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Chapter 02: Breaking and Entering

I was just finishing up mopping the kitchen floor when I heard Luther start barking up a mad racket outside, followed shortly by the sound of the doorbell. Frowning, I leaned the mop against the doorframe – I was not expecting anyone, and, looking as glamorous as I usually do whilst doing the housework, I wasn’t inclined to entertain guests at the moment. Walking into the living room to answer the door, I caught sight of a police cruiser in the driveway and stumbled, catching my breath. The week-old memory of having been flung over the hood of one Sgt D Powell’s patrol car and fucked into a daze at the roadside flooded my brain. I stood frozen until the bell rang once more, Luther’s cacophony of growls and yowls unabating. Trembling, I edged towards the door and peeked through the hole.

It was not Sgt D Powell but another cop, an older and rounder fellow, one I recognized as having seen around town before on a few occasions. A long slow rush of air escaped my chest, letting me know I had been holding my breath. I didn’t know if I was more disappointed or relieved. I longed to see Sgt Powell again, to feel those icy blue eyes on my body, to be drawn again into his powerful aura. Every day, every night since the previous weekend I had been unable to keep my mind from going over and over the sound of his voice ordering me to lift my skirt, the feel of the cuffs digging into my wrists, the taste of his cum on my panties as he pushed them into my mouth. But for gods sake I did not want him to see me like this, grubby from cleaning and dressed in shapeless sweatpants and the world’s rattiest T-shirt!

I opened the door. “Hello Officer, something wrong?”

“Good afternoon ma’am,” he smiled. “I am just here in your neighborhood today advising everyone of the fact that we’ve had a series of break-ins in the White Pine Ridge development about 3 miles away, you may have heard about it?”

“Yes, I did hear something,” I said, thinking of the two women I’d been eavesdropping on in the post office the day before, ” but I don’t know any of the details.” I stepped back from the door, “Would you like to come in?”

“It’s really not necessary ma’am, but thank you. We’re just going around today to make sure everyone is aware and taking steps to protect themselves.” He shook a finger at me, “I noticed when you opened the door to me no locks clicked. Which makes me think you must have had it unlocked to begin with, right?”

“Guilty,” I nodded. He looked at me sternly, but in an over the top, comical way. I laughed. “I see your point. I’ll be more careful.”

“You might be surprised to know that in one of the robberies, the perpetrator walked right in an unlocked front door just like that.” Snapped his fingers. “The husband was home even, but he was upstairs working in a home office. Robbed right under his nose. Luckily no one has been hurt in any of these so far but you never know what could happen if you walk into a room and surprise one of these guys in the act.”

“Understood,” I nodded.

“Do you have a home security system?”

I gestured towards the dog tied out in the side yard, which had ceased his racket but now stared at us vigilantly. “I have a Luther.”

He grinned. “And a fine looking dog he is too, but just remember he’s no good to you out there if the guy’s in your house already.”

“Duly noted. Thanks, Officer.”

He gave me a friendly salute and walked back to his car. I locked the door behind him and watched the car pull out of the driveway, and then travel up the road the half-mile to my next closest neighbor.

To be honest I didn’t think too much about the break-ins. How could I, when my mind would not allow any other thoughts than the memory of the metal car hood against my cheek and forehead, huge strong fingers digging into the flesh of my ass, and a hot hard cock pounding into me?

I finished up a few more miscellaneous household chores and, sweaty and gritty, decided to take a quick shower before heading off to do some grocery shopping. The force of the water could not cleanse these thoughts from my mind. I wanted to take my time and see if the hand-held showerhead might provide me some relief, but I really needed to get going. I concentrated hard on formulating my grocery list mentally, trying to focus my mind on something other than the yearning liquid desire.

Fresh and damp from my shower, I pulled my robe around me and began putting away some clean dishes. Suddenly a hand clamped firmly over my mouth and a massive arm wrapped itself tightly around my waist, pinning one arm to my side. The glass in my hand dropped into the sink and shattered as I flailed and tried unsuccessfully to scream. The noise from the glass roused Luther, who had been dozing in the patch of sun in front of his doghouse. The earlier words from the cop echoed in my mind, “…he’s not good to you out there if the guy’s already in…”

My free arm waved wildly, trying to grab on to the attacker, but it was eryaman escort no use. He pushed me towards the hallway and pinned me against the wall, trapping my other arm. I trembled, feeling the tears beginning to well in my eyes. Screaming ineffectually into the palm covering my mouth I tried to shake my head loose, but he was incredibly strong. Still I thrashed with all the panicked effort I could muster, but pressed to the wall as I was I could get no kind of leverage and succeeded mainly only in giving myself several bruises to my elbow and knees. After what felt like ages but was probably only a minute or so, I realized I was wasting strength I might better use later and tried to calm myself down, think clearly, breathe. I rested my head on the cool white wall and tried to choke in a few sobs, trying desperately to think rationally through my terror of a way out of this – whatever this was.

“Now you see exactly how easy it is for someone to get to you,” he hissed into my ear.

I froze. I knew that voice. It was him. Oh, god. Relief flooded over me, followed immediately by another wave of…what? A curious mix of fear and passion and longing and unease that I had no word for.

Sgt Powell loosened his grip around my waist and slipped his hand inside my robe. He pinched one of my rapidly stiffening nipples, hard, as he bit my ear. I moaned into his palm, still trembling, but conscious of the flames stirring in my lower belly. He unfastened the belt from my robe and pulled it free.

“Not one fucking word,” he said. I nodded minutely. He removed his hand from my mouth and pulled the robe from my body roughly, jerking me backwards. He secured my hands behind my back with the bathrobe tie and pressed me back up against the wall with his full body, pressing me tightly, his hands on my shoulders. God he was such a huge man. I could feel his hard cock against my bound hands through his uniform. I closed my hands around that bulge and he yanked my head back by my still-wet hair, twisting his fingers. I winced.

“You want that?” he sneered, his breath hot on the side of my face, twisting the fistful of hair harder. His other hand traveled down my body and forced itself between my legs. “You’re wet already, you slut. You like this, don’t you?” I moaned and nodded as he pushed his hand further down, one of his thick fingers sliding inside of me. I groaned, loudly now, spreading my legs slightly. “You’re such a whore,” he growled, “all a man has to do is walk in here and grab you and you are spreading your legs for him to get into your cunt.”

I wanted to say ‘Not any man. You. Only you.’ But he had ordered me not to speak and I was not going to disobey.

He yanked me back from the wall and pushed me into the living room, forcing me onto my knees. “Don’t turn around, and keep your eyes on the floor,” he ordered. I nodded, putting my head down. I wanted so badly to see him though, to look into that icy blue stare. He released his grip on my shoulders and I heard him step back. “Tell me, my little speeding slut, have you been thinking about how good I fucked you on the hood of my car last week?” I nodded again. “I can’t hear you,” he said sharply.

“You said not one word,” I squeaked meekly.

He chuckled, a hand stroking my hair and tucking a loose strand behind my ear. “What a good little order-taking whore you are. Oh, just wait until you see how good you are. Now this time answer me. Have you been touching that nice juicy cunt thinking about me?”

“Yes,” I admitted. “A lot.” Almost constantly, in fact.

“You loved having my big cock inside of you, didn’t you, slut?”

I nodded. He bent forward and yanked my head back again, “Say it.”

“I loved having your big cock inside me, Sgt Powell.”

He laughed again. “Do you have a vibrator?”


“And have you been fucking your pussy with it, thinking about my big cock?”


“Good little slut,” he said, petting my head again. “And where is it now?”

“In the drawer of my night table, in the bedroom.”

He said nothing and from the corner of my downcast eyes I could see his feet as he walked into the kitchen, then returned. I heard him click on the entertainment system and put in a videotape. “Eyes up,” he ordered.

I picked my head up and stared at him, catching my breath. He was as gorgeous as I’d remembered. So tall, so solid, so powerfully built. He had taken his cap off and had a silvery blond military haircut. And those eyes, those glacial blue eyes that burned into my body.

“While I go find your vibrator, you watch this,” he said. “See for yourself what an obedient little slut you are.” He clicked ‘play’ and left the room.

It was the recording from the dashboard camera of the patrol car. It hadn’t occurred to me there would be one but of course there would be; I felt a bit stupid for a moment at not having thought of it before. Stupidity gave way to lust as I watched those events from my memory unfold on the esat escort screen. Saw myself pulling up my skirt, removing my underpants. Slammed over the hood. Saw the twisted look of pain and ecstasy on my face at his first stroke into me when the handcuffs bit into my wrists. Make-up smearing, mascara running down my cheeks as he fucked me. Heard my shrill moans and sobs. Watched his normally cool, composed face grimacing as he felt me beginning to cum. As I watched I could feel my juice trickling down between my thighs, my breathing becoming more ragged.

“Isn’t that just beautiful, slut?” he said from the doorway. I started, not sure how long he’d been standing there. I hadn’t heard him come back, I had been so absorbed in the video. He smiled then, a surprisingly warm and friendly smile, which I couldn’t help but return. But a troubling thought had occurred to me.

“Has anyone else seen this tape?” I asked.

The smile disappeared. He stood directly in front of me. “Why? Are you afraid of everyone finding out what a slut you are?” I didn’t answer, just stared up at him. He bent down, his face inches above mine. “Do you think they don’t all know? Do you think they can’t tell just by looking at you what you are, slut? Do you think they can’t smell it coming off of you?” He reached out and squeezed my face tightly in one of his huge hands, “How do you think I knew then, you whore?”

I whimpered and he let go. He undid his belt, tossing it casually onto the couch, then to unzip his trousers. He took his stiff cock in one hand and guided it towards my mouth. I closed my eyes but he grabbed a handful of hair and twisted again. “Don’t you dare. You look at me while you suck my cock, slut.”

“Yes Sir Sgt Powell,” I said. It seemed appropriate.

He smiled again just for a second at this. “Stop talking and start sucking.”

I closed my lips around the smooth head, my tongue flicking at the drop of clear fluid at the tip, my eyes meeting his. He pushed further in slowly. I loved feeling his hardness filling my mouth inch by inch. As long as I could remember in my adult life I have always loved giving head, feeling that combination of rigidity and silky soft skin against my tongue and cheeks. I’d never not been able to use my hands to control the pace, though. He held my head in both hands and began to thrust in and out between my lips quickly. “You cocksucking whore, you are enjoying this aren’t you?” he hissed. I moaned around his shaft in assent as he increased his speed. After a few minutes of his frantic face-fucking my lips began to feel raw, and he was forcing himself harder and harder into my throat. I half wanted him to stop so I could get some relief, and half prayed this would go on and on. My eyes started to sting and water as I watched his face. He was struggling hard to maintain his façade, I could tell. When I saw his face beginning to crack, I concentrated on increasing the intensity of my suction, and his eyes fluttered closed as his head fell back. He staggered back a step, his cock pulling from my mouth with a wet popping sound. I licked my stinging lips and smiled a small triumphant smile.

His eyes narrowed. “Wipe that grin off your face, you slut, I’m not done with you.”

“Yes Sir.” I rolled my tongue in my mouth, savoring the taste of his flesh still left there. I watched as he fastened his trousers again loosely and went back into the kitchen, watched him rummaging around in the cabinets until he found what he was looking for.

He came, the bottle of my best organic olive oil in his hand. I had a feeling I knew what that was going to be for and I tensed in anticipation, and some fear. I had had a man’s cock in my ass before but never one quite as big as his. He must have read been able to read the look on my face and he smirked as he bent to pick up the vibrator he had left on the floor. “That’s right whore,” he chuckled, “you know your ass is mine now.” He crept forward on his knees and bent his head to one of my breasts and sucked the nipple hard into his mouth, then bit down on it, not altogether softly. I jumped and let out a sharp cry. He lifted his head until we were nose to nose and cupped my cheek in his huge palm, then gave the tip of my nose a delicate kiss. “Beautiful whore,” he said softly, “you’ll take whatever I give you and love it, won’t you.” It was a statement, not a question.

“Yes Officer,” I whispered as he moved to kneel behind me. My pussy was so wet and I could feel the muscles inside pulsating with each breath I took. No man had ever spoken to me this way before and if anyone had asked me if I’d wanted them to I probably would have said no, but oh – how did I know what I was missing? I loved hearing him call me a whore. Night after night after this I knew I would be hearing his voice in my head, saying it again and again.

He pushed my bound hands up so they were at the center of my back and pulled my hips back against his, his cock pressed tightly between my buttocks and ankara escort his groin. I wriggled my ass against the length of it, shivering. He laughed. “Eager little bitch.” I heard him turn the vibrator on as he pressed the tip of it to the nape of my neck, holding my hair aside with his hand. He slowly drew a line with it, around to my throat, up under my chin, let it buzz against my lower lip. I opened my mouth and he laughed again, “You see? Whore. Wanting to suck even a fake dick, that’s how badly you want it. Go on, suck it then.” He lifted it just a bit higher so I could get my mouth around it while his other hand slipped around my waist and rested over my pussy. He moved the vib in and out of my mouth as I sucked, his hand cupping my dripping sex, his lips to my ear whispering, “Such a good cocksucking whore, what a lovely slut…”

He pulled the toy from between my lips and trailed it down between my breasts and over my stomach. The hand over my pussy shifted and his fingers pressed down to part my outer lips as he touched just the very tip of the vibrator lightly to my clit. I moaned and let my head fall back against his shoulder, arching my back at the sensation. He pressed it harder, moving it in a tiny circle, then pulled it away, He did this again and again, leaving it buzzing against me for just a little bit longer each time, but keeping it away longer each time in between as well. I could feel my pussy muscles start clenching and releasing each time he came near with it, almost as if they were willing my pussy to somehow just reach out and grab it. My inner thighs were slick with my running juice as I became more and more desperate for him to stop teasing me. “Please!” I heard myself cry out. “Sgt Powell, please!”

I felt him move the humming tip of the vibrator down along my lips, pressing just the head gently inside. I sucked in my breath as I felt it begin to slip inside of me. Suddenly I felt his teeth sink into the flesh of my neck as he rammed the length of the vibrator up inside my cunt in one quick movement. “Aagh!” I cried loudly. He held us there like this, his teeth pinning my head to his shoulder, one hand pressing the vibrator deep up inside of me, the other arm folded across my stomach, keeping my body held tightly back against his. A long, glorious, suspended moment, the vibrator sending long undulating ripples of sensation radiating from the center of my body.

He released his hold across my stomach and dragged his teeth from my neck, nipping as he let go. His free hand now reached under me from behind and held the vibrator in place as he placed the other on my shoulder and pushed my body forwards, easing me down until my forehead rested on the carpet. I sighed and shuddered as he continued to work the vib gently, slowly, in and out.

“Now,” he said calmly, “I’m going to untie you hands. When I do, you are going to take your right hand, reach down between your legs, and keep fucking your little whore cunt with that vibrator just exactly like I’m doing right now, understand?”

“Yes Officer.” I slipped my freed hand between my slick thighs and took over the subtle pumping rhythm. I heard him unscrewing the cap from the bottle of oil and felt a small trickle at the top of my ass crack. I swallowed hard, knowing it would not be long now before I would be feeling his thick cock pushing its way deep into my tightest hole. Briefly I wondered if he was planning to try to loosen me a bit with his fingers first, or if he would go straight for sliding that big hard shaft right into me. Oh, god! I found myself both thrilled and terrified at the thought of the latter, but relieved as I felt his fingertip nudging its way into me. “Oooo, Sgt Powell,” I moaned, feeling his knuckles sliding past my sphincter.

He began churning my asshole with his finger, keeping time with my own rhythm with the vibrator. “Yes, my little whore? Did you have something to say?”

I pushed myself up slightly off the floor with my free hand. “Ooo god, Officer, I – Oh! Oh!” My back arched and I fell forward again as I felt him slide in a second finger, the intensity of the stretching sensation overwhelming me.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t quite understand what you were saying,” he laughed. “Were you trying to say, ‘Please, Officer, let’s stop now?'” He increased his pace, really working those fingers in and out of my oiled hole.

“Oh, no!” I half gasped, half moaned. “Please, no!”

“Well, what could you have been trying to say then?” he teased. “Could it have been, ‘Please, Officer, please fuck my tight slut ass with your big fat cock’, could that’ve been it?”

I grunted “Yes,” even though that wasn’t what I’d been trying to say – truthfully, I hadn’t been trying to say anything coherent – but it sure was what I wanted right now.

He suddenly withdrew his fingers and delivered a stinging slap to my ass. “Yes, WHAT?!” he thundered.

I winced. “Yes, Officer Powell, sir.”


I lifted my head and peered back around at him. Oh those eyes, those eyes like ice, and yet so full of fire. Holding eye contact and willing my voice to sound as unruffled as possible, I purred (at least, I hoped it sounded like I purred) “Yes, Officer Powell, sir, I want you to please fuck my tight slut ass with your big fat cock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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