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What a sensational way to spend 24 hours, just totally wild!!! – being a fuck toy is fun!!

She was picked up by N and D, her two favorite men, and sat in the back with N (apparently they’d drawn straws as to who would sit with her), while driving to a private house at a beach north of the city. Her shirt was unbuttoned, skirt pulled up and knickers pulled down soon after she got into the car! He played with her tits, pulled opened her legs and started to finger her, running his fingers along her sex and over her anus, since she was already hot from the anticipation she was moaning before too long! Then he stopped and she was moaning in frustration!!!!!!… Sat exposed like that until they reached the house: very nice too, right on the beach, big enclosed verandahs etc. She stepped out of her clothes and that was the last she saw of them until the next day.

They guided her into the bathroom where N bent her over the bath tub, she could hear D behind her running water and filling a container. She looked around and saw the large enema bag he was holding, swollen with water and moaned, knowing what was to come. She talked to them about this particular fantasy before and was happy at the thought they’d actually listened!

N held her arse cheeks apart, and a hard thin nozzle was pressed into her, a gush of cool water poured into her, making her rear up. She began to groan as the water quickly filled her, belly expanding and the two of them reached under her and began to massage the water deeply into her. The cramps began so they removed the nozzle and left her to it – she called them when she was done.

“You’ll need to be very clean, my dear” N said so she knelt on hands and knees and he pushed her head down so her arse was raised high into the air; then a larger longer nozzle pressed into her. The two retaining balloons were inflated and hot water, almost too hot, began to trickle into her. She squirmed and D slapped her once telling her she had to take all 2 litres – the water flowed faster and her belly grew again. D massaged it but N chose to finger her sex, flicking at her clit – her belly tightened more, increasing tension on her already tight belly and she cried out, begging them to let her go to the toilet. She panted and puffed her way through 15 minutes when they finally let released the outer balloon, let her sit on the toilet and told her she must hold the water until they’d left. On his way out N pulled out the nozzle without deflating the balloon and she cried out at the sudden stretching. Managed to hang on though…… She was in there for quite a while, felt totally clean and empty.

They called her into the lounge, and she was surprised to see there were 5 others waiting in the house, she knew all of them (and one’s presence was a big surprise, never thought he’d misbehave), sitting watching porn on a big screen TV. After hello’s (and a very considerate “are you ok with this?” to which she could only nod and say “uuh, mmmmm, always been a fantasy of mine….”) she was laid down on the couch and they began to touch, rub and finger her. The other 2 sat down with drinks etc and watched both sets of action!

Two at the business end of her used the already flowing juices to push a finger into her pussy and one into her arse, the middleman was stroking her belly and pressing her pussy lips together and squeezing her clit. The last two worked on her tits, biting pulling, squeezing, rolling and then eventually stretching her nipples up away from her chest. She came from all this attention, it was impossible to resist all those different sensations!!! A hard cock found its way into her mouth and she sucked and pulled at it eagerly until he spurted into her mouth, that cock was replaced with another and so on until all 7 had cum that way…. They all came quickly (as you do with first cum’s) which was probably a good thing for her facial muscles!!

Drinks all round and a little rest for all.

After some time she was made to stand in front of N, spread her legs so that he could access her pussy – he began again to finger her spreading lube and juice around liberally. He then pulled her onto his cock and sank it up to the hilt in one motion and started to fuck her slowly, lifting her hips until he was almost out and plunging in again. After a while she felt her arse cheeks being spread and copious amounts of cold lube and fingers finding their way into her hole, followed fairly shortly thereafter by the head of a cock! That particular cock began “moaning” about the tightness (don’t know what he was expecting!!!!) but did eventually slide his cock in a fair way, he hung on firmly to her big soft tits to help him go deeper. After they got the rhythm it was poetry in motion (from her point of view!!) and another cock appeared by her head which she began to suck….. When each man came, another replaced him, a little choreography made that actually very easy, until they had all come again. She had too much to concentrate on so, though verrrrrrrry close, hadn’t come, very frustrating.

A shower for all and they piled on to mattresses laid out on the verandah where they could see the moon and hear the waves, she fell asleep but was woken a while later by a pair of hands playing with her arse cheeks and sliding fingers down her crack. J pulled her to her feet and moved her over to the railing where he pushed her head forward, she rested her breasts on the rail and reached around to pull her cheeks open wide. Fingers then a tongue on her starfish made her shiver – eventually he felt she was loose and lubed enough, and pushed his cock in slowly. He was big and she wasn’t really that ready – arched her back at the invasion but he pulled back on her hips and kept pushing firmly until the head popped in and he could slide forward. Painful at first but when he put more lube on his cock the pain became pleasure (it’s a fine line, you know), He moved faster and faster, pulling back until his cockhead popped out of her hole and plunging in again quickly. That stretching is sooooo good.. She was spreading her cheeks as wide as she could so he could get deep inside her, grunting with each hard thrust. He reached around and squeezed her clit between his fingers and they both came. She could feel his hot cum shooting in, splattering against her insides.

Crawled back to the mattress and fell asleep again. Sometime later she was rolled over and fingers worked their way into her pussy followed by a cock. Fucked her hard and fast until she came again then he pulled out and stuck his cock into her mouth, spurting cum down her throat. She didn’t open her eyes so she didn’t know who that was. Someone else rolled her over, put pillows under her hips and then his cock pressed into her arse. He rode her for some time, getting deep into her, balls slapping against her pussy. When he came he pulled her sideways and they went gaziantep escort to sleep spooning with his cock still deep inside her arse. They all slept then until early morning when they all went for a swim, and a some gentle fondling, in the pool, infinity edge looking over the sea, very beautiful. A nice way to see the day begin.

Three of them decided they’d go for a run (go figure!!!), the rest of them went back to the house and onto the verandah where D had spread a couple of thick blankets onto the glass table and she was made to lie down on it. When she realized that the part of her fantasy that involves being tied to a table for fucking purposes was about to happen she almost came in anticipation!! She was pulled down the table so that her slit was at the edge. N tied her hips firmly to the table then bent her knees back and tied them to the table legs with soft fabric, pulled her arms over her head and tied them down, all finished off with eyeshades!! Talk about exposed and helpless mmmmmmm. A hand smoothed her thighs and then began to spank her, lightly at first, then harder, never been spanked like that and she decided she liked it 🙂 She was squirming and wriggling as much as bounds would allow, could not move much at all, she felt a trickle of warmness on her pussy; it was oil and many hands began to rub it into her skin.

She felt fingers again, pressing into her pussy and arse spreading lube liberally again. She felt herself being spread wider and wider, fingers pulling and releasing, stretching her apart and when someone touched her clit she went off like a rocket. Before she’d finished, a cock shoved quickly and fully into her arse with one stroke. He grabbed her shoulders and rode her hard and fast, until he shot his load into her. Another approached and the same happened except he chose to go into her pussy, as he came, she could also feel the splatter of hot cum from two directions on her tits. Suddenly there was no one and she felt very empty!!! She fell asleep for a while, tired out, woke again when she heard a loud “wow” and another cock, presumably one of the runners, squeezed itself into her arse again and another hot load followed quickly. A wide plug was then pushed into her arse; she groaned at the invasion and tried to relax until it finally popped in.

She was tied there for some time, it was surprisingly comfortable as the covering/bindings were nice and soft. The TV was on, sport playing, and every now and again someone would do something to her, squeeze her tits, pull hard at her nipples, spank her, finger her, and fuck her with toys, (including an iceblock … so cold and sensational !!!) and cocks. The butt plug remained where it was, filling her arse completely. At one point a large vibrator was pushed into her pussy; took some effort but she felt very proud that she took it without too much screaming!! She could feel the vibrations through the butt plug too, felt like even her hair was vibrating!.

She couldn’t see so she just didn’t know what was coming next. Fantastic couple of hours and she came often, which, presumably, was the general idea :-). Eventually she asked to be released; her body, especially her legs, was so tired and shaky that it was uncomfortable. She was helped to the bathroom where someone had run a bubble bath for her – heaven on a stick!! She bent over and N gently worked the butt plug out of her arse. It took a while as her sphincter held tight around it and wouldn’t let go; a gush of sticky cum followed. Stayed in the tub for some time, occasionally one would come in to check on her, washing her, massaging her soapy tits, running the hand held shower head over her sex etc, you get the idea. When she got out D bent her over the tub again and, with the head unscrewed, pushed the shower hose into her arse gently, turning on the water and filling her quickly. Left her to empty herself – she felt cleaner than before, the pressure from the hose had pushed water high up into her cum-filled, but otherwise empty, bowels.

It was getting on for afternoon by this time and the day was coming to an end. She was tired and comfortably numb, and very tender in certain spots :-p. They all lined up again (in increasing size order!!) and another fuck from each was had, each choosing their favorite hole or body part, two was very keen on squeezing her tits together and fucking the resultant fold (big boobies, as you know :-). Seems 4 out of 7 men liked her arse, so that still remarkably tight hole (seemed to snap back despite all the attention) was again the main attraction….. She decided she really was an anal queen, though sore she still enjoyed it very much. She looked up during the last fuck and grinned at N and D. They laughed out loud and said “well, there’s one fantasy you have, can you take it?”

She was surprised they remembered but thought “Why the hell not”. She lay across the arm of the sofa and felt hands pull her cheeks apart; a huge glob of cold lube hit her anus and two fingers pushed into her loosened arsehole, spreading the lube and pushing it in deeply. Then two more fingers from someone else’s hand did the same and the two hands pulled her arse open, stretching and releasing, pulling wider each time. The collective watchers groaned and she knew they could see into her anal canal – another finger from each hand and a wide pull made her cry out – she could feel cool air deep inside her and another glob of lube hit her internal walls. One set of fingers were removed and she felt a fourth finger from the first hand slide into the gap. Slowly these were pushed in and out going deeper with each push, the thumb joining the bunch at some stage. She really wasn’t sure she could do this, but after a while the pain became pleasure again and she begged the hand to go further. Her arse opened wide suddenly over the knuckles and he slipped his hand in all the way to the wrist. She panted, “wait, wait”, then “OK”. He suddenly bunched up his hand and began twisting – fingers squeezed her clit hard: she came, screaming and came then passed out.

She came to, looking at a sea of concerned faces – she smiled weakly at them and they sighed in relief!! She was very pleased with herself, though her arsehole was sore and burning, and very impressed at the photos of N’s hand buried wrist deep in her arse. She checked herself out in the mirror after a cool shower – hard nipples and tender tits, swollen pussy lips, red, hot arse cheeks and a slightly open arsehole with a few drops of cum leaking out, all sure signs of a good time being had by all. It took two days to get back to normal, had to wear her loosest pants and no knickers.You know, she can honestly say she would not want to do this sort of thing all the time, it’s a fantasy fulfilled for the moment and it was truly sensational. At least now she knows where to go with her other fantasies, quite sure that N and D would oblige!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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