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One never knows what their neighbors are doing

“Irene!” Maria answered, seeing the caller ID on her phone. “Are you home?’

“I never went,” she answered. “We were supposed to go right after the two weeks here, but they postponed our trip for a month, and then they postponed it for another 6 weeks after that, so I’m still at home. Are you available in an hour? Can you go to lunch?”


“Something happened,” Maria said, sitting at the sidewalk table across from Irene. “You’re different.”

“How so?” Irene responded, wondering what Maria saw. Internally she certainly was different, but externally?

“I’m… not sure. You’re… different.” She paused, cocked her head, and said “What happened?”

Glancing around, seeing that nobody was near or listening, she still lowered her voice and leaned in. “I had an affair.”

“You didn’t!” Maria’s voice rose, and then realizing she’d gotten louder, lowered it again and leaned in and started quieter. “With who? When?”

Irene told her the whole story from the beginning, meeting, flirting, Ryan feeling her up and her not stopping him, and finally, Oscar almost insisting that she return to his bed. Maria mostly just listened until then.


“Maria, I cheated on my husband… you don’t think that’s wrong?”

“Well,” Maria said, pausing as she evidently thought through her words. “I’m not sure I would call that cheating.”

“But he’s not my husband…”

‘Yes, but did your husband know about it?”

“Well, yes.”

“Didn’t he virtually tell you he was giving you a hall pass, to go take this man to bed?” Irene nodded in response.

“So, what’s the big deal? Your husband gave you permission, he likes the idea of you having sex with someone else, right?”

“But he’s not my husband.”

“That’s always a tough one, but that’s in your head. When you’ve got it that sleeping with just one person is mandatory, that’s a hard one. But it’s not about making babies, it’s not about creating a family, it’s just sex, right?”

“That’s easy for you to say.”


“Well, it’s not like you’ve been having sex with someone else.” The lack of a response from Maria gave Irene pause. “Well, you haven’t, have you?” As she looked at Maria, she realized that her assumptions were wrong, but it wasn’t anything that she’d ever considered before. “What???”

“How long have you had your friend now?” Maria asked. “When did we get that for you, probably 8 years ago?”

“I don’t remember exactly. Maybe. It wasn’t too long after we went camping together at the beach.”

Maria nodded. “Albert and I have always had a great sexual relationship. He knows what I like, I know what he likes, and we’ve never hidden anything from him. That weekend when you almost caught us – it really turned him on. He’s always thought you have the greatest tits.”

“Oscar spent quite a bit of time checking you out too.”

She smiled but ignored what Irene had said. “That morning, after you saw us…” she hesitated on completing the sentence. “I, um… one of the things that has always been a turn on for me, is the thought of Albert… servicing… another woman. That morning, when we did sex, I kept telling him how hot it would be if it were you that he was fucking, and I pretended I was you. That got him really hard too, admitting he’s always had a bit of a thing for you.”

‘Really?” Irene asked quietly.

“Really.” She paused to let the answer soak in before continuing. “We’ve always had great sex, but at that time we’d also gotten into a bit of a rut in what we did. That morning, me pretending to be you, and having you just a few meters away – was probably the hottest thing we’d done in several years. And then when I came back from the toilet and cleaning up – I could barely look you in the face I was so embarrassed, but then I realized you didn’t have any clue about what had happened.”

“I knew you’d had sex, I just didn’t know about the other.”

“After that Albert and I both began to admit to some of our more outlandish fantasies, including that the idea of him making love to another woman, letting her experience something bigger than most, really turned me on. It was a few months after that, after we’d gotten you your own friend, that Carmen and Jose, some other friends of ours, invited us to go for a few days to Tuscany with them. Carmen works for this wealthy real estate investor who owns a villa in Tuscany with some other people. Each of them gets it for two weeks a year, but that year they could only stay for 10 days so he let Carmen have it for the last four days for free, the only way we ever could have afforded something like that! The place was absolutely amazing! In the countryside, originally it was just a large farmhouse that dated back to the 1800’s, but it has been rebuilt into a very expensive vacation rental property. I don’t know what it rented for exactly but something like 3000 Euros per day. It was set off by itself, on a hillside, and surrounded by vineyards and farmland; totally private. The house was totally furnished, had a swimming pool and hot tub and a large private maltepe escort yard, and they’d been told by the concierge the maid would show up every morning at 9, but other than that we would be totally alone all day long unless we called for something. Being that it was totally private, and just the four of us, we ended up naked a lot of the time, and well… we ended up having sex with each other’s husbands.

Maria inwardly gasped but didn’t say anything at her confession. “Carmen had always wanted a big cock but never had the opportunity. I liked the idea of watching Albert with another woman; and Jose wanted anal sex with Carmen who doesn’t like it, but I do.” She didn’t say anything for a moment, waiting for Maria’s reaction.

“And you and Albert are OK? As a couple?”

“It’s actually made our love life even better. We get together with Jose and Carmen every few months and have a really good time when we do. We all get what we want without any negative repercussions.” There was a momentary silence after she’d finished telling about their swinging experience before she spoke again. “Well?” Maria giggled, a smile on her face, “how was he?”

“Maria!” Irene snapped back at the audacity of the question, and then realized her asking about Ryan wasn’t any different than what they’d been talking about, grinned and answered, “He’s bigger than Albert.”

“What? How do you know?”

“Because I measured him,” Irene giggled. “I told him I wanted to know how big he was, so I sucked his dick! You’re right, a man will let you do anything when you’re sucking on him.” Irene and Maria both laughed.

“How big is he?”

“Almost 18”

“Wow. Until now, Albert is the biggest I’ve ever seen. And Oscar knows?”


“What did he say?”

“It made him hard.”

Maria giggled naughtily again, “and the problem with that is…?” She asked with a smirk.

Irene looked at her for a moment, not returning the giggle or smirk. “The problem is that he doesn’t get me off. Not with his cock.” She hesitated for a moment before continuing. “I mean, he never has. Before Ryan, I never really understood the interest in sex, it was always for Oscar. Oscar got off, and sometimes he’d try and get me off, but mostly if I didn’t take care of myself, it didn’t happen. And then after I saw you and Albert that time, and I got my friend, even that was different, but it was still me. But with Ryan, it was totally different. Not only did he get me off, he got me off first! And sometimes twice before he came. And he always got me off, he never left me wanting.”

“He sounds like a great lover.”

“When I came home over the weekend between Madrid and Barcelona, Oscar accidentally saw my friend for the first time. I admitted I’d had it for several years, and he and I played with it. We’ve played with it every night we’ve had sex since Ryan’s been gone.”

“Well that sounds like a vast improvement.”

“It’s certainly been a lot more sex, several times a week, but it’s not enough for me, Maria. I can’t keep from thinking of Ryan, of his cock. I can’t help it, I want a cock to fuck me to orgasm, not a toy.” Neither woman said anything for a moment. “We play, and I let Oscar fuck me. He is so ecstatic that I played with Ryan, but he just doesn’t do it for me. I need a bigger cock.”

“Like Ryan, or Albert?”

“Yes,” she answered, hearing the name of Ryan and immediately seeing him in her mind.

“Are you going to see him again?”

‘With the meeting postponed it’s still going to be another few weeks.”

“And what then? You see him for a week, perhaps two and then it’s over?”

“I’m not sure. It sounds like they’re wanting us to be a team, but I don’t know if that will mean seeing each other occasionally in the future, or just talking on video conferences, or exactly what it means. Oh my God, Maria… Before, I didn’t know what I was missing. But now that I’ve experienced it… I love my husband. I love my kids, but I want… I need… more.”


“Lunch today?” Maria asked when she called two days later.

“Twice in one week?” Irene laughed before agreeing.

Their conversation was idle chit-chat to begin with, but when a couple who had been in an adjacent table left, Maria lowered her voice. “So, Irene, what kind of man would you say Oscar is?”

“What?” Irene answered, not at all understanding this strange question from nowhere.

“What would you say Oscar is, an Ass Man or a Tit Man?” Maria giggled at her confusion. “Does he grab your boobs whenever he can and tell you what great tits you’ve got or is his hand on your ass whenever he can?”

Irene laughed, the confusion explained. “Definitely an ass man. He’s always saying I’ve got the greatest ass.”

“As I thought. Albert is definitely a tit man.” Maria paused just momentarily before saying, “I’ve been thinking about your problem.”

“My problem?” Irene replied, not yet following the change of conversation.

“Your… craving… for something bigger in bed? Something bigger between your legs?”


“And I’ve also been thinking about mamak escort my craving.”

“Your craving? I didn’t know you had a craving.”

“Yeah, I do; we all have our cravings, don’t we? Occasionally I crave something smaller… for where I like it.” She hesitated, letting Irene realize what she was inferring. “I’ve been thinking about it ever since our conversation the other day, and maybe we can help each other out.”

“How’s that?” Irene asked, not quite believing what her friend was apparently proposing.

“Well, he’s not quite as big as Ryan was, but do you think Albert would be enough to satisfy you?” She paused, letting Irene think about what she was saying, before continuing, “I know with having a man as endowed as Albert that I should be happy, and I am but, every once in a while, I still get this craving… The first orgasm I ever had from a man was with his cock in my ass and his finger on my clit. Albert gives me amazing orgasms, but there is something about that, which he’s just too big to comfortably do, which drives me crazy at times. That, and I really liked watching him make Carmen happy, and knowing that you need a bigger cock, I know he would make you happy, too.”

It took a bit for Irene to realize that Maria was serious. Maria again explained to her that Albert had always had a thing for her. She said that whenever they’d been together, Albert would make comments for the next week about what great tits he thought that Irene had. She giggled and said that she talked with him as they were making love two nights before, after their luncheon, about whether he’d really like to play with Irene and that he was suddenly “very enthusiastic.”

Irene hadn’t really ever thought about whether Oscar would be up for something like that, but as soon as she did, she was certain that Oscar would. She remembered her seeing Albert’s bigger cock was what had started Oscar talking about if she’d ever wanted anything bigger and that after that first time, it came up time and again. The way he was always willing to do anything to make her happy, she was certain that if she just said it was going to happen, it would.

She didn’t have to think about it to know that her body had responded positively to Maria’s suggestion, she’d been masturbating to the thought of Albert for years. Without admitting that she was considering it, she said, “If we did this, how would we do it? What have you got in mind?”


Oscar didn’t question the “why” Irene wanted sex that night, nor had he questioned any of the increased sexual activity since she’d been with Ryan. After she’d come home, and Ryan had returned to the US, their once every couple of weeks sex life had become virtually an everyday occurrence. That it almost always included her “friend” and her new vibrator and nipple jewelry didn’t matter to him – she was, after years of indifference, obviously now more interested in sex. Not that it was all the same, now she was as likely to give him a hand job while he was using her buzzer on her, but he was getting to slide inside the silky warmth of his wife’s pussy ten times as often as he had before.

They were lying quietly, Irene gently holding Oscars cock, her thumb smearing semen and her remaining juices over the end causing him to twitch as she did. “Oscar?”


“Do you remember asking me if I ever wanted a bigger cock?” She felt his cock twitch.

“Ummm, yeah.”

“You know, sometimes you should be careful what you wish for.”

“It’s certainly been good for our sex life,” he responded, knowing perfectly well she was thinking of her week-long affair with Ryan.

“It has been better than it’s ever been before.” Something in the way she said it let him know she had more to say. It wasn’t long before she continued. “Did you cum while we were fucking?”

“Of course.”

“Did I?” Feeling guilty, he didn’t say anything, just stroked her arm. She squeezed his prick, letting him know she understood his response. “How many times have I ever had an orgasm with your cock in me?

“Ever?” Oscar asked in response, thinking back over nearly twenty years of being with her. Surely there were multiple times, weren’t there?

“Ever,” she responded.

“There’ve been a few,” he responded guiltily, “but I always try to get you off.”

“Not quite,” she said. It was a moment or two later when she added, “I’ve never had an orgasm from your cock.”

“Oh.” Despite that she’d just told him he’d never “done it” for her, he could feel himself getting harder in her hand.

“Do you know how many times Ryan got me off with his cock?” She didn’t wait for an answer, giving it to him immediately. “Every time. And usually several times every session.” Releasing his cock, she rolled over onto her belly to look at him. “Oscar, I love you, but I need more physically than what you give me. You urged me to go to Ryan, and he showed me what I’ve been missing, and now that I know, I want more. I need more. Since Ryan’s gone home, I haven’t been able to get away from thinking about him and wanting something more.”

“More?” he repeated.

“I ankara escort need to be fucked like you can’t. I need a cock to make me come.”

“You’ll be going to America in a few weeks…”

They both lay there quietly for a few moments; Oscar thinking that he’d just given her permission to continue her affair with Ryan, and Irene thinking of how she was going to say what she and Maria were planning. “We’re going on a double date with Albert and Maria this weekend. I’m going to be with Albert, and you’re going to be with Maria. When we come back, I’m going to fuck Albert and you’re going to be with Maria.” She turned again onto her side, snuggling up to him and grabbed his cock again, which was now rock hard. “Maria has said she likes to watch Albert pleasure other women, so she’ll let us get together as long as she can watch. She also likes anal sex, but she says Albert is too big for her backside, it hurts too much, but she wants to let you do her from behind. And if you don’t want to do that, you can stay home, but I’m going.”


Irene had looked at herself in the mirror at least three times before she’d walked out to let Oscar see her. The dress had a deeper vee and, without a bra, exposed more of her breasts than she normally allowed, but she wasn’t wearing it for Oscar. She was wearing if for a soon to be lover who she knew loved tits, especially hers.

“Wow, you look nice,” Oscar said when she walked out to where he was. Instead of feeling it was a complement, she was immediately bashful.

“You don’t think it’s too much?”

“I think it’s just right,” he answered, stepping up behind her, putting his arm around her and pulling her to him. His hand squeezed her breast before reaching a bit further to insinuate itself into the vee between her breasts.

“Don’t,” she said, pushing him back before he could push his hands into her dress and feel her bare tit. The thought of her husband manhandling her breasts before going over to meet her new lover who she wanted to manhandle her breasts was a turn off. “Ok,” she said turning to the door, “let’s go.”

There was no doubt about who was with whom. As soon as they stepped back out from Albert and Maria’s, Albert had taken her arm and acted as if he were her date. Maria had taken Oscar, and although the four of them went to dinner, it would have been obvious to anyone looking that Albert and Irene were a couple and that Oscar and Maria were also a couple.

Irene was acutely aware of Albert and every little touch of his body to hers. His hand in the small of her back guiding her into the upscale restaurant, sliding onto her side at her waist when she turned, slipping onto her bottom as she’d bent away from him to slide into a chair. His leg touching hers under the table, his hand brushing hers. Nothing too blatant for being seen in public, but she knew that with her deep cut dress that almost exposed her breasts, that anyone seeing them would probably assume they were also lovers. Not quite yet, but soon enough.

Albert stepped up to open the door when they returned to their house, giving her a chance to glance over at Oscar. She found him looking at her and Maria, sensing or seeing the turn of her head as she also looked up at her. Despite that she’d told Oscar this was happening, she hadn’t asked; the thought of seeing her husband while she was making love – no, having sex – with another man, caused her stomach to clinch. At first a what am I doing? thought went through her mind.

Six months before she’d been a conservative housewife with two kids, whose only sexual acts were to pleasure herself in private, or to allow her husband to use her body, and occasionally give her a bit of pleasure (usually only with her self-help). Now she was standing in the doorway of her best friend’s house, about to go inside and find out if her friend’s husband could take her to the same places that her lover from America had, and all while her best friend and husband watched. She realized that having Maria watch wasn’t so bad, but the thought of her husband watching was almost enough to put an end to the whole thing, to tell them she couldn’t go through with it, to tell Oscar “take me home.” Almost immediately after the thought “I’ll have to tell Ryan” went through her head, and despite the clinching of her stomach, she knew this was what she wanted, what she was going to do. As if reading her mind, she saw Maria reach over and take Oscar’s hand, as if telling her don’t worry, I’ve got him. The door opened and she turned, following Albert inside.

Stepping over to set her purse on the couch, she felt Albert step up behind her and wrap his arms around her. His head dipped to her neck, his whisper of, “My God Irene, I’ve wanted you for years” in her ear, even as his hands rose and cupped her breasts. Facing away from Oscar and Maria she realized she didn’t even know where they were or what they were doing and decided that she wasn’t even going to look. Albert’s mouth found her neck, slathering her with kisses, while his hands didn’t remain on the cloth of her dress for long. Without hesitation he slid the silky material outward over both breasts, exposing them to his hands. His fingers found her now bare but already hard nipples, pinching and rolling them expertly. There had been no kissing, no lead up to this – she knew as well as Albert this was what they were there for.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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