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Darnell’s birthday is approaching, and Kim is determined to give him a birthday he won’t soon forget. For months Kim has put her mind to work arranging everything. She has even been in contact with both of his brothers letting them in on her plans. Kim has arranged with them to take Darnell out that night. What Darnell doesn’t realize is that his birthday is going to be one that he won’t ever forget. Kim works and works getting everything in just the exact order. Darnell’s brothers have agreed to take him to a club that night. Kim calls her girlfriend Jasmine whom runs this club, and reserves a private viewing area. Jasmine just laughs a bit as Kim begins to tell her just what she has planned for Darnell.

“Oh you are so naughty aren’t you Kim?” Jasmine asks. “I can arrange this private viewing area for you, but do you think Darnell is really going to go for it?”

“Oh hell yeah!” Kim replies with a naughty chuckle. “He isn’t going to know a darn thing until his brothers get him in there. As a matter of fact Darnell will be blind folded so he won’t even know just where he is. He may assume, but he won’t truly know until his blind fold is removed.”

“You go girlfriend.” Jasmine replies. “We shall see you on Tuesday night.”

Tuesday morning rolls around, and Darnell and Kim awaken early, as Darnell needs to go to work today. Kim kisses him passionately, and wishes him a Happy Birthday in her very special way. Kim then gets up and heads out to make his morning coffee. Kim does everything for Darnell today. She even goes as far as to pick out his clothes. Darnell just looks at her with this indescribable look on his face.

“Baby, what are you doing? You don’t normally act like this.” Darnell says in concern.

“I’m not doing anything baby” Kim replies softly. “It’s my babies birthday, and I just want to make it special for him. If you didn’t have to go to work today well I would say we could spend the day in bed, but your brother will be here before long. I promise tonight when you come home I will make it ever so special for you.” Looking at Kim in her sexy little teddy, and watching the way her body moves as she walks now begins to arouse Darnell. Kim could see his mass beginning to harden in his jeans. Darnell walks up behind Kim as she is fixing his coffee. Taking a hold of her hips Darnell pulls Kim back toward him.

“Do I really have to wait that long baby girl?” Darnell asks whispering softly in Kim’s ear as he slowly begins to grind his mass against her ass. Kim moans softly as she instinctively pushes her ass back toward him.

“Oh my baby, as much as I hate to say this to you cause normally it’s not in my vocabulary, “Yes Darnell you have to wait.”

“But it’s my birthday.” Darnell whines in his pouty little whine. Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Oh there you go your brother is here. You go to work now and you have a wonderful day, and I will be waiting for you when you come home.” Kim tries to slip out of Darnell’s hands.

“GRRRR!!! This isn’t fair baby girl I am so horny.” Darnell growls in a sexy tone.

“Well baby, I am horny too, but I am doing this for a reason baby. I know it’s going to be a long day for you, and god knows I am so sorry, but I promise you it will be worth it. You need to go to work, now go.” Kim kisses Darnell one last time before he heads out the door with his brother. Darnell just sits quietly on the way to their job site.

“Hey man, what’s the matter with you today? You are never this quiet.”

“Oh Nothing all I can and will say is this Kim is one bad girl. It’s my birthday damn it, and for some reason she couldn’t wait to get me out of the house this morning. What’s up with that shit?”

“Man, she’s a female, and you know females when something special rolls around, and they want to do something special they tend to act sort of funny” Darnell’s brother replies in a slight chuckle. (Darnell doesn’t know that his brother is in on exactly what’s going on). “I tell you what man, you and I and our brother are going to go out tonight.”

“OH HELL NO, I am going home tonight after work, and I am going to spend the rest of my birthday just where I want to be, and that’s with Kim.” Darnell replies. “Maybe if you want we can go out over the weekend.”

“NO!! The three of us are going out TONIGHT as a guys night out to celebrate your birthday. The only thing you are doing at home tonight is taking a shower and getting ready to go out, and don’t even think about arguing with me after all I am older than you.” Just then Darnell’s cell phone rings.

“Oh hell what does he want?” Darnell thinks to himself. Darnell answers his phone, and on the other end is his other brother.

“Hey man, Happy Birthday!”

“Yeah thank you, but what is so damn happy about it? I have to be at work instead of at home where I want to be right now.” “Well this might cheer you up, we are taking you out tonight. It’s a guys night out dude.”

“God damn it you are the second one that’s told me this today. I already told himself that I want to be home haramidere escort tonight. If you two really want to take me out maybe we can go out this weekend.”

“Sorry dude we can’t do that. Today is your birthday, and we have to take you out tonight. I don’t care if the two of us have to drag you out kicking and screaming you are going and that’s it.”

“Alright, God damn it!!! Darnell barks out. “Kim isn’t going to like this, but if I must then alright I will go.” Darnell hangs up his phone, and just looks at his brother.

“Do we have to work all day?” Darnell asks as a plan has entered into his head.

“Why do you ask?”

“Well I was thinking if we don’t have to work all day then maybe I could get back home a little earlier, and spend some time with Kim then if you guys want to take me out tonight then it won’t be so bad.”

“If all goes right this morning, and we don’t run into any snags then I would say no we won’t have to work all day. We might actually be able to knock off work around lunchtime.”

“Cool that works for me.” Darnell replies. “Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope to hell that all goes right this morning.” Darnell and his brother arrive at their job site for the day. They begin their work, and all seems to be going as scheduled. Just then all work stopped as Darnell was beginning to get very angry.

“Oh son of bitch!!!” Darnell barks out. “You rotten mother fucker I knew it; I knew this was going just too easy today.”

“Darnell, what’s the matter?”

“Man, they sent us the wrong gutters for the house.” Darnell replies.

“Alright, lets go and see if we can remedy this problem.”

“Oh fuck that shit man, that’s going to take us all god damn day. If you want to search for the right gutters then you go I am going home.”

“I don’t think so Darnell. I think you seem to have forgotten that we came in my truck today.”

“Fine then I will walk.” Darnell replies in a growl. “I don’t give a shit I want to be with Kim. Man here at work really isn’t where I want to be. My mind just isn’t on working at all today. ”

“Well if you were to just stop your grumping, and help me to search out the gutters then maybe you can get home sooner.”

“Yeah alright lets just go and get this over with.” Darnell gets back into the truck, and the entire time they are out searching place after place for these gutters all that he keeps picturing in his mind is Kim in her sexy little baby blue satin teddy. Instantly a wonderfully arousing chill runs down his spine as his shoulders draw up to his neck. All Darnell can feel is Kim nibbling gently at his ear, and running her tongue around his earring as she whispers, “I love you daddy. My pussy is so wet, and it’s so hot, and it feels so good. I want to feel my daddies hard cock inside me.” Slowly she begins to run her tongue down the left side of his neck, and settles into her favorite crevice. Darnell now begins to have a problem as his cock begins to harden. They arrive at the last store around Darnell grabs his sweatshirt that’s on the seat on the side of him, and places it over his lap trying to hide his hardened mass that’s now tenting against his jeans. His brother parks the truck and looks at Darnell.

“Are you coming in with me?”

“No not this time.” Darnell replies quietly in a sexually bothered tone. “Sorry man I just can’t. You go on ahead, and I will wait right here for you.”

“Are you alright?” His brother asks.

“Ah yah I am fine just go so we can get out of here.”

“Ok man I will be right back.”

“Take your time really just take your time.” Darnell was determined to remedy this massively large problem. He knew if he didn’t it was going to be an awfully long day. Once his brother is out of sight and no one else is around Darnell slips his hand under his sweatshirt rubbing his mass. The more he did this the more he could feel Kim getting after him in one way or another, and the more he could hear her whispering naughty things in his ear, and the harder he became. Darnell rests his head back against the seat opening his jeans he releases his thick, rigid, and throbbing cock. Taking it into his hand he slowly begins to masturbate to the naughty things he hears her whispering to him. Darnell could feel Kim’s wet little pussy sliding inch by inch down the length of his shaft, and feeling her muscles grabbing onto him sucking him deeper inside her. Closing his eyes he could feel his balls tightening, and he knew it wouldn’t be long. He just hopes and prays his brother won’t come back until he is done. Darnell begins to moan softly, yet little by little his moans begin to get louder as he continues his wonderfully stress relieving attack on his cock. Suddenly his body tenses as his back arched slightly away from the seat. His moans turn to short sporadic high pitched screeches as the head of his cock begins to throb shooting all his built up stress filled cum into his sweatshirt. His body collapses from temporary relief. Gathering içerenköy escort his wits about him Darnell gets himself back together, and places his sweatshirt on the floor. Just then his brother comes back.

“Well man it looks like we are heading home for the day. I had to actually order the gutters. I don’t feel like hunting anymore today.”

“Good let’s go home.” Darnell replies. Darnell and his brother arrive back at the house. Kim sees them pull in, and takes off the shirt she is wearing. Darnell grabs his sweatshirt and starts out of the truck.

“Darnell, We will be back to pick you up around 8 O’clock so be ready.”

“Yeah alright I will be ready. I don’t yet know how I am going to explain this to Kim, but I will be ready.” Darnell closes the door and heads inside. Kim greets Darnell at the door wearing nothing but his favorite baby blue thong. Darnell gasps as the sight of Kim dressed like that causes his cock to harden instantly.

“YOU!!!” Darnell lets out in a screech. “OH YOU ARE SO BAD, COME HERE NOW DAMN IT!!!” Darnell takes Kim into his arms pulling her into him as he nibbles at the side of her neck.

“MMMMmmm why am I so bad Darnell??” Kim asks in her sexy little devious voice.

“ Baby, let me tell you something I will have you know you left me no choice but to do something today that I never in a million years would have ever thought of doing in my brothers truck.”

“Oh? And what might that be? C’mon now tell me you know you wanna.”

“Because of you, and your naughty little ways, and the very naughty things you were whispering to me I had no choice but to relieve a very large, and very thick monster of mine. I am very grateful I took my sweatshirt with me this morning though.” Taking Darnell’s sweatshirt out of his hand Kim opens it and looks directly into Darnell’s eyes.

“Don’t take your eyes off me baby.” Kim whispers as she runs her tongue over the very and I do mean very large wet patch of Darnell’s cum that is on his sweatshirt. Watching Kim do things like this is an instant turn on for Darnell. Backing Darnell up against the wall Kim lowers herself to her knees before him. Unbuttoning his jeans slowly Kim unzips them with her teeth. Kim lowers Darnell’s jeans down over his hips pulling them down around his ankles. Taking his now again thick, rigid mass into her hand she slowly sucks the head of it into her mouth running her tongue over the tip. Darnell still sensitive from his release not even a half hour ago lets out in a sudden scream, and arches his back thrusting his hips forward, and slides his fingers into her hair holding onto the back of her head.

“OH FUCK YES BABY SUCK DADDIES BIG COCK!!” Darnell screams. “YOU WERE SO NAUGHTY TO ME TODAY NOW YOU NEED TO MAKE IT UP TO ME!!!” Hearing Darnell beginning to talk dirty to her makes Kim extremely horny. Locking her lips around his cock she begins to suck him balls deep into her throat. Darnell holds tighter onto the back of her head as he begins to fuck her mouth. Kim begins to suck him harder, and deeper looking up at Darnell their eyes lock onto each other. Darnell’s pace begins to pick up.

“YEAH THAT’S RIGHT MY BABY I LOVE TO FUCK YOUR PRETTY LITTLE MOUTH. YOU KNOW JUST HOW TO MAKE YOUR DADDY FEEL SOOOO GOOD ESPECIALLY ON HIS BIRTHDAY!! OH FUCK YESSSSSSS, YESSSSSSS SUCK ME HARDER. OH FUCK LITTLE ONE DON’T STOP NOW!!!” Darnell fucks Kim’s mouth a little faster as his knees begin to buckle, and his moans grow to window shattering screams, and again his body tenses feeling his balls tingle, and the head of his cock begins to throb. Darnell looks intensely into Kim’s eyes.

“HOLY SHIT I HOPE MY LITTLE ONE IS HUNGRY BECAUSE DADDY HAS SOME CANDY FOR YOU THAT HE KNOWS YOU LOVE, AND CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF. TAKE IT BABY GIRL TAKE ALL OF IT, AND TAKE IT NOWWWWW!” Darnell screams out holding onto the back of Kim’s head even tighter with one last deep thrust Darnell unloads all his hot, thick, and very creamy cum into the back of Kim’s throat. Kim swallows almost all of it, and the little bit that’s left Kim shares with Darnell as she slowly slides her body up his embracing him with the hottest most spine tingling passionate kiss. After a few moments Darnell breaks their kiss. Placing his hands on the sides of her face he just looks deep into her eyes.

“Honey, what’s the matter? Is something bothering you?” Kim asks in concern.

“Well no not really, but I do have something I need to talk to you about. Come over here and sit with me for a minute.” Taking Kim’s hand into his they walk over and sits in the recliner pulling Kim gently into his lap.

“Darnell what’s bothering you?”

“ Baby girl I was determined to stay home with you tonight. It is my birthday and I wanted to spend the evening with you.”

“Yeah ok, so why is that bothering you?”

“Well baby that’s not what’s bothering me. What’s bothering me is my brothers seem to have other plans for me. They want to take me out tonight. Neither one of them will tell me where they innovia escort are planning to take me they just said they are taking me.”

“Honey I already knew that.”

“How did you know if I didn’t know until this morning?” “Your brother called me after he talked to you this morning. I told him it was perfectly fine. It’s your birthday baby, and they just want to celebrate it with you. You go on ahead and I will be here for you when you come home later.”

“Are you sure you don’t mind my going out tonight?”

“Baby, no I don’t mind at all. From what your brother told me you’re in for a really good time tonight. Go out with your brothers and enjoy yourself.” Kim replies. Leaning into Darnell Kim kisses him softly.

Darnell and Kim get out of the chair as Darnell heads off down the hall to take a shower. Kim gets out one of Darnell’s outfits that he looks so good in, and lays it out on the bed for him. Darnell walks out of the bathroom looking and smelling so good wearing nothing except a towel wrapped around his waist. Kim walks up behind Darnell wrapping her arms around his waist running her fingers up his love trail, and through the hair on his chest. Darnell moans softly as he can feel Kim planting little baby kisses over the width of his shoulders.

“You had better get dressed baby your brothers will be here shortly.”

“Yeah I know, but baby I don’t really want to go. I just want to be home with you tonight.” Darnell replies in a saddened manner.

“I know baby, but it’s only for a couple hours for heaven’s sake. Just go it will do you some good.”

“Honey I know, I love my brothers and I know they mean well, but I have a strange feeling that I know where they are taking me and I gave that scene up along time ago, and I don’t want to be there.”

“Look just do it for them. They want an evening out with their baby brother. Baby please just try to relax and have some fun. Then you can come home to me.” Darnell finishes getting ready just as his brothers arrive to pick him up. Darnell grabs his leather jacket, and just before he heads out the door his brother stops him.

“You can’t walk out the door yet Darnell.”

“Man, don’t play games with me lets just go.” Darnell replies. Darnell looks at his brother as he walks in behind Darnell.

“You have to have this before we go anywhere. We don’t want you to know yet just where we are taking you. Kim knows but you don’t and that’s the way we want it for now.” Darnell’s brother puts a blindfold on Darnell.

Getting Darnell into the car the three of them head off to the club. Darnell again sat in silence. Just wishing the evening was already over as he really just wanted to be at home. Kim in the mean time gathered all that she would need, and headed herself down to the very same club. She parks her van behind the club this way if for some reason Darnell decided he didn’t want to leave his blindfold on he wouldn’t see her van and become suspicious. She heads inside, and meets with her girlfriend Jasmine. Jasmine shows Kim to the private viewing room, and Kim began to put everything in place. Darnell and his brothers arrive about 20 minutes later. The guys escort Darnell into the club. Darnell could hear all the music, and his instincts took over instantly he knew just where he was.

“Oh C’mon now guys you both know this isn’t my scene anymore.” Darnell lets out in a rather disgusted tone. “Why in the name of hell did you bring me here?”

“Alright birthday boy tell us where you are then.” His brothers reply.

“ This just isn’t fucking funny anymore. You know god damn well that I know exactly where I am, and you also very well know that since Kim has been a part of my life I chose to give up this part of my life. I have Kim, and I sure as to fuck don’t need this. I want to go home and I want to go home now!!” Darnell barks out loudly in a rather disturbed pissed off tone. Just then Jasmine comes over to try to calm Darnell down.

“Darnell what’s the matter?”

“Jasmine, tell these idiot brothers of mine that this isn’t my scene anymore. You of all people know damn well that I gave this up a long time ago.”

“Look why don’t you just come over here and sit and have a beer with me.”

“Damn it I just want to go home.”

“Come on Darnell come and have a drink with me.” Jasmine quickly replies trying to take Darnell’s mind off going home. “It’s your birthday after all can’t a friend have a drink with you on your birthday?”

“Yeah alright just as long as I can take this blindfold off.”

“No you can’t do that not just yet.” Darnell growls under his breath as he is extremely upset. Jasmine escorts Darnell over to what he thinks is a table Darnell hears a door opening.

“Sit here Darnell. I will be right back I’m just going to the bar to get our drinks, and don’t even think about taking that blindfold off either.” Jasmine turns and winks at Kim as she closes the door behind her. All of a sudden Darnell hears one of the songs that he knows Kim loves to dirty dance to begin to play. Darnell still blindfolded sits on this couch as thoughts of Kim dancing the way she does for him begin to run through his head. The next thing he knew he could tell someone was behind him, he called out thinking it was Jasmine, yet she didn’t answer. Darnell was now beginning to get nervous as he could feel two hands taking a hold of Darnell’s arms tying his wrists together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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