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This is the fifth episode in the “Tony’s Visit to the Resort” story. Tony is a widower with few friends and no girlfriends. Tony had learned about a “resort” with special “counselors” who would give Tony sexual experiences.

Thursday Morning — Just Mary

Mary came into Tony’s suite early in the morning. Tony went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and do other morning things. Mary came in and sat on the commode to pee. She looked at Tony to make sure he didn’t leave. Tony didn’t leave and just smiled. Mary was very pleased, “Sweetie, you didn’t leave when I started to pee. Why not?”

Tony replied, “As odd as it might sound, I felt like it was a moment of intimacy.” Mary smiled and kissed him on his cheek and patted his bottom.

“Tony, let’s take a walk around the complex. We can talk and get to know each other a little better.” They walked holding hands around the complex. They talked about everything — books, movies, restaurants, vacation spots.

Once through with their walk, Mary said, “Let’s order breakfast in. We are in no hurry. It’s just the two of us.” Breakfast was coffee, juice, scrambled eggs, and toast. “We’ll put porn on the TV and see if we want to do anything they are. But first, let’s take a shower together.”

Tony loved it. It made him think of his wife. He had been so lonely. He started to tear up. Mary said, “it’s all right. It’s just us. Take your time.” Tony leaned into Mary and let go. “I’m so sorry, Mary. I just thought of my wife and how alone I am. I love the sex, but I miss the companionship — the friendship.”

Mary said, “I know, Tony. Just let it out. We’re in no hurry. You haven’t hurt my feelings. I think it’s lovely you had a good marriage.”

Tony finally calmed down. Mary washed his tears and gently kissed him. Breakfast bahis şirketleri was delivered. Tony tried to apologize again, but Mary said, “shush. It’s just us. I kind of know how you feel. Sex is great, but being with someone you love and can count on is the best. You know, I’ve stayed here before. When I did, I asked them to let me know when a certain gentleman would be staying. He needed to be within a certain age range and live in a certain area. With all the background checking this place does and what it cost, I knew he would be a ‘solid citizen’ and financially secure. You met all my requirements for someone I might want to know better away from here.”

Tony was more than a little surprised. “This isn’t your livelihood?”

“No, I am a radiologist. I am semi-retired, so I have a great work-life balance. I’ve been divorced for about 10 years. It wasn’t a good marriage, so it didn’t last long. I’ve had boyfriends in the past, but not as good as we’re starting out.”

All this personal talk was actually making Tony horny. Rather than continue talking, he started to kiss her. Mary was ready. She kissed back, and things progressed from there. They kissed and fondled each other like lovers who had known each other for years. Tony sucked on Mary’s nipples, he kissed his way down to her pussy. He licked her lips and clit. When she was very wet, he slipped two fingers in and found her G-spot. Mary was a squirter. She then scooted over to get out of the wet spot. She placed her hands under her knees and brought them up to her chest, so Tony could give her a deep fuck. “Do me now Tony. I won’t get any wetter.” she giggled. Tony did what he was told.

After they cleaned up and changed sheets, Tony and Mary went to the dining room for lunch. Annie found them but noticed a difference bahis firmaları with them. Their mutual affection was growing. Annie asked, “may I join you?”

“Of course, please,” Mary said.

Annie reached down and kissed each of them on the lips. “Oh, you two taste nice. I wonder what you’ve been doing. I hope you’ve saved some for me.”

Mary responded, “Oh yes, we have. We are looking forward to it.”

Thursday Afternoon — Mary and Annie, threesome

Mary knew that Tony was tiring, but she wanted to get two orgasms from him. Friday morning would be an off time since everyone would be preparing for the Friday afternoon orgy.

Mary had Tony lay down on the bed. One wall next to the bed was all mirrors. She began by kissing his waist and then his inner thighs. She worked down to his groin and kissed his balls. While Mary was working on Tony’s lower half, Annie started in on his top half. She straddled his head but didn’t lower her pussy to his lips. She bent over and kissed, sucked and bit his nipples, which she knew he loved.

Mary sucked Tony’s cock into her mouth and ran her tongue around the sensitive tip. Once Tony was fully erect, she knelt up and lowered her pussy over his cock. Annie lowered her pussy over Tony’s lips. Mary bounced up and down; Annie rocked back and forth. Soon everyone neared orgasm. Mary and Annie knelt forward and kissed. They were trying to time it so all three orgasmed together. Of course, this didn’t quite work out. Mary came first, Tony second, and Annie last. All seemed happy. Annie lay next to Tony and kissed him gently. Mary went to get all of them water.

Mary knew Tony needed recovery time, so the girls gave him a show. They scissored their legs so they could rub each other’s pussies together — tribbing. They played with kaçak bahis siteleri each other’s nipples and kissed passionately. Even though both had cum earlier with Tony, they both again orgasmed. Mary looked at Tony rubbing his cock and decided that he might be up for another round.

Annie put on a vibrating double-sided strap-on and laid on her back on the bed. Mary laid on top of her slipping half of Annie’s double-sided cock into her pussy. She told Tony, “Come on Sweetie. You’ve taken my anal virginity; now you can be the first to DP me.”

Tony moved behind Mary and spread lube on his cock. He spread lube on his fingers and slipped one, then two fingers into her asshole. “Oh Sweetie, I think I’m starting to really like this.” Tony placed the tip of his cock at Mary’s entrance. Mary reached back and guided it into her asshole. “Go slow, Sweetie, I’m really full with Annie’s cock in my pussy and your cock in my ass.” Tony went slow, but with the images they could see in front of them and in the mirrors and the vibrating strap-on, they all soon came.

Thursday dinner

Mary and Annie joined Tony for dinner in the restaurant. The girls wanted to dress up and show off in the dining room. Both wore very revealing outfits. If they moved just right, a nipple would pop out.

Annie slipped off her shoe, moved her stocking-ed foot to Tony’s crotch, and rubbed her toes over his cock.

Mary put her right hand under the table, slipped her first two fingers inside her panties, and fingered her pussy. She placed her fingers under Tony’s nose. He had been with her enough to know what she had done, so he took her hand and sucked her fingers clean.

None of them remembered what they ate for dinner that night.

Thursday Night — Mary and Annie

Both Mary and Annie went to bed naked. They started out one on each side of Tony. However, sometime in the middle of the night, Tony woke to find the two girls kissing and rubbing against each other. They tried to be quiet, but they weren’t totally successful.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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