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Jill’s thoughts drifted back to the events of the past weekend, Sunday had been a bit of a washout as she had been exhausted by the Woodland walk, she smiled remembering being surprised at her enjoyment of being forcibly taken and becoming submissive. Steve, she recalled, had obviously enjoyed himself, he had royally screwed her immediately on their return home – taking her roughly in the hallway – and had fucked her hard three times, once anally on Sunday. Remembering the instructions of her Saturday attackers, she had dutifully sucked his cock clean after each fucking, she realised she was still revelling in the joy of being a slut.

Indeed, her thoughts had been pre-occupied with the offer to become a Mount for the Club of 30, and what it would entail, the question had kept her pussy moist all weekend. Although it was no longer a pussy, it was a cunt she thought, and she was simply a cunt to be used at anytime whenever to pleasure, satisfy or merely entertain any of the Club members. It was, however, only this morning showering getting ready for work that she had finally convinced herself to accept the offer.

Stepping out of the shower, she had decided to accede to their request and borrowed Steve’s shaving cream and lathered up her pubic hair. As she shaved her mound clean; it has taken all her self-control to stop fingering herself to a climax. Nervous energy flowed through her body, as she contemplated how events could unfold over the next few days and weeks. She stood in front of the full-length bathroom mirror and admired her work. She was surprised how pretty her denuded pussy looked, she momentarily corrected herself, her cunt, she was struck how available her hairless cunt appeared without any foliage, ready to be used by Phil, Bob, Terry and hopefully Alan, or indeed any of the Club members. Her cunt tingled at the prospects. She cupped her melon-shaped breasts, gently massaging them, admiring their firmness which she thought an achievement given their size, 34F, and her aged, coincidentally 34 as well. She wondered when they would pierce her nipples, which hardened at the thought, and how, would it be with a bar or a ring? Bob would certainly seem to want them done as soon as possible; he certainly enjoyed his tit wank. She slowly turned her back to the mirror and looked at her pert arse about to be branded as she ceded the ownership of her body, she fingered her puckered anal rose, glad it had recovered its tightness after its weekend abuse.

The knock-on bathroom shook her out of her daydream.

“Hurry up, Jill, or I’ll be late for work.” Called Steve.

Without thinking, she immediately opened the door, and walked into the bedroom. Steve grinned, when he saw the cleanly shaved pussy, for him it was still a pussy to be loved and caressed, although he had enjoyed the simple fucking and the sheer physicality of the past weekend. He also hardened rapidly, as he realised the implications of the bald mound, that she was agreeing to be a Mount.

“I needed to freshen up after the weekend, it made me feel dirty like a slut, so I decided I needed a change. Do you like it?” she turned to give him a full frontal, and stood with her legs apart to give a proper view.

“Fabulous” he responded, as he moved toward her and cupped her mound, pushing his index finger into her twat, feeling her wetness.

“I quite enjoy you as a slut, shame we haven’t got time to ease your frustration.”

She smiled, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him lovingly and deeply. She was glad he wasn’t going to fuck her, she wanted to keep her cunt clean for whatever and whenever any initiation was. She ponded the fact that he liked her as a slut, wondering if he had heard the offer by Alan in the break between the various abuses inflicted to her in the woods. She has assumed he’d passed out, but now she was not so sure. She hadn’t put him down as a potential cuckold but he had sported a massive erection. Indeed, as she pressed against, she felt the one-eyed snake was rearing its head again. She moved her hand round its girth and started to slide up and down his shaft. As she looked him in his eyes, she asked:

“So, I take it the new look has your seal of approval.”

As she felt the mushroom head moisten with pre-cum, he massaged her left breast, and started twisting the nipple tightly, she grimaced and let out a small gasp, but realised she was starting to enjoy pain.

“These melons would look stupendous they were properly dressed.” Steve suddenly blurted out.

Shocked, as she slid down to her knees, opening his bathrobe, she queried him:

“Sorry, dressed, how?”

As she took his cockhead in his mouth, she was starting to think that the coincidences were starting to pile up a bit too much.

“I would like them pierced, would make them easier to handle.”

Silently cursing himself that he repeated what Bob had said almost verbatim.

As she deep throated him, she blushed and coughed, though not from the depth of his shaft down her throat, coincidence again. Steve marvelled at how far she took his cock, Alan and his friends had well and truly turned her into a very malleable sex toy, he just dikmen escort hadn’t expected her to turn so rapidly into such a submissive slut. He must thank him next time he calls. His sense of satisfaction ensured he was already close to coming. Jill felt the first spurt of his juice hit the back of her throat, and she rapidly moved her lips up and down his cock milking him, pulling out after the last spurt. She opened her mouth to show him his cum, kneeling she looked up at him pleadingly, apparently waiting his instruction.


He simply commanded, not quite believing the swiftness and suddenness of her transformation. She swallowed and returned to his cock, pulling back his foreskin to lick the head clean. He patted her head:


He thought.

“Why thank you kind sir, pleasure to serve you.”

As she finished, he headed for the shower, almost sporting another erection as he contemplated the change in her. Jill sighed in satisfaction as she got up, she was really starting to relish her new role as a submissive. She went over to her chest of drawers, and absent mindedly selected some lingerie, picking out a black bra and cami-knickers. Then she laughed to herself, silly I’m not allowed these anymore. However, she would miss the feel of soft silk on her skin. She did however pick a black suspender belt and matching silk stockings. Slipping on the belt and the stockings, checking the seems were straight, and attaching them together, she realised there were definite advantages to this style of dress – she wouldn’t have trouble getting her knickers off and caught up between her stockings and suspenders. She decided to wear her black business suit with the pencil skirt, which stopped just below her knee and the bolero-style jacket. She realised she was going to have to make adjustments to her wardrobe, no short skirts that would make stairs problematic, but not too restrictive as too impair access to her twat, which she gently grasped in anticipation. The shirts would prove more of challenge since she wouldn’t be wearing a bra and therefore couldn’t be anywhere near transparent.

She chose a white cotton one with oxford weave that would limit the potential for pokies, she thought. Putting it on, she buttoned up the front, leaving the top three undone hoping it was sufficient to meet the Clubs rules for Mounts. She didn’t normally show any cleavage, given the staid office environment she worked in, but now she was showing more than a hint of cleavage, the deep valley between her tits clearly visible.

Ready, she grabbed her briefcase and headed out the bedroom, shouting bye to Steve and headed down the stairs and out the front door. Steve didn’t respond he was dealing with a raging hard-on brought about thinking what might happen today.

As she walked toward the bus stop, she reached into her briefcase to retrieve the small mobile she been given on Saturday. She opened it and saw the pre-arranged number to text. As instructed, she typed in Yes, momentarily she hovered over the send button, then pressed it. She gulped, partly in trepidation and partly anticipation.

The bus arrived shortly, but already she was aware her cleavage was attracting far more attention than her chest normally attracted, which was considerable given the size of her tits, even when encased in a bra and covered with an oversized jumper. Unfortunately, the lower deck of the bus was full, she nervously took the bus stairs, she had forgot about the back slit on the skirt which gave the two men behind a welcome and ample view all the way to her stocking tops. She blushed a deep crimson, as she realised the show, she was inadvertently putting on climbing the stairs. The men behind slowed their ascent enjoying the tantalising prospect. As she sat down, one of them sat next to her.

“Nice outfit. ”

“Thank you.”

She deeply blushed again.

“Like the stockings, think there really hot.”

“I aim to please.”

She responded easing into her submissive persona.

Nothing more was said on the short journey, although when he got off, he slipped her a business card and asked to meet soon, she pointed to her wedding band, but he simply responded even better. She got off the bus and made the short walk to her city centre office.

The security guard on reception welcomed her:

“Morning Mrs Baker.”

Although he was unmistakably checking out her rack and smiling appreciably at the new display of ample cleavage. He had often tried to get a better view of her tits in the past but they had always been well covered. She made her way in the lift to third floor were her lawyer’s offices were located. As a Junior Partner she had a team of three reporting to her, in a large corporate law practice. As she headed to her office, the new mobile pinged, she opened the texts and saw a reply:

“Excellent, we will be in contact later this morning. Keep the mobile on you at all times.”

This morning? She was shocked, how could she excuse herself from the office? She walked into her office and greeted her staff, getting lingering glances emek escort from the two male junior lawyers. Her female colleague smiled and said:

“Very hot, planning to cause some cardiac arrests?”

Before she could respond, her office phone rang. It was the secretary of the Head of Practice, he wanted to see her immediately. Why she thought, didn’t think he knew I existed, let alone knew what we were working on. Flustered, she rushed to the lift, realising that without a bra she shouldn’t really run as her freed tits bounced provocatively. She took the lift to the sixth floor and nervously approached his outer office.

He’s waiting for you, just go straight in, the Secretary barked tersely. She walked in, closing the double doors behind her.

“Good morning.”

“Morning sir. How can I help?”

He walked up close to her. He slipped her jacket off, letting it fall to the floor. His hands then reached up to the buttons on the shirt, and undid a further two, then assessed her look and decided to undo a third, the button immediately below her breasts. He pulled the shirt sides further apart to display most of her tits and from the sides her already engorged nipples. Stunned, she hadn’t a clue what was happening. Shocked she was unable to offer an immediate response.

“You know how your supposed to be dressed when you present yourself and when you’re in my presence this is the minimum.”

He reached inside her shirt and cupped her right breast. He leaned forward, kissed then gently bit her left nipple.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

She protested, trying to push him off.

“I know what I’m doing, 34, but do you?”


She stammered.

“Yes 34, I am here to welcome you into the Club, I’ve cleared my diary for the morning and I waited years for this opportunity to fuck your every orifice. We just have to wait for Mr Clark to get here to complete the formalities.”

“…But he’s my boss.”

“Well technically I’m your overall boss, he’s just your section head. Although he was the one who initially recommended you, spotting your latent potential. Don’t worry we will keep it very private, only us three will know, as well as the other couple of girls who work here and are Mounts.”

“There are others here?”

“Yes, including my Secretary, which is probably why she was terse with you this morning. Now raise your skirt I want see this cunt everyone’s raving about.”

“Yes, sir.”

This was not the initiation she had imagined, but reconciled to her new role she didn’t hesitate and reached for the skirt’s hem and pulled it up over her thighs.

“Well at least you got somethings right this morning. Spread your legs a little wider.”

She complied and he moved forward, he cupped mound gently flicking her clitoris. She heard the doors open and close, realising her section head was now in the room.

“See you couldn’t wait, George, can’t say I blame you, been waiting years to nail this one.”

“Just a little exploration, Robert but we can start properly now, the bitch didn’t realise who I was initially and resisted.”

“Oh! Been a naughty girl already, going to fully enjoy this now.”‘

George stepped back and ordered her to lose her shirt and skirt and present herself.

“Yes sir, but how do I present myself properly?”

“Feet apart, level with your shoulders and hands on your head, chest pushed forward?”

They circled around 34, commenting on her body.

“There a great pair of tits.”

Said Robert as he weighed them in each hand. He stared straight into her eyes and said:

“You’re going to be fucked rotten today and tonight, 34, hope you’re up to it.”

“Yes sir, thank you sir.”

“Fucking lovely firmness to these melons, how big are they?”

“Thank you, sir, they are 34F sir.”

He kept kneading her left breast, and moved his other hand up to squeeze her cheeks together, he then inserted one finger, then a second, a third and finally a fourth into her mouth. He pushed them toward the back of her throat, she gagged, coughed and tears streaked down her cheeks. He laughed:

“You’re going to have to get used to a lot bigger than that.”

He pulled his spit-covered fingers out and cleaned them in her short blonde hair.

George ordered her to bend forward at the waist, allowing her pendulous breasts to hang provocatively forward. Robert took the opportunity to kneel next to her and pull down on the hanging orbs, painfully extending them. He also took the opportunity to feel her calves and thighs, praising their firmness. She struggled to maintain her balance as she was being crudely examined. Furthermore, she hadn’t realised Robert was such a sadist, he seemed so meek and mild mannered in the work environment, but she warmed to the thought of being used by him regularly in the future. George eased her arse cheeks apart, and used a finger to probe her anus.

“Ah that’s good, its still tight. How many cocks have been up there this weekend?”

“Four, sir including my husband.”

“Good, that’s quick recovery, eryaman escort did your husband enjoy Saturday’s events?”

“He seemed to sir; he was insatiable after watching me being taken by your four colleagues.”

“Excellent, if you are to become a valued Mount you will need to keep him satisfied. Now you have to make your decision. You were extremely disobedient this morning and need to be punished. You can refuse, take your clothes and we will never mention the Club again. Alternatively, you can get down on your knees and present yourself to receive your punishment.”

Jill smiled and sank to her knees

Robert chuckled and grasped her hair forcing her head down on the floor, placing her arms flat on the floor past her head. He then moved to adjust her rear so it was slightly higher and pushed her legs further apart to ensure her sex was prominently on display, taking the opportunity to push two fingers into her twats. Jill responded positively flexing her cunt to accommodate the penetrating digits. Robert withdrew his fingers and instructed her to clean them, to which she eagerly responded.

George retrieved a riding crop from his desk draw.

“You will adopt this pose when instructed to adopt the receive position 34. Now you will receive 6 stokes for your earlier disobedience. You will call out each stroke and thank the giver, don’t lose count as we will have to start again.”

Jill heard the swish of the whip as George practised his stroke, he then lined up alongside her and readied himself. He brought the whip down sharply across the middle of her cheeks. Jill gasped, shocked at the suddenness and intensity of the pain. Tears filled her eyes.

“One, thank you sir.”

George brought a second, then a third stroke harshly down on her, leaving three parallel reddening lines across her arse cheeks. Jill managed to keep count, although tears streamed down her cheeks. George paused admiring his work, the three strips glowed beautifully. He handed the crop to Robert; he knew that if she thought his strokes severe, she was now about to experience a level much higher from Robert. He swung the crop in a high arc aiming for the crease between the base of her arse cheeks and the top of her thighs. Jill screamed when she felt the whip cut into her skin, leaving a deep red welt and started to sob uncontrollably as she stammered out:

“Four, thank you sir.”

For the fifth, he brought the cane down along the same area, Jill screamed again, tears washing down her face. For all the pain, she felt her cunt begin to tingle and moisten as she was learning how to savour the pain. Robert adjusted his position, his next stroke was one of his favourites, he landed the whip between her arse cheeks, its flexibility ensured the wound corded shaft reddened her anal rose and split her labia with the leather tongue sharply flicking her clit. Jill almost fainted from the pain.

“Five, thank you sir.”

She managed to stumble out.

Jill struggled to control her breathing, as sobs racked her body, although she heard the doors open and close as the Secretary brought refreshments in. She knew she was called Ruth, but soon learned she was also called 18.

“I thought you might be having a vigorous workout and would need some refreshment.”

She placed the drinks on the desk. Then 18 curtsied to both men. She had a similar body shape to Jill, although with slightly longer legs and was probably somewhat younger. Her breasts were of the same order and on display as Jill had been instructed and clearly pierced with two small bars.

“Do you wish for me to remain, sir?”

“Yes, you can administer the final cut.”

“Thank you, but it’s a shame its only one. You have given her a lovely colouring, however.”

“I am sure 34 will willingly take an extra two.”

Robert tapped Jill on her arse, she winced.

“You’ll take another two, 34?”

Jill thought for a moment, but the warm glow from her pussy gave the casting vote.

“Yes, sir.”

“Lose the shirt 18” commanded Robert.

“and the skirt” ordered George.

Robert handed her the crop, but as he did so he cupped both breasts.

“These are a good pair of tits, but I think they’ve been shaded by 34. How big are these?”

“36DD, Sir.”

If he thought he could make 18 more jealous, he was on completely the wrong tack, she had always found 34 aggravating and nit-picking. She was going to thoroughly enjoy this.

She delivered the sixth across the centre of her arse, colouring the area between the marks left by George. The two admired the bounce and fluidity of her naked, freed breasts as she thrashed Jill.

“Thank you, ma’am,” Jill responded.

The seventh cut was delivered to the same area, but recalling her whippings previously delivered from Robert, Ruth adjusted her position to enable her to replicate his favourite stroke – although she applied it with somewhat more vigour. Jill wailed at the final blows, but just about recovered her composure between sobs to thank 18 for administering them. Jill slumped to the floor and the two men took advantage of the pause to have a drink. George and Robert sat in two of the available easy chairs, while 18 sat on the floor, sitting on her heels with her hands clasped behind her back. Sitting between the two men, allowed George to fondle her long hair and Robert to tease her pierced nipple, as they discussed the performance of 34. After a few moments George decided it was time to resume.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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