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She turned a groggy head over, running right into a tattooed arm. Oh my. Opening her eyes, she met the face of Bryce Hicks. Memories of last night flooded back to her piece by piece, and she felt her face begin to heat. Every touch, every kiss, every joining and every pleasure came back in full blast. Dear Lord, what had she done? Well… what she’d done was have the single best night of her life. She didn’t regret one second. The question was, what happens now?

She glanced at him, watching him sleep. Another juxtaposition. Everything he’d shown her last night was far from “sweet,” but that was the only word that could come to her mind right now as he slept.

What day was it? …Monday? She glanced over at the clock and gasped. Oh shit.

“Oh no. Oh no, oh no. Ohnoohnoohno!” She squealed, fighting with the covers that were suddenly grasping her.

He stirred next to her and mumbled, “S’wrong?”

“I’m so late. SO very late. I already missed two classes today.”

He smiled at her and glanced up as she continued losing the fight against the comforter. “Have you skipped any this semester?”

She paused and looked over at him, “Well… no.”

He laughed and pulled her to him, “Skipping is healthy every now and again. Stay here…”

She nuzzled into him, and grinned, wanting so badly to give in. It would be so easy. Stay in bed. Do all sorts of naughty things. Not worry about class and notes and tests… Aw shit! Tests.

She pulled away again, “Trust me, I want to, but I can’t. I have a test in a little over an hour. I have just enough time to shower and make it to my test… but maybe I’ll see you later..?”

“You better,” he grinned at her again before getting up from his place in her bed, grabbing the clothes he’d been wearing the night before.

She couldn’t help but admire him as he stood there, all naked right in front of her, and it made her inclination to stay with him even stronger.

“Where are you going,” she asked quietly.

“I have work to do today, too. I’ll be at the shop if you want to come by later…”

“Of course I do…” she immediately blushed at how eager she sounded, but a rush of boldness pushed her to him, and she kissed him, their naked bodies pressed together. She felt his reaction, his arousal, against her, and she responded in kind, wetness growing warm between her thighs.

His hands tangled in her hair and he pulled lightly, simultaneously bringing her closer. He broke the kiss and with ragged breathing, he whispered in her ear, “Couldn’t you suddenly have some deathly disease and just stay home? We could play doctor,” he wiggled his eyebrows and slid his hands down to cup her ass, and she giggled and shook her head.

“You know I want to, but I cannot miss that test. Now, I’ve got to shower, and I can’t be distracted anymore or I’ll be late. I promise I’ll come by later though.”

He smirked again and pulled away from her, throwing on his clothes. He turned back to her once more, allowing a small kiss, “I’ll see you later then. Good luck, babe,” and then he turned and walked to the front door, shutting it softly behind him.

How the hell could she get ready after that?


She kept glancing up at the clock. She’d only been here fifteen minutes, and she was only on page two of her test. She couldn’t focus. All the words just blended together, and then images flashed in her mind of last night… and this morning. She couldn’t ever remember thinking about sex so much in fifteen minutes.

She attempted to focus again, moving through another page and a half. She again felt herself grow wet at the thought of Bryce’s body pressed against hers this morning…

Damn she had to finish this fucking test. She started at that. She couldn’t remember ever even thinking the word “fuck” before last night. Strange.

She reigned in her focus again and finished, nearly sprinting out of the room.

Her car came to a stop in front of Lee’s, and she was suddenly nervous. Sure she’d been with this man naked last night, but she still didn’t really know him. But the more she thought about it, it didn’t really matter anymore. She took a shaky breath and went inside.



He’d been on edge all day. Last night was not something that was a regular part of his routine. In fact, since his much younger days, he’d never slept with anyone he’d known less than a week. It had been impossible to resist, though. She was so sure, yet insecure, and so strong, but so fragile. He didn’t know whether he wanted to learn everything about her, or get the fuck as far away from her as possible.

He’d always dated girls his speed. Girls who’d been with plenty of other guys. Girls who knew what they wanted in bed. Girls who had dirty mouths and dirty minds. Girls who didn’t stick around. Alice was none of those things.

She was a virgin… well, before last night, anyway. She was timid with him in bed, simply for the lack of experience. She bahis firmaları was the sweetest girl he’d ever met. She was somebody’s wife someday. Not a one night stand. Not a temporary fix. She was an eventual mom, a friend, a companion. He didn’t want any of those things. He wanted to live his life without complications. He wanted his music, and his life, and maybe a girl here and there, but not everywhere. Not like she would be. She deserved to be everything, though. He just couldn’t give her that.

As if he’d summoned her with his thoughts, she whirled into the store and stood in front of him. That in itself was enough to make him second guess his assumptions about himself. She was wearing a mustard colored pencil skirt that followed every curve of her long legs and supple ass. On top, she had a gray capped sleeved floral shirt that dipped in a V to show a hint of cleavage, and her heels just made her legs look that much longer, while her hair was down and wild and perfect. She was sex in a skirt, and she didn’t even know it.

She looked like she couldn’t decide what to do. She glanced at him, then walked around the store looking into various rooms, then opened the bathroom doors.

“Whatcha doin’….” He called after her, but she just kept moving around. Finally, she came back to him, and fiercely pulled him into her, her tongue intertwining with his while she pulled at his hair. Her hands travelled up his shirt, and then down to the waste band of his pants.

He pulled away from her, studying her carefully, “Alice.. you ok? You know people walk in here, I can’t…”

“Please just fuck me,” she interrupted him, her eyes wide as though she was surprised that she said it. “I just… I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you,” she kept grazing his chest with her hands, “I need… you.”

“Baby trust me, I understand completely… While I’d love to tear your clothes off right here, I have a job to do… anyone could come in here at any time…”

She glanced around the empty store and raised an eyebrow pointedly.

“Well…” he began to stammer, “there’s no one here right now… But it’s a possibility…”

She raised the other eyebrow and silently moved to lock the door. When he had nothing to say in return, she moved to him again and reached down to caress the bulge in his pants. He groaned and inched closer to her bringing his lips back onto her.

“You’re relentless today,” he murmured, and she just purred against his lips. “Well, let’s at least move into the back office. It’ll make me feel a little better.”

She followed him to the back of the store into a small dark office. She grinned and hopped on the desk, hiking her skirt up, “I had a fantasy about this just today.”

“Oh, did you,” he murmured, softly kissing her neck. She sighed and leaned her head back giving him more access. “Tell me, what was that fantasy, exactly?”

She struggled to breathe as his mouth moved across her neck, then to her shoulder as he pulled her sleeve down, and down…

Then suddenly he stopped. She shot him a pleading look before he grinned and asked again, “What was the fantasy?”

“Well…” she blushed, “I was sitting like this on a desk with my skirt around my waste, and you were between my legs….Ohhh,” she sighed as he nipped her shoulder with his teeth.

“Aaannd,” he prompted her to go on.

Her voice husky, she continued, “You teased me for a long time… Drove me… crazy… Till’ I begged you…”


She moaned as he pulled her shirt down a little further and kissed the flesh on her chest, moving lower and lower. “You… you fucked me… hard…”

He sucked in a breath at her words, then attacked her lips, hands roaming as he sucked her tongue into his mouth. His hands roamed down her body, then up her skirt, pushing it up further as he explored. He found warmth and wetness waiting for him, and the only thing separating him from it was a thin scrap of lace.

He moved her panties to the side and slid a finger up and down her slit, coating it. He groaned and murmured, “Fuck, baby… You’re so wet already… When exactly did you have this naughty fantasy? I was assuming you meant this morning…”

She blushed yet again and moaned as his finger teased her entrance, “Actually… during my test…”

At that, he slip one finger into her gaining a shudder in response from the brown eyed beauty. He watched her respond to him, and he realized he’d never been with anyone like her. With every touch he gave her, her eyes would roll back, or her body would shake, or her muscles would clench, and it even heightened his arousal knowing the effect he had on her.

Another finger moved into her tunnel, and he watched as she began to rotate her hips around him, searching for her release. She had suddenly gone from the shy virgin he took out last night to a sex goddess losing all abandon to find her climax. He was so keyed up by it, he was afraid he wouldn’t last a second into her.

She hadn’t kaçak iddaa yet cum when she looked up at him, eyes wide, and begged, “Bryce, please just fuck me. I need your cock. All of it.”

She reached to his pants and fumbled between the button and the zipper when the thought hit him. “Baby,” he tried to push her hands away, “I don’t have a condom.. I used the one I had in my wallet last night…”

She only smiled and reached for her purse and jerked out a package. Completely taken aback, he could only laugh and shake his head as she purred, “Guess who went to the drug store?”

His laughter stopped immediately when she freed his cock from his jeans. She’d not yet touched him in this way, and her hands were so soft that it nearly set him off right there. He was a grown ass man, yet he was nearly cumming just from being touched by this girl. What the fuck was wrong with him?

Interrupting his thoughts, she murmured, “I didn’t realize how big and yummy it looks…” and before he could even brace himself, she leaned down and took him in her mouth. He sucked in a breath and groaned, his hands reaching for her hair and tangling all up in it. He was doing the best he could not to fuck the hell out of her mouth, but it was so silky. He pulled on her hair a little harder than he had before, and she moaned, the vibrations shooting up his spine.

He gasped, “I’m sorry baby, I didn’t mean to pull so hard…” but she just moaned again, telling him that she liked it. Damn it all, this girl was gonna kill him.

She licked and sucked his cock as far into her mouth as it would go, and tentatively held onto his balls. He felt his load stir within him, and he lightly pushed her away.

“Baby, I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop.”

She let his dick go with a light pop out of her mouth, and looked up at him with a grin before tearing the little package open, and rolling the condom onto him. She then pulled him closer to her and between her legs before whispering, “Now. Fuck me now.”

He pressed himself against her entrance and gasped. She was even wetter than when he’d fingered her. His cock made her that wet. Fuck.

He pushed slowly into her, aware that this was still only her second time, and damn didn’t he know it by how her walls tightened around him. She was intoxicating. Every move he made, she moved with him. Her walls squeezed him, her moans moved him further into her, and her eyes met his with a fervor that almost scared him.

They rocked faster and faster, her legs locked around his waist, her arms hanging onto him for dear life. He drove into her even harder as she started moaning his name, his actions moving far beyond what his thoughts were capable of controlling at this point.

“Shit… babe… I’m gonna cum…”

“Oh,” she gasped, “fuuuck.”

Her pussy walls began contracting around him, draining him. He thanked God for it because at that precise moment he lost it and poured into the condom, wishing for one brief moment that he was filling her up instead.

They stayed together, his head falling to her shoulder, both breathing hard. Alice’s thighs were still quivering, and a slight sweat was shining on her forehead, but she looked like absolute bliss.

After a few minutes, they heard the door jingle. Only one other person had the key… Shit.

Bryce quickly zipped and buttoned his pants before whispering to Alice, “Baby that’s my boss. I’m gonna go tell him I was having lunch with you, but you stay in here and get decent. I don’t want you to be embarrassed. Take your time, I’ll talk to him as long as I need to.”

She grinned and leaned up to give him a quick kiss before he headed out the door.

“Jim,” Bryce smiled as he came out to face his role model and mentor, “wasn’t expecting you to come by.”

“Apparently,” Jim’s eyes mocked him. “Who were you expecting? I’ve never been by to see you only to find the door locked.”

“Ah, that. I had a friend come by for lunch, and I didn’t want customers to be in and out while we were trying to eat…”

Alice chose that moment to come out of the office, looking even better than when she had first gotten there. She stuck her hand out to Jim and beamed, “Hi there, I’m Alice. I’m a… friend of Bryce’s. I hope it’s okay that I came by for lunch.”

“Good to meetcha, Alice, I’m Jim. And it’s no trouble at all. I trust Bryce with pretty much anything,” Jim glanced over at Bryce giving him a knowing, though inconspicuous look.

“Well, it was very nice to meet you, but I was just leaving. Thanks for the… burger, Bryce. I’ll see you later?”

He grinned as he walked her out, “Sure. I’ll call you.”

The door shut, and Bryce turned to see Jim giving him “the look.” He was so fucked.

“You know, with the small size of this shop, usually I can smell a burger within the foot of the door.”


“She is beautiful, Bryce. She’s real… different. Like you.”

Bryce looked skeptical, “I wouldn’t say I’m that different…”‘

“Don’t bullshit kaçak bahis yourself, son. You’re as different as they come. And no more fucking in my store. I’ll let it slide this time just ’cause she’s so sweet.”

Bryce grinned and stuck out his hand to shake on it, “Deal. Sorry, boss. I just couldn’t resist.”

“Well, don’t make a habit of it. Last thing I need is the wife thinkin’ I’m dickin’ around. She’s real cute though, Bryce. I think you might oughtta hang onto her.”

Bryce pondered that thought for a moment before smiling and saying, “We’ll see, I suppose.”



The voice of Sylvia James came sharply to her ear, “Alice Cassandra James, I have called you three times today, all of which I know you don’t have class, and you know I absolutely despise that. Where were you? And you’re just now returning my calls? It’s been an hour.”

Alice groaned inwardly. How could a perfect day have gone to Hell just like that?

“Mother, I was busy. Perhaps I gained a social life in the last twenty-four hours.” Holy crap. Where did that come from?

“Alice, I will not take that kind of tone. Good Lord, I’m paying for you to go to school to become a school teacher, of all things. This is not the attitude I need.”

Of course. “Right. I’m sorry, mom. I was at lunch with a friend I met at school.” The half truth fell from her lips so easily she was almost concerned. She could only imagine the face of her prim and proper mother if she were to say, “Sorry ma, I was getting my brains fucked right outta me. Now, what was it you needed to talk to me about?” She giggled at the thought, earning a sigh from her mom.

“Are you even listening to me, Alice? I said, when are you coming home?”

Alice sighed, “I don’t know, mom. I’m very busy. I have twenty hours of school this semester… It’s not so easy to just drop it and drive home.”

“As if I didn’t know, Alice, I’m paying for those twenty hours. Well, I need a date as soon as possible. I am in the middle of arranging a little party.”

“Mom, please tell me this isn’t another ploy to get me back together with Jason.”

“But sweetheart, I know it will happen. You two have been together for so long, I was beyond ready to plan the wedding…” Dear Lord, what a nightmare that would have been. She could already see the magenta bows. She had zoned out again… “I just think the two of you are too perfect to not be together. That little hussy he’s with is just a phase. Maybe it’s because you wouldn’t put out. He’s just sewing his wild oats, dear…”

“Mother! Jason respected me. He respected me enough to let me know he’d fallen in love with someone else. Leave it alone.”

She was met with silence for a moment, but soon Sylvia was speaking again, “Regardless, dear, I really want to plan a party. Let me know soon when you can be home.”

“Okay, mom. How is everyone doing? I really miss home…”

“Now, now, no time to chat. I’ve a million things to do. Caio.”



She settled down on her couch to do homework, but of course her thoughts wandered back to Lee’s, and the sexy man just inside the door. She smiled a little remembering how bold she’d been. It wasn’t like her at all, but just in the last day, she’d already changed so much by being around him. He made her feel… just plain wild. She’d never cussed so much in one day. Never fucked so much in one day… Or at all, really. Yet, she’d never given less of a fuck than she did today. Maybe it was just the bliss? Losing virginity to a sex god kind of thing?

Her phone buzzed and she rolled her eyes, thinking her mother was calling again, but it was a text from Bryce.

She read the text carefully, “I have a proposal…”

Smiling, she replied, “So soon?! ;)”

“You have a strong effect on a man, my dear :P. Actually, I was thinking… Let me take you on a date tonight. A real date. Food, maybe a movie, some dessert, and of course a cheesy pick-up line every now and again.”

She laughed and shook her head, replying, “I take my pick-up lines extra cheesy.”

“If it’s cheesy you want, then it’s cheesy you get. I’ll pick you up at seven?”

“Perfect :).”

She leaned back against her couch and tried to calm the butterflies floating around in her stomach. It’d been a long time since her first date… then again, it’s not like he hadn’t already seen her naked. What was there to fear?

She then realized it was already six o’ clock. Yikes! Time to get ready!


Alice had changed into a pair of black skinny jeans, an open gray cardigan with an emerald green tank top underneath and green flats. She didn’t want to overdress and yet she didn’t want to look like a bum so she was completely at a loss what to wear, so she fell to this default. She was still unsure about it until she answered the door.

How could she possibly be going on a date with someone so completely sexy? Bryce was in a fitted blue shirt that made his eyes look that much bluer, and those jeans that hugged him just the right way, and of course a pair of chucks. His tattoos were peaking out under each sleeve, and his facial hair was just scruffy enough that he looked completely edible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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