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After my sister died in the car accident Tom her husband was a wreck, he was left alone with a small child, Hailey being only four could not understand why her Mom was no longer around. I moved in with Tom so he had someone there to take care of Hailey while he was at work. Tom was expressionless, almost like a robot, except when he was with Hailey.

I became house husband to my brother in law and his daughter, I cooked I cleaned, I was the stay at home wife of sorts. I was taking online courses so I could get them done while Hailey slept in the afternoons or when Tom was home. Tom and I were best friends, he and I were friends before he met and married my sister.

Everything was going really well, one night Tom came home late, he was tired and a little drunk as well. He was smart enough to take a cab home, he stumbled into the house I caught him before he fell and held him up, got him to the couch. He held me close to him as I walked him over, I laid him down putting a pillow under his head and covering him up.

“Thank you Billy, I could not do this without you.”

Tom started to cry, I sat beside him and held him as the tears flowed for him, he had me in a death grip, he kissed my neck and laid back down. I wiped away the tears and smiled at him, he half smiled.

“I miss her so much, I miss kissing her holding her, the physical contact is what I need, and I am always so horny all the time. Jerking off is not doing it anymore, I need to be touched, held, kissed, loved.”

Tom stared at me as a tear rolled down his cheek, for a young man like himself it was difficult to be alone. I pulled him in for a hug and held him, I loved the feel of his body so close to my own. I always had a thing for Tom, he was my best friend but he was also my first crush. Yeah I was gay, had been all my life. Trying to hide my ever growing cock was hard to say the least.

Being with Tom in his house I had seen him naked more times than I can actually say, the man had an incredible body. He worked out played sports, his body was like it was sculpted, every thing so perfect. I escort izmir wanted him so badly, to feel his naked body next to my own, him on top of me, inside of me, filling me with his seed.

With him laid back I removed his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt, I removed his belt, then his shoes, he would be comfortable to sleep on the couch. I suspected Tom knew how I felt for him, I was after all raising his child for him. I kissed his forehead and went to my room, I shut off all the lights and got naked and in bed.

My cock was rock hard and ready, I was ready to stroke one out with the thought of his naked body in my head. A soft knock on my door, Tom walked in, he had taken off his shirt and removed his trousers and socks. Here he was in my room clad only in underwear and a huge bulge in them as well. He walked up to the bed, I lifted the covers, I knew what he wanted and needed.

He snuggled in close to me, he realized I was naked, he quickly removed his boxers and half laid on me, his cock rock hard and dripping so much precum. I wrapped my arm around his neck and held him close to me. He looked at me I knew what he wanted and needed, I rolled him on his back and ran my hand along his magnificent torso.

I gently rolled his nipple between my index finger and thumb. I hovered over the man and kissed his cheek to his neck to his upper torso. I licked his pec and pinched his nipple with my lips, Tom was a verbal man in bed, he cooed as I found all his sensitive spots. I made my way downwards to his magnificent cock.

He had the most beautiful cock in my eyes, long straight, the foreskin hugged his knob, his piss slit peeked out of the tip of his tight foreskin. His balls perfect orbs filled with his seed, that I wanted so badly in my mouth and hole. Tom always kept his cock balls and ass trimmed and shaved, I took his cock in my hand and held it.

I handled it like it was perfect treasure it was in every way, as I brought it to my mouth it squirted out more of his clear precum, it dripped along the shaft. I took his cock into my mouth and swallowed it to the escort izmir base, I sucked down on it and stroked it with my mouth and throat. His balls soon to react, his cock stiffened and his balls pulled in.

His entire body jerked as his cock shot my mouth full of his delicious seed, he held my head like I would ever let his cock out of my mouth at this point. I sucked and licked him clean, not a drop would be wasted. As I licked the last of his load from his cock I could see the guilt of what we had done come over his face.

I laid back down beside him, he looked at me, got out of bed, grabbed his underwear and went back to his room. I laid there wide awake, I knew the guilt had a firm hold on him and it would be so uncomfortable tomorrow. Hailey woke me at six her usual, she never went to her Dad’s room it was always mine.

I got up made her breakfast and put on coffee for Tom and I, I would make him eggs and ham for breakfast. Hailey ate while I was cooking away, she and I singing one of her favorite songs, Tom came in he looked terrible. I handed him a coffee and he took a seat at the island, he did not say a word this morning.

I got his breakfast made and put the plate in front of him, he and I eye to eye, Hailey went to play in her room.

“Tom please let’s not make this uncomfortable for us both here please, so I did what I did for you last night, no one was hurt by it, you needed relief and I gave it to you.”

Tom ate his breakfast then got up to shower and get ready for work, I picked up his clothes in the living room and brought them to his room. He came out in only a towel, he and I looked at each other, I threw his clothes in the hamper then went back to the kitchen. He came out dressed, the man looked so handsome in his three piece suit.

He and I looked at each other, I so wanted to kiss him, hold him, have him take me right here in the kitchen. I saw it in his eyes as well, he needed affection, he needed to be held, touched, kissed, I walked him to the door, helped put on his overcoat, brushed the fuzz off of his coat, turned him and buttoned up his buttons.

“Hailey Daddy is going to work come say bye.”

I have never wanted to kiss a man more than I did right now, I wanted to hold him close to me. Hailey said her good bye to Daddy I opened the door, he stood there looking at me. I was sure he would kiss me, but at the last second he pulled back.

“Have a good day Tom.”

“Thanks you too Billy, love you Hailey.”

The day was like most days, Hailey was always so much fun, she and I got dinner ready for Daddy, she loved to ask questions about her Dad and I.

“Are you and Daddy boyfriends?”

“No honey we are.”

Not sure what we were exactly, I knew I could be his boyfriend if he asked me, but I never saw that in our cards for us both. I got dinner made and Hailey and I watched some tv, Tom came in he was greeted by both of us. I took his coat and hung it up while he greeted his daughter. I went to the kitchen to grab him a beer.

As I handed it to him he gave me this look, part appreciation part guilt from what we did last night.

“Billy you don’t have to cater to me you know what right?”

“But I like to cater to you and your beautiful daughter, is it so terrible that I make you feel welcome in your own home?”

He looked at me, he looked like a man that wanted to be held and kissed but he was not sure he could actually kiss another man or not. I got dinner ready and on the table, we sat like a family, Hailey kept us entertained that was for sure with her questions and her observations.

I cleared the table while Tom gave Hailey her bath, Tom came up to me while I was loading the dishwasher to tell me what Hailey had asked him. She had asked him if he and I were boyfriends now that Mommy was gone, she went on to say that she loved me just as much as she loved her Dad and her Mommy. She also asked if I would ever leave like Mommy had.

Tom started to cry while he told me what she had said, I pulled him in and held him, he was an emotional mess. He looked me in the eyes, our bodies meshed with each others, his cock pressing against my body.

“Billy please never leave me.”

Hailey came in and made her observation of what her Dad and Uncle were doing.

“See you are boyfriends, I knew it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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