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Copyright © February 2024 by CiaoSteve

Author’s Notes

This is an entry for the 750 Word Project 2024. It is much shorter than I would normally write, but the rules are 750 words only: no more, no less. If nothing else, sometimes these short snippets provide the inspiration for something much longer. I do hope you enjoy the story and don’t find the length too much of a disappointment. I would welcome both your comments and your vote.

Oh, and I’ll admit it… sometimes I’ve wondered what it would be like to be in Kevin’s shoes.

Story starts below… all 750 words


This was going to be a birthday to remember. The idea had been given to her, just as so many had, by an unlikely source, the wife of her husband’s boss.

Jackie was her name. Jackie was Emma’s partner in metaphorical crime. Jackie hadn’t made Emma do anything, though. Jackie was just the catalyst. A comment here, a suggestion there… that was all it took.

“What would you like for your birthday?” Kevin asked, as he quickly ate breakfast. “Something special?”

“That’s easy,” Emma replied. “To fuck you.”

“Darling… that’s what you always want,” Kevin responded. He wasn’t sure what had come over Emma in the last couple of görükle escort years, but he wasn’t going to complain either.

“So, I do,” Emma giggled, “but… this time will be different…”

Emma’s voice reduced to a seductive whisper.

“…spreadeagled… restrained… face down… ass up… what do you say… excited?”

“You bet,” Kevin replied.

“Do I need to get anything? You know… stuff?” Kevin added, symbolically rubbing his wrists.

“Nope,” Emma replied. “You just have a good day. Leave the shopping to me.”

With that, Kevin was off. An hour stuck in traffic gave plenty of time to think. There was only one thing on his mind… okay, so two things, but both were related to her birthday.

There was what Emma hadn’t said. He would buy her something special. He always did, but time was running out. Two weeks to go, and still no ideas.

Then there was what she had said. If his darling wife wanted nothing more than to fuck him on her birthday, then he wasn’t going to disappoint her. All day long he couldn’t forget those whispered words.

It was something similar occupying Emma’s mind also, as she settled down in front of her laptop. One of the benefits of working from home, was that you could get so much more done, and with Kevin out of the house, there would be no questions bursa merkez escort asked. Shopping completed, all she had to do now was wait.


The two weeks passed in a flash.

“Happy Birthday, darling,” Kevin announced, placing the breakfast tray on the bed.

“What’s that?” Emma responded, excitedly picking up a wrapped present.

“A surprise,” Kevin replied, “for my gorgeous wife.”

“They’re beautiful,” Emma replied, tearing open the jewellery box. “I love surprises.”


It was late evening, back home from dinner, when Emma’s thoughts turned to her other birthday surprise.

“Wonderful meal, darling,” Emma announced, slipping off her heels and coat, “but haven’t you forgotten something?”

“Necklace… earrings… posh nosh… was there something else?” Kevin teased, knowing the answer, but unable to resist playing the dumb husband.

“Oh darling,” Emma replied, grabbing Kevin by his shirt, and pulling him close.

“Bedroom! Now!” Emma added, a playful dominance to her tone.

Kevin didn’t have time to respond. He was dragged upstairs, by a seemingly desperate wife. It didn’t stop there. Seconds later, a trail of discarded clothes littered the floor, all belonging to one person, as Emma ravaged her husband, bursa escort bayan stripping him down to his boxers, before pushing him onto the bed.

“Back shortly,” Emma announced, heading towards the en suite. “Make yourself comfortable… don’t go anywhere.”

“Oh, and be a darling… slip these on,” Emma added, emptying the contents of a small bag onto the duvet.

Kevin stared at the pile of cuffs and tethers which now littered the bed. He was confused. Had he heard wrong. Wasn’t he meant to be slipping these onto Emma? It was her birthday, wasn’t it? He was still contemplating what had been said, when the bathroom door opened, and out stepped the birthday girl.

“Darling…” Kevin said, his words tailing off as he caught sight of his wife.

Kevin’s jaw dropped. His heart skipped a beat.

“Something wrong?” Emma asked.

Wrong… not wrong… just… different.

The cocktail dress was gone. Emma stood there in bra, knickers, and stay-ups… sexy on any day. But there was something else… something she shouldn’t have… hanging there, swaying with her every movement. He knew what he was seeing, yet he couldn’t help but stare at the addition.

“I thought you said you wanted to fuck me,” Kevin announced.

Emma smiled.

“I did, darling” she replied, striding over towards her husband.

“And… I still do,” Emma added, stroking her rubber phallus for effect. “Nice and slow.”

Emma crouched at the end of the bed.

She leaned forward and kissed Kevin.

“I love birthday surprises… and you’re going to love this one, darling?” Emma whispered.

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