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These stories may be true or just a fragment of my warped mind, that’s entirely up to the reader to decide. The events are pretty much as I remember them adapted into a story to spice them up a little. Happy reading.


Ellen and I, well, the whole family really were called to an urgent family meeting. The Wife’s uncle had phoned everybody. He owned a four-bedroom house. The water tank burst in the loft that flooded the house, ruining the bedrooms and bathroom, causing thousands of pounds of damage.

The Wife’s cousins, Rachel, and Debbie were tiny at five feet four or five. Both slim and could easily pass for school age but were in fact 18 and 23. Rachel always reminded me of a young Kim Wiled with her looks. She was softly spoken and quiet most of the time. Debbie by contrast was outspoken. She wore glasses and had always been flirty around me.

We squeezed into the packed front room. I sat on the outside of the group on a chair at the table facing the kitchen. Ellen sat on the sofa with the in laws. Rachel looked rather good in light blue trousers with a thin white belt and cartoon themed top that made her look 13. She took drink orders and approached me.

Her soft blue eyes met mine and she returned my smile. Id like a cup of tea. I couldn’t help but study her slim petit body and arse as she turned and headed for the kitchen. It was then I noticed Debbie. She was sitting on a bean bag just by the kitchen door with her back against the wall. She was staring at me as I lusted at her sister.

She was wearing jeans, and a black jumper. Her hair loose. She eyed me with a look that suggested she was displeased I’d given her sister eyeball attention. She began her usual flirting and I found myself returning it. The meeting began. I wasn’t really involved with it, I just sat listening. I was however distracted by Debbie.

Every time I looked across at her, she caught my gaze. She was sitting with her knees up under her chin and every time I looked across at her she spread them. She looked around the room, to check nobody was watching, I guess, then spread her legs making suggestions with her eyes. Rachel started bringing in the teas and coffees and I eyed her again.

Debbie eyed me and slid a hand onto the inside of her thigh. I watched as she slid her hand down to her crutch and with two fingers started rubbing herself. Debbie, according to my wife, was always flirty around married men, it was just the way she was and meant nothing. This was a little more than just flirting I thought.

She knew what she was doing, and it made my cock twitch. She was teasing me, and I knew that, and I was going to enjoy it. I’d never looked at Debbie sexually before, but now, now I knew of my wife’s infidelity…

Now I eyed her thinking what I would do to her. My cock was erect and making a bulge in my trousers as she bounced up and disappeared into the kitchen behind Rachel and started helping her sister with the drinks.

Where I was sat nobody could see my tent, so I didn’t bother hiding it. And that was a mistake. I was asked as question by one of the in laws. I turned my head to answer and all too late to notice Rachel coming into the front room from the kitchen.

She handed mugs to the in laws and I caught her looking as she scanned my bulge, her face started to redden as I flirted at her. She knew exactly what it was and shyly and trying to act innocent she looked away and went back into the kitchen. My cock got stiffer as I thought that Rachel had now seen my bulge and been mildly interested, or so I imagined.

Rachel came back in with three mugs, followed by Debbie. I wasn’t sure if Debbie had spotted my predicament or not, but she was meant too. She was taking no real notice. As Rachel handed over two mugs to her parents and settled down with her own, Debbie stood by the table in front of me talking to her mum.

Debbie put two mugs down on the table and knocked off a place mat. Straight away she bent down, her left hand going on my thigh and slipping up to my crutch while her other hand recovered the place mat. Her fingers suddenly felt my bulge and she squeezed it before standing up straight güvenilir bahis all the time talking to her mum.

She took a mug and returned to her bean bag. Our eyes met again, and she was smiley and eyed me intently. She again looked around the room. All was clear, she made it obvious what she was doing, her fingers were pressed against her crotch and she thrusted looking at my erection. She flicked her eyes at me nodding.

Had she just suggested she wanted to fuck. Yes, she was teasing, but it was my turn to check the room, nobody was paying any attention. I checked Debbie was watching and held my tent and looked at her crutch, then into her eyes and thrusted. I smiled and nodded. She seemed to be pleased.

The meeting was about putting up one of the girls for a couple of weeks while the house was repaired. I hoped it would be Debbie. If she were being serious, I had thoughts of giving her as much cock as she wanted and a bit more, otherwise, I had no idea when I would get to find out if she wanted to fuck. My thoughts were soon dashed when it was agreed we’d take Rachel as it was easier for her, for collage and work. Debbie was going to her brothers and sister in laws. It was probably a good thing.

Part two.

It had been just over a week since we’d taken Rachel in. I was on late shifts, so I didn’t see her. It was for that reason I suppose that I’d forgotten she was around. I stirred with a faint sound of an alarm going off somewhere in the distance. The space next to me empty. My wife was up or had already left for work. It was just getting light outside, so it was after seven.

I closed my eyes, but morning wood then started to dictate things. I slipped straight out of bed and walked out the bedroom and down the short hallway straight into the kitchen. The light was already on. I flicked the kettle on as I passed and headed towards the bathroom.

It was my turn to go red faced as the toilet system kicked in and Rachel came out the small room. For a second time, I had an erection, but this time however, it was now bare sticking out the gap in my boxer shorts. She noticed straight away and tried not to pay attention to it. She just smiled saying morning and allowed me into the room.

It was several minutes before I was brave enough and soft enough to venture out the bathroom. Rachel stood at the counter still in her flimsy nightie making tea. I eyed her thinking how naughty this would look if Ellen came in. Me in only my boxers and Rachel with just a nightie on, not even any knickers either. And her breasts, small, but about right for height. They were obvious as she turned slightly to ask tea or coffee and she’d bring it in if I wanted.

Tea I beamed and quickly disappeared back into the bedroom, leaving the door open. I snuggled back in bad, it was just after seven thirty and the daylight crept through the thin curtains lighting up the room.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was lying on my side facing the door when Rachel walked in. In her hand my tea. Still wearing that flimsy short nightie and still no underwear. I could see her pussy, the lovely lips surrounded by a layer of pussy hair. My god how naughty. She obviously wasn’t aware or appeared not too. She placed my mug on the side and turned away. I admired her rear as she departed.

I could hear Rachel in the kitchen, she was milling about getting herself ready for collage I assumed. Then she swore, I’d never heard her swear ever since I known her, that really surprised me. She appeared at the bedroom door; she was wearing jeans now but still had her nightie on. She was also holding the left side of her head.

She’d caught her bracelet up in her necklace somehow and tangled in her hair. I sat up straight away as she asked if I could help. She slid onto the bed kneeling next to me. I managed to release her bracelet within seconds. Her necklace though was a different matter. I could see down her nightie and her breasts. They were bigger than I’d first thought.

I felt lucky, in the space of ten minutes I’d seen her pussy and now her breasts. My cock twitched and very soon began to swell. My horror as I realised my cock was türkçe bahis hardening and pushing up the edge of the duvet, the wrong side of the duvet. I moved slightly but only made things worse and it was nearly there.

There was nothing I could do, the more I tried thinking about something else my eyes visualised her pussy or I scanned her breasts. She must surely see it now as it crept out the duvet. My fingers worked quicker on her necklace. I hoped she hadn’t seen it, but she had. I released her necklace at long last.

To my shock, Rachel bent straight down and took the head into her mouth. She pulled the duvet clear and held my erection. She started bobbing down taking more and more into her mouth. I recovered from the initial shock and without thought, slipped a hand onto her nightie, and started feeling her breast and my other hand on the back of a thigh.

She sucked well jerking me at a nice pace, her other hand holding my balls. I was tempted to deep throat her but thought I’d leave her to do what she was doing. I rubbed her arse then up between her legs, my fingers nudging her pussy. She spread her thighs allowing my fingers to rub her crotch. ‘I want to finger that pussy bitch’ I moaned at her.

Rachel stopped immediately and quickly unzipped and undone her jeans. With a grin on her face, she bent down and started on my cock again. I pushed my hand inside her jeans and knickers palm upwards. My hand cupped her pussy and I rubbed softly, a finger teasing her small lips. She gasped a little as I fingered her lips open and slowly worked it between them.

Her pussy dampened as I strummed on her clit with my thumb and worked a finger inside her. The girl gripped my cock with her mouth and bobbed down my erection taking about half in. I could feel the head hitting the back of her throat. She squirmed as my fingers thrilled her and she dripped her wetness.

I continued fingering her small slot and pulling on her breasts deciding I was going to cum in her mouth if she wanted me too or not, I even thought I would hold her head there and push down her throat. The thought thrilled me, making me even stiffer. Rachel jolted and shook as her pussy flooded again.

I continued fingering her going deeper this time. She stopped and looked up at me. ‘I’m not a virgin if you want to fuck me’.

My god yes. I shot out of bed as she positioned herself on all fours. I eagerly knelt behind her pulling her jeans and knickers down enough. I was conscious of how small her pussy slit was. I was going to be gentle with her.

I held my cock against her lips holding her hip. She groaned as I eased between her tight pussy lips. I eased in and inch, then pulled back, then eased in deeper squeezing her open and thrusted about half inside her. She loudly moaned telling me I was big, I continued thrusting giving her only half my cock, both hands now on her hips.

I thrusted with a quickened pace as her pussy accepted my swollen cock, Rachel leaned down on her elbows with her arse up in the air moaning and almost screaming as I worked my cock almost fully inside her. Her pussy was awash with her juices and I could see pussy cream on my cock as it slid inside her pussy.

I was fucking her good and getting close, awfully close. It would need careful timing as I wanted this to last a long as possible. The vital moment neared, it was perfect timing. I pulled out. A thick rope of cum squirted plastering her arse and pussy mound. I jerked more over her pussy and back.

I wiped my cock between her arse cheeks and relaxed on my knees. Rachel sat up on her knees and inspected cum as it trickled down her inner thighs and seemed fascinated with the strings hanging from her pussy hair and dripping into her knickers. She smiled saying that was the first time she’d done it without a condom. She pulled her clothing up, telling me I must not tell anyone about what we did.

Of course, I wouldn’t tell anyone. I slipped my trousers and tea shirt on feeling happy following Rachel out the room. She went to the front room and continued getting herself ready for collage. We talked about nothing and she left for collage in a happy mood. That güvenilir bahis siteleri had been the Thursday.

Rachel didn’t come home on the Thursday or the Friday, I was a little worried. Ellen had said nothing. Saturday morning, I saw Debbie and her sister-in-law Sharon coming down the steps outside the flat. My heart raced. What were they doing here, my mind wondered, Rachel had told them what had gone on and now I guessed I was going to explain myself?

Thoughts of explaining things to Ellen, I could throw her own infidelity in her face, I was thinking hard as the door banged loud and with aggression, or so it appeared to me, the guilty party. With worry and my heart still trying to bang itself out my chest, I opened the door sheepishly and innocently.

Debbie smiled sexily enough greeting me with a ‘hi’. I swung the door open and allowed her in. I eyed Sharon, a slim 25-year-old and so bloody sexy. She was hot, and she knew it but never used it to her advantage. She was wearing her estate agents skirt, blouse and blazer that always turned me on a little, especially today as she had her black hair in a couple of plaits. She too smiled as she came in.

They’d come to pick up Rachels things, the house had been repaired quicker than expected. Rachel had gone with some collage friends on a camping outing and would be away for the week. That settled my nerves. Mark, Debbie’s older brother and Sharon’s husband was coming back in half an hour to pick them up. I put the kettle on.

We sorted Rachels bedding and a couple of bags, then settled on the kitchen stools for a cuppa and chat. Debbie was being discreetly slutty again. Her fingers between her legs and she rubbed herself looking at me. Yes, I was sure she really wanted sex. My imagination started to run away, and I had visions of a threesome, with Debbie and Sharon.

I scanned both getting thoughts of eating Sharon where she sat and giving Debbie’s pussy fingers. I flirted at both. I was surprised Sharon responded, she seemed genuinely taken a back a little, but she flicked her eyes back and grinned. A horn sounded outside. The mood changed straight away, both girls suddenly became unhappy, Sharon moaned that Mark had been only ten minutes. A second longer horn caused them to make a move.

Better get going he’s in a foul mood Sharon told the room. Debbie slid off the stool starting to gather Rachels bedding. Sharon’s skirt caught on the stool, as she slid forwards her skirt rose and for a moment, I caught a hint of her knickers. She didn’t appear to notice my glances nor the bulge starting in my pants.

I couldn’t move for a second, any movement off the stool would instantly confirm my erection. Sharon straightened and moved towards Debbie who thrusted Rachels duvet and pillows into her arms. Sharon moved towards the front door as a third horn sounded outside. Debbie picked up Rachels bags and followed.

I too followed just a pace behind. Sharon went out the front door and the door swung back a bit; Debbie stumbled dropping a bag. She bent down to pick it up, but I was already too close, and I slammed into her. She went headfirst towards the front door. I was quick, I grabbed her hips and pulled her back before her head hit the edge of the door.

Debbie pushed back on my semi erect cock and deliberately rubbed herself against it as she stood up straight. Turning her head towards me she smiled saying that felt nice and would be nicer inside her.

I couldn’t resist it and told her I would love too to be that naughty if she was.

She would be that naughty if I were serious, she said with a slutty smile.

I was serious I told her, then told her if she wanted to be very naughty, I’d do her bare, and not pull out either. She was about to say something when Sharon came back in telling us Mark was in a right mood and they’d better get going.

Debbie picked up the bag she dropped and followed Sharon out the door. I followed them out. I spoke briefly to Mark who told Sharon to get in and Debbie the bags in the boot as he got behind the wheel. As Debbie closed the boot, she eyed me smiling and flirted. She got in the back and they drove off.

Yes, she was a tease, there’s no-way it was going to happen no matter what had passed between us now and at her house a couple of weeks back. I smiled thinking that at least I’d fucked her sister that more than made up for it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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