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The name is Stevenson Xavier. A big and tall ( six-foot-one by 240 pounds) young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I moved to the Canadian Province of Ontario from the City of Boston, Massachusetts, about a year ago. These days, I work as a security guard and I also attend Carleton University, where I major in business administration. I transferred to Carleton University from the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Canadian schools are cheaper, I guess. Finances, that’s the main reason why I came to Ottawa.

It’s certainly not the excitement or the scenery. I am so bored in the Confederation of Canada it’s not even funny. I miss the beautiful, lively City of Boston. The United States of America is so much livelier than Canada but I have to adjust to a new life, I guess. I’m in Canada for school and work, and also because I pissed off too many Irish, African-American and Italian gangsters in the town of Boston. They’re after me, man. I thought I’d chill in Canada until the U.S. economy got better and my enemies forgot about me.

To kill the boredom of Ottawa, I chase the sexy ladies. I love Black women. Unfortunately, they’re not into me. If you’re a brother with academic ambition, and you’re not a thug or a wannabe ball player or rapper, Black women don’t seem to notice you. Oh, and if you’re a Black man who isn’t walking around with a White woman, Black women definitely don’t notice you. They only look at Black men when they see them with White women. And that’s a crying shame because I love me some Black women. Luckily, I hooked up with a sexy older Black woman who has a good head on her shoulders. Mona is her name. She is thirty three years old, and hails from the Republic of Djibouti in Continental Africa. Mona works at the Royal Bank of Canada. And she’s a wanton, lusty gal with a penchant for younger men. That’s perfect for me, folks.

Mona and I have been having some good times together. She’s curing me of all my frustrations. If you’re a Black man who exclusively dates Black women, you’re bound to get frustrated. Of course, women in general frustrate men but navigating the contradictions of Black male/Black female relationships takes a strong heart. The other day, I was on the OC Transpo Bus going from Baseline Station to the town of Orleans where I work. I saw this okay-looking Black guy talking to an average-looking White chick. Their hands were all over each other so I took them to be a couple. Sitting across from them was a beautiful, neatly dressed Black businesswoman.

I admired the hell out of this sexy sister in the stylish business suit. She’s got good looks, good taste in clothing and apparently she has money. Definitely the kind of female I want to know. Yet the Black businesswoman was too busy giving the evil eye to the young interracial couple to notice me admiring her. Wow. That’s some Black women for you. Too busy staring at Black guys who date White women to notice the Black men who still want esat escort to share their lives with Black women.

Yeah, isn’t that a blip? The only way a Black man can get noticed by a Black woman is if he’s walking around with a White woman. Wow. If you think this is bad, I’ve got another story for you. The other day I was walking around inside this mall in downtown Ottawa. I saw this nice-looking Black chick working at this fast food place and I said hello to her. I also told her she was very pretty. Just a compliment, that’s all. You would have thought I had insulted this sister. She gave me a weird look and then I walked away. I sat down inside the Food Court to eat my meal and next thing I know, the same Black chick from the fast food place sat across from me, with her Black female posse in tow. She stared at me coldly and told me that if I ever approached her again, she’d call security on me. I was stunned. All this for saying hello to her! See what happens when a young Black man living in North America tries to be nice to Black women? They’re cold and cruel to him. I’m not a stalker or a weirdo, folks. All I did was tell this sister that she was pretty. What was my crime? I don’t know. I finished my meal and left the mall before this crazy Black witch could get me in trouble. I’m in Canada to make some money and get my degree. I don’t need to have my life and my future jeopardized by some crazy Black witch. Life is too short for that.

So for a while, I decided to fish in different waters. This nerdy-looking Asian chick named Andrea Lee approached me while I was visiting a buddy of mine at Algonquin College. I thought she was okay. Standing five-foot-six, lean, with short black hair, light bronze skin and dark brown eyes. Andrea Lee was visiting Ottawa from the City of Vancouver. And she seemed fascinated by me. After my experience with the psycho Black chick inside the mall, I wasn’t eager to chase Black women. Not if they were ready to tear me apart for saying hello. I decided to give this Asian chick a try. And you know what? I didn’t regret it. Andrea was good company, smart and good in bed. We had some passionate weekends together until she went back to Vancouver. No regrets on either side. We were just a pair of University students having fun.

After Andrea Lee’s departure, I continued to chase the ladies. I hooked up with this White chick named Sinead. She was Irish, I think. Tall and red-haired, with green eyes and a curvy figure. A big round butt too. White chicks in Canada actually have nice asses. Who knew? I had some fun with Sinead. She hailed from the City of Galway, somewhere in Ireland. She was studying at the University of Ottawa for a year before returning to the emerald isle, as she calls her homeland. Like so many White women from deep inside Europe, she couldn’t wait to hop into bed with a Black man. We did our thing and had our fun. Then she went back to dating White guys and I went back to my Black women. It was etimesgut escort simple sexual experimentation, that’s all. Sinead wanted to know if Black men were all that. And I guess I was looking for some pussy and since Black women weren’t willing to help a brother out, I hooked up with this White broad. We both moved on with our lives.

Now, I’m not foolish enough to think that women of other races come to Black men for anything other than the thrill of novelty or raw sexuality. I know they hold this basically fetishist view of us Black men. I’m looking for a Black woman who actually wants to be with a brother. Shortly after Sinead and I had a parting of ways, I actually met a worthwhile Black woman. The lovely Mona, from the African nation of Djibouti. How about that? This thirty-something sexy Black lady caught my eye while I was walking around Saint Laurent Mall near downtown Ottawa. Five-foot-eleven, with medium brown skin, long Black hair and almond-shaped light brown eyes. The face of Alicia Keys. The body of Ashanti. And the booty of Serena Williams. Now that’s how I spell Black woman. Mona absolutely thrilled me, folks. This lovely sister had a Master’s degree in business from the University of Montreal in the Province of Quebec. She was actually the Branch Manager of one of the local Royal Banks of Canada.

Mona was fun, and she was interesting. I learned a lot from that lady. Mona is a well-traveled and well-read sister. She has been to Jamaica, South Africa, Britain, Ghana, Brazil, Ireland, Colombia, Cuba, Australia, the United States of America, the People’s Republic of China, and also my native Republic of Haiti. She’s published a non-fiction memoir about her travels and it’s a national best-seller in Canada. I was amazed by this sister. Mona told me that she dated men of all races but her preference was for Black men. Well, I could sort of relate to that. I’ve dated women of all races but my preference is for Black women. Lord knows I longed and prayed for a Black woman who actually wants to be with a decent Black man.

Mona was simply amazing, folks. When walking around Ottawa with her, I saw the world through different eyes. Here was a smart, sexy and ambitious sister who actually likes Black men. Her beautiful house in the affluent suburb of Barrhaven was filled with Afro-centric books and paintings. I learned so much from her. She was smart, and also sexy. We had great times together, in and out of bed. This sexy sister rocked my world, folks. She would summon me to her bedroom and ask me to get naked. Then she would lick every inch of my body. She paid particular attention to my dick, my eight-inch, uncircumcised dick. Since she’s from a Muslim country, she’s fascinated by uncut dicks. She loves to suck me. And you know I don’t mind. I like being a natural man. We’re more sensitive than other guys and we get more pleasure out of sex, believe it or not.

Mona would suck my cock and balls like her life depended ankara escort on it. Man, when I finally shoot my cum, she drained me dry. I loved it when she did that. Mona also loved having her pussy licked. And I’m wicked good at eating pussy. I learned the fine art of cunnilingus from Alison, a sexy Cape Verdean sister I met in the City of Brockton, Massachusetts. I would finger and lick Mona’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. I made my Djibouti goddess’ toes curl. And she would scream my name in multiple languages when I made her cum. Oh, yeah. I rocked her world. Then she would climb on top of me and ride me hard. These sexy older Black women can break a young man if he’s unprepared for their sexual fury. Well, this brother is always prepared. And I’ve got energy to burn.

Folks, I loved fucking Mona. Putting my sexy African goddess on all fours, face down and ass up. Why? Because that’s the way I like to fuck! I would spank Mona’s big butt while thrusting my dick into her snatch. The stuff that came out of her mouth while I fucked her would make a sailor blush. This conservative Muslim sister can curse with the best of them. I would pull her hair and spank her big butt hard while fucking her. Mona was a freak. And she liked it raunchy. Sometimes she fingered my asshole while going down on me. She even surprised the hell out of me one day by inserting a small dildo up my ass during oral sex. I was surprised but to be honest, I was actually kind of turned on. Later she actually took things a step further and donned a strap-on dildo before fucking my ass with it. Yep, she put me on all fours and frigging mounted me. I felt weird about the whole thing. Turned on, and also disturbed. However, when she stroked my dick while sliding her dildo up my ass, it actually felt kind of good. Mona cursed and went buck-wild while slamming the dildo up my ass. I screamed in pain mixed with pleasure. Man, I came more than ever before after this kinky fuck session. I was amazed.

Mona is into anal sex, both giving and receiving. I just love it when she’s in a receiving mood. She gets on all fours, and spreads her big butt cheeks wide open. I position myself behind her and press my dick against her asshole. Slowly, I ease my way into her ass. Mona fingers her pussy while I begin fucking her in the ass. And just like that, we start going at it. Holding her wide hips tightly, I slam my dick up her ass. I love fucking my woman in the ass and she loves it even more. We both cum copiously after some raunchy backdoor loving. I love my Mona!

Life in Ottawa is turning out to be okay, folks. I know why I came here. I’m in Ottawa to study and make some money. When I’m done with Carleton University, I will return to Boston and work in the private sector. Until then, I’m having some fun in Ottawa while keeping out of trouble. There are lots of sexy young Black women in Ottawa but they don’t notice young Black men. At least not the Black men who like Black women. They’re too busy fuming over Black guys who date White women to notice Black men like me, who prefer them. Lucky for me, I’ve got Mona. A sexy Black MILF who likes young Black men. We’re a good fit for each other at the moment. We take care of each other’s needs, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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