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Robert and I met for breakfast as our two sluts slept it off. I suggested that we go in their bedroom and jerk off and cum on them. I would cum on Debbie and he would cum on Lisa.

So, we got up and went to the bedroom. The women were lying next to each other, their tits touching. We started to jerk off and Robert and I were going to cum. He stood over Lisa and shot his load all over her tits and face. I quickly followed and shot my load on Debbie’s tits. We then left.

With only one more full day left, we wanted to make the day special but didn’t know what to do.

Robert suggested we fuck them on the beach in front of people passing by. I suggested we get a car and take them somewhere and fuck them in a public place. We would even have them naked in the car on the trip. We agreed and set it up.

I called Angel and asked if he could get us a big enough car and he said he had one. I asked if he would drive us around and he agreed. I told him to pick us up at noon.

We finally got the women up. It was funny watching them realize they were naked in bed with each other and that they were covered in cum.

They groggily got up and headed for a shower, which they took together as we watched for a bit.

When they finished, we told them that we were going to take a ride and sight see and that Angel would be our chauffeur.

We then told them that we wanted them to wear as little as possible on the tour. They laughed and agreed.

We heard a horn and I peeked out and saw Angel in a limousine. He got out and told us he had kocaeli escort bayan it fully stocked with wine just for us.

We called the ladies and out they came wearing their tiniest bikinis and sheer cover-ups.

Robert and I applauded their choice of attire. Angel had a huge grin.

The four of us got in the back of the limo. Angel said he would take us all over and for us to have some wine and relax.

We got started and I immediately opened the wine. As we drank, we played in the limo. It didn’t take us long to get their tops off. Once they we’re off, we rolled the tinted windows down so the girl’s tits were on view for other drivers to see.

The first place Angel took us to was a small, centuries old church. The women put their cover-ups on and we went inside. Angel told us about the church and the girls removed their cover-ups and we took pictures of them and then left with the girls tits uncovered.

The next stop was a very private beach. Angel took some towels and guided us down to the shore. Once there, he gave us the towels and told us to enjoy.

The girls immediately removed their bottoms and went into the warm water. Robert and I got naked and joined them. Angel watched from the shore.

After frolicking in the water, we got out and laid down on the towels, letting the sun dry us off.

After an hour, Angel told us it was time to go. Robert and I put on our shorts and the girls stayed naked as we went to the limo.

Wine flowed freely and both women were feeling no pain and were getting horny. They izmit escort bayan were flashing drivers as they passed by.

Then Angel pulled into a truck stop. There were five 18 wheelers there.

Debbie kept telling me she wanted pictures of her with the truckers. So, I approached the drivers and asked them if it was ok if they took pictures with our naked wives.

After getting strange looks, they agreed. One by one, our wives posed naked with the truckers as strangers watched.

When we finished with the pictures, the girls took turns with the truckers and gave them blow jobs in front of their rigs. After an hour or so, we left to whistles and applause.

Angel then drove us back to the villa. By this time Debbie was just about out of it and Lisa was approaching that state too.

Angel helped us get the naked girls inside and to bed. Debbie was semi awake and Robert told Angel he could fuck her. Angel asked if he could invite a couple of his friends over to fuck Debbie.

Robert told him he could and left him with Debbie.

As we left him with Debbie, I heard him on the phone inviting her three friends to come over.

Robert and I got Lisa on the bed and we laid down besides her. I told Robert to fuck her as I watched. I told Lisa that Robert and I were going to fuck her and she just nodded ok.

In no time, our hands were all over Lisa. We each day sucked her nipples and I told Lisa to spread her legs. As she did, Robert mounted my wife and soon he had his cock in my wife’s cunt.

As gebze escort he fucked her, she was sucking my cock. Robert started pounding her cunt until he shot his cum into her. Then, I shot my load down my wife’s throat.

Robert heard Angel let has friends in and went to greet them. He told them that they could do whatever they wanted to Debbie as it was all right with him.

One by one they fucked Debbie. Angel was able to get Debbie on all fours and, with the help of his friends, was able to slip his cock in her ass.

Robert watched as Angel fucked his Princess’s ass and cum inside it. They laid her on her back and each guy played with her tits and sucked her nipples. Even though she was half out of it, she moved her hips as the guys had their cocks in her.

Robert heard her moans and knew she was enjoying it. As three of the guys jerked off and came all over her, Angel had his cock in her mouth and she instinctively sucked it like a baby sucking a nipple.

Robert watched as Angel shot his load in his wife’s mouth and her swallowing his cum.

Just as they finished, she fell asleep.

Angel came out after they all fucked Debbie and I told him they could do the same to Lisa as she was still awake enough to enjoy it.

After an hour, the four of them finished with Lisa. We thanked them for their servicing our wives and they left.

Both women were covered in cum and that was how we left them for the night.

The morning came and we all had to pack for our trip home. By chance, the four of us were on the same plane to Henderson, NV.

I told Robert we had a great time and I bet that Debbie would be happy to get back to her job at the community college in Vegas.

We agreed to stay in touch.

Needless to say, Lisa and I joined the mile high club that flight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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