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A Boat, A Best Friend, A Tag Along Wife And The Bitch

Two months had past since our last fishing trip as a threesome with Gary.
Since that time things had gone along back to normal. Once back on land
everybody resumed their normal roles, Kathy being the great little
housewife, Gary the best friend and me just enjoying each others company. Gary
and I continued to fish nearly every weekend and though he and Kathy may
have joked and seemed more relaxed around each other, there was no
indication that they were fooling around when I wasn’t around or that they
were going to “run off together”, it had been a one time incident and
ashore they were back to their platonic “he’s your friend, she’s your
wife” state.

We had a long weekend coming up with a Monday holiday so Gary and I
planned another trip back to the middle grounds with the full intent of
actually doing some real fishing this time. Yeah right! Kathy decided
that she wanted to go again. I ask her if she intended a repeat of the
last trip. She said she didn’t have it planned, she just didn’t want to be
alone all weekend. Better to be bored with us than to be bored by
herself she said. Since nothing more could happen than the last time and
admitting to myself that I had enjoyed it. We started
making plans for the 3 of us if it was ok with Gary. I could tell by
Gary’s voice that he had no problem with it and that he was hoping for a
repeat of the last trip. His sex life hadn’t improved with Glenda so he
was horny again. Things are different 50 miles out in the Gulf.

Much to the dismay of all of us, when Glenda, Gary’s bitchy wife, heard
Kathy was going again, she wanted to go too. Now nothing is worse on a
fishing trip than a bored wife except maybe a bored bitchy wife. At least
on the last trip when Kathy had gotten bored she had fucked our brains
out, Glenda was a different story. There was only two times a day when
Glenda bitched about anything. One was when it was too dark, the other
was when it was too light. Other than that she was a “prima donna” that
primped around all day acting two levels better than anyone else around
her, especially Gary and I. She wanted to be the “yuppie type” and while
Gary and I both had white collar “yuppie” jobs, we were still just “good
ole boys” at heart and that suited Kathy just fine, but not Glenda.

Friday afternoon, Gary and I had sneaked out of the office a couple of
hours early, around 4:00 we all met at the dock. We each in our own way
gave Glenda her last chance to back out, reminding her that I was Captain
of the boat and if she wanted to come back before Monday afternoon she
would have to swim. She agreed and off we went. I have to say she
surprised me. She didn’t start bitching till we cleared the last buoy.

First the cushions were to hot to set on. Then the engine noise was too
loud. Kathy did her best to keep her shut up, especially after she saw me
starting to eyeball the anchor and a length of line. They went below and
changed into their swim suits to grab the last rays of sun. Kathy changed
in the main cabin but pulled the blinds on the hatch window unlike the
last trip, while Glenda must have changed in the head because I heard the
door close and lock. When they reappeared on deck Kathy was wearing her
genuine Wal-Mart one piece while Glenda was sporting a French bikini that
covered very little but cost very much. Always the “style hound” she
probably paid $300 or more for the thing at some fashion boutique.

I have to admit though, she did look good. All that working out and
paying attention to her looks had paid off. Her tits filled that bra
piece like the bumper ornaments on a 56 Caddy. While that bikini wasn’t
really a thong, it didn’t cover much of the cheeks of her white skinned
ass either. Her workout kept that is solid well rounded form. I even
noticed Kathy looking her way a time or too. Like most women, Kathy
notice other women more to compare themselves to rather than any other

After a couple of hours more or less (a lot more when Glenda was
bitching, a lot less when we could enjoy the trip) we arrived at the
coordinates I had punched into the auto-pilot. After dropping the anchor over
the bow, Kathy ask if I thought we could have lobster for dinner, that
might make Glenda quit some of her bitching. I told Gary what I was going
to do and he grabbed his tank also. As much to make a statement to Glenda
as anything, instead of going below and changing into my trunks I simply
stripped then and there and pulled my gear on and was over the stern
followed closely by a naked Gary. My last glanced before hitting the
water was of a befuddled red faced Glenda with a confounded look on her

We were down about 10 minutes had enough lobster and a few shrimp
to feed the four of us. Soon the grill was going and the wine was flowing.
Glenda kept nagging Gary to put his clothes on because Kathy was around
and Kathy kept insisting that he needn’t because it didn’t bother her.
Finally, I think to spite Glenda more than anything else, Kathy went below
decks and came back wearing only her see through beach wrap. Glenda liked
to have shit. Glenda said something about we were all behaving terribly
and that we should have something on. Kathy spoke up first and told her to
lighten up, we were 50 miles out and things were different here. “You
might as well join us, we’ll take a skinny-dip after dinner”, Kathy told

After a couple of minutes Glenda went below and changed into her
beach wrap. Seems Kathy had forgotten to tell her about the hatch window
and the fact that she had opened the curtain. When Glenda turned the light
on we all sat back and silently enjoy Glenda in all her prudish glory!
Though not giving us the show that Kathy had the last trip, Glenda was
still a sexy Sex hikayeleri site. When she reached behind her and loosened her top those
bumper ornament tits didn’t sag a bit. Standing straight out I’d swear you
could have hanged a swing from her nipples. And those nipples!! I don’t
know if it was the wine, the sea breeze, or the three of us setting around
naked, but those nipples were standing out like .45 cartridges. So hard
and pointed I couldn’t think of anything but having one of those between
my teeth and tonguing the hell out of it. Glancing over at Kathy I noticed
she was glued to the site below and I could tell, even in the fading
light, that her nipples had come erect too.

While Kathy had never given any bi indications I do know that while we are
watching porn movies she seems to get wetter when the movie shows a woman
sucking another’s breasts. Also I know that she enjoyed sucking and
nibbling on my nipples when we are making love. Hmm, this could be a
promising weekend after all, despite Glenda’s bitching. Glenda, in her
“lady like” manner only pulled her bottoms off after she had securely
fastened the wrap around her, denying us of any more of the show. As she
turned off the light and started back up the gangway Kathy said with a
grin, “I hope you boys get as lucky this trip as you did the last”. We
all chuckled. When Glenda hit the top of the gangway she ask what was so
funny and Kathy told her that we had gotten some “good stuff” the last
trip and hoped we got lucky again. It was an inside joke for the three of
us but Glenda unknowingly said she hoped so too! Bringing more smiles and

After dinner Kathy fixed “boat drinks” and leaned heavy on the Tequila.
After a couple of Margaritas she again suggested a skinny dip. Why not, we
all said and by this time even Glenda was ready. We went in one after the
other. After swimming around a bit I dove underwater and came up in front
of Kathy. Between the salt water and her arms swinging Kathy had no
problems staying afloat without thrashing her legs about. Taking
advantage of this I dropped below the surface and applied my tongue to her
clit as she opened her legs to grant me access. When I could hold my
breath no longer I surfaced and looked around. Glenda was seated on the
diving platform at the stern of the boat. She must have really been
feeling the effects of the Tequila because her legs were
uncharacteristically spread showing a bald completely shaved pussy to the
whole world. Well at least to the three of us. “Watch this” I whispered to
Kathy. As I dove underwater I took a bearing on Glenda and sure enough I
came up inches from that wide open pussy seated on the platform. I say
inches, but it was few. I was close enough that I could stick my tongue
out and with a little bend of my neck was able to run it up her slit and
touch her clit. I could taste the mix of saltwater and her juices. The
little “bitchy snow queen broad” was getting wet and her pussy was
running. She didn’t move other than a start when I first touched her so I
continued action on her slit. Soon she had laid back against the transom
and was just enjoying. I think she had had so much to drink that she
didn’t even realize or didn’t care that it wasn’t Gary working her over.
By now Kathy and Gary had swam over and were watching the show.

Kathy suggested we all get aboard and that seemed to shake Glenda from her
lethargy. As quick as lightening she changed back to her old self and was
putting on a show of indignation about what I was doing. She slammed her
legs together so fast that I swear if she hadn’t been pushing me away I
think she would have crushed my skull. Kathy and Gary had to help her on
deck she was so smashed. She may have been to smashed to walk but she
wasn’t too drunk to bitch.

First she was a rash on Gary’s ass about how could he stand there and let
another man treat her like that and next she started on Kathy about how
could she tolerate a man who would do such a thing with her watching.
Bitch, bitch, bitch ….. Finally Kathy had had enough, “Just get even
with him when he does something like that”. With that she dropped to her
knees and took Gary down her throat.

Glenda’s jaw dropped like a brick. As much as she could walk or at least
try, she was starting to get up when a rogue roller hit boat and the
rocking of the boat sent her to her knees on the deck with her ass
sticking out and the rest of her laying on the stern bench seat. Still
she continued to try to bitch. From the pussy licking I had done and
watching Gary get “eaten alive” by my wife I was ready to go. Having had
enough of Glenda (the wicked witch of the East) I dropped behind her and
in one stroke drove all 8 inches balls deep into her. She began flaying
and screaming for me to quit and squirming to get away. One of the things
different about life 50 miles out is that you can scream your fool head
off and it is very unlikely that anyone will hear. At least any one who

I continued to pound her pussy with all the pent up anger from all
her bitching the whole trip. She tried to push herself way with her arms
but I grabbed them and held them behind her back while I plowed into her
like a pile driver. Normally when I drive my dick into Kathy that hard and
that fast it isn’t long before I am ready to shoot. But this time things
were different. From the swim and the booze I wasn’t going anywhere for a
long time. “Bitch, you have been needing this and now you are going to get
it” I said. As I fucked her mercilessly I noticed a change come about
her. Her screams stopped and became whimpers. Now her body was responding
and what was her efforts to push me out now became fucking motions as she
clamped down and fucked me back. Her pussy now became wet again as the
lubricant began to Sikiş hikayeleri flow. She ceased to struggle to get her arms loose and
relaxed to enjoy the fucking. I released her arms to see what would happen
and she brought herself up on her elbows to to push back into my thrusts.
She was getting fucked and enjoying every minute of it. I turned over my
shoulder to look at Gary and Kathy.

Kathy had stopped sucking on Gary to watch the show but was seated on the
deck at Gary’s feet holding his dick in her hand. Gary was obviously
enjoying seeing his “bitch” wife getting her brains fucked out and hard as
a rock. I nodded him over with my head and as I pulled out of Glenda, she
whimpered a moan and Gary took my place. It wasn’t long before he was
pounding away and he and Glenda were probably enjoying the best fuck they
had ever had.

I moved over to Kathy and as I stood there she opened up and started
sucking me down. After what basically amounted to raping Glenda and
watching Gary’s dick pound in and out of her pussy I was ready. I unloaded
a huge load into Kathy’s warm mouth and drained me to my knees. I hadn’t
noticed but while she was giving me such a wonderful blow job Kathy had
been fingering her clit and when my hot sperm hit her throat she achieved
her orgasm also. We collapsed on the deck together to watch Gary and

Gary has about the same size that I do and it was burying itself
all the way into Glenda with every stroke. Glenda was moaning and crying
and I could tell she was near a climax herself. Suddenly I saw Gary
stiffen and bury himself all the way up to his balls in her and she began
to cry “Yes, yes, give me that cum you bastard, give it to me deep”. ” Oh
you bastard, I’m cuming, I’m cuming”.

Soon they collapsed on the deck with each rolling against the rails on a
different side. Gary was spent and his dick now hung loosely on his leg.
Glenda sprawled to port with her legs wide and her red pussy lips visible
in the overhead light. “What did you bastards do to me?”, she said. “That
was the greatest fuck I have ever had bar none.” “Kathy do you fuck these
guys like this every time you come out”? Kathy replied that she had only
been out with us the one time before and started telling Glenda about the
last trip we had had.

Hearing Glenda using words like “fuck” and telling how she had enjoyed it
you could tell that a change had come over her. It might all revert back
to normal when the sun came up but for tonight she was a changed woman.
Luckily the night was still young.

Kathy and Glenda had moved the bench at the stern while I made fresh
Margaritas. Glenda had literally been fucked sober and I didn’t want her
that way too long. As Kathy gave her an abridged version of the events
from the last trip I served and Glenda said, “Oh my poor pussy, I’ve
never been fucked so hard in my life”.

“Yes but you liked it”, I said.

“Liked it hell, I loved it”

“Hope you boys are ready for some more”.

“Hey now, you have to save some for me too”, chimed Kathy. And we all

“Well my pussy is going to be too sore to do anything after a couple
of more turns, so you can have them after that” offered Glenda.

“I know” said Kathy, “My ass was sore for a week after the last trip”.

“You mean you took my husband up your ass last time?” Glenda asked. “Well,
he just kinda ended up there. I did them both at the same time and
well, there are just so many places to put a dick”, she laughed!!

We all chuckled and toasted a new attitude in Glenda. Kathy went on to
say that she hadn’t planned for things to work out the last trip like they
did. It just that things seemed to get out of hand. I laughed and said it
didn’t get out of hand, it got in hand, in mouth, in pussy and finally in
the ass. We all laughed.

Glenda said she could never understand how anyone could take a dick in the
mouth. It had to be nasty. Kathy told her she loved it because she got a
sense of power from it. “Power? What’s powerful about having someone put
you on your knees and stick a dick in your mouth”? Kathy grinned and
pointed to me, ” See that limp dick over there? I have the power to bring
it to life, watch”. With that she came across the deck, dropped to her
knees and started showing off her great skills as a cocksucker. She was
right. After a few moments of her tongue swabbing my limp dick and the
full sucking motion of her mouth it was no time before I was back to life
and if not totally hard at least usably so.

I watched as Glenda moved across the deck to Gary. After giving him a kiss
she dropped to her knees and started trying to give her first blow job. I
could tell from Gary’s face and from the way her cheeks were moving, or in
this case not moving, that she was doing what many women do and was simply
taking him into her mouth. I nodded to Kathy and then to Gary and she got
the message. She crawled over to Glenda and said, “Try it like this”.
She took Gary’s dick from Glenda and made exaggerated moves of running her
tongue all over his dick and balls. Finally she even sucked his balls
into her mouth one at a time and then plunged his growing staff to the
back of her throat in one quick shot. She warned Glenda to hold that last
move till she got used to it but to take him now and suck it like she was
drinking cola from a straw. “Suck with the back of your throat. And don’t
worry about sucking too hard”.

I watched as the two of them shared my best friends dick between them.
Student and teacher, teacher and student, and lucky ole Gary the class
project. Kathy goes wild when she sucks anyway. She starts running a full
stream and really gets into it. Before long I think the lesson was over
and both of them were getting down to some serious action. Sometimes
taking turns Erotik hikaye sucking, sometimes one on his balls while the other had him
in her mouth. Even occasionally one on each side with their lips meeting
each other at the head. Before long Gary was warning. “I’m cuming, I’m
cuming”. Kathy pulled back thinking Glenda was going to get her first
mouthful of cum, but Glenda being new, wasn’t sure what to do and as she
innocently watched Gary released his entire load, squirt after squirt shot into
her unsuspecting face. She looked stunned but enjoyed a laugh with the
rest of us. “Wow, I see what you mean”, she said. “That was awesome”.
“Well sonny boy, I guess you know that means, we have a lot of practicing
to do when we get home” she said to Gary. “Be still my fearful heart” he
replied with a laugh. We all chuckled and relaxed again.

“That really turns you on too, doesn’t it”, Glenda said. Kathy just agreed
and then we were surprised when Glenda said, “There is one more thing I
have to try, while I am so turned on I want it in the ass”. Kathy asked
her if she was sure, telling her that takes some getting used to. Glenda
assured her she was so turned on she’d fuck an eel if we caught one. We
laughed and Gary said he would love to oblige her but that he was spent
and couldn’t. Well as Captain of the boat keeping the crew happy is one
of those jobs you just have to do. So I was volunteered.

Moving over to Glenda I gently started massaging her wonderful breasts. I
took the .45 caliber nipples between my teeth and gently gnawed on them
while lashing the tips with my tongue. I reached down and started rubbing
her clit with my thumb and ease two fingers into her already soaking love
nest. Between her juices and the load of cum that Gary had deposited there
there was plenty of lube on my finger as I reached lower and inserted one
into her anal passage. It was tight and her natural instinct to squeeze
took over. I told her to relax and though I could tell she was trying, it
takes some unnatural control to do it. I told her to turn and lay on the
the bench like she had before. This time she wasn’t struggling. As she
leaned there with her ass in the air I moved in behind her and started
reaming her little rosebud opening. She moaned and started to relax more
as I probed her as deeply as I could with my tongue. As she whimpered I
backed off and inserted and finger into her now relax and lubricated hole.

Gently I ease it in a knuckle at a time. Finally when I had it all the
was in I started slowly moving it in and out, in and out. She moaned and
whimpered even more, ” Oh yes, yes, that feels so good”. I dipped two
fingers into her soaking pussy and when I had a lump of goo I eased them
both into her ass. As I moved them in and out I felt her relax even more
and when they were moving freely I knew it was time to “get her cherry”.
As I rose to get into position I glanced at Kathy and Gary. Kathy had
moved to a position where she could play with her clit with one hand and
jack Gary off with the other. Gary, still pseudo limp was intent on the
site of his wife about to take her first dick up the ass.

I moved the head of my dick up to her little virgin opening and eased it
in little at a time. Glenda gasp, and let out a little cry. I asked if I
should stop and she said “No, fuck my ass you big bastard, it feels so
good”. I eased it on in till I had about half of my shaft in her. I
slowly pulled back out to almost the edge of her sphincter muscle the just
as slowly pushed it back in. I could tell we were getting dry so I grabbed
a nearby bottle of suntan lotion and as I pulled out the nest time I
covered my exposed dick. The cold from the lotion made us both quiver but
this time I slid in even farther. A couple of more times I eased into her
and finally I was balls deep into her. I pull back the the edge again and
as I started in slowly Glenda pushed back against me taking the whole
thing in one shot. As I was there almost unmoving Glenda continued to
pound against me harder and harder. Harder and faster were the words of
the moment. I was doing little. Glenda was using me like a dildo and
fucking her own ass with a passion. Soon I felt her tighten around me and
she started to cry, “Oh damn, I’m cuming, I’m cuming, oh damn I’m cuming
so hard”. I thought she had gone ballistic. She fucked back against me and
literally screamed when she orgasmed. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I
introduce Glenda to her first load of hot cum up her ass. She cried
again, ” Oh damn, I’m doing it again!!” I felt her clinch as she orgasmed
again. Finally we collapsed in a heap.

I looked at Gary and Kathy. Somehow she had managed to get his spent dick
up enough to use it. As I watched she was there straddling his legs and
had his dick up her ass while she diddled her own pussy. Remembering her
fantasy from before I moved over and still one my knees lowered my head to
lick and suck her hot pussy. With Gary pinching her nipples and fucking
her ass and me sucking her pussy it wasn’t long before she tightened and
with her groans she came so hard I could taste it on her pussy.

I fell back against the far side and watched s Gary continued to pump her
ass. I guess he had been spent because I don’t think he ever did cum in
her ass. He finally relaxed and and just allowed himself to slip out. We
were all done in. It was going to be a long weekend if we kept this up.
It really was late now but Kathy and Glenda wanted to shower. Gary and I
watched as they moved to the stern and started to shower off. Mostly they
washed themselves but they each wash the others back. As I watched them
turn to each other I saw Kathy bend and take one of those magnificent .45
caliber nipples into her mouth. Then the other. Glenda just through her
head back and enjoyed it. That amounted to no more than a quick passing
touch. But then this was still only Friday night and it was a long way
to Monday afternoon.

Things are really different 50 miles out on the Gulf.

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