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The year was 1968 and I was a naive 18 year old male virgin. Up until that point in my life my sexual experiences had been limited to brief closed mouth kissing and no touching except for hugging. Oh, I did spend a lot of time jerking off in my bedroom!


I have never told anyone about that hot August weekend so unless Mary told someone no one knows. I have definitely made it a point to never tell my wife because she believes she and I were each other’s ‘firsts’ in all sexual ways.

Torrie and I had been dating for 8 months when I got restless in our relationship and started talking to Mary. Mary was a cute petite redhead I went to school with. After several weeks of regular telephone calls Mary suggested we go see the movie “Romeo and Juliet” Saturday evening. This was in the day when drive-in theaters were in every town. “Romeo and Juliet” was showing at our local twin screen drive-in theater. At this particular theater there were family movies like “Romeo and Juliet” shown on one screen and hard core adult movies like “Deep Throat” shown on the other screen.

Being summertime the movies did not start until almost 9 PM so when Mary and I arrived at the theater like most other teenagers we parked on a row near the back of the theater. I asked Mary if she wanted a drink and popcorn before the movie started. She said no to popcorn but she would like to share a drink if I would get us one. So off I went to get us a drink.

When I got back to the car I was surprised that Mary had moved the front bucket seats all the was forward and was sitting in the large back seat of my Pontiac with her feet propped on the back of the passenger seat. Since Mary was wearing a very short mini-skirt it was impossible not to notice her panties were showing when I got in the back seat with to her.

We talked for a few minutes until it was dark enough for the movie to start. Within 5 or 10 minutes after the movie started Mary had moved over until she was straddling my lap with her skirt pulled up almost to her waist giving me my 1st lesson of the evening — French kissing. You could definitely say I was a more than willing student as our tongues began an erotic dance. Being a naïve, horny virgin it didn’t take long before I had a pulsing erection trying to tear its way out of my briefs and shorts. I’m sure Mary noticed because she lowered herself down until the crotch of her panties was rubbing the bulge of my erection. It didn’t take long before Mary quit kissing me long enough to sit up straight, pull her shirt over her head, take her bra off and toss both of them on the front seat of the mecidiyeköy escort bayan car.

This was the beginning of my 2nd lesson — nipple sucking. Again I was a willing student as Mary pressed a hard nipple against my mouth. I didn’t need any encouragement to suck and nibble on first one and then the other nipple.

“Pinch my nipples and rub them between your thumbs and fingers while you kiss me!” Mary said before she pushed her tongue deep into my mouth.

By now Mary had stopped rubbing my erection and was sitting on my lap slowly rocking back and forth. The more I rubbed, pinched and pulled on Mary’s nipples the harder she rocked on me. I knew what was about to happen to me but I was enjoying the overwhelming sensations so much I couldn’t or wouldn’t stop. Then it happened. I began to cum in my briefs. Mary must have sensed what was happening because she moved enough so that she could get her hand between us. She began rubbing my dick through my shorts. She continued rubbing until I had quit cuming. She then slipped her hand into her panties and rubbed between her legs until arched her back and let out a soft moan before falling forward on my chest.

I don’t think my erection ever softened. After Mary lay on my chest for a couple of minutes she resumed rubbing my erection with her hand.

“We both made a mess in our underwear, didn’t we?” Mary asked with a grin as she began unbuttoning my shirt with her free hand.

“What are you talking about?” I asked innocently.

“When you cum in you pants it makes a mess. Right?” Mary responded.

I didn’t say anything as Mary finished unbuttoning my shirt and began unfastening my shorts.

“Wait a minute. Are you a virgin?” Mary leaned forward and softly whispered in my ear.

I almost had a tear in my eye as I was forced to admit my inexperience to Mary.

“Its okay. Don’t worry about it. I would love to take your cherry if you want me to.” she whispered.

I didn’t say anything as I sat looking out the window. Mary put her arms around my neck and tightly pressed her breasts against my naked chest. Very slowly she began to rock back and forth on my lap causing my erection to grow even harder.

“Well, would you like me to be your first?” she asked.

“Yes.” was all I could manage to say.

“Good. I was hoping you would say that. Do you have any condoms?” Mary wanted to know.

After telling her ‘no’ Mary said that was a problem because she didn’t use any other form of birth control.

“I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow night to pop your cherry!” findikzade escort she said with a reassuring grin. “Now lets get these cum filled underwear off before you have to take me home and then go home yourself.”

“Why should we take our underwear off?” I asked.

“So you and I don’t go home smelling like cum. Now you take yours off while I take mine off.”

“How are we going to do that?” I asked.

“Just take them off right here. We’re going to see everything up close and personal tomorrow night anyway.” Mary told me as she moved off of my lap and began to work her panties down her legs.

“Well?” she said as I sat there watching her expose her red pubic hair and the faith outline of her pussy lips.

As embarrassed as I was, I slowly began to slide my shorts and briefs down my legs while trying to keep my erection covered with my hands. My hands didn’t hide much because my erection was quickly pointing toward the roof of my car. Before I could get my shorts and briefs off and start to pull my shorts back on, Mary said, “Slide down on the seat and let me help you clean up. Give me your briefs.” With that she took my briefs and moved between my legs. I thought she was going to wipe the cum off of my erection but she didn’t. She tossed my briefs out of the window and leaned down to lick my upper thighs. After thoroughly cleaning my thighs, she began to slowly lick the cum off of my balls before licking up one side of my dick, around the head and then back down the other side to my balls.

“Do you like that?” Mary looked up into my eyes and asked me with a broad grin.

I couldn’t get the word ‘Yes!’ out of my mouth. All I could do was nod. With my nod as encouragement, Mary resumed licking the shaft of my dick before slowly licking around the purple head. I didn’t really expect what she did next because I didn’t really know what a blowjob but she circled the head with her lips and ever so slowly sucked it into her mouth. I could feel her tongue circling the head as she sucked with enthusiasm. It didn’t take but a couple of minutes before I shot my hot sticky cum into her mouth. Mary didn’t miss a drop and continued to suck until she had sucked me dry.

“That was good.” she said as she sat up smiling broadly.

“That was great!” I corrected her. That brought a laugh from Mary as she moved over and sat beside me on the seat.

“If you think that was great, try this.” With that Mary held her soaked panties up to my nose and said “Smell these!” Before I could say anything, she reached down and rubbed two fingers between the lips of beşiktaş escort her pussy. “Here taste this!” she said as she rubbed them against my lips. When I opened my mouth to lick my lips, she slid her fingers deep into my mouth. That was the best smell and taste I had ever experienced in my life. Mary must have known what my reaction was going to be because she took my hand and moved it over onto her pussy where I could feel her wetness. After touching my first pussy and wetting my fingers deep in her pussy, I greedily sucked them clean.

“You had better quit or you might risk becoming a father because if you don’t I’m going to fuck you silly. Speaking of fucking, we’re both going to be fucked if you don’t get me home soon. The movie is over and most of the cars are gone. Put your shorts on, button your shirt and I’ll dress as you drive me home.” Mary told me.

Within two minutes I was dressed and we began the 30-minute drive to Mary’s house. I was a little surprised but Mary didn’t begin to dress immediately. She propped her feet up on the dash and began playing with her pussy with one hand and pulling on her nipples with the other hand. Ever so often she would let me suck the juices off her fingers. After a few minutes of playing with her pussy, Mary squeezed her legs together tightly, arched her back and moaned very loudly. Soon after she pulled her skirt down and put her bra and shirt on.

“Now let me take care of you again.” she told me. I already had an erection knowing she was sitting next to me playing with herself and letting me suck the pussy juice off her fingers so when she lowered my zipper my dick out popped into the night air again. Mary wasted no time in leaning over the console and taking me into her mouth. This time there was no licking. Just her sucking the head and jacking the length in rhythm with her sucking. Again I was so excited by my first sexual experiences that I soon shot cum into her waiting mouth. Mary didn’t quit sucking until the sensations got so intense for me I had to make her stop.

Mary sat up, licked her lips and smiled just as I turned into her parent’s driveway. With a quick kiss and promise from me that we would go to the adult side of the drive-in the next night, Mary got out and ran up to the front door. As she opened the door and started in I was surprised for the final time for the evening when she lifted the back of her skirt and flashed me her ass.

Or at least I thought it was my final surprise but it wasn’t. When I started to get out of the car at home, I found Mary’s wet panties on the passenger seat. I still have them in a safe place today over 40 years later.

Yes, I bought condoms and we went to the adult side if the drive-in the next evening. Before the evening was over we had used 3 condoms and I experienced something I hadn’t ever imagined possible but I’ll save that story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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