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The Saturday before last, I had an amazing watersports threesome in Hong Kong with a regular fuck-buddy of mine and a “Boy” (only 19) that he’d met. The next day we met up again (just for Yum Cha) and we talked about what we should do for our next session. They were both very much wanting to be able to try piss enemas and so they proposed that we should go bareback next time.

I contacted my partners back in Australia and asked how they felt about me not using condoms with Jonathan and Julian if the three of us got tested first. They know I’m very careful, so it wasn’t a problem for them. We phoned the clinic and fortunately managed to get an appointment to have the tests done that afternoon. We arranged for all three results to be sent to my buddy’s address as this was not something either the boy or I would want to risk allowing our parents to see.

Jonathan and the boy played together on the Tuesday — but still using condoms, as the test results had not arrived. On Thursday these arrived and we got the all clear, but unfortunately Jonathan would be away from Friday to Monday because of work so it would just be me and the boy together at the weekend.

In order to be able to spend more time with the boy, I had decided not to tell my family I was coming down to Hong Kong for that weekend and to stay at a hotel instead of their house. My first meeting with Julian had been that amazing threesome when Jonathan and I had shared him, but this weekend would be our first time alone together and I was very much looking forward to some one-on-one bareback fun with him – lots of wanking, sucking and fucking. Not forgetting pissing; I’d brought down a waterproof bed cover and sheets for us to play on.

Arriving in Hong Kong late Friday night, I went straight to the hotel and checked in. As cover story, Julian had told his parents that he would be staying overnight on Saturday with a friend. In reality, he would instead be meeting me at lunchtime. Our plan was that we would have some lunch, go back to my hotel room and in the evening we would go to a gay party to which he had been invited by a German friend.

The private party scene in HK is quite an interesting part of the gay lifestyle in the city and can get quite wild. When Justin took me along, this was actually my first time at one of these parties because I’d been in Oz for eight years before this and had previously worked in mainland China. Revelling in our exhibitionist side, we’ve since done a couple of “shows” for a few friends, using a kids paddling pool and wearing nothing but body paint.

Julian had previously phoned me to suggest that we should dress up for the party. I already knew that he sometimes liked to go out in female clothes, so it was not a complete surprise when he proposed bringing along a couple of his dresses for us to wear. He suggested that we buy some make-up and both of us could go to his friend’s party dressed as beautiful young sluts.

I do sometimes wear female clothes during sex to please my partners, but I have only done this once in public and that was for a drag contest. It’s not something that excites me in itself but I like the way it makes others horny. I wanted to please the boy, so I readily agreed to his proposal. This made him excited, and he said that he was looking forward to showing me off to his friends. I replied that I was looking forward to seeing how he would look in a dress and I thought that the two of us would make quite an impression at the party.

I bought us lunch and we had a long chat as we got to know each other better. Of course, after the previous weekend I was already fully intimate with every detail of his body, but I wanted to know more about him and vice-versa, so we chatted about ourselves – my work, his studies, our hobbies and interests, all the usual topics. He said he wanted us to talk in English the whole time we were together so he could become more fluent, but in fact his command of spoken English wasn’t too bad.

After lunch, we walked back to the hotel and went up to our room, but we refrained from having sex. We resisted the temptation as we wanted to wait until later that evening, when we would be looking forward to a great session after the party. Sometimes I am in the mood for spontaneous and urgent sex, ümraniye gecelik escort while on other occasions, such as this, enjoying the anticipation better suits both mood and circumstances. Anyway, that didn’t stop us from getting naked as soon as we got into the room.

Having looked forward to this moment all week, we enjoyed undressing each other and once again I was able to visually appreciate the boy’s naked body, and he mine. Breaking the mutual gaze, I moved a pace towards him and, with my hands on his pert buttocks, held him in a close embrace. For several minutes we stood together, kissing, embracing, fondling each other, rubbing our cocks together. After a pleasurable interlude spent enjoying our naked bodies – kissing, cuddling and playing around — we went shopping.

Julian had bought along his laptop, so when we were back in the room after our shopping expedition, I showed him a few new websites and helped him join a couple. He showed me the members’ area of a watersports site he’d paid to join. He’d been playing with piss and fantasising about it on his own for a long time. Though he’s actually quite sexually experienced for his age, he had never told any of the guys he’d had sex with about his secret “perversion”.

He told me that the weekend before with my fuck-buddy and me was like a dream come true for him. I replied that I had been surprised at how eager and excited he had been and also that on his first time he had been totally into drinking piss. We would have more piss fun later on but it was about time for us to get ready for the party.

I like to be very clean for sex and usually do several enemas a few hours before to make sure. I’d got all the equipment and was planning for both myself and the boy to use this — I like enemas anyway. When I suggested this to him, he asked if I would mind if neither of us did this. I said it might be a bit messy otherwise and he gave me a wicked smile and said that he’d guessed that. I’m not fussy about others, but I usually prefer to be very clean myself. However, noticing him starting to get an erection in his jeans, I decided that on this occasion I’d go along with what he wanted.

Both naked, we put on our face makeup and then we got dressed, helping each other to put on our blouses and dresses, which were mid-length and made of a cheap lightweight material. Completing the slutty effect, we wore no pants or knickers underneath, so our cocks and balls were hanging free and readily accessible if any of the party guests should wish to give us a gender check! Julian had brought along a couple of pairs of high heel shoes for us to wear but mine were too big for me, so we both wore trainers instead.

I had told the hotel reception we were going to a fancy dress function and booked a car to take us to the party and collect us afterwards. It was being held at quite a decent sized apartment in Mid-Levels. a posh area of HK. For those who do not know the city, this district is half-way up Victoria Peak near the Central escalator. and a lot of affluent ex-pats live there. When we arrived, there were already quite a few guys there. Quite a number of them were white, though the majority were Asian. The boy clearly knew several of the guests and started to introduce me to them. I’ve been to some fairly wild gay parties in Oz – but this didn’t look like they’d planned an orgy, though there were a few guys there in leather gear.

As neither of us had pissed since lunch, I already had a fairly full bladder by the time we arrived at the party. A combination of this and the attention of a few guys looking at us made me start to get an erection. The dress was loose and light so it didn’t restrict my dick at all. Quite the reverse – the head of my erect cock was clearly outlined by the slinky lightweight fabric and the more attention I attracted, the firmer my erection became. I looked down at the boy’s crotch and could see that he was just as excited as myself. We smiled at each other and giggled, enjoying the impression we were making.

Julian then introduced me to the host, a blonde German guy in his mid 40’s, who asked if my English accent was from the USA. I was telling him about Australia when I noticed him smiling as he looked down at the tent rising from kadıköygrup yapan escort my dress. He said he was glad to see that I was pleased to meet him and the boy explained that it was because I needed to pee, but I had to save it for him for later on.

I was a bit surprised when Julian put his hand up my skirt and started fondling my balls. Our host held out his hand in the direction of my crotch. “May I?” he politely asked.

“No worries,” I replied. The German also put his hand under my dress and stroked my dick while nonchalantly talking about the times he’d been to Australia.

Another older Asian guy came up to us and casually put his hand up Julian’s dress while the boy introduced me to him. Later Julian told me that one of the reasons he liked wearing a dress was so that friends could reach under and fondle him. It sounded like a regular thing for him and I had already guessed that he was, like me, quite an exhibitionist. While we were there, Julian and I both had erections on and off and I guess that virtually all the guys must have taken the opportunity to fondle our dicks.

We enjoyed ourselves so much being the centre of attention and having our dicks fondled by so many guys that time really flew by. When our car arrived to take us back to the hotel and we were saying our farewells, I noticed that one of the guests had his dick out, so maybe the party was going to turn into an orgy after all. On leaving, we borrowed some magazines from our host, to hold in front of us. With our bladders being so full, we hoped we would get safely back to our hotel bedroom without pissing ourselves.

On returning to our room, I suggested we should dispense with foreplay and get undressed straight away, explaining that if I do too much foreplay, I often can’t piss until after I have had my first ejaculation. The weekend before with the three of us, we’d taken Viagra, but I think it had made the boy too hard to piss for much of the time, so on this occasion we didn’t use it.

Naked and sporting rock-hard erections, we went into the bathroom and I got Julian to stand with his hands on the large basin unit, facing the mirrored wall. I knelt down and rimmed him while he wanked himself but I didn’t touch my own dick.

I was so desperate to piss that I couldn’t rim him for long, so I soon got up and put some lube on his ass. I stood behind him, leaning over his shoulder so that we could look each other in the eyes. As he leaned forward, I got the head of my dick right against his ass hole. We smiled at each other as I unclenched my ass muscles, then I groaned as I felt the delicious relief in my groin as my piss spurted out of me.

I immediately shoved my pissing dick into him as far as I could, making him groan. Enjoying the sounds of his pleasure, I asked if he could feel it and he replied that it felt really amazing. Then he stood up straight, moaning and wanking himself furiously. I felt my flow getting weaker and started to push into him. I kept on pushing, making me fart a couple of times, causing him to grin at me. Then I started to fuck him roughly. I could feel piss leaking out down my shaft and the hot wet sensation of it running down my balls and legs was driving me wild. He told me how he really loved the feeling of it trickling down his legs.

With both of us moaning, I pounded away at his ass. I absolutely loved the look of pure lust on his innocent girly face as my orgasm started. I yelled out as I started pumping my seed inside him and even after I came I kept on fucking him just as hard. Smiling at me in the mirror, he slowly wanked his dick as I fucked him relentlessly. Then he cried out and I felt his ass ring pulsing and squeezing my shaft in time with his jets of semen spurting onto the mirror.

I gently slid my dick out of him, he turned around and we started kissing. He said he’d better do it to me before he got too excited again, so I said we’d better get in the shower. The shower enclosure was a walk-in type and also quite large – spacious enough for foursome fun, with the added benefit of a large full-length mirror opposite the glass shower doors, so we could watch ourselves playing.

I put my hands against the tiles and leaned forward as he lubed my ass and entered me. I told bostancı türk escort him to just stay still for a while, but nothing happened. He said every time he felt he was just about to piss, he got too horny and hard. I asked him again about college and his course, wanking while he talked. I don’t know if being able to see ourselves in the mirror was providing too much visual stimulation for the boy, but I carried on chatting with him for quite a time.

Then I told him to just relax completely and let my piss out of his ass at the same time. With us both watching ourselves in the mirror, I stood up straight. Suddenly he groaned and I saw my piss spraying out of his ass. At the same time, I felt his stream inside me. As I became fuller I couldn’t feel if he was still pissing, but then I heard splashing and felt some more piss as it rained down from his ass and over my feet.

Trying to push more piss into me, Julian started thrusting hard, his balls slapping against me, and he kept going for a long time. I loved watching him, particularly the way he would grin at me in the mirror from time to time while slapping my ass cheeks. I also loved the feeling of his piss trickling down my legs. Eventually, his body tensed and he cried out that he was cumming – he clasped me tightly to him as we both enjoyed his climax.then easing out of me.

When I turned around I was a bit embarrassed to see that the wet streaks down his legs weren’t completely clean, nor the splatters of piss on the tiles and glass. He grinned and said I was a dirty monkey and that he’d need to clean my dick. He managed to spray a small amount of piss on my dick and balls, then he knelt down and started sucking me. I was quite near but he only used his mouth and although it felt good, it was not quite enough to make me cum again. He kept going for a long time and I started to find it hard to keep my ass closed. He looked up and told me to let myself go and piss in his mouth. It felt really good as I relaxed my ass. I felt myself urinating in his warm mouth while I pushed his piss out of my ass.

He sucked me and wanked me rapidly and I soon came in his mouth. After I had finished spurting, he stood up and kissed me, sharing with me the feel and taste of my own spunk. I loved the young minx for keeping my cum in his mouth, rather than just swallowing it all straight away.

While we kissed, I held our softening dicks together, side by side. I let go the small amount of piss I had left and in turn felt some of his hot pee on my balls. I pushed and a bit more of his piss spurted from my ass. I was becoming a bit self-conscious of being rather messy, but this didn’t seem to bother him and he just talked about how really wild it had been.

It was time to clean up, so I unhooked the shower spray and turned it on, washing him down. We switched and I put shower gel on him as he sprayed me then, while he soaped me, I turned the shower head at the glass and tiles to clean away all the evidence of our activity.

I had turned up the temperature in the bedroom and as the sheets I’d brought were still dry, we lay naked on these, kissing and cuddling for a while before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

In the morning I was the first to wake, enjoying the feeling of needing to piss. During the week while I am working in China many of my favourite websites are blocked by the censors — so I borrowed the boy’s laptop to browse the internet.

Sitting on the bed beside him, I was admiring Julian’s slim naked body as he slept when I saw his cute penis begin to swell, lifting itself up against his hairy leg. As I watched him become fully erect I felt my own lust growing and was aware of my penis reacting to the sight of his hardening cock. While stroking my rigid shaft, I finished off what I was typing. I noticed his cock twitching as he smiled slightly in his sleep and I wondered what he was dreaming of.

We had more fun during the morning and this time we did have enemas first. As he’d not had one before, I showed him how and we helped each other out. I told him to wank while sitting on the toilet, then to edge himself so that he could cum at the same time as he released the enema. I loved the look on his face as he did this and afterwards he told me that it felt incredible.

He came with me to Central station and after I had checked in my case, we went for lunch. He had to be home in the afternoon, so I used the time before my evening flight to visit some friends I’d not seen for a while.


(Thanks to a fellow writer in UK for his assistance in editing this story)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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