the fact that our relationship was what it was, and there was no sense trying to fix what could no longer be fixed. Which meant, either live with it, or like Maxine was, find something on the side to amuse myself with. Divorce for me at least, just wasn’t part of the equation.

Max and I had always had a great sex-life. Well at least up until a couple of years ago anyway. Suddenly however, it just seemed to taper off, becoming less and less than what it once was. Now…I was lucky if we did anything at all, even once a month if that. Though looking back (and though she had twice now told me I was exaggerating) it had been two months since we’d even had intercourse. I refused to accept or count her quick “get me off” on Sunday morning hand jobs in the bathroom, which even then I had had to all but beg her to give me.

And it wasn’t like I was totally out of shape or anything myself. Sure, the years had put on a few extra pounds, but I could still stand in front of the mirror in our bedroom and not look at myself in disgust. And I’d had one or two appreciative looks thrown my way from a couple of women at work too. Though I was now becoming more and more tempted to act on those possibilities myself. So I knew it wasn’t that. All I could think of, was that our sex-life had gotten “predictable” perhaps, something we’d both allowed to happen. The problem was, when the sex actually did get boring and predictable, neither one of us said or did anything to change that. Now… Max had obviously found some on the side excitement, and she was well past the stage of feeling guilty about it. I’d have probably never even known if I hadn’t accidentally overheard a conversation between her and her girlfriend a couple of month’s back. After that, I was aware, took note of the changes in her demeanor, not to mention the way she was dressing, somewhat sexily again. And that was with her just supposedly going to the gym to work out.

I was past the stage of being angry really, or hurt about it myself. The way I saw it, I was just as much to blame as she was. Allowing things to get to the point that they had. As they say, it takes two to tango. And I hadn’t been much of a good dancer myself lately.


Added to the complication of all that, was the fact we really didn’t have a lot of private time to ourselves to enjoy one another the way we once did. Though our fraternal twins, Jared and Stacy had graduated from high school two years ago, both were still living at home in order to keep the expenses down. Not that we didn’t mind them still living there, but at one point I’d actually found myself looking forward to their living away from home. Something I’d hoped would have given Max and I more time…well, a lot more personal time to share with one another anyway. Obviously that hadn’t really happened. One or both of them was usually always around. So the spontaneity of getting it on in some other area of the house besides the bedroom, or even occasionally the bathroom, didn’t fit into our plans for predictability and boredom either.

Hearing excitement on the TV, my attention was drawn back towards it. One of the teams had just scored, though for a moment I had no idea who had. Simultaneously, commotion upstairs in the kitchen alerted me to the fact that one of the twins was up and about, and obviously about to head out for the day as well. Though I had no idea which one it was.

Though twins, Jared and Stacy were about as opposite as night and day. Jared had played football in high school himself. At just over six feet, he was not only tall but also well proportioned otherwise, and had been very popular with the girls in school. Though up until a year or so ago, he’d been shy, quiet and reserved, unlike his twin sister. Stacy on the other hand had always been outgoing. Perhaps more so ataşehir escort than either her mother or I would have liked. “Free Spirited” we called her, even as a young girl, always getting into mischief. And then much later as an adult teenager, exploring her sexuality, and sensuality in ways that had me wanting to pull out my hair. Not quite as tall as her brother, though just a couple of inches shorter than he was, she also had long dark hair falling well past her shoulders. Jared on the other hand was more blonde than brunette, a mixture of the two perhaps, more like the coloration of his mother’s hair, with Stacy taking after me. Thankfully she had her mother’s looks though. Looking more like a much younger version, though there were times that people that they ran into thought the two of them to actually be sisters.

Being a “dad”, I had to constantly tell myself not to look at my own daughter in certain ways, though she made that almost impossible to do at times with some of the provocative outfits she enjoyed wearing. One thing she hadn’t inherited exactly was her mother’s breasts. Now don’t get me wrong. Max had great looking tits (though it had been a while since I’d actually seen them). A large B cup, though still nicely shaped and proportioned even now. Stacy on the other hand was fairly well endowed. A couple of sizes larger than her mother was at least, and as I said…much to my chagrin, she tended to enjoy showing them off more than I would have cared for her to do. But she was after all now twenty-one, certainly an adult, and responsible to herself now for what she wore out in public. She didn’t dress like a slut or anything like that, but she certainly enjoyed showing her breasts of to their best advantage. Something I was only too aware of whenever she had leaned over in front of me for one reason or another. It was a constant battle for me to tear my eyes away rather than to continue to sit there and look at her.

Moments later I heard the back door slam shut. Looking up once again, I soon saw Jared’s legs as he passed by the basement window headed out towards his car. So now I knew at least that it was only Stacy and I who were still home, and wondered how long before she herself would be heading out for the day, once again leaving me home alone.

In a weird twisted way. I was actually looking forward to that. Max might be off to enjoy her “tryst” with god knows who…something I even then realized I was simply accepting as a stage Max was going through for whatever reason. The fact I could find myself horny as well, though not currently having any sort of outside relief from that beyond my own hand. Well…for the moment at least, I was accepting of that too. Which meant as soon as Stacy cleared out, I’d paw through my stash of dirty movies and find one that interested me, sit back…and stroke off a little anxiety and some much needed tension relief.

But before I even thought about doing that, I needed to get something to eat and settle my stomach first too. Already it grumbling, reminding me I was hungry as I stood up and slowly made my way up the stairs towards the kitchen.

When I entered the kitchen I literally froze in my tracks! Across the way from me, Stacy stood in the open doorway of the refrigerator bending over. It was obvious she was scrounging around inside looking for something to eat as well. That in and of itself wasn’t what seized me. What did, was that she was wearing nothing more than a tiny white thong, so her twin ass cheeks were totally bare to me. But to make things even worse, she was also wearing a very large, cut off sweatshirt that had been cut around her midriff. Hanging open as it was as I stood behind her, her full firm breasts dangled downwards enticingly as she rummaged about inside the fridge.

Once again I found myself playing the “you should tear your eyes away from those things” game. Though I allowed another three seconds or so of guilt free enjoyment before my conscious kicked in. And though she was certainly old enough to wear whatever she felt was appropriate, or in this case at least, highly inappropriate for being around me, I swallowed my intention of telling her so. Instead, I merely made her aware of my unexpected presence.

“Hungry? Me too!”

Though startled a little at my sudden appearance, Stacy merely stood up, not at all concerned that she’d given her father quite an unexpected show of her back end, though I didn’t thing she realized as she stood up, that her breasts had been nearly as exposed as her ass had been. Growing up, Maxine and I had both treated the various states of dress, or undress as natural and healthy, never trying to hide our own nudity from the kids, though not going out of the way to exactly flaunt it either. Our intent had been to bring them up in such a way that they weren’t ashamed or inhibited as far as that went. I stood there wondering if we’d been a bit too liberal in our beliefs. Stacy didn’t act or seem at all embarrassed or shy about the way she was currently dressed standing kadıköy escort in front of her father. Though it wasn’t the first time I had seen her as scantily dressed as she was now. It’s just that she was a woman now, fully developed and mature. And the fact I’d been contemplating jerking myself off here at some stage didn’t help much.

“How about I fix us some scrambled eggs and toast?” She asked. “A lot easier to fix for two than just for myself,” she added.

I was certainly up for that, but I was starting to feel “up” in another way as well, and quickly took a seat at the kitchen table, pouring myself a fresh cup of coffee first, and then angling towards it before sitting down so as not to embarrass myself or Stacy. She on the other hand went about preparing our simple breakfast, not giving any further thought (though had she even considered it in the first place?) towards her current state of dress as she began doing so.

I decided to try and make small talk with her in the hopes that my rapidly escalating member might simply go away.

“So punkin’ what’s on your agenda for today?”

Stacy stood at the stove scrambling some eggs in a pan after having popped four slices of bread in the toaster. The fact she had done so with her twin ass cheeks staring at me was of no moment to her. And I found myself sitting there staring at my daughters very gorgeous ass as I asked her the question.

“You really want to know?” she asked turning around with the frying pan in her hand as she scooped out two equal portions of eggs onto our plates. Once again I was now staring down the front of her bulky sweatshirt. Hints of her somewhat darker colored nipples winking at me as I glanced down the front of her shirt, though only for a fraction of an instant as I looked back up into her face just as her eyes met mine. She had a quirky smile on her face, and I wondered for a moment if she’d caught me looking at her, but she continued.

“I’m meeting Charlene at the mall later this afternoon. They’re having a big sale at Victoria’s Secret, lots and lots of sexy new bras, thongs and panties, thought we’d go down and have a look around. Why? You want to come with?” She asked not actually meaning it of course, but enjoying my sudden discomfort at the thought of that, though I again had to wonder and ask myself, “Had she seen me peeking?”

“Ah no…thanks,” I said sheepishly forking myself a healthy mouthful of eggs. “Was just wondering,” I added almost whispering now feeling a whole lot more uncomfortable than I had been earlier. Stacy laughed however, amused by our conversation, obviously aware of my embarrassment. Though she quickly tried changing the subject, and oddly enough, not in a direction I was happy about her taking either.

She took a sip of her orange juice eyeing me over the rim, and then as though asking me about the weather in the same tone of voice I might have expected, she said, “So dad…what’s up with you and mom anyway?”

“What do you mean?” I asked nearly choking on the mouthful I was trying to swallow.

“You know what I mean. Are you and mom planning on getting a divorce?”

I was glad I had just swallowed, or I might have choked. “Whatever gave you that idea?” I asked pretending that nothing was wrong.

“Oh, maybe that you and mom aren’t doing the nasty anymore for one thing. And don’t tell me you are either. I overheard her talking to Aunt Susan a week ago. Mom told her the two of you hadn’t done much of anything for several months now. What’s up with that?”

So…she was as aware of it as I was. But the fact she had actually told her sister about our lack-luster love life wasn’t good news either. As much as I liked Susan, ever since her divorce a few years back, she’d been hanging around, flirting and coming on to me a whole lot more than I would have liked. Maxine thought it was funny, as did Susan I think. But I never quite knew how to act around the two of them whenever they got together. And especially when Susan started flirting with me whenever Maxine wasn’t around to notice.

Point was…I didn’t know what to say to Stacy. Obviously she knew the facts. And worse, it now appeared she knew a lot more than what she was telling me on top of all that.

“You know dad, it’s not healthy for you to be going without.”

That made me chuckle in spite of the rather bizarre conversation we were suddenly having.

“Oh? And you’re an expert on that?” I shot back.

“At least I’m happy,” she responded. “Seriously…if you and mom are tired of doing the nasty together, maybe you should at least hook up with someone who is…like maybe Aunt Susan!”

That response surprised me, and this time I really did spew out my coffee, which I’d just sipped.

“Jesus Stacy!” I spat as I likewise spilled the rest of my coffee all over the table. Stacy stood up in order to fetch some paper towels. That damn ass of hers filling my eyes as she did. Even as she sauntered back with the roll handing it to me, she said, “You have any bostancı escort bayan idea who it is mom’s sleeping with?”

“No!” I said simply, confirming no doubt that I did know as I began mopping up my spilled coffee off the table. “And I’m not sure I want to know either. Our problems are ours to work out…if we can. But regardless of that, in answer to your previous question, divorce as far as I’m concerned is out of the question!”

“So even though mom’s fucking someone else…you’re willing to live with the situation the way that it is?”

It’s not like I hadn’t heard the word before, and even on occasion out of her own mouth, though never pointedly directed towards me. Still, it was a bit odd hearing her use it in this context.

“Ok, we’re having a few problems admittedly, and yeah…maybe mom is seeing, someone. But I don’t think it’s serious, or she’d have approached me by now about moving out. I do think she’s just trying to find away to have some pleasure, which unfortunately at the moment…isn’t with me.”

“So? Like I said before then. Maybe you should start doing the same thing. Not healthy for you to go without for so long. And I don’t think jerking off all the time is any substitute for that either! Trust me…I know!”

Only then did I realize that Stacy too had in fact broken up with her long time boyfriend of several years only recently. At one point, Maxine and I had thought she was about to be proposed to, though we were both glad when it didn’t come about, as we wanted to see her finish her education first before she even considered doing that. For several days, she had in fact mopped about the house driving everyone nuts, and then just as quickly almost overnight, resigning herself to the situation perhaps, once again acting like her old self. Though hearing now that my own daughter obviously masturbated wasn’t something I was quite prepared to stand there and hear coming out of her mouth. New visions suddenly filling my head briefly. My cock involuntarily lurching with the sudden interest upon hearing that. Once again, I had to take my mind broom out and sweep everything away before I stood there thinking on it any further.

We managed to get through the next few minutes without making it any worse than it already was. After cleaning up, Stacy announced she was headed upstairs to dress and head off to the mall to meet up with her girlfriend.

“Well, go back down to your den, enjoy your…game,” she said grinning at me. “Or whatever else it was you planned on enjoying,” she added. “But just so you know…even if you’re not curious, I am. So…if I do find out who it is mom’s been sleeping with, I’ll let you know…unless of course you’d really rather not.”

“I wish you wouldn’t,” I informed her. “But even if you do…keep it to yourself. We’ll find a way to work this all out one way or the other, and the last thing I need is to muddy up the waters even more so than they are already.”

“Suit yourself,” Stacy told me, and then scurried upstairs to her room. I stood below her at the landing watching her go. I allowed myself the defiance at staring at my daughter’s tight sweet ass as some form of recompense for my own failures perhaps, not to mention my lack of having any sort of sex-life beyond my own hand. Watching her finally disappear, I noticed just before she did that she paused briefly at the top of the stairs looking down, and then reached down yanking her sweatshirt up and over the top of her head. For the briefest of moments, I saw her exquisite bare breasts before she disappeared from view.

“Fuck me!” I said to myself, and then headed back down towards my den.


Several days passed. Same old routines, same old problems. I found myself trying to lose myself at work getting home later and later every night. Finally it was Wednesday night. Max’s night at her weekly book club. I knew she’d already be gone by the time I got home, as was usually the case. And as expected, she’d left a note for me to that extent, along with a mention about dinner waiting for me in the microwave.

I poured a glass of wine and sat down waiting for the timer to go off on my dinner. The house was quiet once again as it usually was on Wednesdays. Jared no doubt off with his friends, and Stacy too for that matter, until I heard the sound of her car pulling up into the drive. I certainly hadn’t expected to find her coming home so soon, and actually found myself looking forward to seeing her…seeing someone anyway. And then she barged through the back door without so much as a glance in my direction, storming through the kitchen straight on past me and up stairs to her room without so much as a word of hello.

“Shit! Now what?”

As curious as I was, I knew better than to go chasing after her. Whatever it was that was bothering her, she’d either share it in her own sweet time, or get over it almost as quickly. That’s usually the way she responded to things like that. I knew that her ex boyfriend had called her a couple of times in the past week or so. It was evident he was trying to patch things up with her, though so far she’d declined doing that. I half suspected it had something to do with him, and no doubt whatever argument they had gotten into earlier, had no doubt sent her home in a huff.

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