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The Customs line in Cabo was excruciatingly long and slow. I fanned myself with my passport. I’m not sure there’s any A/C in this place or if it’s broken or what or maybe it’s my hormones. I turned 45 last week and as a present to myself I decided to go to Cabo for a week. By myself. Not that there’s anyone to bring with me. I’ve been divorced for years and my kids are all grown with their own lives. My parents are gone and I was an only child. Any friend I had during my marriage eventually faded out. They didn’t know what to do with me.

A voice from behind shakes me from my self-pity thoughts. “Could it be any hotter in here?” I hate that expression and I’m instantly annoyed.

I turn to see a kid. He’s probably barely 21 if he’s 21 at all. My youngest son is probably older than he is. He has a man bun for God’s sake.

“Yes, theoretically it could be hotter in here.” I reply dryly and turn around.

The line crept forward. The man-child behind me started speaking again. “Business or pleasure?”

“What?” I spun around to glare at him, even more annoyed. His blue eyes danced with laughter.

“They’re going to ask you so I thought I’d give you a head start to think of your answer.” He shrugged. “Also, you know, just making polite conversation in a shitty situation. You and I look to be the only two people in here traveling alone.”

I look around the room and he’s right. Everyone’s talking to someone. I remember you’re not supposed to tell people you’re traveling alone. That’s how the sex traffickers get you. Not that this preschool graduate looks like a sex trafficker. Also, what kind of a sex trafficker wants a washed up 45-year-old pre-menopausal woman with a mom-bod even though her kids are adults and hasn’t had sex in 4 years.

I sighed and turned to little man and said “Pleasure, although I’m starting to doubt that, and I am travelling alone so if you’re a sex trafficker, you can alert the van that I’m available for pick-up.”

He laughed. His laugh was loud and booming. I can’t remember the last time someone laughed at something I said. “I’m Spencer, by the way.” He puts his hand out to shake.

I’m amused because I realize I’m right. He’s definitely early 20s. He was born in the era of people naming their kids last names. I know because my kids are Carson and Hunter.

I shake his hand. It’s firm. Most kids this age shake like a dead fish or don’t shake at all. “I’m Amelia. How old are you, Spencer?”

“21.” He says excitedly. Bingo

“Are you here to celebrate your birthday?” I decide making conversation with this young man isn’t the worst part of my day so far.

“Nah” He says “I turned 21 in March. I just graduated from College, so I’m meeting my family down here next week to celebrate, but I had some extra time off and decided to come party by myself for a week.”

“Look out for sex traffickers.” I said pointedly, which made him laugh again. I liked his laugh.

“Noted.” He smiled at me.

We were headed into separate lines so I waved at him and said “Nice to meet you Spencer, have a great trip.”

He smiled and said “You too, Amelia.”

Well that wasn’t bad. I can have conversations with people that aren’t terrifying. Maybe I’ll meet some nice people here in Cabo. Maybe make some friends. Or maybe I’ll sit on a lounge chaise in the sun and read all 10 of the paperback novels I brought with me.

After Customs I immediately head for the bathroom to clean up and change. I have sweat in places there should not be. When I get outside I notice my resort shuttle has already left. Damn. It leaves every hour. I have to wait out in the hot sun for another 50 minutes. Here comes more sweating. balgat escort I sit down on my suitcase and wait. A few minutes go by when a semi-familiar voices comes from behind me. “Can I by you a drink while we wait?” I turn around and smile at Spencer. I noticed he also changed his clothes. He’s wearing board shorts and a button up shirt that is completely unbuttoned and revealing a very hard body that I imagine every girl in here would like to run their hands over. He let his hair down. It’s light brown and goes to his shoulders. He smiles at me and the first thing I notice is the perfectly straight white teeth. I bet his mama is proud of that smile.

I’m not much of a drinker, but it’s hot out and so I say “yes, sure, I’d like that.”

He comes back a few minutes later with a beer for both of us. He sits down next to me on his suitcase and we click glasses. “To vacationing alone and meeting new people.” He says. I watched him take a swig of his beer and I couldn’t help but take an appreciative glance at his body.

What is wrong with me. This young man is more than half my age and he’s not flirting with me or anything, just having conversation and I’m being a super-pervert.

“I didn’t realize we were staying at the same resort or I would have offered to help you out with your luggage.” He said apologetic. “I’m usually more of a gentleman than that.”

“Well, I may be quite a bit older than you, but I’m not an elderly woman and I can handle my own bags, thank you very much.”

“Yea, I know. You look like a woman who can handle a lot. I like that. Sometimes though, you need to let people do things for you. Or to you.” His knee brushed against mine and didn’t move. The heat from his leg on mine was fire. I look up from his knee to see his eyes locked on me. I believe he’s flirting with me.

“Let me guess, sleeping with a Cougar is on your Cabo to-do list?” I pull my knee away and stand up to throw the half-full beer away. I roll my suitcase forward a little so I’m not directly next to him. I’m not just going to be this kids conquest that’s for sure. No matter how incredibly sexy he is or how good in bed he most likely is or how much I wanted to run my mouth over those hard abs. STOP. God I’m stupid. I close my eyes and take some deep breaths.

He rolls his suitcase next to mine again. “Look Amelia, I didn’t mean to scare you with my flirting. I find you incredibly beautiful and funny and I’d really love to spend time with you while we’re here.” He leans forward so only I can hear the next part “And yea, if I’m being honest I’d love to get you in my bed.”

The shuttle arrives just in the nick of time. I load my suitcase and climb aboard. Thankfully an older couple sit on the seat next to me and Spencer sits in front of me. For the next 30 minutes I stare at the back of his head. He’s got great hair, I’d like to run my fingers through it. STOP.

We get to the resort and I quickly get my bag, check in, and go straight to my room. I take off all the sweaty clothes and collapse on the bed. I feel an unfamiliar ache in my groin. I haven’t been horny in years. Spencer got me feeling something I forgot existed. My hand finds my middle and I begin stroking. It feels so good and soon I’m coming and I feel great. I feel excited. Like a young girl again. Maybe I should just do it. Fuck him once and get on with the vacation. I take a quick shower and throw two braids in my hair and put on my swimsuit and a cover up. I grab a book from my pile. It’s a trashy novel. I haven’t read one in years, but maybe I should brush up on my trash.

I head down to the pool. On my way down I stop at the bar for a drink. Something fruity and ankara escort fun and stiff, like Spencer. I laugh to myself.

I’m just about to sit down when I feel someone next to me. Spencer. He’s already wet from the pool. The water dripping down his chest. His wet shorts clinging to his body revealing what looks to be a very large cock. I gulp.

“I got us a spot by the pool.” He grabs my stuff and walks away.

Us? I think.

He sets my stuff on the ground next to an empty chair and lays down. I lay down next to him. He puts his sunglasses on and lays back. “I’m going to take a little nap so I’m refreshed for the activities later today.”

“What activities?” I ask.

He brings his sunglasses down his nose and grins “You’ll see.”

I try to read my book while he lay there next to me but I haven’t read a single word. I find myself watching the rise and fall of his fit and tanned chest as he slept. A fly lands on his stomach. I watch it sit there and I think ‘If I were a fly, I’d land there too.’

I reach out to brush it off of him and it becomes more of a caress. He reaches down and puts his hand over mine so I’m still touching him. He moves my hand down his abs to the waistline of his shorts and then lower. I can feel him stiffen under his shorts. I instinctively wrap my hand around his cock. “I think that’s what you’re looking for.” He said.

Suddenly I’m overcome with desire. I don’t care that he’s 21. I don’t care that I’m 45 and have stretch marks and cellulite. I want this kid in my bed right now. “Do you want to see my room?” I say in a throaty voice I’ve never heard myself use before.

He’s on his feet faster than I can speak and pulling me up. “Show me the way.”

I’m having trouble with the lock because he’s kissing my neck and his hands are on my hips. “You’re making it..hard to think.” I say.

Speaking of hard he pushes his erection against my ass and now I drop my key. As I reach down to get it I notice Spencer has pulled his dick out of his shorts, right out in the hallway. I was right, it’s huge and as I am down on the ground trying to grab my key I was eye to eye with it. I gave up on the key and took him in my mouth. It was a little big for my mouth but I took as much as I could. He used his hands on my head to push himself farther into my mouth. I tried not to gag. He pumped in and out of my mouth slowly. I could hear his moans and his breathing get more and more shallow. I wanted to taste all of him. I wanted to feel him inside me. In a move so quick I barely knew what was happening, he pulled out, grabbed the key and unlocked the door and pulled me inside. My suit hit the floor and he was on top of me on the bed in a flash. His large cock slamming into me. I cried out. His hips and my hips were moving together. His hand snaked up behind my head and grabbed my hair and he lowered his mouth to mine. Every nerve ending in my body was screaming. With his eyes locked on mine I came with so hard I think the earth shook.

After my shower I came out in a towel hoping to seduce him into another round. Now that I’ve had my sexual awakening started I needed more. He was gone. No sign of him. Of course. He probably robbed me too. I went to my purse and found it totally intact. Cash, credit cards, my passport, everything in their right place. Maybe he’s just some sick pervert who gets off on seducing older women and then leaving.

I collapsed on the bed with a sigh. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I open it just a crack and peak out, after all I am only wearing a towel. Spencer. I’m both pleased and annoyed. “I thought you might be hungry.” I notice the tray of food. Lots of it. “I didn’t know what beşevler escort you liked so I got a little of everything.” I smile and open the door. He takes a step in the door and I drop my towel. He practically drops the tray of food.

“I’m not hungry for food.” I grab his shirt and pull him to me.

“Neither am I.” He growls. In a flash he shoves me back on the bed and lifts my legs over his shoulders and dives his face straight into my core. His tongue dances over my wet folds sending waves of pleasure coursing through my body. His tongue penetrates me while his fingers rub the hard nub. I cry out as the orgasm shakes my whole body. His face grinds into my harder. I feel a finger slip down into my tight ass, just enough to add to the pleasure.

He stands up and expertly flips me over onto my stomach. His hands gently caress my buttocks. His fingers, already lubed up from my own wetness, slide between my cheeks, parting them. He straddles me. I feel the head of his cock sliding up and down my crack, replacing the fingers. He leans down by my ear. “I’m going to fuck your ass now.” I tense. I have never. In all the years I was married my husband found it repulsive. I feel him squirt some cool lubricant between my cheeks. His fingers massage it around and into my ass. The incredible feeling of his fingers teasing and entering my tight hole almost has me coming again. I feel him upright himself and grab my hips. The head of his cock begins its entrance. I feel the pressure as he enters. Slowly at first, and then all the way in. He groans. “Yea baby, you feel so good.” He thrusts his cock deep into my bowels. The sensation is more than I can bare. I reach under my body and rub my clit. “That’s it baby, cum for me.” In no time my fingers make a rhythm that causes my pussy to contract and shake. I pound my fingers in and out as he’s pounding his dick into my ass. He screams out and lets out a few final thrusts.

Four days and we’ve barely left the room. I haven’t read any of my books and I haven’t done any of the activities I planned, but I’ve had more fun than I ever expected to.

On my last day I wake up and gather my stuff quietly. I don’t want to make a big show about leaving. I’m never going to see this young man again. Our lives outside of Cabo are completely separate and I don’t want to change that.

I write a quick note.


Thank you for the lovely week. I have had so much fun with you. Good luck in your future.


I left it on my pillow and crept out the door.

My shuttle didn’t leave for two hours so I got some fruit and sat on the beach to watch the sunrise. I hear footsteps come up behind me. “You’re just going to leave without a goodbye?” He asks.

I don’t turn around. “I left you a note.”

“Fuck your stupid note.” He yells. “Don’t you care what I want?”

He sits down next to me. “Can you stay another week? Meet my family?”

I laugh. “Spencer, I’m older than your mother. This was just a fun Cabo fling. Can we just part ways and move on?”

He kisses my hand. His hand grabs my knee. It slowly works it’s way up my skirt. I feel the familiar tug of desire. I can’t say no to him. He kisses my neck as his fingers slide under the silky fabric of my underwear, finding their destination. “How about one more time then, for old time’s sake?”

He tugs my panties off as I move on top of him. I bring myself down on him. I feel his cock part my lips and enter me. I rock back and forth on him, my eyes locked on his. His hands grasping my butt cheeks. The sand digging into my knees. The sun is rising slowly behind us. I’m sure many people are currently watching our goodbye fuck. I don’t care.

I arch my back and cry out. His face is buried in my neck and I hear him whimper. I kiss him gently and stand up.

“Amelia please…” He begs.

“Goodbye Spencer.” I say as I walk away, shoes in my hand, panties in my pocket.

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