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Arlene, I am passing my story to you mostly because I think the readers will enjoy it. It is so stupid that it must be true. As you know we all have hidden bones in our closets, but God forbid if anyone in my family ever found out about mine that’s why I’ve used a fictitious name “Wendy”, and changed all other names, etc. to protect the innocent and less than innocent. Please edit my story and post it to Literotica if you think the readers will enjoy it. Your Friend, XOX

The game.

It was a simple game. Do anything to win. Do anything to get in. And I had done everything I could. In the end we reached a point of no return. Simple. The game started with five of us, but each round one player made her way into the sorority. It was a simple; cut of the deck of cards high card would win. We had fought through all the other battles to get in. But with this game the last girl standing would face a dilemma.

As always the problem was I couldn’t see the future. It was truly an unsure and unsettling feeling. I was, a nineteen-year-old naïve virgin facing fate head on.. The choices at this point were to keep playing or quit and fail. If I won I was in as well, so I had to keep playing. We all knew that.

I knew the winner was in, the loser could drop her pledge or take a chance on a mission. The dilemma was the ten possible mission cards on the table, the winner would chose the losers mission card if the loser would dare go on. There would be no backing out. If there was a tie, we both chose the others mission card. If either of us refused in the case of a tie we both would be losers and out. Now, of the ten missions eight were manageable, it was the last two that made the gamble frightening.

Mission 8 – Run a mile naked through town on Saturday night. Mission 9 – Go a week without underwear while wearing a sorority skirt. Mission 10 – Have sex for money within a week.

Our choices

Simple, I was left facing Kim.

The President, Susan informed us “No girl has ever pulled the ten card, yet. So ladies, are both of you still in the game?” Kim immediately replied “I’ve come this far, I’ve gotta keep going.” “Wendy?” Susan asked. “Yes, I’m in.” I replied meagerly.

Both Kim and I pulled a card from the deck. I pulled the seven of clubs. “Shit”, I thought to myself.

“Ladies please show your cards.” Susan demanded while the sisters waited in anticipation of the mission.

I turned my seven over slowly; an “ooh” could be heard from the ladies in the room. I was right in the middle of the deck.

Kim giggled as she slowly dropped her seven of hearts on the table.

“We have a tie, for the first time in sorority history ladies.” Susan laughed and continued. “You have both agreed to draw missions. Betsie will separate the ace through ten of hearts so our pledges can pull a number for each other’s mission. The mission will be your opposites corresponding number. If either of you chose not to play, you both lose. If both of you play, then both of you are in. There are no other options. You have five minutes to decide if you will play and accept your mission without doubt or hesitation.”

The sorority girls then left Kim and I to debate the risks. The ten cards lay on the table waiting to chose our fate. Everything was in place for us to pull each others mission. Here were the odds, a 80% chance that for a manageable mission, and a 10% chance on an embarrassing mission and 10% on offering up sex for money. Wow.

Fearful of letting each other down. We agreed to risk everything.

The ladies all returned for our verdict. “What is the choice ladies?” Susan asked. We both replied “we’re in”.

“OK” Susan answered questioning our wisdom.. “Betsie please shuffle the cards well.” After an agonizing couple of minutes Betsie lay the cards face down on the table while spreading the cards aroung randomly. Giving us both all the opportunity to back out Susan asked once final time “If you both take a card then the game is complete, you agree to complete your mission if you play.”

Kim slid a card from the middle of the pile, my mission. I looked at her nervously as I did the same.

“Cards Ladies?” I watched Kim’s pretty face as she slowly flipped over my card, it was a nine. No panties, my God, I thought! Then it was my turn, I flipped Kim’s mission over, “oh my God” I thought again turning over a ten. A gasp went through the room, “Fuck” maltepe escort Kim screamed.

“Well ladies. It seams we have two winners here. Wendy will go panty-less for an entire week, and Kim has to join the oldest profession.” “As the winner of the lesser task, Wendy, you will pimp for Kim, and take foto’s for proof of purchase.” ”You both may complete your mission within the next seven days starting tomorrow. We’ll all meet here next Saturday, same time, to confirm our pledges. Meeting adjourned.” Susan instructed.

I wasn’t sure if anyone really thought Kim could go through with this. I didn’t!

The Plan

For most of that night Kim and I discussed and searched for ways to complete our missions with the least amount of embarrassment. We debated different ways to cheat on the missions, but nothing really would work. Eyes were always upon us or at least so we thought. In the end, we planned to actually complete Kim’s mission on Friday or Saturday night.

As for me. Going panty less for a week in a mini-skirt was highly nerve racking for a virgin. And beyond the nerve racking aspect, it is down right uncomfortable! Any woman out there reading this knows what it is like to go around with a naked pussy under a skirt! Obviously, I planned to avoid showing myself in public as much as I could, but if I were caught avoiding life’s daily challenges, I might be eliminated on Saturday.

The next morning Betsie kindly (sick) delivered three skirts to my dorm room. After trying all three on I decided to shave my pussy for the first time in my life. The skirts were identical except for the colors they were red, white and pink. The skirt length was a revealing twelve inches from top to bottom, a mere foot of spandex and cotton and I swear intentionally one size too small!

I figured shaving would hide my bush when some perv looked up my skirt, which I knew was inevitable. The real problem was sitting down in a very tight short skirt. Once sitting, I could cross my legs, which was ok, until I needed to get up again. But un-crossing and getting up was a challenge.

During that week I was asked out at least a dozen times, and who could blame the guys. I looked like a complete slut. I wonder how many guys saw my slit? It seamed that as the week progressed the severla guys awaited my entrance and departure from each class.

A new me was starting to emerge. Is it possible to be a virgin slut?

Kim and I put together a foolish plan. We planned to go to the Hilton lounge on Friday night and see how things would develop. We decided on the Hilton simply because this was one place the college crowd would not go. Maybe, just maybe a couple of good-looking out-of-towners would play along. The problem was dealing with the money issue and the photos.

From the money aspect Kim insisted that if she was going to be a whore that she wasn’t worth a cent less than four hundred bucks. I agreed. I committed to bringing my small digital camera, allowing us to erase the photos after we presented proof to the sisters. So we had everything planned including fake ID’s just in case we got carded.

Kim was by no means sweet and innocent. A permanent relationship wasn’t her style either. She confided that she got fucked usually once a week, when she didn’t have a boyfriend, which was most of the time. It was her way of releasing energy and pent up tension. Friday nights she’d go clubbing, drink, and if she found someone she liked, he could take her home. She wasn’t a slut, but was one step short of being one. Selling her body would be more of an adventure into uncharted waters than anything else. The problem for her was the photos. That scared the piss out of her, what if they ended up on the net. What if her parents got copies or they ended up on the walls at the college.

I told Kim I had never gotten laid, yet. It wasn’t that I was saving myself for anyone, or the perfect time. I just never had. I just wasn’t all that interested. Kim was amazed, wondering what it was like to be nineteen and un-fucked. She really believed that a good fuck was what every girl needed every once in a while.

So we had built a plan for Friday, a loose one anyway. We would meet at seven and head over to the Hilton bar. It probably would be a good place to find a businessman, or rich guy looking for some action. As I had my mandatory pendik escort uniform we decided that we would both wear one of the skirts Betsie supplied. Kim chose the pink skirt one and I chose the red one. We both decided to wear matching white tank tops and heels to fit the roll. We would be going out looking quite slutty. God, what a couple of whores we were!

The Bar

We met as planned, my place at seven. Kim and I both looked like total sluts as planned. Heels, short skirts, nipples pointing through our tops and too much makeup. I was five six and Kim was one inch taller. Our figures were very normal for our age. Sporty flat stomachs, slender legs, but I was heavier up front than Kim 34C; I would guess she was a 32B. We both had shoulder length brown hair. We were hot, attention would not be a problem. To ease our excitement with both had a two good shots of Bourbon to calm our nerves before heading out.

We arrived at a totally dead bar. Seven-thirty was just too early. After choosing our stools at the end of the bar Kim ordered some gin and tonics. The barkeep checked our ID’s and and us as well before serving us not one but two drinks each. I don’t remember why.

After sitting for about an hour, we were approached by two white shirted businessmen. Sean and Dave were in town for a weekend tradeshow. After another drink I was losing it, I spilled the whole beans, giggling through our unbelievable story. “Kim and I were here because of a sorority pledge and that I was going to pimp Kim. And take photos of the whole thing as well.”

Kim got back at me and insisted “Think I’m hot? Wendy is panty-less under that hot little red mini! How about a peek?”

Dave and Sean left to discuss business. We figured they were a bit shocked and not interested. But ten minutes later Sean reappeared passing me a napkin with a note on the back. “823 in 10”.

After we nervously giggled at the prospect we stared into each other’s eyes for support. “Well Ms. Pimp, shall we?” Kim asked. “Ok, you whore” I replied while finishing my fifth drink since arriving. The booze had really clouded my judgment, but what would you expect from a panty-less nineteen year old student on a Friday night!

Room 823

The elevator ride was quick and challenging for an alcohol saturated women wearing heals, a short under sized skirt on a mission to pimp her friend.

We clumsily straightened ourselves out taking turns with the mirror hanging between the elevators on the eight floor landing before following the signs down the hall. We touched up our lipstick and made sure everything was in place.

I banged on the door, Kim said a loud “Shhhh” as I giggled nervously wondering if this was all a hoax. I must have tried to adjust my skirt twenty times between the bar and the door in drunken nervousness.

The door swung open and Dave said “Come on in, welcome ladies” We entered with Sean closing the door behind us. I immediately noticed the standard room two twin beds, a TV unit against the wall, a desk, all the standard Hilton décor.

“Here’s the deal, Wendy the pimp.” Dave said. “Now we have you up here I need to know your price for Kim” “Three hundred” I replied.

Kim gasped, “We agreed to four hundred, dumbshit!” Correcting me loudly. “Three hundred, you’re serious?” Replied Dave. “I’ll pay two bills for a suck and a fuck. No more.”

After haggling I agreed on two-fifty for Kim to administer a french package, a blow job and a lay. Dave pulled two hundreds from his wallet. Stopping Dave I said “Wait, we’ll need to photograph this transaction”. I took the digital camera from my purse, turned it on and took a full length of shot of Kim accepting the cash. It was all caught with a flash, although fifty dollars short things were moving on.

Meanwhile Sean was leaning on the wall behind me quietly enjoying two young bimbos playing the whore scene.

I was amazed and mesmerized. After passing me the bills Kim dropped to her knees and went right to work like a pro. I could see she was highly experienced at oral sex. She went for Dave’s pants, unbelted, unbuttoned and unzipped him. She pulled his pants and shorts to the floor. Then after messaging his balls she took his hardening tool into her mouth and began bobbing back and forth. I was on my knees in seconds taking close-ups of the action. The shots kaynarca escort caught Kim’s beautiful face, her eyes looking towards the camera as he fucked her face with his tool.

Sean moved in closer for a better view of his friend being serviced. As I backed away from my photography I pushed into him with my ass. He put his arm gently around my waist, and held me, not letting go. Somehow I ignored this as I watched the live sexshow blossoming before my eyes. Sean had both hands in Kim’s hair behind her head while slam fucking her face. She sucked and slurped with each plunge looking up obediently at her master.

Sean had gently worked both hands from around my waste into my top and was kneading my tits. He began tweaking my pert nipples while grinding slowly into me from behind.

I did nothing while watching in awe as Dave unloaded, shooting cum into Kim’s head. I took a shot of ooze dripping from her mouth.

My ass slowly starting to respond to Sean’s grinding. I could feel him rise to the occasion as I also started to grind back.

Kim licked Dave clean. I shot again, and again.

Sean pulled me even tighter.

Kim pulled her tank top off, unzipped her skirt and moved onto the bed lying only in her flimsy panties on the bed. She looked at Dave and asked firmly “Ready to come ride me cowboy?” Dave replied “it’ll be back up soon enough whore!” Using both hands one to message his balls and the other to stroke his shaft she brought Dave to hardness again. His tool was successfully reloaded.

Sean slowly moved one hand down,while rubbing in small circles. He raised my skirt and started stroking my shaven pussy; his grinding had made me wet, very wet. He gently traced my bare pussy lips penetrating with his index finger with each pass. I could say nothing, I was mesmerized by the Kim and Dave show. I leaned back into Sean accepting the action he brought.

Dave easily tore Kims panties to shreds and hurriedly stripped himself of his clothes while she lay in waiting. He asked her if she brought condoms, but moments later he was between her spread legs fucking her hard and fast unprotected.

I tried to take more shots, while Sean stripped me of my tank. Naked from the waste up I moved between the beds to get a better shot of Kim’s pounding. She moaned deeply each time Dave drove his hard penis into her.

Sean moved in on me starting to unzip my skirt. Spinning me around, I lost the camera across the floor. I lost the skirt as well.

“Aaaaaggghhhh” Dave moaned as he shot his second load, this time into his whore, Kim’s pussy.

Sean guided me onto the bed. I lay mesmerized in anticipation while he removed his pants revealing ten full inches of himself. The alcohol and the sex show had me ready to be fucked.

He pulled me to the center of the bed lengthwise and positioned my ass at the beds edge. Then he spread my legs wide open, pushing both my knees as far apart as I could take. Positioned perfectly for his pleasure he began teasing my waiting pussy lips, probing up and down my slit, looking for his entry point. I saw a blinding flash. He found his goal and pushed the huge tip inside of me, Ouch. He pushed harder, another blinding flash. Another thrust and I screamed from pain as he tore into my maidenhead. He was in. He reached my inner depths and began pounding in and out. I squealed with each penetration.

“A screamer” he panted in satisfaction.

He continued pounding and pounding away, holding my knees apart ensuring that my legs were spread wide open. This man knew how to fuck.

Sean’s tempo increased and then became erratic… AAAGGGGGHHHHHH he moaned ejaculating hot seed into my fertile pussy. More flashes blinded me as I experienced Sean’s liquid warmth filling me.

I now realized it was Kim taking shots of my fucking. Now that she had finished, it was her turn for fun while I got mine.


We got dressed and left quietly without words, but not before Sean slid three hundred into my hand. Kim caught that as well. We were both whores.

The walk back was wild for two pant-less young whores. As soon as we started dressing ourselves in room 823 shiny sticky cum mixed with our own juices began oozing from our pussies slowly dripping down the insides of our legs. We knew it was clearly visible to those who walked by us in the hotel lobby, but we didn’t care.

Those who saw, knew we were two freshly fucked girls or maybe whores, with the proof showing. We knew it too.

As things turned out, the Hilton helped Kim and I fund our education for two full years. And as for the photos I never erased them after the girls saw the shots of our escapade. I kept the flash compact card in a drawer in my room and still have it today.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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