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Big Dicks

Part 1 of Madi wanting more

This story will deal with betrayal and cheating. If you cannot handle it move on. You have been warned. Enjoy!


“Whew!” my boyfriend sighed out loud. “That’s the last of them.” I looked up and smiled at him slightly shocked that he was able to bring up those last couple boxes by himself only to realize a moment later his sweat-drenched shirt and the pale look on his face as he was struggling to catch his breath.

Jeremy wasn’t the fittest of individuals to put it nicely. He wasn’t fat by any means, honestly, he was the polar opposite. Skinny as a bean pole and the same height as me 5’7″. He and I first met our last year of college together when an ex-mutual friend of ours set us up together on a blind date and we hit it off. I had only 2 past relationships in high school, and each was just with some stupid jock that just wanted to have sex with me and nothing else whereas he seemed like he wanted an actual relationship which drew me towards him.

Physically he wasn’t anything too special or drop-dead gorgeous but it’s what inside that counts, right? He had some wild curly brown hair and brown eyes. He’s always been kind and treated me well in our relationship but never takes initiative, which is slightly annoying, and in the back of my mind I always felt like there was something missing from our relationship, but I could never put my finger on it.

I had interned for the pharmaceutical company I am currently working at and made a decent bit of money during college. Jeremy had worked part-time odd jobs through college and just got hired as some kind of marketer in the city. Since now we were both working-class adults, we felt the need for freedom and took all the savings we had and pooled it together to rent out a beautiful apartment that overlooked the city. I will say it did help that both our parents had paid for college and let us live at their house until we got our own place. Since he just started working and he spent almost all his money just to help afford this apartment, the rent, at least for the first couple of months, was my responsibility instead of 50/50.

“Don’t worry honey.” I always cringed silently when he called me that since it made me feel like an old lady instead of a youthful 24-year-old. “Give me a month and soon I’ll have so many clients and money that I can take you out on a nice night out on the town with the fanciest dinner in all the city and help pay for this rent!” he smiled at me.

He always talked big with huge goals and aspirations throughout our relationship but rarely if ever managed to pull through. I just hope that this was one of those rare times cause this apartment isn’t the cheapest to rent by yourself especially when I just started working last year.

Time flew by as we began to slowly unpack the boxes and moved everything where it was supposed to go. As I started to unload things for our bedroom a wild sexy idea occurred to me and was curious as to how my boyfriend would react. “Hey, Jer,” I said innocently.

He looked up from his area in the living room “What’s up?”

Giving him a sly smirk, I pulled out one of the bedsheets from the box and held it up in front of me. “How do you want to celebrate our new place and our first taste of freedom?”

He scratched the back of his head thinking to himself before shrugging “I didn’t really have anything planned was there a place you wanted to try out for food?” God, I wanted to bash my head against a wall with how dense he was sometimes.

Ok, let’s try a bit more direct. “No, I mean later tonight would you like to have some fun after we finish unpacking?” Really emphasizing the word fun while slightly waving the sheet I was holding left to right in front of me hoping he’d get the idea now.

He gave me a smirk and I knew he finally registered it. “Ohhhhhh, is there some kind of bar or club that’s popular around here?”

I pursed my lips and took a deep breath calming myself before I yelled at him about how dense he was. Smiling again “No Jer, I meant fun in here.” Adding a wink to the at the end to basically tell him I wanted to have sex thinking there was no way he would mess it up this time.

He tilted his head a bit while thinking out loud “Fun? Fun? Like a game? Like that kind of fun?”

I was ready to dropkick him out the window. “NO JER, FUN AS IN…”


Not even realizing I was mad at him with how idiotic he was, he got up and smiled as he headed towards the door “Hmm wonder who it is?”

We both walked to the door, but I stayed back in the living room since I was a little angry already and thought it better to take cool off than to make a bad impression on whoever was at the door. He opened the door and standing at the entrance was one of the most, if not the most, attractive man I had ever seen in my life. He towered over my boyfriend and looked to be a good 6′ if I were to guess. He was dressed casually canlı bahis in a t-shirt that highlighted his ripped arms and fit physique and jeans that showed off his firm ass. He had short black styled hair and piercing green eyes with a stubble beard that made him look so sexy and masculine.

He extended his arm to Jeremy and wow, even his forearm was just as sexy as the rest of him with a crisscross of veins running along the length leading to a stylish but simple watch on his wrist. “Hey, I heard you just moved in and wanted to say hi. I live in the room directly above yours so I guess you can say we are like neighbors. My name is Cato.” The first time he spoke he sent butterflies to my stomach as his voice was deep and gravely in an alluring way that made my mind flash through some inappropriate thoughts making me shake my head back to reality.

My boyfriend shook his hand “Well nice to meet you, Cato, my name is Jeremy, and this is my girlfriend Madi.” gesturing to me. When his eyes met mine, it felt as though an electric shock coursed through my body and made me blush as I waved to him. He seemed like he wanted to say something but was captivated by me which wasn’t the first time something like this has happened. I had been hit on many times in the past and knew how attractive I was.

I had fair white skin and natural pink shoulder-length hair that gave me an exotic look that was rare to see. I had sparkling blue eyes that had an air of mischievous about them and a face that was looked like it belonged on the cover of a fashion magazine with high cheekbones and an award-winning smile. I was blessed genetically with a pair of jaw-dropping 36DD boobs that sat high and firm on my chest and years of proper exercise and diet gave me the body most women dreamed of. I was proud of my toned midriff and lithe waist measuring 23″, which showed how fit I was, that then exploded out into 35″ hips that were connected to a mouth-watering bubble butt that just begged to be played with and a pair of fit, toned, and sexy legs that gave my body that sinful hourglass proportion that drove men crazy.

I felt a little self-conscious with my appearance at the moment since my hair was up in a messy bun and was wearing an oversized old sweater that hid most of my body and, equally as old, pair of sweats that only hinted at my ass since I wasn’t expecting company. Especially not one this good looking.

After shaking his head as though snapping out of a trance and blinking a few times he spoke up “It’s my pleasure to meet you both.” He said while making direct eye contact and smirking at me the whole time. Then looking back at Jeremy “Might I say, Jeremy, your girlfriend is beautiful. You’re a lucky guy.” Giving him a clap on his shoulder. His compliment made me blush again since I felt like I looked terrible right now but at least he appreciated my natural beauty.

“I know the place is a mess but please come in it feels weird to just talk to you in the hall,” Jeremy suggested.

“Well thank you so much for your hospitality. I’d love to see how your apartment differs from mine.” As he walked in.

“Differs?” Jeremy asked as he closed the door.

“Yeah, mine is the “penthouse suite” of this building so I’m curious to see if there is anything different or if they are just ripping me off,” Cato said jokingly making us all chuckle.

“Give me one sec Cato, let me use the bathroom really quick, because I’ve had to piss and I’ve been holding it in all day, and then I’ll give you the grand tour,” Jeremy said trying to crack a joke as he left toward the bathroom.

“Interesting guy.” Cato let out as soon as he appeared to be out of earshot.

“Yeah, not one of his finer moments.” I laughed out of pity while wanting to break the awkward ice between us in the air.

Cato smiled as he neared me “Wow, your voice is just a beautiful as you are.” Making me blush. Quite the lady charmer wasn’t he.

“What is that all you can give is compliments?” I gave him a sly smirk back.

He just chuckled then gave me that deadly smirk of his “Trust me, it’s definitely not all I can give.” Giving me a wink as well.

Okay loverboy, two can play at this game. “You talk big, but I’ve heard that from tons of guys.” Emphasizing the “tons of guys” and looking up at him wondering how he’d respond to the challenge.

“Well unlike them, I talk big because I have the proof to back it up. If you’re so interested.” Then in a sexy bedroom voice leaned down and whispered in my ear “Madi”. When he leaned over his cologne filled my nose and made my head spin with its intense masculine aroma.

Feeling like our casual flirting was beginning to cross a border I took a step back, “Ok, easy there. I have a boyfriend.” I said trying to turn this guy down since he seemed to be one of those playboys that didn’t know when to quit.

“Oh, I know.” He said smirking and giving a little laugh stirring up some annoyance inside me.

“Listen, bahis siteleri I know guys like you. You’re all the same. You guys flirt with every girl you see because you only see them as objects to bang. Well too bad I’m not one of those. I am perfectly content with my boyfriend. So, I’ll have to ask you to stop hitting on me.” Huffing out my anger which partially stemmed from my boyfriend a bit earlier.

“But are you just happy with being content?” he said oozing confidence that really began to test my patience.

Really let him have it knowing if I insulted his pride he’d back down. “I’ll let you know that yes both me and my boyfriend are in a happy relationship unlike a douchebag like you that just hops around from girl to girl.”

He let out a laugh before responding “Hmmm, I like you Madi. You’re interesting. And I’ll have you know, I’m not like most guys. I just haven’t found a girl like you to settle down with.” Giving me that smirk that was really beginning to make my blood boil.

Before I could say anything more, Jeremy popped around the corner “Sorry about that. Ready?” I just glared daggers at Cato and turned away to go unpack some things and waited for Cato to leave to vent to my boyfriend.

Jeremy showed him around and Cato made sure to always look my way if he ever saw me and gave me that stupid smirk of his. They were laughing and joking and seemed to get along well. Great. After a couple of minutes, the tour ended, and Jeremy showed him out. When the door closed Jeremey turned to me smiling “Seems like a cool guy, how’d you like him?”

“LIKE HIM?! LIKE HIM?! He’s a piece of shit. A scumbag. He is just one of those guys who has some good looks and thinks he can just go up to any girl he wants and bang them. He’s arrogant, cocky, and an asshole!” venting to Jeremy while he just stood there stunned.

“Ummmm, well uhhhh… ok. Is everything good? What happened?” he asked just completely at a loss for words at my behavior.

Feeling a bit bad and thinking I possibly overreacted with how Jeremy was acting I just blurted out “It’s fine! Let’s just keep unpacking!” I huffed out turning away. Frustrated at Jeremy’s lack of initiative and now that jerk Cato we continued unpacking in silence for the next couple of hours. During that time, I had calmed down a bit, and Jeremy and I talked more avoiding the Cato subject since it seemed better to just ignore it for the time being. Looking at the clock I saw it was close to 8:00 pm and I had only eaten a light breakfast this morning; I was starving.


We both looked up questioningly wondering if this was another neighbor to greet us and made our way to the door for the second time that day. As Jeremy opened it on the other side, we were greeted to the sight of Cato again but this time with 2 boxes of pizza in his arms. My eyes narrowed as I glared at him. My boyfriend looked back and forth between us confused as to what to say or do.

“Ok before you stare me to death, I am just here to apologize for earlier. I overstepped and brought you guys some food from a local place I know that is really good since I’m sure you’re both hungry after moving in, and I doubt you guys know much about this area.” He sounded sincere and I also was really hungry, and that pizza smelled amazing.

“Ok fine but you need to settle down. If can manage that, then you can come in and eat with us.” Giving him a smile thankful that he at least seemed decent enough to apologize.

“Of course, it would be an honor m’lady.” Giving a small bow. “I just would like to get to know you more since you guys don’t seem as stuck up as the rest of the people in this building.” Jeremy smiled clueless about what happened but I’m sure he was glad that Cato and I were back on speaking terms. With a free dinner was being offered to us, he let him in and lead him towards the kitchen area where he cleared a space for us to huddle around since we had no chairs or plates.

As Cato opened up the boxes, Jeremy lunged for a slice, and out of the blue in a voice that commanded attention “Hey!” Jeremy and I both stunned looked at Cato. “The ladies always come first.” Then gave me that smirk that just made me smile this time at this small act of chivalry but also roll my eyes at that stupid smirk of his. But I let it slide since it seemed like he was just being a gentleman.

Thanking him I reached for a slice and took a bite grinning as I ate with how delicious the food was. “Told you it’s good huh?” as Cato smiled happily that I seemed to enjoy the food he brought.

Like a kid in a candy store, Jeremy saw that I had gotten food and dove in gobbling up a slice while giving a huge thumbs up as he scarfed it down. Cato looked back at me; his face painted with concern. “Oh no.” He then grabbed my check and cupped my face with his hand startling me and causing my heart to pound. “You got a little something right there.” Smirking at me as he wiped off a stray bahis şirketleri drop of sauce from the corner of my mouth with his thumb and eating it.

I gave him a look of, don’t push it, which he just raised his hands in the air smiling before going in for a slice himself. Making a mental note to always be careful around this guy with how smooth he was. I enjoyed the food as we began to talk and get to know each other more.

We gave him our background and told him how we had been dating for close to 2 years and met our last year of college as well as our current jobs. He seemed impressed with my degree and job making the comment “Beauty and brains.” Then he told us a bit about himself. He was 26 years old who works as a director for a tech company truly shocking me since I figured he worked as a male stripper, but I guess I judged him too harshly. He said he liked to workout, well obviously with that gorgeous body, and in his free time travel around the world, and watch anime. He followed it up with a joke about how that “nerd” stereotype is kind of true for him and his fellow software engineers at the company.

I was baffled for 2 reasons. 1, because I honestly didn’t even think a guy would watch anime, and 2, because I myself loved anime. Jeremy never liked it and always thought it was for kids, again I judged too harshly and I guess he’s not such a bad guy after all. As we laughed and joked around the counter, I couldn’t help but compare the two and wished that Jeremy could go to the gym a little bit more especially considering how many times I encouraged him. But maybe seeing Cato would motivate him? I also liked how Cato seemed to treat me more like a woman with how well-mannered he was at times while Jeremy had gotten a bit lax about those kinds of things in the past couple of months.

“Well, it’s been fun but I’m afraid I have to leave. But it was great getting to know you both more.” Then looking at me he added, “We’ll have to talk more about anime in your free time Madi.” Giving me that smirk of his that at this point just made me roll my eyes and smile. His departure actually made me feel a bit sad making me question myself how only a couple of hours ago I hated this guy and now, I was sad he was leaving? What is wrong with me? Sure, he’s very attractive with that gorgeous body, makes me feel special, and we like similar things but, I bet he says those things to every girl. Finally, convincing myself that there is no way I would develop any feeling especially for a guy like him.

Jeremy led him out and closed the door, turned, and looked at me wondering what my reaction would be this time. I just huffed out loud and smiled “Ok, ok. He’s not so bad after all.” He cheered and fist-bumped the air in celebration ecstatic at the fact of have such a cool guy as their neighbor. I just rolled my eyes at his childishness “Ok let’s unpack for a little longer and then call it a night.”

An hour later, we called it for the night as we each took a shower and got ready for bed in the one furnished room of our apartment: the bedroom. As we neared the bed a sound emitted from above us similar to that of a faint scream causing us both to look up questionably. We each stopped moving and listened intently wondering what in the world happened. Then, very faintly came a rhythmic thudding sound and the occasional scream of ecstasy.

I turned to Jeremy with one thought in my mind. Really? Just when I thought he was turning out to be decent, he goes and rents some two-bit whore? That fine, you’re not the only one who’s gonna have fun tonight. In a sultry voice, “Hey Jer, why don’t we have some fun as well?” He gulped audibly as I crawled to him on all fours sexily across the bed like a cat stalking its prey.

When I got to him, I pulled down his pants and underwear all in one go whipping out his erect dick. I wrapped my hand around it and jerked him off while moaning and talking dirty. “Hmmm… fuck Jer. I’m so horny right now! God, I’m so wet for you! Why don’t you show them upstairs how it’s really done… big boy!” Now he wasn’t the most well-endowed individual being 4.5″ fully erect, yes, we measured once, and I can fit my whole hand around his girth having my fingers overlap each other. But I never felt the need to complain since it felt nice and I would have an orgasm every now and then on a good day for him.

My girlfriends, when we neared that age, all talked about guys’ sizes when they started dating and how size matters. When they heard about Jeremy there were disappointed but not that surprised. I would defend him and told them all that there is more to a relationship than just sex and even during sex it’s enjoyable for us both. Which they always gave the sassy remark under their breath “Well, you wouldn’t know any better.” And then drop the subject as they gossiped about the next thing.

I came up to kiss him and as we began to make out. He pulled away startling me as he panted out “Honey, I’m gonna cum soon. You’ve gotta slow down a little.”

“Ohhh?!” Considering how erotic the situation was and how horny even I was, I guess I couldn’t blame him and let go of his dick laying down on the bed pulling him with me.

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