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Here is a short story about a date I had with a woman have seen a few times. It is based on an actual date but I changed a few things to make it a little on the funny side.

I hope you enjoy it and if I get positive feedback I will write about some of my other adventures.


As soon as I walked in the door I knew that this was going to be a special night with Disco Missy. She looked fabulous in a very colorful dress and even with fixing her hair it looked fantastic. Come to find out that she just got it cut, she said that she couldn’t wait for me to mess it up.

Warm hug and a kiss as always to start off.

With disco music playing and with very little warning she had her way with me.

The things she made me do, first she forced me to take her dress off. NO UNDERWEAR!

She used my mouth and fingers to pleasure her as the sun set came through the window.

She made me do nasty things to her as she was on all fours on the bed with her anus and vagina in the sun shine. She then told me that I had to put my penis in her vagina, I was powerless with all the stimulation and the disco music playing. We were rolling around on the bed and I lost track of how many balgat escort times she french kissed me by sticking her tongue down my throat. She had her way me until I couldn’t take it, I cried out and my whole body shook with pleasure.

There was a break in the action in order for me to recover and regain some of my will power to resist her temptations.

This allowed Missy to come to come up with the idea that we should watch some nasty nasty porn movies. They were so nasty that my will power completely disappeared and she had her way me again. I had to do nasty things to her vagina and anus with my fingers and tongue. She sucked on my fingers and then french kissed me again saying to wanted to taste her juices in my mouth. If that wasn’t enough, she put my penis in her vagina and sat on me. All these things were happening while watching the porn movies, It too much for me, I had to cry out and release my seed in her vagina.

She thought we needed a longer break and mentioned something about craving meatballs. Oh no, what is she going to do now? She told me to get dressed and that we were going to a bowling alley. WHAT??? I thought she said meatballs batıkent escort not bowling balls. So she drags me across town. While were walking to the bowling alley, what does she do? She takes my arm and rubs the back of my hand on her hard nipples over her dress. She said her nipples were hard due the cool breeze and needed attention. If that wasn’t bad enough he takes my again and this time rubs the back of my hand against her crotch. If she was doing these things while we walked in public, what was she going to do when we got back to the hotel room.

We finally got to the bowling alley without getting arrested, what a miracle. The place was called Lucky Strike, how appropriate since someone was get “lucky” all night long.

The place was hopping with people bowling, eating, drinking and having a great time. Nice place! We ordered drinks and looked at the menus at the bar. What do you know, there is meatballs on the menu. Of course, Missy had to have her meatballs! She loved them and my grilled cheese with short rib was great.

So after that great meal we walk back. I am thinking my will power to resist is back and we will just talk and relax ankara escort when we get back to the room. Of course Disco Missy had other ideas. I took off most of my clothes to get comfortable and go to the bathroom. I come out and what a shocking site in front of me. Missy is sitting on the window sill completely naked with her legs spread open, there goes my will power.

She had me do very nasty things with my tongue and fingers to her vagina. The intoxicating taste and smell just destroyed my will power. Little did I know that she was just starting to warm up. She got off the window sill and sat on back of the sofa chair. She told me watch and then she taught me how to make her vagina squirt. What a site to see, feel and taste. She got the sofa chair seat all wet and that was it for my resistance, I was at her mercy. She tells me to get on the bed and she was going to pleasure me with her mouth. She started to french kiss me again and played with my penis and balls. If that wasn’t enough, she moved down my body and started using her mouth on my penis while using her hand to play with my balls. I just closed my eyes as the pleasure kept intensifying, I came close to passing out. Just at that point she gets on her back and asks me to enter her again. She put her legs on my shoulder and so I could get really deep. All the stimulation was too much and she completely drained me.

I was completely drenched with sweat and needed a shower before I had to leave. What a workout!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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