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Double Penetration


I pick up the phone to find my long-time friend Dustin on the line inviting me to a small gathering at his home. I have to laugh because Dustin’s parties are usually neither small nor just a “gathering.” I expect he will continue with his norm and the party will be much more of an “event” hosted in his lavish palatial home at which there will be scads of people that want to be “seen” as part of the “in” crowd. I am non-committal as I’ve been a bit of a recluse lately. He continues to cajole me, not taking no for an answer, until I finally agree to come over and at least say hello. Regardless of any agreements made, we both know that “something” can come up later, which is my intent.

Life goes on and suddenly it’s the day of Dustin’s party. I had a particularly wonderful day and realize that a visit to Dustin’s might be fun. So, I go jump into the shower and start getting ready. As the water sluices over me, my mind wanders to Dustin’s other “get-togethers.” They were semi-rambunctious times where the only people I knew were Dustin and a sometime a few others that I had met a previous party.

Dustin took it upon himself from the day we met as college roommates to expand my list of friends and acquaintances. You see with regard to meeting people Dustin and I are just about polar opposites. I have always been a quiet almost shy person, and I feel like in a crowd I just disappear. However, Dustin is one of those with the “gift of gab.” From the second he enters a room he is surrounded by friends, even if he’s never been there and knows absolutely no one. Anyways, he was always dragging me out and ensuring I had opportunities to meet some of the varied friends he had collected. He used to say “what else are roommates for??”

So, with a bit of trepidation, I made my way over to Dustin’s. Dustin and I are just about physical opposites as well. He is tall, blonde, blue eyed and thin. I however am shorter, only 5’7″, and while not exactly rotund, have always been a bit heavy for my height. My brown hair and eyes and quiet demeanor make it easy for me to just fade away in crowds. I am much more effective in a quieter setting, interacting with one other or perhaps a small group. Oh well, time to grow again.

I know not to be the first, nor last to arrive, thus am greeted at the door by the noise of a party just getting going. The crowd is becoming boisterous, and Dustin is wonderfully inviting. He introduces me to the people around him, and then has to break away as another group comes to the door.

I’ve been to Dustin’s parties plenty of times, both at parties like this and for true quiet get-togethers. His house reminds me of the grand mansions I’ve seen in Newport Rhode Island and other places where the rich had gathered. Given to him by his parents when his grandparents died, the house was built during the early 1900’s when is grandfather was amassing his fortune in the railroads. The overall building is three stories tall, made of natural stone, and shaped like an “H.” Outside the “arms” enclose a beautiful entry in the front and a great veranda in the back. Inside, within each wing there are multiple interconnecting rooms. On the first floor, on one side you’ll find the kitchen, dining room and a large smoking room. The middle part has the entry way with massive marble staircases sweeping up both sides and smaller rooms such as two bathrooms, and cloak rooms. In the other wing you’ll find a very extensive library, a large entertaining room and two smaller living rooms. There is plenty of deep rich wood and beautiful art, with comfortable furniture allowing the guests plenty of room to move and mingle.

I slowly walked around to see if there was anyone that I knew and to no surprise there wasn’t. So I gathered up a bite to eat and something to drink and went toward the library, my favorite room. I sat down and was consuming my snack when I first saw her. It was like a magnet pointing to a lode stone. I was just scanning the crowd and then suddenly all that existed for me was her. Now, I must put in that Dustin, being one of the “beautiful people” himself, is always surrounded by other beautiful people. However, this woman stood out to me, called to me in a way that is indescribable. She was standing across the library talking to a gentleman. I had no way to tell if they were together or if she was just mingling or even waiting for someone to join her. And quite frankly I didn’t care at that second. I just drank in her beauty from across the room.

She was dressed in a very alluring black cocktail length dress, stockings and heels. Her hair was just short of shoulder length and framed her face to perfection. Yet, the most incredible part of her, were her eyes. They danced when she was talking and just held me captive. Then it happened. She glanced over the shoulder of her conversation partner and our eyes met. I tried to look away, and couldn’t. I saw a small smile flash across her face, and then she was pulled back into her conversation. I couldn’t have moved even if I wanted to. küçükçekmece escort I tried to look around the room and see what else was going on, yet my eyes kept sweeping back and being captured by this mysterious woman. I thought about getting up and talking to her, of sweeping her off her feet with my witticisms, of well a whole lot of things both mundane and erotic, none of which I would do…or would I?

I noticed that her posture had changed; instead of leaning toward him she was leaning away. Her eyes were no longer watching him closely; they were straying more, and more. And to my great happiness, she was looking my way more and more. I could tell that for whatever reason, she was just about done with him and was going to move on. I stood up, with some thought to joining her, yet didn’t want to interrupt. Then she caught my eyes again and I felt my pulse shoot up and I felt as if we were next to each other rather than ten feet away. She smiled and without a word to the guy she was talking turned and left the room.

I didn’t know exactly what had just happened. Did she want me to follow? I knew that the way she went, unless she just stayed in the next room would wind around so I left out another door. I started walking down the hallway and just before I entered the doorway was face to face with her. Her smile lit her face when she saw it was me she had almost walked into. Without saying a word, I took her by the hand and led her to a door that led out to the gardens. There wasn’t any hesitation in her step as we went out into the wonderful night. It was very dark on the side of the house as all the outside activities were either in the front or back. This side has a small maze complete with benches and I led her to one. Without saying a word, we both turned face to face in front of the bench in the middle of the maze and like two magnets we were drawn together. When my lips touched hers it was like an electric shock had instantaneously awoken my entire body. It was just one light, slightly tentative kiss. Our fingers intertwined and our bodies pressed together as our lips re-met in a much more insistent manner. I felt my passion and desire climbing and through the touch of her hands, the movement of her legs against mine, the feeling of our bodies pressing closer together I could tell her passion was matching mine. My lips parted and my tongue started to quest inside her mouth. Much like our barely avoided collision earlier, her tongue was right there; her desire was the mate to mine.

Time stood still as our hands roamed over each other, our lips and tongues tasted each other and our bodies fueled the fires of each other’s hunger. My legs became a bit wobbly from the intensity of our joining and I slowly sat down on the bench. She sat right on my lap never releasing our electric connection. Eventually, out of breath the kiss parted and I was able to look again deeply into this beautiful woman’s eyes. The night was magical, she was incredible. I’ve never wanted to be with someone as much as I wanted her. In the back of my mind I realized, I don’t know who this woman is; I’ve not even so much as heard her voice as the din in the room covered her earlier conversation.

“You are incredibly beautiful. Let me introduce myself, I’m Josh.” I said with surprising strength.

“I’m Tara.” She replied.

Her voice was musical and it strummed my heart and mind as effectively as a beautifully played symphony. Those two simple words continued to explode within me and I wanted to hear her say anything. She could read the phonebook to me and I’d be in rapture. Well, except tonight. Tonight I wanted to continue to taste her and touch her and when I heard her voice next I wanted it to be so full of sexual pressure that her moans alone would melt the paint from the wall.

I am a pretty simple man and by looking at her eyes was able to tell that she also didn’t want to waste breath talking right then. With very little warning she had pressed her lips against mine and we were again climbing toward erotic nirvana. I found her dress to be cut very low in the back and loved the feeling of her skin against my fingers. I felt her shiver as I slid one finger from the base of her skull all the way down her spine to the top of her ass. I also appreciated the way she moved on my lap. There is no doubt she knew how I felt about our tryst, because I felt her sliding her thigh in small movements over my throbbing head. Finally, I had reached a point of peak frustration. I had to have her, now.

With a moan, I broke our kiss and carefully stood up ensuring Tara kept her balance and her footing. Tara looked a bit confused as I again took her hand in mine and started leading her off into the darkness.

I build things for fun and profit. Lately, I’ve been helping Dustin build a special garage for his vehicle collection and knew that the second floor of this huge structure is empty except for a few stored items. And I knew that it would be quiet as it was küçükyalı escort not connected to the house. The walkway became clearly visible when the clouds moved exposing a very bright moon. When we walked around the corner and Tara saw the building looming under the trees, I heard a quick intake of breath and she squeezed my hand very tightly. We came up to the door, and I turned to her and held her in a very close embrace. “I am on fire for you beautiful Tara, do you want to go in here? Both yes and no are acceptable.” I punctuated this by squeezing and relaxing both hands reassuringly in mine. In answer she reached past me and opened the unlocked door. I pulled her into a quick kiss which made my dick pulse in anticipation. Then we made our way into the dark building.

I didn’t let go of Tara’s hand as we wended our way through the garage to the stairs in the back. It was pitch black in the stairwell and I felt Tara move a bit closer as we went up. At the top of the stairs were two rooms. The room to the left is Dustin’s parts storage etc for the vehicles. To the right was where we stored the construction tools we used when decorating the structure. I knew there was a single bed near the back corner as I had helped him store it there. There were a couple of windows letting in the moonlight so Tara saw the bed through the gloom. Now she no longer was hanging back. She made a bee line to the bed practically pulling me with her.

So far she was definitely a willing participant yet she had not initiated any actions. That all changed when she spied the bed. Tara pushed me down onto the bed and lay down on top of me kicking off her shoes as she went. We were about the same height so our bodies aligned perfectly, legs on legs, hips on hips, stomach and chest mirroring mine and then she cupped my head in her hands and crushed her lips onto mine with a little moan. My cock was definitely straining the material of my pants and she wriggled herself so her crotch was grinding against it. That was an incredible tease for both of us, especially with the feeling of our tongues dancing against each other and the heat of our bodies’ enflaming our passion even more.

As my hands were roaming all over her head, neck, shoulders and back, I slipped her dress straps off her shoulders and down her arms. My hands started massaging her upper arms and shoulders then started moving down her back. I have large hands, so when I was moving down her back I was able to cover her completely from side to side with my palm just getting around to her sides. I massaged out from her spine until my palms were brushing the sides of her breasts then I’d move back to her back muscles. The third time my hands reached the very sides of her breasts she moaned and thrust herself upright, straddling my pelvis. Her dress fell off her chest and pooled around her hips exposing her beautiful and oh so edible breasts topped by incredibly erect nipples. She grabbed my hands and placed them firmly over her breasts so I had each cupped in a hand and then with a very deep throated moan ground down directly upon my cock with her fire hot pussy. I felt her juices drench me right through my pants and boxers. At another time I may care about this, however, right at that moment all I could think about was our shared passion.

I thrust up into her and her moan turned into a scream of pleasure as my cloth covered hardness pressed through her drenched thong onto her engorged clit. I slid the palms of my hands over her erect nipples feeling all of her beautiful breasts, feeling their shape and exploring for the sensations that fuel Tara’s fire. I felt her hands down between us and as I felt her hands scraping at my belt realized what she was doing. I moved my pelvis to ensure she had clear access as my desire to fill her up seemed to be second only to her desire for me. When she just about had my belt undone I moved my mouth up and sucked her wonderful nipple into my mouth and simultaneously pinched her other nipple with my other hand. She lost control right there, pressed down upon my still trapped cock, as an orgasm just wracked her body. This became a game. Every time she’d reach for my pants to get them open, I’d suck, pinch, or nibble her breasts to derail her. Believe me, I wanted her as much as she wanted me and yet it was a lot of fun teasing her.

Finally after another quivering orgasm she had my cock out of my pants and with a quick movement had impaled herself upon my iron shaft. I felt my cock slide past the taught very wet fabric of her thong. The first thrust got me in about half way. She jumped back up in reaction to the feeling of me splitting her, filling her, then she pulled the fabric aside and she smashed herself down upon me with a loud, wonderful moan. From that point on, my world consisted of hands and other body parts, moans and screams of passion fulfilled, sweat and the incredible feeling of her tight drenched pussy encasing my hard cock. It is impossible to fully describe the feelings maltepe escort and movements as our bodies pressed and released driving and sharing our intense passion. Sometimes I’d be curled up sucking or nibbling whatever part of her body I could get to with my personal treat to capture a breast and nipple. Other times I was arched up off the mattress pressing hard into Tara, lifting her knees off as well, feeling her grinding back and forth against me, screaming as another wave of orgasm made her body dance on mine.

Then, breathlessly, bonelessly Tara collapsed onto me. I know I said she was beautiful before, and I want to say she is beautiful now, however that word is totally inadequate. I looked at her sweaty face, her hair plastered back, her eyes closed, her mouth and nose gasping for breath, and I saw the most wonderfully beautiful lady I’ve ever seen. Only after sharing like we’d just done can you imagine the feelings of that moment. It was timeless. Her eyes fluttered open and found mine and I saw yet again my feelings mirrored in her face and eyes. We were still locked together at the waist, and locked together by our eyes. I took her head in my hands as best I could and kissed her. No words exchanged, just the continuing electricity of two souls sharing, linking, becoming one, followed by the difficulty of becoming two again.

We lay there caressing each other, softly kissing each other, as we returned to this plane of existence. As I became more aware I found that at sometime she must have whipped her dress off over her head. I also could feel her silken skin against mine, and realized my shirt was open and my pants were around one ankle. I have no clear recollection of getting to this stage, and realized it doesn’t really matter. I pulled my arms completely out of my shirt, kicked my pants off and got my socks off with much wriggling. Tara was chuckling at me trying to finish disrobing, though never helped or moved, she just chuckled. Once I was complexly nude, in a quick movement I wrapped my long arms around Tara and rolled over so now I was on top.

“Oh that was funny eh?” I said with a mischievous gleam in my eyes. Then I attacked. At first she pretended being non-ticklish. But I got though finally. I searched and found those tickle spots that drive you insane and then was merciless. She tried to fight back, was unable to with my onslaught and finally begged me to stop so she could breathe again. I did, then really enjoyed the view of her luscious body I had. I had moved down over her knees to keep her from kicking me and to keep away from her grasping hands. Her sex was just below my mouth and her heaving breasts framed her face as I looked up. She saw my eyes moving to her garter belt and thong, then below and happily transitioned from the tickle game to a much more erotic game. I moved off her legs.

She parted her legs as I moved and then dove in. I often fantasize about oral pleasures, both giving and receiving. Now it was not fantasy and I happily slid my tongue along the outline of her thong. I thought about taking it off, yet it was pulled aside and didn’t seem to be bothering her. Let’s face it; I was so hungry for Tara that taking any time from eating her lusciousness would just be wasted. I followed the drenched silk until I was at her clit. If there had been any question about my tongue’s location her squeal and intake of breath would have answered it. I uncovered her sensitive nub from the fabric and sucked it deeply into my mouth, cleaning her fluid from it most thoroughly. I then pulled her legs over my shoulders and she tilted her pelvis in anticipation. I parted her still engorged labia with my tongue, drinking her in and then went up until I could again suck her clit into my mouth. Mmmmm, she tasted so good. And she seemed to enjoy my feasting on her as well. I just kept on eating her. She seemed to really enjoy when I sucked her clit into my mouth, captured it with my teeth and then slid my rough tongue over the sensitive end. Her moans and cries of pleasure increased as I went between pressing my tongue into her as deeply as I can, drinking her, then licking my way back to her clit and back again.

She was hanging right on the edge of another orgasm until I pressed two fingers into her while feasting on her clit. Her scream actually echoed within the garage and for just a second I was worried that someone in the house may have heard. I didn’t stop of course. I pressed my fingers deep within her while my tongue pressed her clit, then curled them as I slowly slid them out until I found that most sensitive spot. Oh My, I though she was going wild before, I was now in for the ride of my life. I don’t think she had any control of her body she was moving so fast. And screaming seemed to be beyond her capabilities as her mouth was opened and virtually no sound was coming out. Then it happened. Cum actually ejaculated from her along with the most sensuous deep moan of release. It was the most incredible experience I’ve ever had. I ate what I could capture and the rest ended up spreading all over my chest and Tara’s legs. Then Tara forcibly pushed me away from her as she rolled into a fetal ball and just shook. I touched the back of one leg and she was so sensitive she came again. She couldn’t catch her breath; she couldn’t come down from that last orgasmic high. So I just curled up behind her and held her close as she tried to return from her orbit.

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