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Thank you to everyone who has been following along. I’ve enjoyed all of the community’s feedback so far and I’m looking forward to more!

All characters engaged in sexual acts are 18 or older. Any resemblance to real events or persons is coincidental. This is a work of fiction and fantasy, stay safe and responsible out there.

Love y’all and hope you enjoy 🙂

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Chapter Eleven: Courage

What is bravery? I never quite knew until that night.

Emily sat on the couch as her bones shook and her mouth chewed at a piece of string she’d ripped from the furniture. Our older sister was pacing up and down. Everyone was still nude, our mother included. It seemed like the last thing to be worried about.

We’d been caught, less than a week after we started. It was a failure – we weren’t careful. Like most young people, we thought we were invincible.

From the second she discovered us, my mother had not taken her eyes off of me. Fixed in her gaze, I found the meaning of bravery and that loving someone is the bravest thing you could ever do.

“I don’t think we have anything to be ashamed of,” I declared. My heart was on fire; I wanted to protect the girls and stand-up for our love.

Mom sank into the cushions of my couch with anger in her eyes. She looked as though she was about to say something, but she bit her tongue and huffed.

“In fact, I’m happy to say that I love Blake and I love Emily,” I continued. “We want to live together, we want to be together.”

Tears were forming in the corners of our mother’s eyes, but I didn’t notice a sadness. She was confused, yes, but something inside her empathised deeply with us.

“Mom?” I plead for her to speak, but she kept still.

Blake suddenly found words; words that cut deep. “I just want to say that I didn’t have any part in this. I was just looking.”

I felt the heat of tears on my face. Still, I was willing to fall on my sword if that’s what my sister needed from me. “Yes, Blake had no part in this.”

Our mother looked at her oldest child, exhaled, and finally spoke. “Lying almost seems worse than what I just saw.”

Blake appeared to lose her balance for a second. Guilt was welling up inside of her, and she looked like a knife had been stuck to her throat. She mumbled ‘sorry’ and cast her eyes down.

“Can I ask one question?” our mother shifted. “Have any of you considered the health implications of this?!”

“Health?” I croaked.

“Yes, health… I’m not even talking about pregnancy. Your little sister was whimpering as her brother shoved his… into her… well, you know… down there. Is that healthy?!”

“Mommy,” Emily sobbed, “I want- I wa-“

“She wanted it,” Blake interjected. “Your daughters are old enough to make up their own minds.”

“Oh, then I guess it’s FINE. I never thought I would have to see my little girl-” our mother bit her tongue. It was as if the words in her head were too horrific to say out loud. There was a long silence before she got up and crossed her arms. “What’s your plan with this? How long has it been going on?”

“We want to move in together,” I stated boldly.


“You can’t stop us. We love each other!” I shot back.

“Listen here, you little shit, I don’t care where you stick your prick, but you will fuck up your life if you go on like this!”

My little sister addressed her parent with the boldness that only a teenager can muster. “Mommy, I really don’t think this is any of your business. You can’t tell me who to love!”

I had a responsibility to stand by her, “I agree with Emily. Our love is our business.”

Our mother put her hands on her hips and took a deep breath, “Look at you all, talking about love. Standing up for each other. God, something about it makes me so proud, but this just can’t be your lives. This relationship will ruin you, all of you!”

I focused on her body language; trying to get a read on how she truly felt. Then, our parent gasped as Blake sat down next to Emily, lifted her sister’s chin and gave her a passionate kiss.

Once the kiss had finished, the oldest looked her mother straight in the face and redeemed her earlier denial. “Let it ruin us then.”

* * * * *

I’ve read a thousand articles about how good walks are for thinking. So, we all got dressed and went for a walk – me, Blake, Emily, our mom…

It was freezing outside, and we had to huddle together. The girls had packed light, and I had to loan mom a leather jacket.

The conversation was free-flowing. I took the lead while Blake wrestled with her own demons. All the kids had in our heads was this fantasy about life together. We couldn’t overcome our insatiable thirst for each other to think about practicalities. Not without our mother’s help.

“You three have spent years on the brink, and now the floodgates have opened,” our mother opined. She had quickly accepted the physical aspect but didn’t see it going beyond that.

“We sahabet güvenilirmi love each other,” I said for the hundredth time that night. Each time she heard it, my mom would smile. She wasn’t against us, but she definitely wasn’t on board yet.

“Emily, you’re seeing someone at the moment. How would she feel if she found out about this?” our mother asked.

“I’ve already told her, Mommy,” my little sister proclaimed.

Blake and I gave each other a brief, horrified, look. We had no idea that she’d gone and done that. It was something that would inevitably come up in a lengthy discussion later…

“So, your plan is to move back home and find a place with your sisters?” our mother asked.

I nodded but wasn’t even sure anymore. The cold air and the rhythm of our shoes against the street had calmed everyone down. I was thinking with my head for once.

Emily had recovered almost completely, “I’m going to be a stay-at-home wife; like you, Mommy.”

Our mother actually chuckled, “Alright, Doll. I promise to teach you all the tricks, but you guys will have to convince me that you can handle it first.”

“Handle it?” Blake asked.

Mom shrugged her shoulders, “Once Emily grows up, and you get older, you won’t want it to be a threeway thing anymore. Plus, my youngest daughter is a little devil, aren’t you Doll?”

Emily did a twirl and shook her head excitedly. She was dangerously insatiable; our mom knew it, and so did the rest of us. Blake didn’t respond and walked a bit faster. I hated that her reaction to the night’s events was to go off into her own little silo.

After we circled the block once, we decided it was pointless doing a second lap. Things had settled enough.

By the time we got back, Aunt Terry had woken up and was making hot chocolate in the kitchen. “Did you all go on an adventure without me?” she raised her shoulders. “Goodness, it’s not even 1 AM, and you’re running around in the streets.”

“Did we wake you?” our mother asked.

Her twin scrutinised each of us. “No, the sound of the door woke me.”

There was a tension in the room, and we all quietly wondered how much our aunt knew. Our mother tried to defuse the situation and get some advice from her trusted sister. She smirked, “Terr-Terr, what do you think about these three moving in together?”

Our aunt seemed to toy around with the idea for a bit. She was tired but intrigued, “I think Josh and Blake would be happy, or Josh and Emily… But I don’t see the two sisters living together.”

“Auntie, that’s not true,” Emily slapped her thighs and bounced on her toes, upset as all hell.

Terry smiled at her niece’s protests, and so did the rest of us. Our mom looked her three kids over, “You know we don’t really have a father in our house. Hey, Terr? I think my son is old enough to wear the pants in his own house now. Maybe that’s exactly what the three of them need…”

This little vote of confidence gave me the courage I needed to do something I should have done long ago. I was anxious, tense, angry… I didn’t want to experience all of those emotions while also struggling with Terry’s games.

“Aunt, I would like you to wear clothes when you are in my home,” I stated firmly.

“But your rule, Dear,” she protested.

“Bullshit,” I shot back. She knew damn well that it was her ‘rule’.

My aunt was shocked and looked to her sister for help, but Katherine stood firmly behind me. Without another word of protest, Terry was off to put on some proper clothes.

The small win boosted my confidence, and I turned to my sisters, “Emily, Blake, it’s time for us to stop the little games. Mom is right that this love is a massive responsibility we can’t afford to fuck up.”

Emily stuck her tongue out at me, but I could see she liked seeing me throw some weight around. I turned to Blake and took her hand in mine; we were the adults. Despite our flaws, we would have to make the relationship solid.

Our mother looked at us proudly. The anger that had dominated her demeanour earlier was gone. All that was left was a kind woman who wanted her children to be happy.

Blake squeezed my hand, and I hugged her tightly. I knew she was confused and, for once in her life, she didn’t know what to do. My job was to be there for her and for Emily. My sisters – my partners.

Mom made a heartwarming remark. “I’m getting a bit jealous of you guys,” she smiled warmly.

“They are so cute together, aren’t they?” her twin chimed in as she re-entered the room in a pair of pyjamas.

“Oh, Terr-Terr, you have no idea,” our mother winked at us, and we all chuckled. Everyone except Terry, who seemed clueless about what happened mere hours ago.

We were all tired and keen to get back to bed. Everyone took turns rummaging through their bags for sleepwear. Soon, the girls and our aunt had settled, and you could hear faint snoring.

Unfortunately, for our mom and me, we couldn’t get back to sleep. sahabet yeni giriş So, we chattered in the kitchen.

She was still full of questions about what she’d seen in the living room, earlier that night. The one we probably spent the most time on was whether we were always ‘rough’ with our little sister.

“Emily likes it, but only if she gets to provoke. She’s definitely not a submissive, though,” I shared far more information than I intended to.

Mom was nervous, and every now and then I felt that I crossed a line by being too open. Each time she would recover quickly and ask more question.

“You must feel like quite a stud, bedding sisters,” Mom teased.

I simply nodded my head and blushed. Our mom could make a joke about anything, and I was the only one of her children who found that endearing.

“Obviously, the real achievement would be twins,” Mom chimed. “Boys would always try with your aunt and me when we were younger. They got close a few times…”

In the past, I might have cringed at stories about Mom’s sex life. Now, I wasn’t even uncomfortable with mild teasing from her side. In fact, I also joined in a bit.

“Yeah, twins really would be the ultimate stud move,” I chuckled.

My mom put her hand on my forearm and looked at me with a tenderness in her face. “I can see Blake is your idea of a mature woman. She’s still young, Sweety. You shouldn’t rely on her too much.”

“Are you a mature woman?” I swallowed heavily as an unwelcome intimacy filled the room.

My mother blushed and blew some warm air out of her nose. She straightened her back proudly before answering, “Yes. I’d like to think so. But I want you, especially you, to be a mature man and take care of your sisters.”

We looked at each other in a way we hadn’t before. Her brown eyes transformed into an autumn scene – leaves blowing in the wind. She trusted me with her daughters’ hearts, which is the most a mother could do. I wondered if she would trust me with her own.

“Would you ever join us? I mean, I could be a mature man, you could be our mature woman.” I put a hand on her thigh, “It’s been the most fantastic experience of my life. I want to live with these girls, especially Blake. But we need wisdom and experience.”

There was a moment that we just stared at each other, and I counted the seconds in my head – sixty. Part of me couldn’t believe what I had said, but more of me knew it was true. The three youngsters were immature. All we could do so far was fantasise and fuck – we needed a little help to settle down.

Who could resist the lifestyle we had planned? It was going to be this beautiful experience – total freedom with people who were made for each other.

Mom slouched, “You’re getting a bit full of yourself.”

We were gravitating towards each other. Her scent was familiar – the smell of the first woman I knew. In her eyes, I saw a little bit of the security that Blake exuded, and a lot of Emily’s deviance. We leaned closer and closer together, but with just an inch left between us, she pulled away.

“Sweety, have you three had a single serious conversation about what you’re doing?” my mother cleared some hair from my face.

I shook my head. Damn her and her common sense!

“I’ll take your aunt out early, then the three of you need to talk.”

She was right.

Chapter Twelve: Wrestling

I managed to creep into our makeshift bed and steal a few more hours of sleep. While it would be impossible for me to avoid going to work two days in a row, I hoped that I could clock in just a smidge later.

Still, it was horribly early when I woke up. Blake was already awake, hunched over her laptop in the kitchen. She looked amazing in her striped silk pyjama shorts and loose-fitting sleep-shirt. Her dark auburn hair was frazzled but beautiful, and she wore a pair of glasses that I had never seen before.

“Glasses, Bro?” I rose to my feet. My body wasn’t as sore as when I spent the night sleeping on her floor, but it still hurt.

Blake smiled at me, but I could see she was bearing a heavy load on her shoulder that morning. Guilt, regret, shame… I wondered which of these were eating away at her and how I could ease the burden.

My sister purred as I embraced her, before squirming away from me. “Hey, what’s wrong?” I asked.

“I’m… It’s last night, Josh,” she looked uncomfortable in her own skin.

“Don’t you want to-“

Before I could finish my statement, Blake interjected, grabbing my hands. “No, no! There’s nothing I want more than to be with you, but last night I threw you both under the bus.”

I looked over my shoulder to Emily, who was sleeping like a baby with her thumb in her mouth. Then I scanned the rest of the apartment, and there was no one else there. No one except the woman right in front of me – the love of my life.

“Blake, when it came down to it, you sat next to our sister and said you’re willing to choose our love over everything sahabet giriş else.” I kissed her hands, and she smiled just a little.

Without warning, my older sister sank onto one knee, and out of some strange instinct, I followed her. We were face-to-face halfway to the ground and couldn’t help but chuckle. “You’re ruining my big romantic gesture,” Blake blushed in a very un-Blake like way.

I giggled as I watched her eyes dance, “Are you proposing, Sis?”

“One day,” she smiled at me, and we shared a warm kiss. It was the kind of kiss a brother and sister might share on a special occasion. It was a kiss that wouldn’t offend anyone but had more meaning behind it than any could ever know. A moment after that, we just kept our noses together and breathed – we had survived one hell of a night.

I pulled Blake to her feet as I got up and we embraced again. The beat of her heart soothed me, but she knew I was still a little angry even though I made every effort not to show it.

My older sister’s hands searched my body for points of tension and found many. “I have a special way of saying sorry – to both of you,” Blake looked over my shoulder at her other sibling. “Why don’t I go wake our little sister, then you can take out some of your frustration on her cute little teenage ass?”

“What if she’s not the one I’m frustrated with?” I countered.

Blake was stunned for a moment; she probably wasn’t anticipating any resistance. But, I was beginning to learn new tricks and take charge of life.

She decided that she liked this new initiative I was taking. Blake purred into my ear, “Do you want to get rough with me, Little Brother? I’m not like Emily, I fight back, and I fight hard.”

I gasped as Blake’s teeth found my earlobe. I joined her game, “It’s been too long since we’ve had a proper wrestle. A fun little brother-sister roll around the carpet.”

Before I could make another move, Blake shoved me, and I backed into the kitchen counter. She tried to grab onto my shirt, but I deflected her arms and managed to pick her up by the waist. I stumbled to the couch as she wrapped her delicate fingers around my neck. There was a giant grin on her face as she mildly strangled me, and I adored her wildness.

I managed to throw her down next to our little sister, who jolted and started slowly waking. For a moment, I worried that Blake hit the deck a little hard, but her initial shock gave way to her fuck-me-face.

Clawing at her, I managed to start dragging her PJ-shorts off before she landed a kick on my stomach. I was only stunned for a few seconds before I returned to her garments – this time angrier. My hands tore away at her silk shirt until half the buttons were ripped and her breasts were exposed.

Blake’s little globes jiggled as she shot forward and grabbed the back of my legs. Her teeth found my waistband, and she managed to pull my pants down just enough for my rock-hard erection to pop out. I did something I’d always wanted to do and swung the shaft at her cheek.

After the little smack of impact, my older sister snarled before her tongue sought out my balls. The feeling of suction on my testicles was like a shot of adrenaline, and my whole body stiffened.

My big sister wasn’t planning on fighting fair. She looked incredible with those big glasses on. With her lips sucking at her little brother’s balls.

I tried to manoeuvre Blake’s head with my hands, but she only let up her pressure when she heard our sister stir next to us. Emily’s eyes went from tired to ten-metres wide as she took in the scene next to her, “Woah!”

This little distraction was all I needed to get Blake off me and sink down all my weight into her. I fumbled to find her wrists and only managed to pin one as I set myself down on top of her. With her free hand, she sunk her nails into my back and left behind a possessive, animalistic, scratch.

I grabbed onto my older sister’s firm bicep and twisted her free arm to the ground. She was now entirely under my control, and she knew it. “Kiss me,” she demanded.

As I leant down to put my lips to hers, Blake struck like a cobra and generated enough moment to roll us onto our sides. My back crashed into Emily, who was breathing heavily and no doubt had a hand down her pants.

I would have apologised for the impact with my little sister, but she was on me in an instant. Her skinny arms wrapping around me as she craved to be part of the struggle between bodies. With one super-human effort, I managed to launch myself over Emily to escape Blake’s grasp.

Emily was winded, but I’d never seen her happier. She was now between me and our older sister – heaven for her. I got onto my knees, and so did Blake. We were testing each other; swaying around and waiting for a moment to pounce.

Blake knew she couldn’t beat me in a test of sheer strength, but she was a master tactician. “Em, why don’t we make this fight fair? Girls against the boy.”

Our teenage sibling’s eyes swivelled from one of us to the next. She was enthralled by the situation, and I wasn’t about to let them gang up on me. I wrapped a hand around my cock to make sure that Emily knew it was there, “C’mon, Little Sister, join my team instead. I’ll let you suck on this whenever you like.”

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